Cryto! 8 October 2013

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00:21:06 <tommykaine> hey ladies
00:32:58 <Zoned> hai cuntfucker
00:56:00 <Zoned> what a guy lmfao
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01:46:08 <tommykaine> lol
01:46:12 <tommykaine> ur runn zoned
01:46:24 <Zoned> lol
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02:02:53 <DrWhat> i want to fuck something
02:02:58 <DrWhat> Anyone got a sock?
02:04:29 <Zoned> lol
02:04:34 <Zoned> lmfao
02:04:51 <Zoned> i dont even know
02:04:51 <Zoned> lololol
02:06:05 <DrWhat> joepoop isnt her
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02:07:47 <Zoned> i wonder if I just nr'd lowend
02:14:43 <DrWhat> I want if you would opt in
02:14:52 <DrWhat> i want a drink
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02:31:43 <Zoned> macbeth xmpp fag
02:31:45 <Zoned> :P
02:32:03 <Macbeth> lol
02:32:04 <botpie91> Macbeth: 07 Oct 19:11Z <joepie92> tell Macbeth that it's my year of birth (91), and the auto-increment from my IRC client when 91 is in use due to ping timeout (becomes 92)
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03:23:02 <tommykaine> youngins
03:24:06 <cayce> lol
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03:38:58 <macbeth> remember what I said about jester being nice?
03:39:02 <macbeth> He's a fucking ass hole
03:39:12 <macbeth> I got banned for doing !timebomb jester
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03:46:09 <cayce> sounds like you're the asshole
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08:04:02 <lysobit> I got banned when informing him that WBC can't possibly be using GWS (Google Web Server) because the only way they could do so is if they somehow stole Google's internal software
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10:59:42 <iceTwy> yaaaaaay
10:59:53 <iceTwy> Higgs & Englert got the Nobel Prize for Phyiscs
10:59:57 <iceTwy> Physics*
11:00:36 <norbert79> Congratulations for them... In other news, this blew my mind:
11:00:57 <joepie92> morning
11:01:03 <norbert79> Johnny McNomic and his 80 GiB of brain space... pfff
11:01:10 <norbert79> amateur
11:01:51 <norbert79> It is supposed to be able to store 1TiB on 200 millisquaremeters
11:02:34 <iceTwy> woah
11:02:39 <norbert79> Imagine a raid within one HDD
11:02:46 <norbert79> using 8 of those, or 10
11:02:56 <norbert79> using Raid 5 or 10 automatically
11:02:59 <iceTwy> holy shit
11:03:04 <norbert79> would be cool
11:03:09 <norbert79> the possibilities are endless
11:03:26 <norbert79> sadly it also allows more space for the NSA
11:03:41 <norbert79> on the bright side: would be happy
11:03:43 <iceTwy> argh :/
11:03:55 <norbert79> no more space issues :)
11:04:03 <norbert79> at least for a while
11:04:31 <norbert79> I wish we could have saved the whole Internet using decent HDD's from start
11:04:41 <norbert79> including images of ALL existing servers
11:05:05 <norbert79> an Internet simulation, a real simulation of old Internet (not like, which I love) would be cool
11:05:16 <norbert79> building VM's of all affected harrdware
11:05:21 <norbert79> and interconnecting them as they used to be
11:05:40 <norbert79> including servers and clients
11:06:00 <norbert79> Ok, I will stop... Some might think I smoke something stronger, than pot
11:09:22 <iceTwy> heh
11:10:52 <joepie92> norbert79: no, it'd have been very nice
11:11:34 <vld> when was joepie91's birthday? he's 92 now
11:13:33 <norbert79> joepie92: I would love such a simulation... And if we would have that storing space it would even work using a few devices in cluster...
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11:14:11 <joepie92> vld: that joke fell flat on its face
11:14:18 <joepie92> birthday doesn't mean that someones date of birth changes
11:14:18 <joepie92> lol
11:14:32 <norbert79> joepie92: Btw since I am using Linux in 64bit I start to wonder why Windows XP on the same device acts like and old grandma trying to get the door while Linux acts like some jumpy cheetah
11:14:52 <joepie92> norbert79: hahahaha
11:15:41 <norbert79> They are like ... XP: "I am coming, I am coming..." Linux: "Done"
11:15:59 <norbert79> And I am not even using encryption on the same hardware under Windows
11:16:09 <joepie92> norbert79: one of my favourite benchmarks is still copying 3k files of 5KB each
11:16:29 <norbert79> joepie92: Hmm, that also depends on the filesystem and load and encryption what you use
11:16:30 <joepie92> do it in WinXP with NTFS? sure, will be done in 30 minutes or so
11:16:35 <joepie92> Linux with ext4? loldone in under a second
11:16:47 <norbert79> joepie92: Ext4 then, I see
11:16:47 <joepie92> no encryption
11:16:55 <norbert79> joepie92: I like XFS too
11:17:03 <joepie92> but I've found ext4 to be overall much much MUCH more efficient than NTFS
11:17:08 <norbert79> Seems like more hardware and fault tolerant to me
11:17:10 <joepie92> like, by several magnitudes
11:17:23 <joepie92> norbert79: I haven't actually ever seen any data loss on ext4
11:17:26 <joepie92> or corruption
11:17:31 <joepie92> despite many unclean power-offs
11:17:35 <joepie92> same for ext3
11:17:40 <joepie92> NTFS, however... :|
11:17:44 <norbert79> I have a device acting as home server which is an old EeePC with an external USB HDD
11:18:15 <norbert79> I had some crazy filesystem damage on /var, which had ext3 running and ext4 too affecting /var/lib/dpkg/info ...
11:18:20 <norbert79> You can imagine the headache
11:18:26 <norbert79> then with XFS? No issues at all since
11:18:33 <norbert79> I even turned off power management
11:18:39 <norbert79> using hdparm
11:19:04 <norbert79> maybe it's the caching
11:19:06 <norbert79> No idea
11:19:19 <norbert79> If I ever will have some time I will do some benchmarking
11:21:00 <joepie92> norbert79: I've heard more about issues with external devices
11:21:01 <joepie92> and ext
11:21:05 <norbert79> Ah, right, the affected ext4/ext3 partition was on the external USB HDD
11:21:08 <norbert79> I see
11:21:10 <norbert79> Right
11:21:11 <joepie92> but I just use NTFS for any external things
11:21:14 <joepie92> because Windows doesn't speak ext
11:21:19 <norbert79> It does
11:21:25 <joepie92> and seeing as it's external storage, the purpose is usually to hook it up to other systems
11:21:27 <joepie92> no, it doesn't
11:21:27 <norbert79> with an application fo course
11:21:29 <joepie92> there's a driver for it
11:21:32 <joepie92> it's horribly unstable
11:21:33 <joepie92> and unusable
11:21:37 <norbert79> not really
11:21:42 <joepie92> natively, Windows doesn't speak ext
11:21:43 <norbert79> Wait, let me show you what I use
11:22:00 <norbert79> ext2fsd... Not ext2fs
11:22:20 <norbert79>
11:22:42 <norbert79> Worked even better, than the old ext2fs driver
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11:22:57 <norbert79> It has some issues with ext4 with different sized of.. wait, what was it again
11:23:02 <norbert79> I think when the blocksize is different
11:23:06 <norbert79> Not sure
11:23:13 <norbert79> But I use ext3 on usb sticks mostly
11:23:35 <norbert79> why not NTFS? I use Linux in first place, and ntfsfix under Linux can't fix all the issues
11:23:53 <norbert79> and you can recover an ext3 using any Linux, even a LiveCD
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11:24:20 <kenical> hmm using bagzilla or something?
11:24:21 <norbert79> but NTFS can be only corrected using an already installed Windows
11:24:26 <norbert79> bagzilla?
11:24:28 <norbert79> Never heard of it
11:24:38 <joepie92> <norbert79>but NTFS can be only corrected using an already installed Windows
11:24:41 <joepie92> wrong
11:24:46 <kenical> yeahyeah If I can solve it. so
11:24:54 <joepie92> there's a bunch of recovery live CDs, custom distros
11:24:59 <joepie92> that can do pretty much everything with NTFS
11:25:10 <norbert79> Hmm, what I have found so far didn't work that well
11:25:17 <joepie92> I've used them to recover NTFS filesystems or repair windows installations multiple times
11:25:17 <norbert79> even ntfsfix fails sometimes
11:25:25 <norbert79> Hmm, one example?
11:25:30 <norbert79> I would be interested
11:26:14 <norbert79> (Btw NTFS can't store right management when copied from an ext3 system... authority flags and owner info is lost then)
11:26:15 <joepie92> trying to recall the name
11:26:19 <joepie92> of the one I normally use
11:26:42 <norbert79> I would be grateful if you could remember... the version for Linux, which comes with NTFS3G can't handle all the problems
11:27:31 <vld> joepie92: ok!
11:27:32 <vld> happy birthday
11:29:00 <joepie92> norbert79: if I'm not mistaken, it's
11:29:06 <joepie92> so far it has let me solve every issue I ran across
11:29:17 <joepie92> it's a bit clumsy to use, but it has the tools
11:29:35 <kenical> wow....
11:29:36 <joepie92> it's specifically made for recovering stuff
11:29:57 <norbert79> Not bad.. I only knew SystemRescueCD so far
11:30:09 <joepie92> this is not a very well-known one
11:30:12 <joepie92> but it was one of the earliest
11:30:14 <joepie92> I mean
11:30:18 <joepie92> I used this thing >6 years back
11:30:19 <joepie92> lol
11:30:29 <joepie92> there wasn't much else back then
11:32:04 <joepie92> oh, unrelate
11:32:05 <joepie92> unrelated *
11:32:09 <joepie92> download before it's gone:
11:32:16 <joepie92> This data set contains 2153471 users, 1143092 venues, 1021970 check-ins, 27098490 social connections, and 2809581 ratings that users assigned to venues; all extracted from the Foursquare application. Each user is represented by an id, and GeoSpatial location. The same for venues. The data are contained in five files, users.dat, venues.dat, checkins.dat, socialgraph.dat, and ratings.dat. More details about the contents and use of all these
11:32:49 <norbert79> joepie92: I think this goes to #archiveteam
11:32:52 <norbert79> :)
11:33:00 <joepie92> norbert79: that's where I got it
11:33:01 <joepie92> lol
11:33:05 <norbert79> ah, ok :)
11:33:17 <joepie92> but it might be of interest to some users here
11:34:31 <kenical> may I?
11:34:42 <joepie92> ?
11:35:02 <kenical> join there too?
11:35:14 <kenical> or no video-cam :)
11:35:22 <norbert79> use: /connect ... Ooor, wut? :)
11:35:23 <joepie92> kenical: I'm not sure what you mean
11:35:56 <norbert79> kenical: Erm, where do you want to join?
11:36:37 <kenical> May I follow you #archiveteam?
11:37:00 <norbert79> Aaaah.. #archiveteam is on Efnet... in your IRC: connect to Efnet network (
11:37:15 <norbert79> No, net
11:37:27 <norbert79> EFNet network (irc.efnet.NET)
11:37:34 <kenical> Or Last night comeing Floating Servo?er is allowed t
11:37:35 <kenical> thx
11:37:55 <kenical> but I am allmost ROM so. I asked thx.
11:38:06 <norbert79> Hmm, what is your language kenical ?
11:38:16 <norbert79> Your country?
11:38:25 <kenical> Japanese. sry strange engelish
11:38:42 <norbert79> Ok, thanks, it explains it... Well, you could use Google translator as well, if it helps
11:38:53 <norbert79> it is useful too
11:39:12 <norbert79> #archiveteam is a channel. It is on Efnet network... For chat, use #archiveteam-bs
11:39:21 <kenical> I told 2.3tmes "You use GoogleTranslate" :)
11:39:29 <norbert79> ok :)
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12:09:58 <norbert79> Finally
12:13:09 <kenical> wb
12:15:05 <kenical> norobert-san and joepie-san where ch was?
12:30:57 <norbert79> use your IRC
12:31:03 <norbert79> connect to ''
12:31:04 <norbert79> then
12:31:11 <kenical> yap I did it thx
12:31:19 <norbert79> then /join #archiveteam
12:31:25 <norbert79> or /archiveteam-bs
12:31:28 <norbert79> errr
12:31:28 <kenical> I'm now thinkingJoepie-san"s my client to
12:32:11 <norbert79> #archiveteam - About archives only ... #archiveteam-bs - generic chat
12:32:23 <kenical> hmm
12:32:49 <norbert79> just join #archiveteam-bs :)
12:33:35 <joepie92>
12:34:43 <norbert79> Works
12:34:52 <Zoned> hai
12:35:00 <norbert79> Hai
12:36:34 <kenical> Cool Desktop(wallpaper)
12:37:26 <kenical> OS is ?
12:38:07 <norbert79> I assume something using Maybe Linux
12:38:15 <norbert79> No idea :)
12:40:18 <joepie92> kenical, norbert79, that's a webpage actually
12:40:20 <joepie92> well, web application
12:40:26 <norbert79> I see
12:40:39 <joepie92> I'm really curious why so many people think it's an actual desktop environment
12:40:44 <joepie92> because there's pretty clearly browser tabs above it
12:40:45 <joepie92> :P
12:41:04 <joepie92> it's not the first time I get this response
12:41:08 <norbert79> I was merely looking at how the fonts were rendered
12:41:17 <joepie92> oh heh
12:41:28 <norbert79> So I assumed from there
12:41:36 <joepie92> anyway,
12:41:43 <joepie92> putting a lot of effort into the UI
12:44:20 <norbert79> Talking about browsers I think I will move to Seamonkey
12:44:29 <norbert79> back to 'basics'
12:45:05 <norbert79> I am a bit happy, that I wasn't the minority regarding the love for the 'Modern' theme for Netscape
12:45:11 <norbert79> it comes bundled
12:47:14 <Zoned> nice joepie92
12:47:30 <kenical> NSN...TT
12:48:50 <kenical> Desktop Environment is I feel effective.
12:49:04 <kenical> Allmost blank zone is black.
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14:13:44 <joepie92> .tw
14:13:45 <botpie91> "Skype quit unexpectedly." We have different definitions of the word "unexpectedly" Skype. (@iamdevloper)
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14:29:48 * cayce sighs
14:29:54 <complex> finally got a irc-client that actually works well
14:29:59 <complex> *an
14:30:02 <cayce> sick is not the best way to be on-time
14:31:27 <kenical> wb
14:32:02 <joepie92> cayce: hai!
14:32:15 <cayce> joepie92:) hai!
14:32:21 <joepie92> complex: i haven't heard of that client before
14:32:22 <joepie92> interezsting
14:32:22 <joepie92> ..
14:32:24 <joepie92> interesting *
14:32:34 <cayce> I'm trying to make it to class at the hour, and it's just not gonna happen
14:32:42 <cayce> trying to move quickly through molasses
14:33:00 <kenical> Cayce-san what IRC clieant useing ?
14:33:14 <cayce> wat
14:33:36 <kenical> today I'll try joepie-san's one.
14:33:52 <cayce> japanese term of endearment to someone you don't know? funky
14:35:08 <joepie92> cayce: kenical is actually japanese
14:35:12 <kenical> nono lol
14:35:25 <joepie92> (afaik)
14:35:35 <kenical> yes actually. I will try to typing with dictionary.
14:35:56 <kenical> So sorry my strange engelish.
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14:41:07 <complex> joepie92: it is danish/norwegian one told me
14:41:30 <kenical> hes out
14:41:35 <kenical> soon or later?
14:42:25 <complex> i c
14:43:01 <kenical> BTW how do you think of CC0 and CC4.0
14:43:33 <complex> test
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14:44:10 <complex> hm
14:44:11 <kenical> wb
14:44:15 <complex> something fucked up
14:44:42 <kenical> sup?
14:45:11 <complex> dunno
14:45:16 <complex> need some food
14:45:28 <kenical> me too
14:47:26 <cayce> ahh
14:48:16 <cayce> I use hexchat
14:48:27 <kenical> oh thx
14:49:17 <kenical> JP client is so... littlebit rate to release
14:49:45 <Zoned> -kenical- VERSION Cotton build 110614t
14:49:48 <Zoned> lol
14:49:57 <kenical> But I love this one....ops
14:50:25 <kenical> yeah Japanese single free software.
14:50:39 <complex> cayce: i got this config-error everytime starting up hexchat, so i couldnt write @ and stuff. i also didnt manage to solve it
14:50:56 <complex> but Adi-IRC has everything i need, im happy
14:51:11 <kenical> oh yeasterday one.
14:51:29 <kenical> No I'm start to testing that.
14:51:34 <kenical> Now*
14:52:06 <kenical> I need English talkative skill.
14:53:01 <kenical> Ex) Increase=Decrease and so on.
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15:38:00 <macbeth> Helllo
15:38:27 <kenical> hi
15:39:52 <macbeth> Funny:
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16:24:40 <Zoned> anonnews69
16:24:41 <Zoned> i mean what
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16:31:08 *** anonnews610 is now known as nobdycares
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16:51:46 <crytoweb552> hi
16:53:14 <kenical> ih
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19:06:28 <complex> will the forum go up in the future?
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19:33:16 <Zoned> doubt it
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19:44:24 <DrWhat> joepie92 is this you dancing
19:44:25 <DrWhat>
19:44:34 <DrWhat> Your good :D
19:44:48 <lysobit> No, it's my good
19:45:11 <lysobit> (also, joepie92 thinks this reminds him of Topiary for some reason)
19:45:26 <lysobit> (the dancing)
19:46:25 <DrWhat> it is :)
19:46:49 <lysobit> but come to think of it, he does look a bit like joepie92
19:46:55 <lysobit> with shorter hair
19:47:25 <DrWhat>
19:47:36 <DrWhat> thats him now
19:47:42 <lysobit> joepie92 is so hawt
19:47:47 <DrWhat> short hair
19:47:48 <DrWhat> nahhh
19:48:06 <lysobit> nice abs joepie92
19:48:17 <DrWhat> :)
19:48:35 <DrWhat> joepie92 your hawt
19:49:06 <DrWhat> walk the walk
19:49:30 <DrWhat> bad kung fu tho
19:50:17 <DrWhat>
19:54:15 <joepie92> <lysobit>(also, joepie92 thinks this reminds him of Topiary for some reason)
19:54:16 <joepie92> yes
19:54:22 <joepie92> similarly classy
19:54:38 <DrWhat> heres a mindfuck for you
19:54:39 <DrWhat>
19:54:47 <DrWhat> tell me what it is
19:54:49 <lysobit> IS that joepie92?
19:55:54 <DrWhat> no
19:56:51 kenical ( has joined #crytocc
19:59:08 <DrWhat> should i tell you before you start fapping
20:00:35 <DrWhat> Its a gener bender
20:04:36 <DrWhat> billgates is funding human malaria vaccine testing in 7 countrys involving 15,000 children
20:19:28 <iceTwy> .ghstart
20:19:34 <iceTwy> .gh start
20:19:37 <iceTwy> .gh watch
20:19:40 <iceTwy> oO
20:19:54 <iceTwy> joepie92: first time I write code in PHP! :D
20:20:29 <iceTwy> .titel
20:20:31 <iceTwy> .title
20:20:32 <botpie91> iceTwy: Add support for server password by iceTwy · Pull Request #2 · ebildude123/GribbleLite-PHP · GitHub
20:23:29 <DrWhat> first time
20:28:12 <DrWhat> Why not used the nimda IRC bot
20:28:15 <DrWhat> thats what i use
20:34:19 <joepie92> iceTwy: gratz
20:34:23 Zoned has quit (Connection reset by peer)
20:34:24 <joepie92> but, people still use server passwrods?
20:34:27 <joepie92> passwords *
20:34:31 <iceTwy> joepie92: WebIRC
20:34:45 <iceTwy> and even if they don't, you should
20:34:48 <iceTwy> add an option
20:36:14 * joepie92 confused
20:36:15 <joepie92> webirc?
20:37:06 <DrWhat> Why should you
20:37:17 <DrWhat> IRC is ment to be public communication
20:37:50 <DrWhat> Who uses server based Passwords on anything
20:38:21 <DrWhat> webserver, No one uses .htpasswd anymore
20:41:47 <HiveResearch> Bill Gates also gave talk about using vaccines to cull the nigger population
20:42:53 <HiveResearch> he didn't say nigr but he wanted to
21:01:48 *** nobdycares is now known as nobdycares-brb
21:03:17 HiveResearch has quit (User quit:  )
21:03:36 HiveResearch (HiveResear@developers.developers.developers) has joined #crytocc
21:15:13 *** nobdycares-brb is now known as nobdycares
21:27:05 <DrWhat> aparrently avira was hacked today
21:27:21 <DrWhat>
21:29:25 <DrWhat> hmmm avg
21:29:29 <DrWhat> ok its affical
21:29:37 <DrWhat> Avast is better then AVG :D
21:33:30 <lysobit> Okay, so it looks like Network Solutions was compromised and those domains were manipulated. All of the sites "hacked" were registed with Network Solutions
21:33:39 <lysobit> registered*
21:42:00 <joepie92> just going to take a guess....
21:42:02 <joepie92> .whois
21:42:03 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 041997-10-06T00:00:00 via 04unknown registrar, expires on 042023-10-05T00:00:00, nameservers are 04PNS.AVAST.COM, NS2.AVAST.COM, contact e-mails are 04baudis@ASW.CZ,
21:42:06 <joepie92> yup
21:42:12 <joepie92> DrWhat: so much for that argument
21:42:24 <joepie92> I wonder why it doesn't find the registrar
21:42:43 <DrWhat> prolly gone out of buiness since the site was registered
21:43:08 <DrWhat> .whois
21:43:10 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 042007-04-03T00:00:00 via 04unknown registrar, expires on 042019-11-01T00:00:00, nameservers are 04EUR4.AKAM.NET, contact e-mails are
21:43:16 <DrWhat> your aurgument is invalidated
21:43:19 <DrWhat> :)
21:45:12 <joepie92> DrWhat: you are not making any sense
21:45:31 <DrWhat> 1510:42p14| 14(14070joepie9214)07 DrWhat: so much for that argument
21:45:31 <DrWhat> 1510:42p14| 14(14070joepie9214)07 I wonder why it doesn't find the registrar
21:45:48 <joepie92> DrWhat: the registrar is obvious from the e-mail in the case of avast
21:45:54 <joepie92> sven@linux-rfa7:~/projects/python-whois> jwhois
21:45:54 <joepie92> [Querying]
21:45:54 <joepie92> [Unable to connect to remote host]
21:45:54 <joepie92> wat
21:46:08 <joepie92> what the hell
21:48:20 kenical has quit (User quit:  See you...)
22:01:01 <joepie92> .reload
22:01:06 <joepie92> hm
22:01:31 botpie91 has quit (Client exited)
22:01:38 botpie91 (botpie91@5C4B2CE4.B8E60B3B.FD9B6484.IP) has joined #crytocc
22:01:40 <joepie92> .whois
22:01:40 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 042012-06-12T00:00:00 via 04INTERNET.BS CORP, expires on 04unknown, nameservers are,,,, contact e-mails are,,
22:01:45 <joepie92> vld ^
22:01:49 <joepie92> no more complain about nameservers, yes?
22:01:52 <joepie92> .whois
22:01:52 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 041997-10-06T00:00:00 via 04unknown registrar, expires on 042023-10-05T00:00:00, nameservers are 04PNS.AVAST.COM, NS2.AVAST.COM, contact e-mails are 04baudis@ASW.CZ,
22:01:56 <joepie92> to be expected because cached
22:02:03 <joepie92> but it does actually find the registrar now, when not cached
22:02:05 <joepie92> whoop
22:02:08 <DrWhat> .whois
22:02:09 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 042007-04-03T00:00:00 via 04unknown registrar, expires on 042019-11-01T00:00:00, nameservers are 04EUR4.AKAM.NET, contact e-mails are
22:02:14 <DrWhat> still
22:02:20 <joepie92> <joepie92>to be expected because cached
22:02:20 <joepie92> <joepie92>but it does actually find the registrar now, when not cached
22:02:21 <joepie92> read
22:02:28 <DrWhat> remove cache then
22:02:34 * joepie92 sighs
22:02:34 <vld> .whois
22:02:34 <DrWhat> cache is gay and makes everything slower
22:02:35 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 042008-11-19T00:00:00 via 04MARKMONITOR Inc., expires on 04unknown, nameservers are,,,, contact e-mails are,,,
22:02:40 <joepie92> DrWhat: removing cache only helps once
22:02:41 <vld> "expires on unknown"
22:02:47 <joepie92> vld: shuddup
22:03:01 <DrWhat> google basicly are their own registar now >.>
22:03:10 <vld> "Domain, registered on 2012-06-12T00:00:00 via INTERNET.BS CORP, expires on unknown"
22:03:16 <joepie92> vld
22:03:20 <joepie92> the whois thing
22:03:23 <joepie92> doesn't provide an expiry date
22:03:24 <DrWhat> is fucked
22:03:25 <joepie92> thus I can't parse it
22:03:29 <joepie92> because it doesn't exist
22:03:30 <joepie92> lol
22:03:34 <DrWhat>, registered on 2007-04-03T00:00:00 via unknown registrar, expires on 2019-11-01T00:00:00,
22:03:35 <DrWhat> does that
22:04:25 Macbeth (Macbeth@Macbeth.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:04:45 <joepie92> oh, great
22:04:46 <joepie92>
22:04:49 <joepie92> -_-
22:04:57 <DrWhat> oh shit
22:05:02 <DrWhat> :s
22:05:04 <vld> joepie92: oh, right
22:05:04 S1renide ( has joined #crytocc
22:05:12 <DrWhat> thats me in a few days then
22:05:13 <Macbeth> .title
22:05:14 <botpie91> Macbeth: Uh Oh, Silk Road Users Are Starting to Get Arrested
22:05:25 <DrWhat> Macbeth your fucking idiot
22:05:35 <DrWhat> cant you read
22:05:42 <joepie92> DrWhat: cool down
22:05:45 <DrWhat> NO
22:05:48 <DrWhat> ily
22:05:49 <joepie92> yes
22:06:02 <DrWhat> its just
22:06:07 <DrWhat> i want to kiss you and....
22:06:09 <Macbeth> Well, I thought that maybe the URL was different then the title. It ha[[ens
22:06:11 <DrWhat> everything about you is
22:06:13 <DrWhat> my favourate
22:06:26 S1renide has quit (User quit:  Connection closed)
22:06:38 * joepie92 is not entirely sure how to respond to this
22:07:03 * Macbeth isn't gay...
22:07:13 <joepie92> Macbeth: not yet
22:07:17 <joepie92> lol
22:07:19 <Macbeth> HA HA HA HA HA HA AH
22:07:40 <DrWhat> Macbeth want to go shoping :)
22:08:09 zest has quit (User quit:  have fun :P)
22:09:43 <Macbeth> ha ha ah
22:09:53 <Macbeth> you need tor to get to the silkroad page, right?
22:10:11 <DrWhat> nope
22:10:17 <DrWhat> theirs a tor proxy site
22:10:24 <Macbeth> Thoght so
22:10:35 <Macbeth> What a stupid idea to run a website like that
22:10:41 <Macbeth> What's the link to the site?
22:10:46 <Macbeth> (I'm curious...)
22:11:18 * joepie92 blinks
22:11:23 <joepie92> <Macbeth>What a stupid idea to run a website like that
22:11:27 <joepie92> not really, depending on your intentions
22:11:30 <joepie92> <Macbeth>What's the link to the site?
22:11:38 <joepie92> it.. was kind of seized and taken down and owner arrested not too long ago?
22:11:45 <Macbeth> Oh, alright
22:11:50 <Macbeth> I didn't think that it was down
22:11:54 <Macbeth> what was the previous address?
22:13:09 <joepie92> no clue
22:13:23 <joepie92> I don't do drugs, thus I have no reason to use silk road, thus I don't know its address
22:13:24 <joepie92> lol
22:13:34 <joepie92> hell, I don't even really use TOR at all
22:13:59 <Macbeth> bye
22:14:00 Macbeth has parted #crytocc (None)
22:15:36 <joepie92> well that was an anticlimax
22:20:21 <DrWhat>
22:20:24 <DrWhat> is the link
22:20:37 <DrWhat> oh he left
22:20:39 <DrWhat> gay ass
22:21:16 <DrWhat> also
22:21:46 <joepie92> DrWhat: ahmia doesn't allow things like silkroad afaik
22:22:09 <DrWhat> i didnt link it for speficly silk road
22:22:10 <DrWhat> also
22:22:18 <DrWhat> why do you want to go to silk road
22:22:24 <DrWhat> its just a seize notice
22:22:25 <joepie92> odd, ahmia specifically says no cp
22:22:32 <joepie92> but during the talk of the guy that made it at OHM
22:22:38 <joepie92> I'm pretty sure he had a broader brush to pain with
22:22:41 <joepie92> that is, no "illegal stuff"
22:23:16 <DrWhat> ?
22:23:20 <DrWhat> silkroad said that?
22:23:34 <joepie92> no
22:23:36 <joepie92> the guy that runs
22:23:45 <joepie92> he gave a talk at OHM2013
22:23:46 <DrWhat> aka hey we have 80% pure cocain and we dont do illegal drugs :3
22:23:49 <joepie92> I saw the last bit
22:27:31 Zoned (sexybitch@Zoned.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:27:34 <Zoned> i
22:27:37 <Zoned> hai
22:27:42 <Zoned> hai
22:31:33 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  Disconnecting from server)
22:36:27 complex has quit (User quit:  Going offline, see ya! (
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