Cryto! 16 October 2013

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00:13:53 <cayce> wow man, that's some shit
00:14:03 <cayce> we're genetically engineering apples so they don't brown
00:14:07 <cayce> my what privilege we have
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01:20:55 <Macbeth> Hello
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01:43:52 <Macbeth> Not many ppl on tonight.
01:45:14 <cayce> no we're just lurking
01:45:23 <Macbeth> Ha
01:45:34 <Macbeth> Actually, there are lots 'a' ppl in here
01:45:48 <Macbeth> In #OpNewBlood and #anonnews, there are very few
01:46:14 <Macbeth> Did joepie91 say where he was going?
01:49:28 <MK_FG> Are you stalking him?
01:49:47 <Macbeth> No, I wanted to ask him something
01:49:58 <MK_FG> Fair enuff
01:50:10 <Macbeth> farnuf
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02:02:56 <cayce> stop stalking him
02:04:01 <Macbeth> I'm not stalking
02:05:40 <cayce> loggy, pointer?
02:05:40 <loggy>
02:05:54 <Macbeth> I hate loggy
02:06:35 <cayce> ahh found the link I was looking for
02:06:38 <cayce> knew it was there somewhere
02:07:32 <cayce> hmm
02:07:41 <Macbeth> ?????????????????
02:07:44 <Macbeth> ????????????????
02:07:46 <Macbeth> ???????????????
02:07:47 <Macbeth> ??????????????
02:07:48 <cayce> somewhat annoyed that the xmppoke list doesn't include either of the servers I want to see
02:07:55 * cayce grumbles
02:07:59 <Macbeth> What is xmppoke?
02:09:00 <cayce> an xmpp server observatory
02:09:08 <cayce>
02:09:10 <Macbeth> Oh, awesome
02:09:23 <cayce> tests tls
02:09:53 <Macbeth> sweet
02:10:03 <cayce> it's an awesome idea, but there's no submit button and I have two I want to see on there
02:10:59 <Macbeth> Same here
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02:45:14 <Macbeth> Someguy just doxed a cry baby in #anonnews
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03:30:47 <cayce> nobody cares
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06:11:01 <Macbeth> Average Anon:
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09:29:41 <norbert79> Errr, Macbeth left, but I hope he/she realized, that Francis is a character of that guy, like the Angry Video Game Nerd
09:29:48 <norbert79> :)
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12:01:05 <GiulioCesare> buonasera
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12:22:18 <lysobit>
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14:31:10 <lolz> hi guys
14:31:11 <lolz> sup
14:31:13 <lolz> fags
14:32:58 <lolz> this network is full of fucking idling dipshits
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14:38:56 <cayce> we love you too
14:45:33 <cayce> kabel deutschland was bought by vodafone for 10bn
14:45:47 <cayce> largest cable tv operator in germany is now... british
14:49:46 <norbert79> Oh god, the attack of the boring tv-shows...
14:50:00 <norbert79> btw I clap at lolz... spent not even 2 minutes here
14:50:46 <norbert79> cayce: Is ProSiebenSat.1 AG affected too?
14:51:17 <cayce> dunno
14:51:29 <cayce> are they owned by kabel?
14:51:44 <cayce> wiki says kabel operates in all but 3 german districts
14:51:46 <norbert79> Dunno :)
14:51:56 <cayce> well, if it's the same industry I assume they're affected
14:51:57 <cayce> :P
14:52:02 <norbert79> Maybe they will be affected indirectly
14:52:06 <norbert79> Right
14:52:23 <cayce> 10bn$ deal with biggest competitor will have effects
14:52:25 <cayce> lols
14:52:37 <norbert79> Yeah, I assume so :)
14:56:40 <cayce> and apparently verizon wireless bought vodafone out of them
14:56:56 <cayce> so now verizon wireless is actually wholly owned by verizon
14:57:08 <cayce> (was 45/55)
15:05:54 <zxcvbnm> i thought IRC was built for idling?
15:06:00 <zxcvbnm> isn't it Idle Relay Chat ?
15:06:02 <zxcvbnm> :D
15:08:14 <cayce> ----^
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15:27:56 <macbeth> Brackets 32 is out
15:29:54 <cayce> hot
15:30:06 <macbeth> Yeah
15:30:14 <macbeth> I'm loving that program
15:30:17 <macbeth> It
15:30:24 <macbeth> 's a little buggy sometimes though
15:32:45 <cayce> I haven't used it, I'm just excited it exists
15:33:00 <macbeth> It's really amazing
15:33:15 <macbeth> You need to get some plugins to make it fantastic, but it's pretty good with out
15:33:23 <cayce> mmm
15:33:33 <cayce> I appreciate that they're dogfooding it directly
15:33:42 <cayce> that will make it better more than any other thing
15:34:22 <macbeth> Yeah
15:34:28 <macbeth> 100% open source
15:36:16 <cayce> that's not what I mean
15:36:20 <cayce> they use brackets to write brackets
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15:36:33 <macbeth> Oh, yeah
15:36:42 <macbeth> They know what it needs
15:36:44 <cayce> that alone is incredibly important
15:36:46 <cayce> yes
15:36:48 <macbeth> I agree
15:37:08 <cayce> You can't find out what it needs without using it, and if your first step is to use the tool to build a nontrivial app? bam!
15:37:20 <macbeth> Absolutely
15:37:36 <macbeth>
15:37:41 <cayce> also the mit license arouses me slightly
15:38:10 <cayce> Yeah I pulled it down, may have to dick with it later today
15:38:40 <macbeth> yeah
15:38:50 <macbeth> the new update released two days ago
15:38:59 <cayce> I know
15:39:20 <macbeth> (001
15:39:56 <cayce> that launched faster than I was expecting
15:40:03 <cayce> for a 52mb package haha
15:40:09 <macbeth> lulz!
15:43:49 <macbeth> Anyone listen Rucka Rucka Ali?
15:44:52 <macbeth> Seriously, this video is awesome:
15:44:53 <macbeth>
15:44:55 <macbeth> .title
15:44:56 <botpie91> macbeth: Osama Bin Found- Rucka Rucka Ali (Katy Perry E.T. Parody) - YouTube
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15:58:55 <joepie91> <macbeth>Brackets 32 is out
15:58:58 * joepie91 is already running it
16:00:03 <macbeth> Yeah, I know
16:00:05 <macbeth> I'm downloaded
16:00:13 <macbeth> Gonna try some hacking on it
16:00:14 <joepie91> macbeth: it updates from repository for me :P
16:00:58 <macbeth> yeah :D
16:02:22 <joepie91>
16:02:23 <joepie91> whoop
16:03:29 <macbeth> what operating system is that?
16:03:33 <joepie91> macbeth: opensuse
16:06:41 <nobodycares> is M$ still involved in suse?
16:06:48 <macbeth> Oh, cool
16:07:25 <ElectRo`> new f.lux \o/
16:07:31 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02added RedBeanPHP snippetsAdded snippets for RedBeanPHP ORM', '02Merge pull request #2167 from zewa666/masteradded RedBeanPHP snippets' (
16:07:57 <macbeth> I like how the github program looks
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16:21:31 <joepie91> nobodycares: M$ never was "involved in suse"
16:21:50 <joepie91> there was a bunch of deals between Novell and Microsoft with regards to patents if I am not mistaken
16:21:57 <joepie91> plus some contributions on Linux stuff in general
16:22:15 <joepie91> but to my knowledge, presenting it as "MS involved in suse" would be incorrect
16:27:41 <nobodycares> ic i was just wondering, because you never know whats going on behind the curtains
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16:48:48 <joepie91> nobodycares: I don't think it really matters
16:52:41 <macbeth> ?
16:54:26 <nobodycares> joepie91: i understand :)
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18:43:26 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/room-management: '02Added an affiliation_change event' (
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19:57:14 <iceTwy> I laughed
19:57:17 <iceTwy>
19:57:18 <iceTwy> .title
19:57:19 <botpie91> iceTwy: Build a website in a weekend | Guardian Masterclasses |
19:57:30 <iceTwy> Look at the price
19:57:56 <complex> WOW!
19:58:20 <complex> has to be irl coaching i assume
20:00:44 <iceTwy> yeah
20:01:13 <iceTwy> complex: it's pretty sad to pay £400 when you can find all the resources you need on Internet
20:01:30 <iceTwy> a better course is probably available for free on Internet
20:05:31 <complex> that may very well be. but im sure people will pay for it
20:05:51 <complex> (because it is guardian)
20:05:55 <iceTwy> probably yeah
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21:20:39 <joepie91> .tw joepie91
21:20:40 <botpie91> Developer protip: alias tasks='grep --exclude-dir=.git -rEI "TODO|FIXME" .' (@joepie91)
21:20:41 <joepie91> cc iceTwy
21:21:06 <Zoned> joepie91, got a sec?
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21:39:17 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03Envoy on branch 10feature/room-management: '02Resolved another TODO' (
21:51:48 <joepie91> Zoned: not really, working
21:51:59 <Zoned> joepie91, maybe later?
21:53:52 <iceTwy> good night y'allllllll
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