Cryto! 25 October 2013

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00:53:32 <joepie92>
00:53:38 <joepie92> again
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01:02:59 <R0y4lty> joepie92, yep again
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01:06:51 * Macbeth is back (gone 02:00:28)
01:17:33 <R0y4lty> -sigh-
01:18:29 <Macbeth> el problemo?
01:19:39 <R0y4lty> yus
01:21:25 <Macbeth> qué?
01:25:24 <tommykaine>
01:29:30 <Macbeth> great video
01:29:31 <Macbeth> thanks
01:43:11 <cayce> iceTwy:) I've been handing the wat talk out for like a year, it's so great :>
01:44:44 <cayce> oh excellent, realtime IA crawls
01:45:18 <cayce> even if there's lag in showing new crawls, that's much improved over 3 month batch imports
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01:48:42 <iceTwy> oh my god
01:48:48 <iceTwy> i think i'm gonna die lol
01:48:48 <iceTwy> laughing so hard
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01:51:17 <Macbeth> ???
01:51:18 <Macbeth> ?
01:51:19 <Macbeth> ??
01:51:21 <Macbeth> ?
01:51:32 <vld> tell us
01:51:37 <vld> we'll die if you don't tell us
01:52:19 <cayce> oh what
01:52:33 <cayce> I... have the anime I was just about to download
01:52:34 <cayce> wat
01:53:22 <cayce> oh, because it looks exactly like an anime I'd download
01:53:23 <cayce> haha
01:53:33 <cayce> lulz@preemptively downloading
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02:09:51 <nox> where is bella?
02:12:16 <Macbeth> what?
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02:44:24 <tommykaine> who
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03:29:50 <joepie92> nox: the relaybot?
03:30:00 <joepie92> cayce: lol
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04:30:52 <x> nox :3
04:31:19 <Macbeth> He logs in, and everyone is curious
04:31:36 <Macbeth> All someone has to do is say something dumb and the whole irc starts buzzing
04:32:49 * x throws a kat at joepie92
04:33:22 <Macbeth> im interested
04:33:28 <x> lel
04:33:34 <x> u were the kat
04:33:46 <Macbeth> oh
04:33:51 <Macbeth> im very interested
04:33:58 <x> haha ;D
04:34:25 <Macbeth> :P
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05:04:08 * joepie92 sighs
05:04:08 <joepie92>
05:04:57 <Macbeth> We do what we must
05:05:02 <Macbeth> Because we can
05:05:11 <Macbeth> :p
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05:08:12 <Dwaan> h
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05:09:59 <Dwaan_> Spambot activated
05:10:11 <Dwaan_> Spambot activated
05:10:11 <Dwaan_> h
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05:15:22 <Dwaan> lol wat
05:15:54 <Macbeth> it was prolly someone trying to make it seem like u
05:16:06 <Macbeth> cos u do so much spam, they tried to get u banned
05:16:10 <Macbeth> dont worry about it
05:24:13 <joepie92> Dwaan: web user
05:24:16 <joepie92> er
05:24:18 <joepie92> webchat user *
05:24:33 <Macbeth> yea
05:24:36 <Macbeth> looks like
05:24:40 <Macbeth> I did a /whois
05:24:47 <joepie92> Macbeth: is just cryto webchat
05:24:50 <joepie92> with a fancy wrapper
05:24:53 <joepie92> to have non-shit URLs
05:24:53 <joepie92> :P
05:25:07 <joepie92> but I set the address as realname for webchat users
05:25:14 <joepie92> because it's a little more user-friendly
05:25:22 <Macbeth> wow
05:25:27 <Macbeth> I didn't know that that was cryto's
05:25:30 <joepie92> is pretty much just an iframe thing
05:25:33 <Macbeth> Very impressive.
05:25:33 <joepie92> heh
05:25:39 <joepie92> we actually have one webchat leaf
05:25:44 <Macbeth> cryto is much bigger then i thought
05:25:45 <joepie92> just for webchat
05:25:48 <joepie92> Macbeth: it isn't
05:25:56 <joepie92> it's just a standard qwebirc really
05:26:23 <joepie92>
05:28:11 <Dwaan> loool
05:29:55 <Macbeth> I love training ppl in Anonymous
05:29:57 <Macbeth> So awesome
05:31:41 <Dwaan> oh god
05:31:43 <Dwaan> how can you train
05:31:49 <Dwaan> if you dont know anything
05:32:10 <Macbeth> Geez, you're such an asshole
05:32:18 <Macbeth> and that's all im going to say
05:33:23 <Dwaan> this is well known
05:33:23 <Dwaan> but
05:33:27 <Dwaan> anonymous is gonna be more fucked
05:33:31 <Dwaan> than it already is
05:33:35 <Dwaan> with people like you 'teaching'
05:33:43 <Dwaan> </truth>
05:35:31 <joepie92> Macbeth
05:35:35 <joepie92> last warning
05:35:40 <joepie92> no Anonymous in here
05:35:53 <Macbeth> Alright
05:36:09 <Macbeth> sry
05:42:00 <Dwaan> hue hue
05:42:17 <Macbeth> haw haw haw
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07:14:55 * Macbeth is away:
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08:31:59 <Macbeth> Does anyone have a link to a good video/article on PGP and how it works?
08:32:06 <Macbeth> Also, what software should I use with it?
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09:15:44 <ack> Macbeth:
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09:30:59 <Macbeth> awesome, thank you :D
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10:07:06 <iceTwy> eventually
10:07:10 <iceTwy> I'm glad I live in Europe
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10:13:45 <Macbeth> Alright
10:13:49 <Macbeth> so here's what I need
10:14:24 <Macbeth> Someone to tell me what pgp program I should use, since Symantic fucked up and original and made it cost money.
10:15:06 <iceTwy> Macbeth: erm.
10:15:17 <Macbeth> yes
10:15:21 <Macbeth> stupid question
10:15:25 <iceTwy> Macbeth: If you're on Windows,
10:15:42 <iceTwy> it's the official open source GPG implementation for Windows
10:15:51 <Macbeth> that's waht you use?
10:15:52 <iceTwy> (not proprietary shizzle)
10:15:56 <iceTwy> yeah
10:15:59 <iceTwy> it's extremely simple to use
10:16:05 <iceTwy> you'll find your way around it
10:16:15 <iceTwy> I mean, I use it on Windows. but I spend 99% of my time on Linux
10:16:17 <iceTwy> so ;p
10:16:28 <Macbeth> awesome, thank you :D
10:17:49 <iceTwy> but heh, Macbeth
10:18:04 <Macbeth> I wish you would idle on #OpNewBlood
10:18:22 <iceTwy> don't use proprietary software for PGP when there's lots of free softwares for it
10:18:27 <iceTwy> and uh
10:18:29 <iceTwy> iunno
10:18:38 <Macbeth> you're so good with explinations
10:18:46 <Macbeth> u could rly help ppl
10:19:23 <iceTwy> hmm
10:21:07 <Macbeth> what irc client do you yse?
10:21:09 <Macbeth> ** use
10:24:31 <iceTwy> Macbeth: WeeChat
10:24:38 <iceTwy> an IRC client in a terminal!
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10:25:46 <Macbeth> Any msg recently sent I missed because my computer thinks that restarting with out asking is ok
10:26:20 <iceTwy> Macbeth: WeeChat
10:26:22 <iceTwy> an IRC client in a terminal!
10:26:41 <Macbeth> that is some impressive stuff
10:26:44 <Macbeth> must look awesome
10:27:11 <Macbeth> you got green text and consolas, right?
10:27:23 <iceTwy> lemme take a screen
10:27:48 <Macbeth> awesome
10:28:14 <iceTwy> Macbeth:
10:30:51 <Macbeth>
10:32:15 <iceTwy> too slow :D
10:32:16 <iceTwy> one sec
10:32:25 <Macbeth> take your time :)
10:32:51 <Macbeth> is it babyish that i love watching the men take the garbage? :P
10:32:59 <iceTwy> what's in there heh
10:33:03 <iceTwy> WHAT'S IN THERE
10:33:16 <Macbeth> the garbage?
10:33:17 <Macbeth> garbage
10:33:20 <Macbeth> xD
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10:34:18 <iceTwy> there Macbeth:
10:35:51 <Macbeth> that is the coolest thing i have ever seen in my life
10:35:58 <Macbeth> im trying to get into the chat with telnet
10:36:04 <iceTwy> oh haha thanks
10:39:31 <vld> you have immortalized my name in a picture!
10:40:23 <Macbeth> i was in this network with telnet
10:40:26 <iceTwy> who has
10:40:37 <Macbeth> but the return commands are no unclear and everything times out so fst
10:41:47 <Macbeth> WHAT THE HELL IS THIS
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11:04:21 <Macbeth> i jsut connected to freenode with telnet
11:04:32 <Macbeth> i can see messages but i cant send
11:05:10 *** Macbeth is now known as away
11:05:44 <away> joepie91 do you disallow telnet users access to the network?
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11:19:12 <DrWhat> HP;Y FUCKING SHIT
11:19:13 <DrWhat>
11:19:16 <DrWhat> WATCH IT
11:19:18 <DrWhat> DO IT
11:22:28 <away> .title
11:22:28 <botpie91> away: 20 Types Of Zombies - YouTube
11:22:31 <away> no
11:22:44 <DrWhat> I puit in a &t=
11:22:54 <DrWhat> so so you watch the bit im refering
11:23:04 <DrWhat> watch it
11:23:09 <DrWhat> title means nothing
11:24:37 <away> funniest fucking video ever:
11:24:38 <away>
11:24:40 <away> .title
11:24:40 <botpie91> away: America the Jersey Shore 2 - YouTube
11:24:47 *** away is now known as macbeth
11:24:50 <DrWhat> I just found a dvd-rw in Beautiful condition
11:25:00 <Ablazerainbowhedge>
11:25:04 <DrWhat> so im gona burn a ditro to it
11:25:16 <macbeth> .title
11:25:17 <botpie91> macbeth: Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD] - YouTube
11:25:59 <DrWhat> >.>
11:26:19 <DrWhat>
11:26:22 <DrWhat> hell yeah
11:28:22 <Ablazerainbowhedge>
11:28:36 <DrWhat> .title
11:28:38 <botpie91> DrWhat: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Theme Song - YouTube
11:28:41 <DrWhat> >>
11:29:08 <DrWhat>
11:29:09 <DrWhat> .title
11:29:10 <botpie91> DrWhat: Move your body (8BAMV) - YouTube
11:29:48 <DrWhat> See you soon
11:29:52 <DrWhat> Instlling openbox
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11:53:43 <macbeth> someone watch this video
11:53:43 <macbeth>
11:53:47 <macbeth> funniest shit ever
11:53:49 <macbeth> .title
11:53:50 <botpie91> macbeth: Hide & Go Leaf Day Promo - YouTube
12:32:08 <macbeth> I love botpie
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12:35:41 * macbeth is away:
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15:37:03 <nox> yeah joepie
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17:17:12 <R0y4lty> Great, just FUCKING great.
17:22:04 <vld> what happened
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19:14:41 <anonnews809> haless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless
19:14:45 <anonnews809> haless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless
19:14:48 <anonnews809> haless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless
19:14:51 <anonnews809> haless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless
19:14:57 <anonnews809> haless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless.cryto.nethaless
19:16:09 <joepie92> anonnews809: what... exactly are you doing?
19:17:46 <anonnews809> just chillin at school lol
19:17:55 <joepie92> right, but why are you spamming?
19:18:25 <anonnews809> cuz im hella bored
19:19:48 <anonnews809>
19:20:15 <joepie92> anonnews809: go do that elsewhere
19:20:27 <anonnews809> why
19:20:38 <joepie92> ... because it's annoying?
19:20:51 <anonnews809> so what are you gonna do?
19:26:10 <iceTwy> lol
19:26:11 <iceTwy> some people are really herpy
19:29:41 <joepie92> yes.
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