Cryto! 7 October 2013

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00:00:45 <Macbeth> joepie91, Brackets needs programming that will auto insert "}" and ")" and "]" after they are opened. And Add another quotation mark after one is entered. It's just as time saving as adding </> and possibly more useful.
00:00:54 <Macbeth> didnt mean to post that
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01:08:53 <MK_FG> There are things like Jade-lang to address </> and some other nuisances of html syntax
02:58:11 <tommykaine> nice jopie
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05:36:10 <DrWhat> night gays
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07:50:49 <Wendy> deja vu lol
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08:28:05 <Wendy> hey
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12:23:47 <Zoned> lol my mate is a scared little pussy
12:38:38 <Zoned> wudapussy lol
12:40:13 <joepie92> Zoned: fyi, not everyone is interested in keeping up an appearance of being a 'tough guy'
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13:53:26 <joepie92> .title
13:53:27 <botpie91> joepie92: List of animals with fraudulent diplomas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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15:49:22 <DrWhat> Morning guys
16:10:09 <Zoned> lol ik
16:36:24 <joepie92> DrWhat: hai
16:36:37 <joepie92> looks like I successfully ported my nosql-like sqlite interface
16:36:38 <joepie92> to mysql
16:40:26 <DrWhat> ?
16:44:43 <joepie92> database = db.Database("localhost", "root", "", "envoy")
16:44:44 <joepie92> user = database['users'][32]
16:44:44 <joepie92> print "%s@%s: %s" % (user['Username'], user['Fqdn'], user['Hash'
16:44:51 <joepie92> sven@linux-rfa7:~/projects/Envoy/src/envoyxmpp> python                              
16:44:51 <joepie92> testuser@envoy.local: xg2UsUkCz4WGfPvfBMbPzfzQSlAb59IOlY0QTC7IjkQ
16:44:58 <joepie92> whoop
16:47:12 <joepie92> then
16:47:13 <joepie92> user['Nickname'] = "".join(random.choice(string.letters) for x in xrange(0, 10))
16:47:13 <joepie92> user.commit()
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16:51:49 <Macbeth> Hello
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16:54:08 <Macbeth> Hey
16:54:18 <complex> hey :)
16:54:26 <Macbeth> What's up>?
16:54:30 <Macbeth> * ?
16:54:45 <complex> got three days with midterms comming up
16:55:03 <Macbeth> Well, good luck :L
16:57:11 <complex> hm
16:59:22 <complex> my university decided to create their own book in 'introduction to informatics' by picking out specific chapters from several other books to create one good book
16:59:30 <complex> turned out to be a really shitty one :P
16:59:37 <Macbeth> Lol
17:00:20 <Macbeth> complex, you have i2p?
17:00:39 <complex> no
17:01:31 <complex> im blue dabadidabada
17:01:41 <Macbeth> You should get it
17:01:41 <complex> party somewhere around here
17:01:56 <Macbeth> The IRC is full of all of these awesome people
17:02:13 <Macbeth> And though jester is an ass on twitter, he's a very nice guy. I met him on IRC yesterday
17:02:14 <complex> yeah, it the first time i've heard about it, i appreciate you mention it
17:02:19 <complex> what
17:02:21 <complex> really
17:02:39 <Macbeth> Yeah
17:02:41 <Macbeth> He's in #jester
17:02:46 <Macbeth>
17:02:48 <Macbeth> Good shit
17:03:02 <complex> kk
17:03:09 <Macbeth> I don't like how he operates, but he's a pretty good guy
17:03:22 <complex> i would have guessed that he worked for the US government since he defends them
17:03:23 <Macbeth> It's a nice thing to meet him. He's so good with networking and things
17:03:38 <Macbeth> I don't think that he does
17:03:41 <Macbeth> He is just a patriot
17:03:50 <complex> but hes american
17:03:51 <complex> :P
17:03:57 <Macbeth> He was in the army, he says that donations should be send to WWP
17:04:59 <complex> so he encourages everyone that donates to him, to donate to someone else instead. cool
17:06:09 <Macbeth> Is that sarcasm?
17:06:28 <complex> yeah
17:06:28 <Macbeth> He doesn't want donations. He is saying that if you want to support him, just support a group that he stands behind
17:06:32 <Macbeth> He doesn't want donations. He is saying that if you want to support him, just support a group that he stands behind
17:07:07 <complex> then you are not really supporting him imo
17:07:15 <complex> brb shop for 5 min
17:07:20 <Macbeth> ok bye
17:11:19 <DrWhat> joepie92 i think i need more coffee to understand what you put :)
17:11:41 <Macbeth> What?
17:20:12 <joepie92> DrWhat: never mind :P
17:20:20 <joepie92> short simple version: it makes my life writing python easier
17:20:47 <joepie92> Macbeth: the jester is very good at being polite, but that doesn't make him any less of an idiot
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18:52:56 <Macbeth> sven, what does the "91" or "92" mean?
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19:11:38 <joepie92> botpie91, tell macbeth that it's my year of birth (91), and the auto-increment from my IRC client when 91 is in use due to ping timeout (becomes 92)
19:11:39 <botpie91> joepie92: I'll pass that on when macbeth is around.
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19:35:14 <joepie92> iceTwy: xmpp!
19:35:16 <joepie92> :P
19:35:21 <joepie92> you should really set your xmpp client to autoconnect
19:37:06 <schism> joepie92 i havent spoken to Doemela about the machno issue
19:37:20 <schism> did u get my message on opbritain
19:37:33 <joepie92> if I didn't respond to it, then probably not
19:38:05 <schism> well i will try to get info about the machno ban
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19:43:05 <iceTwy> joepie92: sec
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20:40:04 <complex> isnt I2P safe from governments?
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20:48:48 <Zoned> hai
21:04:08 <complex> now i finafuckingly understands what cache is. it is so much harder to understand when first being taught it in a classroom god
21:31:08 <iceTwy> my fucking God
21:31:17 <iceTwy> seriously
21:31:20 <iceTwy> nginx
21:31:22 <iceTwy> is SO
21:31:24 <iceTwy> fucking amazing
21:43:12 <joepie92> complex: ah, what are you working on?
21:43:14 <joepie92> iceTwy: hmm?
21:44:41 <iceTwy> joepie92: I ditched Apache 2 for nginx
21:46:09 <joepie92> ah, good
21:46:10 <joepie92> :P
21:46:42 <iceTwy>
21:46:46 <iceTwy> "nginx 1.2.1" ;p
21:46:48 <complex> joepie92: just some random theory on how computers work. very basic stuff
21:47:05 <joepie92> iceTwy: xmpp ding!
21:47:07 <joepie92> complex: ahh
21:47:14 <joepie92> what cache are you learning about in particular?
21:47:18 <joepie92> or what kind of cache, rather
21:48:09 <complex> the question isnt 'what kind of', but 'what is' :P
21:49:00 <joepie92> well yes, but you said you finally understood what cache is; so I'm wondering what kind of cache you learned about
21:49:00 <joepie92> :P
21:49:16 <joepie92> disk cache? application cache? etc.
21:49:27 <joepie92> or just the general concept of a 'cache'?
21:50:09 <complex> well, given that cookies is one form of cache, it makes very much sense what it is
21:50:38 <complex> login-information, etc
21:50:56 <joepie92> right, that's not what I'd use as a stereotypical form of cache though
21:50:58 <joepie92> for explanation purposes
21:51:35 <joepie92> overall, a "cache" is some kind of data store that holds data that's either frequently needed (and faster to access than the original place where the data is stored), or data that is temporarily memorized for later processing
21:51:58 <complex> yeah
21:52:14 <joepie92> for example, if you build a website, you could store the most frequently visited sites in a "cache" in your RAM... space is limited, but it's much faster than a HDD
21:52:36 <joepie92> so it makes sense to store a small part of your data that's used by 80% of your visitors, in a place that's limited on space but fast to access
21:53:11 <joepie92> similarly, you have a disk cache where you can just dump data to be written to disk, and whatever is dumping data (your OS) can just move on to doing other stuff while the HDD actually physically puts stuff on disk as soon as it has time
21:53:22 <joepie92> as far as your OS is concerned, the data is "written to disk"
21:53:25 <joepie92> the cache acts as a buffer
21:53:36 <joepie92> (if I am understanding the concept correctly; I'm not exactly a hardware expert)
21:53:57 <joepie92> iceTwy: no XMPP? :|
21:54:02 <iceTwy> no
21:54:05 <iceTwy> :/
21:54:36 <MK_FG> Stuff to-be-written-back is usually called "buffered", not "cached" though
21:54:48 <MK_FG> Cache is a clean redundant copy
21:54:51 <joepie92> iceTwy; why not!
21:54:55 <joepie92> I have stuffs to tell you!
21:55:06 <joepie92> MK_FG: what am I confused with, then? re cache on a HDD
21:55:28 <complex> i need some sleep. i will have 6.5 hours from now on, and i have a midterm tomorrow
21:55:39 <complex> will work out with a cup of coffee
21:55:44 <joepie92> (either way, regardless of whether HDDs work this way, a write cache is often used in other contexts also)
21:55:49 <joepie92> complex: alright, go sleep! :)
21:55:51 <joepie92> goodnight
21:55:53 <complex> night
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21:56:00 <joepie92> in somewhat related news, I got a new thermos
21:56:03 <joepie92> and it's quite awesome
21:56:21 <MK_FG> Why'd you need one?
21:56:41 <MK_FG> It's a thing to carry hot stuff with you for a while, right?
21:56:48 <joepie92> MK_FG: for coffee
21:57:07 <joepie92> turns out that coffee machine hot plate makes coffee go sour-ish over time
21:57:15 <joepie92> and I don't drink a lot at once
21:57:24 <joepie92> so it's better to make a pot of coffee then just pour it into a thermos
21:57:27 <joepie92> and have hot coffee for 4-5 hours
21:58:04 <joepie92> it's one of these:
21:58:10 <joepie92> the 'portable' kind
21:58:11 <MK_FG> Coffee ceremonies are always weird ;)
21:58:19 <joepie92> less prone to breakage than the table models
21:58:27 <joepie92> that is, not prone to breakage at all
21:58:29 <joepie92> because no glass
21:58:31 <joepie92> just stainless steel
21:58:34 <joepie92> MK_FG: coffee ceremonies?
21:59:09 <MK_FG> I mean so much fuss over how to prepare the thing, then what to mix it with, how to drink it, when to...
22:00:00 <MK_FG> So many rituals people seem to have
22:00:55 <joepie92> MK_FG: I just want it to taste like coffee and not be sour
22:00:56 <joepie92> lol
22:01:01 <joepie92> apart from that I don't really care
22:01:13 <joepie92> sour-ish is just an unpleasant taste, hence thermos
22:01:42 <joepie92> there's still a bit of sourness but that's always the case with filter coffee in a drip coffee maker
22:01:44 <joepie92> so can't complain about that
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22:11:23 <iceTwy> but Debian packagers..
22:11:31 <iceTwy> they can't even pack the latest stable version of nginx
22:11:32 <iceTwy> common dudes
22:11:33 <joepie92> iceTwy: XMPP! D:
22:11:36 <joepie92> also, dotdeb
22:11:46 <iceTwy> gotta go to sleep heh
22:11:47 <joepie92>
22:11:48 <joepie92> no
22:11:49 <joepie92> XMPP
22:11:50 <joepie92> real quick
22:11:50 <joepie92> :P
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22:15:26 <joepie92> holy fuck where did the last 45 minutes go
22:15:30 <joepie92> what the fuck time
22:18:52 <Zoned> lol
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22:44:58 <lysobit> fuck you time
22:45:01 <lysobit> scumbag time
22:49:37 <joepie92> lysobit is gaining steam, I see?
22:49:38 <joepie92> :P
22:49:49 <joepie92> for several values of "gaining steam"
22:50:48 <lysobit> i fuking hate time time is a fucking terroist motherfucker douchebag that should go burn in hell for killing innocnet ppl
22:52:45 * joepie92 gets mildly concerned now
22:53:15 <Zoned> lolwut
23:10:28 <joepie92> .startgh
23:10:29 <botpie91> Already watching GitHub.
23:10:34 * joepie92 frowns
23:10:58 <joepie92> anyway, LARGE commit.
23:10:58 <joepie92>
23:11:24 <joepie92> yes, it has test data
23:11:32 <Zoned> array(
23:11:33 <Zoned> +    "name" => "ChicagoVPS",
23:11:33 <Zoned> +    "description" => "A VPS company.",
23:11:33 <Zoned> +    "value" => "id-for-chicagovps",
23:11:33 <Zoned> +    "created" => "2013-08-02"
23:11:33 <Zoned> +  ),
23:11:35 <Zoned> lol
23:11:41 <joepie92> that would be what I was refering to
23:11:42 <Zoned> i just had to laugh
23:11:43 <Zoned> then colocrossing
23:11:45 <Zoned> oh no
23:11:52 <joepie92> Zoned: guess who's going to be in my database
23:11:58 <Zoned> who
23:12:06 * joepie92 facepalms
23:12:14 <joepie92> Zoned: that was a kind of obvious reference to chicagovps and colocrossing
23:12:17 <joepie92> and the whole bunch
23:12:18 <Zoned> :P
23:12:18 <Zoned> ik
23:12:25 <Zoned> i was kinda hoping for a joke
23:12:29 <Zoned> but i couldnt think of one
23:12:35 <joepie92> pft
23:12:37 <joepie92> amateur
23:12:38 <joepie92> :P
23:12:43 <joepie92> anyway
23:12:54 <joepie92> now to do the last todo list items for my autocomplete
23:12:55 <joepie92> before sleep
23:13:00 <Zoned> lol
23:13:09 <Zoned> or dont sleep
23:13:22 <joepie92> last bit *
23:13:26 <joepie92> er
23:13:28 <joepie92> last item*
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23:26:19 <joepie92> done
23:26:20 <joepie92> sleep
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23:47:19 <Zoned> hehe
23:47:21 <Zoned> i wonder if roberts on