Cryto! 12 October 2013

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02:06:13 <DrWhat>
02:06:15 <DrWhat> .titlwe
02:06:16 <DrWhat> .title
02:06:17 <botpie91> DrWhat: SharePlan Enterprise File Sync and Share
02:06:32 <macbeth> Huh
02:06:40 <macbeth> Know of a good site to host js?
02:11:40 <cayce> tons
02:11:48 <cayce> your own is a good start
02:11:56 <macbeth> yeah, lulz
02:12:30 <cayce> if it's a library, maybe they've got a cdn, or you can look at cdnjs or jsdelivr
02:12:46 <cayce> google might host it too if it's a really big name lib
02:14:05 <tommykaine> heyo
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02:17:37 <tommykaine> macbeth is macbeth
02:17:49 <Macbeth> You don't say
02:21:25 <tommykaine> i do!
02:21:38 <Macbeth> i do too!
02:22:07 <tommykaine> omg becky!
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02:41:36 <Art> hai
02:43:34 <Macbeth> ay
02:46:04 <Art> hai macbeth
02:46:08 <Art> sup?
02:55:59 <DrWhat> macbeth
02:56:10 <DrWhat> Bae me a cake
02:56:16 <DrWhat> bake
03:02:24 <Art> what caek doo you liek?
03:07:25 <Macbeth> MAKE ME A SANDWHICH!!
03:07:52 <Macbeth> I got news for you: asdf
03:07:59 <Macbeth> I got more news: ghjk
03:08:01 <Macbeth> l
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03:28:33 <Art> That changed my life
03:29:20 <Macbeth> Tha?
03:29:23 <Macbeth> Oh, ha ha
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05:55:26 <Macbeth> .join
05:55:31 <Macbeth> .invite #opnewblood
05:55:37 <Macbeth> .join #opnewblood
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07:59:17 <DrWhat>
07:59:19 <DrWhat> joepie91 :d
08:00:56 <roerbakei> joepie91, thar?
08:02:54 <DrWhat> I want to fap
08:09:56 <Macbeth> I wish I didn't hear that
08:11:29 <joepie91> roerbakei: yes
08:13:58 <DrWhat> joepie91 i didnt throw up
08:14:04 <DrWhat> But i have no symptoms
08:14:17 <DrWhat> no aches
08:14:26 <DrWhat> no dizzy ness
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08:27:12 <DrWhat> .bitcion
08:27:17 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
08:27:18 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $127.68, 1 BTC = €102.40
08:27:22 <DrWhat> thats ok
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09:10:25 <DrWhat> damn i still rmeber when btc was $3
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09:25:42 <DrWhat> joepie91 how do i debug whats take so long to execute?
09:25:47 <DrWhat> Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\marketgraph\image.php on line 15
09:25:48 <DrWhat> :(
09:33:56 <DrWhat> Ok now i must be derping
09:34:12 <DrWhat> i added a class to log execution time of each command
09:34:18 <DrWhat> and now it does dis
09:34:18 <DrWhat> Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 39 bytes) in C:\xampp\htdocs\marketgraph\phpmygraph.php on line 1814
09:34:24 <DrWhat> FML
09:34:41 <DrWhat> So its not using 30s to execute anymore
09:34:54 <DrWhat> but its using a hell of a lot of memory now >.>
09:35:15 <DrWhat> thats like
09:35:21 <DrWhat> a few MB?
09:35:43 <DrWhat> yeah
09:35:46 <DrWhat> 128 mb
09:35:50 <DrWhat> HOW THE FUCK
09:38:21 <DrWhat> that line
09:38:22 <DrWhat> 'x3' => ($colX + $points['col']['width']) - ($colWidthOffset * 2),
09:38:30 <DrWhat> its the width
09:38:49 <DrWhat> mite need a bigger width?
09:38:50 <DrWhat> i dont know
10:24:18 <roerbakei> joepie91, you suck
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10:54:45 <DrWhat> I fixxed it
10:54:48 <DrWhat> the problem
10:54:55 <DrWhat> 200 million records...
10:55:02 <DrWhat> wiped the database
10:55:03 <DrWhat>
10:55:04 <DrWhat> :D
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12:07:58 <DrWhat> I got 20 demonoid invite codes :D
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12:29:48 <DrWhat> 40 invite codes now
12:31:29 <DrWhat> 60 now
12:41:44 <Zoned> iceTwy tu diavol
12:43:42 <DrWhat> 100 invites codes now :D
12:43:51 <Zoned> invite codes for what?
12:43:57 <DrWhat> Demonoid
12:44:16 <Zoned> ahhh
12:44:57 <Zoned> nice
12:45:02 <Zoned> why you getting so many codes?
12:45:43 <Zoned> DrWhat, just remember, only real niggas welcome
12:45:44 <Zoned>
12:45:50 <Zoned> lmfao
12:46:08 <DrWhat> XD
12:46:34 <DrWhat> Why did i get soo many codes
12:46:40 <DrWhat> Becuase Im awesome
12:47:44 <DrWhat>
12:48:08 <Zoned> lmfao
12:48:42 <DrWhat> 39 + 61 = 100 :S
12:48:52 <Zoned> nice
12:48:58 <DrWhat> Imma sell them to HF skiddies
12:49:07 <DrWhat> they would be stupid enough to bu ythem
12:49:10 <DrWhat> ^_^
12:49:28 <Zoned> lol be like
12:49:44 <Zoned> l33t demonoid codes for $13.37 usdd
12:49:45 <Zoned> buy n0w
12:49:56 <DrWhat> exacly
12:50:00 <DrWhat> Sell the codes :P
12:50:09 <DrWhat> demonoid is for real hackers
12:50:14 <DrWhat> tis what the cool kids are doing
12:50:24 <Zoned> lol
12:50:30 <Zoned> i can sell a few codes for u lol
12:50:35 <Zoned> i know faggots who would believe it
12:50:47 <DrWhat>
12:50:50 <DrWhat> link them that thread :P
12:51:08 <Zoned> lol kay
12:51:18 <DrWhat> still building the thread
12:51:29 <DrWhat> gona add a part "what is demonoid"
12:51:38 <DrWhat> that will contain the juicies :D
12:52:42 <DrWhat> Mite go up to 120 codes :D
12:53:04 <Zoned> be like
12:53:30 <Zoned> Demonoid is a l33tt c0mmun1ty th4t 12 s0 l33t
12:53:59 <DrWhat> be like "D3M0N01D IS FOR SUPAH L33T UB3R PE0PLE WHO DONT SUCK DICK"
12:55:56 <DrWhat> if you have an account on HF vouch for me, Say you bought a code of me and its legit you can now download SUP4H L33T UB3R PRIV3T T00R3NTS
12:56:15 <DrWhat> that S should really be a 5
12:56:17 <DrWhat> :P
12:56:27 <DrWhat> 120 codes now
12:56:33 <Zoned> lol
12:56:55 <Zoned> the only account i had was repfucked and banned
12:57:00 <Zoned> for "Posting  blackhat material"
12:57:01 <DrWhat>
12:57:27 <DrWhat> hurr hurrr hurr
12:57:46 <Zoned> lololol
12:58:00 <Zoned> its right?
13:06:49 <DrWhat> yeah
13:12:23 <Zoned> k
13:15:12 <DrWhat> Ok loks like 120 codes is all ill get
13:16:20 <Zoned> nice
13:19:14 <DrWhat> I could get more
13:19:16 <DrWhat> I dont know
13:19:19 <DrWhat> Working on it
13:19:39 <DrWhat> If i can get more ill be happy to give some away
13:20:13 <DrWhat> 120 codes tho
13:20:13 <DrWhat> XD
13:20:28 <DrWhat> for 0.04 btc each
13:20:59 <DrWhat> thats 4.8 btc is i sell them all
13:21:02 <DrWhat> O_O
13:21:12 <DrWhat> I need to branch out
13:21:20 <DrWhat> Sell these codes to in more places
13:21:24 <DrWhat> make sure they get sold
13:21:40 <DrWhat> or setup a automated system
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13:28:54 <DrWhat> Ahhh :) I love using android vm to make more gmail accounts
13:29:03 <DrWhat> So much easyer then usig gmail it self
13:29:03 <DrWhat> >.>
13:33:01 x (foobar@91513BE6.1FF3EB83.C789C8B2.IP) has joined #crytocc
13:35:49 <DrWhat> nope
13:35:55 <DrWhat> its 120 codes :)
13:56:54 <DrWhat> nope
13:56:57 <DrWhat> 140 now :D
13:58:05 <Zoned> lol nice
13:58:18 <Zoned> I only have 11.6btc ;(
14:02:40 <DrWhat> lol
14:02:43 <DrWhat> only 11.6
14:02:46 <DrWhat> I been spending me
14:02:50 <DrWhat> got 1.5 left :(
14:02:57 <DrWhat> Need to start makig them aagain
14:03:17 <Zoned> lol nice
14:03:29 <Zoned> I'm working on a new site lol
14:03:42 <DrWhat> 160 now :D
14:03:48 <DrWhat> can i get 200
14:03:57 <Zoned> Nice
14:03:59 <Zoned> gimmie a couple
14:04:02 <Zoned> ill sell em
14:05:25 <DrWhat> hold on, cant you asee im busy
14:07:01 <Zoned> lol
14:07:03 <DrWhat> I think i can get 200
14:08:31 <Zoned> nice
14:09:05 <DrWhat> 180 now
14:13:19 <DrWhat> yep 200 now
14:13:28 <DrWhat> can i get 3000 O_O
14:14:27 <DrWhat> thats 8btc worth at my current rate
14:14:40 * DrWhat drols
14:14:48 <DrWhat> ^_^
14:22:54 <DrWhat> 220 codes
14:23:17 <DrWhat> you know what
14:23:22 <DrWhat> After i done this
14:23:29 <DrWhat> imma sell the method i use :D
14:23:41 <DrWhat> it will be use less becuase i would i drained it dry
14:23:44 <DrWhat> but still
14:23:52 <DrWhat> Suckers at hf would pay for that shit
14:25:46 <DrWhat> 240 now
14:26:39 <DrWhat> I need to put these in a text file somewhere
14:30:11 <DrWhat> Im supprised my method has worked this well
14:30:22 <DrWhat> I was expecting lots of bother
14:30:26 <DrWhat> But at this rate
14:30:34 <DrWhat> i can get a few thousand keys
14:30:38 <DrWhat> I hope
14:39:04 <Zoned> lol
14:52:20 <DrWhat> 300 keys now
14:54:49 <DrWhat> I bet your like WHAT METHOD HE USING
14:58:47 <Zoned> nope
14:58:50 <Zoned> im not caring a lot tbh
15:00:10 <DrWhat> :(
15:00:18 <Zoned> lol
15:04:27 <Zoned> IRC.join( _server,_port,_channel); IRC.say("cookies"); IRC.disconnect();
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15:40:14 <Zoned> no!
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16:21:55 <Zoned> joepie91 / joepie92
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17:08:00 *** sexybitch is now known as Zoned
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17:40:02 <iceTwy> cayce: common sense
17:40:09 <iceTwy> common, fucking, sense
17:41:16 <cayce> iceTwy:) what about it? :)
17:41:29 <iceTwy> cayce: the article you retweeted
17:41:36 <cayce> oh, about the girl
17:41:52 <iceTwy> what'd she expect? an assembly of fucking drunk dudes and she decides to try body shots
17:42:01 <cayce> no you will not victim blame
17:42:04 <iceTwy> oh no
17:42:05 <cayce> go away
17:42:12 <cayce> that's what you just did
17:42:18 <iceTwy> what?
17:42:26 <iceTwy> you're prejudiced, wow
17:42:29 <iceTwy> lol
17:42:29 <cayce> no
17:42:32 <iceTwy> yes you are?
17:42:33 <cayce> you blamed her
17:42:37 <cayce> she did not consent
17:42:37 ElectRo` ( has joined #crytocc
17:42:44 <iceTwy> I did not blame her
17:42:44 <cayce> end of story
17:42:46 <iceTwy> I blame the act
17:42:49 <iceTwy> that led to what happened
17:42:56 <cayce> [10:41:18] <iceTwy> what'd she expect? an assembly of fucking drunk dudes and she decides to try body shots <------ this is victim blaming.
17:43:09 <cayce> just so you know
17:43:10 <iceTwy> yes. I blame the act of doing this
17:43:11 <cayce> it's not her fault
17:43:12 <cayce> she said no
17:43:22 <iceTwy> right
17:43:26 <cayce> it's reasonable to expect that it ended at body shots
17:43:31 <cayce> if that's what she was comfortable with
17:43:35 <iceTwy> 1. it might not be
17:43:43 <iceTwy> who says that every drinking party has to end up with body shots
17:43:54 <iceTwy> especially (!) when hanging out with coworkers/professional people
17:43:56 <cayce> and maybe body shots was too far, but she okay'd that, she didn't okay being forcibly groped and kissed
17:44:12 <iceTwy> what I'm just trying to say is
17:44:18 <cayce> express yourself better
17:44:22 <iceTwy> (well it's an example we can learn from)
17:44:33 <cayce> because I am an extreme hardliner on consent
17:44:39 <iceTwy> she could've thought about what could've happened with drunk people
17:44:52 <iceTwy> some guys are really hard and annoying to control once they're drunk
17:44:54 <iceTwy> :/
17:45:05 <cayce> but you're still putting the onus of rape on her
17:45:17 <iceTwy> dude. no.
17:45:20 <cayce> yes
17:45:22 <iceTwy> no
17:45:25 <cayce> that is exactly what you're doing
17:45:28 <iceTwy> roflmao
17:45:32 <cayce> when you put the ball in her court, you're blaming her
17:45:44 <cayce> "she had a choice"
17:46:05 <iceTwy> I'm not exclusively, /exclusively/, putting the ball in her court.
17:46:07 <cayce> maybe she did, but it's irrelevant. She didn't consent to being forcibly kissed and groped
17:46:21 <iceTwy> that she didn't
17:46:38 <iceTwy> but seriously. how could you not expect things to end up like that?
17:46:46 <iceTwy> you're with boys, you're the only girl
17:46:53 <iceTwy> they're drunk, so are you
17:46:58 <iceTwy> erm
17:47:08 <cayce> sounds a lot like "well if her skirt had been longer maybe she wouldn't have been raped"
17:47:11 <cayce> exact same statement
17:47:19 * iceTwy facepalms
17:47:23 <cayce> it's victim blaming
17:47:24 <cayce> stop it
17:47:37 <cayce> I'm going to keep calling you on it until you get it
17:47:50 <iceTwy> and I'm going to say it is not until you can get through it
17:48:54 <cayce> I expect the people around her, apparently all men, to treat her with respect
17:48:56 <cayce> that's what I expect
17:49:04 <cayce> that's what everyone should expect
17:49:24 <iceTwy> okay
17:49:38 <iceTwy> cayce, should we meet, get drunk in a club one day
17:49:45 <cayce> absolutely
17:49:46 <iceTwy> I'll give you a medal if you're still reasonable.
17:49:57 <iceTwy> alcohol is a drug, and a drug affects your mind while it is effective
17:49:59 <cayce> and if you pressure anyone into anything, myself included, I will beat the shit out of you
17:50:05 <iceTwy> alright
17:50:20 <cayce> If you're good with that, it'll be a great time
17:50:26 <cayce> you're welcome to do the same back, by the way
17:50:48 <cayce> but I guarantee you I won't
17:50:49 <cayce> :P
17:50:59 <MK_FG> Meh
17:51:02 <iceTwy> well I'm respectful anyway. I pretty much despise how another party (especially gals) can be viewed
17:51:02 <cayce> Drunk has never once meant unable to control myself
17:51:12 <iceTwy> then you've never gotten drunk enough
17:51:13 <iceTwy> lol
17:51:21 <cayce> I have, yes
17:51:28 <iceTwy> ask MK_FG about alcohol. the guy's god damn Russian
17:51:29 <cayce> I hated it, but I have
17:51:36 <iceTwy> ah did you hate it?
17:51:37 <MK_FG> cayce, I wonder, do you expect to be treated with respect walking at night through particulary bad and unfamiliar neighborhood?
17:51:38 <cayce> I don't like teleporting
17:51:43 <cayce> yes
17:51:54 <MK_FG> Well, that's unreasonable
17:51:59 <iceTwy> ^
17:52:02 <cayce> and I usually (but not always) am
17:52:23 <iceTwy> well cayce, don't get me wrong, everyone would love that
17:52:34 <iceTwy> but when shit happens, shit happens, regardless of what you expected/wished for
17:52:42 <iceTwy> (unless you'd expected shit to happen! that'd be a great prediction)
17:52:42 <MK_FG> If someone will beat you up and rob you, they're certainly be to blame, but you're certainly an idiot due to that expectation
17:52:56 <MK_FG> Same as jumping off 10th floor and expecting to survive
17:53:26 <cayce> iceTwy:) yes, and I intervene when 'shit happens' to others
17:53:31 <cayce> to slow the cycle
17:53:38 <iceTwy> yeah, but when you/they are alone
17:53:40 <iceTwy> er
17:53:42 <iceTwy> :/
17:53:50 <cayce> then it's on me, isn't it
17:53:52 <iceTwy> not so much alone, than on their own
17:53:54 <cayce> it's my ass and nobody else's
17:53:55 <iceTwy> yeah
17:54:01 <cayce> so fuck it
17:54:03 <cayce> doesn't matter
17:54:06 <cayce> she was in a group setting
17:54:19 <iceTwy> and everyone was really drunk
17:54:23 <cayce> every person in her group had a responsibility to pay attention
17:54:34 <cayce> unfortunately when everyone's drunk that rarely happens
17:54:48 <iceTwy> oh right, you still have your full senses and responsability/discipline when you're drunk
17:54:49 <iceTwy> yeah
17:54:51 <iceTwy> that
17:54:55 <cayce> I do, even when drunk, yes
17:55:01 <cayce> It's why I don't go party
17:55:02 <iceTwy> that's subjective
17:55:04 <cayce> too stressful
17:55:06 <iceTwy> hiiiiighly subjective
17:55:08 <iceTwy> aw
17:55:10 <iceTwy> you should
17:55:14 <cayce> no
17:55:20 <iceTwy> yes
17:55:22 <iceTwy> get a social life <3
17:55:29 <cayce> I have one, on campus
17:55:31 <cayce> :P
17:56:09 <iceTwy> aaah
17:56:14 <iceTwy> but partying is so fun
17:56:17 <cayce> I write papers with people, that's about what I want
17:56:31 <cayce> additionally hugs would be nice, but many don't do that here
17:57:40 <MK_FG> Hugs \o/
17:58:03 <MK_FG> <-- would you expect this to happen walking down a street? :P
17:58:07 <cayce> :D \o/
17:58:24 <MK_FG> fatality of that boar by "concerned citizens":
17:58:39 <MK_FG> Killed it with ceramic sink ;)
17:58:46 <cayce> lmao
17:59:01 <iceTwy> aaah, good old Soviet Russia
17:59:24 <MK_FG> Omnipresent video registrators rock
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19:36:02 <tintin>
19:49:53 <iceTwy> right
19:50:09 <iceTwy> does anyone know how to pass the output of a forked process, to the main process
19:50:15 <iceTwy> with the WeeChat API?
19:50:46 <iceTwy> to launch a process/application, the WeeChat API forks it
19:51:05 <iceTwy> so the output stays within the scope of the forked process and can't be sent to the main one
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19:58:26 GHOSTnew (GHOSTnew@GHOSTnew.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
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21:06:37 <lysobit> .py import stat; print stat.S_IREAD
21:06:38 <botpie91> 256
21:06:49 <Macbeth> cool stuff
21:08:14 <lysobit> .py print "!deop botpie91"
21:08:15 <botpie91> !deop botpie91
21:08:19 <lysobit> .py print "!unop botpie91"
21:08:20 <botpie91> !unop botpie91
21:08:56 <Macbeth> .py print "/deop MK_FG"
21:08:57 <botpie91> /deop MK_FG
21:09:02 <Macbeth> lol
21:09:07 <norbert79_xchat> nice try :)
21:09:15 <Macbeth> .py print "/deop SpaghettiCode"
21:09:16 <botpie91> /deop SpaghettiCode
21:09:19 <norbert79_xchat> .py print "I am an idiot"
21:09:19 <Macbeth> lulz
21:09:20 <botpie91> I am an idiot
21:09:23 <Macbeth> HA
21:09:43 <Macbeth> .py print !help
21:09:45 <botpie91> SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
21:09:50 <Macbeth> .py print "!help"
21:09:52 <botpie91> !help
21:09:54 <Macbeth> hunh
21:10:16 <lysobit> .py print "!voice lysobit"
21:10:17 <norbert79_xchat> .py print "!help\n"
21:10:17 <botpie91> !voice lysobit
21:10:18 <botpie91> !help
21:10:34 <norbert79_xchat> .py print "/mode -o SpaghettiCode\n"
21:10:35 <botpie91> /mode -o SpaghettiCode
21:10:40 <norbert79_xchat> hmm
21:10:41 <Macbeth> Is there a way we can view this thing's code?
21:10:51 <lysobit> feel free, the code is open source
21:10:56 <Macbeth> Oh, alright awesome
21:11:01 <Macbeth> Is it on github?
21:11:02 <lysobit> botpie91 is botpie91@5C4B2CE4.B8E60B3B.FD9B6484.IP * Phenny Palmersbot,
21:11:05 <lysobit> yes
21:11:10 <lysobit> "phenny" is the IRC component
21:11:23 <lysobit> "tombolia" is the services component that runs on Google App engine to run Python commands
21:11:42 <vld> Macbeth:
21:11:52 <lysobit> I mean, oblique*
21:11:52 <Macbeth> cool, thanks
21:12:27 <lysobit>
21:12:39 <Macbeth> thx
21:13:05 <norbert79_xchat> neat :)
21:13:57 <vld> .py print '0a'.decode('hex')
21:14:15 <vld> .py print '0a'.decode('hex') + 'xxx'
21:14:17 <vld> hmm.
21:14:30 <vld> .py 'xxx' + print '0a'.decode('hex') + 'xxx'
21:14:30 <botpie91> SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
21:14:39 <vld> .py print 'xxx' + '0a'.decode('hex') + 'xxx'
21:14:41 <botpie91> xxx
21:14:43 <vld> ok
21:15:02 <lysobit> .py print chr(1)+"ACTION slaps vld around with a bit of large trout"
21:15:03 <botpie91> ACTION slaps vld around with a bit of large trout
21:15:16 <norbert79_xchat> aaaah
21:15:25 <vld> .py print 'xxx' + '0a'.decode('hex') + 'MODE #crytocc +ooo vld'
21:15:26 <botpie91> xxx
21:15:39 Macbeth has quit (Input/output error)
21:15:40 <lysobit> you can't make it do new lines
21:15:45 <lysobit> look at the source code, they get stripped
21:15:45 Macbeth_ ( has joined #crytocc
21:15:47 <vld> nope
21:15:49 *** Macbeth_ is now known as macbeth
21:15:50 <vld> they don't, not in this case
21:15:59 <lysobit> and also phenny's write() command strips new lines
21:16:21 <vld> .py print '0a0d'.decode('hex') + 'MODE #crytocc +ooo vld'
21:16:25 <vld> damn it
21:16:46 * macbeth is away:
21:16:49 <vld> .py print '0a0d'.decode('hex') + 'PRIVMSG #crytocc :test'
21:16:54 <vld> Y NO WORK
21:17:01 <vld> .py print '0d0a'.decode('hex') + 'PRIVMSG #crytocc :test'
21:17:04 <lysobit> What character is 0a0d?
21:17:06 <vld> fu bot.
21:17:21 <lysobit> as I said, it's impossible to make it print new line chars
21:17:37 <vld> lysobit: afaik, it should strip() the new lines
21:17:40 <lysobit> whether it's \r or \n
21:17:43 <vld> ie replace them with nothing
21:17:48 <macbeth> anyone have a link to a tutorial on how to install irc bots?
21:17:49 <vld> so we should see PRIVMSG #crytocc :test
21:17:51 * macbeth is back (gone 00:01:05)
21:18:10 <macbeth> anyone have a link to a tutorial on how to install irc bots?
21:18:25 <lysobit> .py print '0d'.decode('hex') + 's'
21:18:26 <botpie91> s
21:18:33 <vld> that's \r
21:18:45 <lysobit> .py print '0d0a'.decode('hex') + 's'
21:19:06 <vld> see?
21:19:15 <lysobit> vld: the .py module doesn't strip new lines, it just outputs the first line
21:19:19 <lysobit>             self.ok(output.readline())
21:19:24 <lysobit>
21:19:28 <norbert79_xchat> macbeth: Depends on what you wish for... Eggdrop is what I use, but that's old thing and it has minimal support for recent functionalities through TCL scripts...
21:19:30 <lysobit> so anything after \n is ignored
21:19:52 <vld> lysobit: incorrect
21:19:57 <vld>    uri = ''
21:19:58 <vld>    answer = web.get(uri + web.urllib.quote(query))
21:19:59 <vld>    if answer:
21:19:59 <vld>       phenny.say(answer)
21:19:59 <lysobit> however the write() in phenny does
21:20:00 <norbert79_xchat> macbeth: I doubt there is anything about that matter, aside from doing it on your own
21:20:09 <macbeth> ok, thx
21:20:19 <lysobit> vld: you're looking at phenny - the IRC component
21:20:26 <lysobit> look at the source code of
21:20:28 <vld> oh, crap.
21:20:31 <lysobit> here:
21:20:34 <vld> it doesn't even return it?
21:21:44 <macbeth> have a link to an eggdrop tutorial?
21:22:08 <vld> lysobit: damn it!
21:22:16 <vld> I shall own botpie91, some day!
21:22:29 <macbeth> Yeah, ok
21:22:50 <macbeth> norbet79_xchat: do u have a link to a tutorial on eggdrop?
21:23:14 <norbert79_xchat> macbeth: Nope, but I can give a few tips if needed... I do everything on my own
21:23:21 <norbert79_xchat> macbeth: Including init scripts
21:23:42 <macbeth> Well, I'm totally new to installing bots the internet is not helping me, so any tips would be awesome :D
21:23:51 <vld> macbeth: wrong century, I think
21:23:52 <vld> lol
21:23:55 <norbert79_xchat> vld :)
21:23:58 <macbeth> ah
21:24:01 <macbeth> ** ha ha
21:24:12 <vld> fine, fine, wrong decade
21:24:26 <norbert79_xchat> vld: Hey, I also needed a few cool fuinctions which I wanted to have, like telling the content header of a site when a link is pasted
21:24:56 <vld> and how am I supposed to help!
21:25:35 <cayce> like just reading the http content-type header?
21:25:42 <norbert79_xchat> you? I dout you could help, just wanted to tell, that despite it's old-school it's still useful
21:25:52 <cayce> or inferring from file extension if one isn't present
21:26:30 <norbert79_xchat> well, not sure about all of the techniques, I mostly use already written methods with minimal to moderate modding
21:27:14 <macbeth>
21:27:15 <macbeth> .title
21:27:16 <botpie91> macbeth: How to create a phenny module · myano/jenni Wiki · GitHub
21:30:21 <macbeth> .wikipedia
21:30:28 <macbeth> No? alright
21:30:41 <macbeth> .calc 5 * 7
21:30:43 <botpie91> 5 * 7 = 35
21:30:43 <botpie91> Note that .calc is deprecated, consider using .c
21:30:47 <macbeth> nailed it
21:31:08 <macbeth> .seen joepie91
21:31:09 <botpie91> macbeth: I last saw joepie91 at 2013-10-12 08:11:29 UTC on #crytocc
21:31:12 <macbeth> nailed it
21:31:28 <macbeth> .twitter @joepie91
21:31:28 <botpie91> macbeth: Give me a link, a username, or a tweet id
21:31:33 <macbeth> .twitter joepie91
21:31:34 <botpie91> Actual image of feds and confiscated bitcoins from the Silk Road bust. (@joepie91)
21:31:42 <macbeth> nailed it
21:37:57 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  Disconnecting from server)
21:38:36 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
21:39:05 <macbeth> hey ice
21:39:31 * macbeth is away: Installing IRC bot
21:45:38 <tintin> o.0
22:20:26 * macbeth is back (gone 00:40:57)
22:20:41 <macbeth> Ubuntu is taking forever to install it self to VMWare
22:25:26 macbeth has quit (User quit:  macbeth)
22:25:29 macbeth ( has joined #crytocc
22:27:26 complex_ (complex@complex.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:35:32 <macbeth> Hey all
22:41:53 <complex_> hey
22:42:01 <complex_> one dude told me today what macbeth was
22:42:30 <complex_> oh, i assume it has many meaning. this dude said it was the name of a pub lol
22:43:02 <macbeth> It is the name of a Shakespeare character
22:43:13 <complex_> so you've read shakespeare?
22:43:56 <macbeth> Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is considered one of his darkest and most powerful tragedies. Set in Scotland, the play dramatizes the corrosive psychological and political effects produced when evil is chosen as a way to fulfil the ambition for power.
22:44:04 <macbeth> The play is believed to have been written between 1603 and 1607, and is most commonly dated 1606. The earliest account of a performance of what was probably Shakespeare's play is April 1611, when Simon Forman recorded seeing such a play at the Globe Theatre. It was first published in the Folio of 1623, possibly from a prompt book. It was most likely written during the reign of James I, who had been James VI of Scotland before he succeed
22:44:04 <macbeth> ed to the English throne in 1603. James was a patron of Shakespeare’s acting company, and of all the plays Shakespeare wrote during James’s reign, Macbeth most clearly reflects the playwright’s relationship with the sovereign.
22:44:11 <macbeth> Yes, the name is sopused to mean justice
22:44:55 <complex_> cool
22:45:08 <staticsafe>
22:45:20 <macbeth> .title
22:45:23 <botpie91> macbeth: Reverse Engineering a D-Link Backdoor - /dev/ttyS0
22:45:27 <macbeth> hunh
22:51:56 <iceTwy> macbeth: justice is a fundamental principle that exists
22:52:01 <iceTwy> but its application by humans
22:52:12 <iceTwy> is..
22:52:18 <iceTwy> flawed and not representative of justice
22:52:39 <iceTwy> so by endorsing justice by putting it in your nickname is honourable
22:52:50 <iceTwy> but eventually, it's taking a subjective twist, regardless whether or not you want it
22:52:54 <iceTwy> ;)
23:03:48 <joepie91>
23:03:52 <joepie91> best motd ever
23:04:05 <joepie91> (that's not me typing)
23:05:44 <Zoned> .btc
23:06:03 <Zoned> wuts dem btc rates at atm?
23:06:25 <staticsafe> 128 USD according to bitstamp
23:06:30 <Zoned> fuck
23:06:33 <Zoned> thats so low
23:11:52 <macbeth> iceTwy: Nice speech :D
23:12:05 <iceTwy> macbeth: oh heh ^^
23:12:43 <iceTwy> joepie91: you are slowly becoming a Frenchie
23:12:52 <iceTwy> joepie91: croissants shall haunt you at night
23:13:18 <joepie91> lol
23:14:47 <macbeth> joepie91: You should use puush
23:15:18 <macbeth> It uploads the img, and the link that you get it a .jpg so there is no "DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE FREE!!"
23:15:22 <macbeth>
23:15:33 <joepie91> macbeth
23:15:34 <joepie91> first off
23:15:37 <joepie91> expires files
23:15:42 <joepie91> thus causing linkrot
23:15:43 <joepie91> second off
23:15:56 <joepie91> doesn't include a cross-platform screenshot tool with annotations and one click upload
23:16:04 <macbeth> it autouploads
23:16:05 <joepie91> third off it's pretty much run by a guy from HF afaik
23:16:09 <joepie91> which I don't really want to trust my data with
23:16:11 <joepie91> thank you very much
23:16:12 <macbeth> when u take the screen shot, it uploasds it
23:16:20 <joepie91> oh, and quite a bit of downtime
23:16:35 <joepie91> macbeth: it does not provide a cross-platform screenshot tool with annotations
23:16:40 <joepie91> read that sentence well
23:16:50 <macbeth> Alright
23:17:45 sexybitch ( has joined #crytocc
23:19:53 Zoned has quit (Ping timeout)
23:23:53 *** sexybitch is now known as Zoned
23:26:41 x (foobar@91513BE6.1FF3EB83.C789C8B2.IP) has joined #crytocc
23:31:42 mama has quit (Ping timeout)
23:34:39 <Zoned> x
23:35:43 complex_ has quit (User quit:  Going offline, see ya! (
23:40:03 <x> sup
23:40:52 <macbeth> hey
23:40:56 <cayce> You know what I hate? This shit.
23:41:07 <macbeth> .title
23:41:09 <botpie91> macbeth: Document isn't HTML
23:41:23 <cayce> It's a pageload flow
23:41:28 <cayce> also it's 1.6mb
23:41:32 <cayce> so like, yeah
23:42:37 <cayce> 12.37s just for 'onload' to trigger
23:42:50 * macbeth is away: Webdesign
23:43:10 <cayce> gonna go fix your shit? lmao