Cryto! 5 October 2013

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00:15:43 <Zoned> icetwy
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01:11:52 <Zoned> omg icetwy u there?
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01:29:35 <DrWhat> Spam
01:29:39 <DrWhat> spammere
01:31:00 <Zoned> lol
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05:37:24 <macbeth> H3LL0
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05:58:19 <Macbeth>    .:/++++/:-.`                                                          
05:58:20 <Macbeth>                              `-/syyyyyyyys+:.                                                      
05:58:20 <Macbeth>                             `+ossosssyyyyyyyys/.                                                    
05:58:20 <Macbeth>                              ``````.:/+oyyyyyyys/-.`                                                
05:58:21 <Macbeth>                                `:+syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyso/.                                            
05:58:23 <Macbeth>                              `/syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/`                                          
05:58:25 <Macbeth>                             .syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys.                                          
05:58:28 <Macbeth>                            -syyyyysosyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys+//+o-                                        
05:58:29 <Macbeth>                           `oyyys::+ossyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssy-                                        
05:58:31 <Macbeth>                           :syyy/syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys`                                      
05:58:33 <Macbeth>                           +syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys+/+yy+                                      
05:58:35 <Macbeth>                           +syyyyyys:.-:syyyyyyyyyyyyyy.   -yy.                                      
05:58:37 <Macbeth>                           :yyyyyyy-    .yyyyyyyyyyyyyy:` `:yy/                                      
05:58:39 <Macbeth>                           `ysyyyyy/`  `/yyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssyyyo       ``..--..`                      
05:58:41 <Macbeth>                            osyyyyyysoosyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy+``...---::::::::.                    
05:58:43 <Macbeth>                            -ysyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysoooo+++//:-:::::::::::--.`                      
05:58:45 <Macbeth>                            `ssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyso/:::::::::::::::::::---.``                        
05:58:49 <Macbeth>                             /yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys+::::::::::::::::---..``                              
05:58:51 <Macbeth>                             `ysyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/:::::::.```....```                                    
05:58:53 <Macbeth>                              osyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo:::::::                                              
05:58:55 <Macbeth>                              -ysyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo::::::-.``        ```...----                        
05:58:58 <Macbeth>                               ssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/.---:::----------::::::--`                        
05:58:59 <Macbeth>                               :yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/   ``..--------------.``                          
05:59:01 <Macbeth>                               `ysyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/          ````````                                
05:59:03 <Macbeth>                                +syyyyyyyyyyyyyyys                                                  
05:59:05 <Macbeth>                                .ysyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-                                                  
05:59:07 <Macbeth>                                 osyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo        `.-`                                      
05:59:09 <Macbeth>                                 :yyyyooosyyyyyyyyy:    `-/oss+                                      
05:59:11 <Macbeth>                                 `ssys://++ossyyssso-..:+oossss`                                    
05:59:13 <Macbeth>                                  /yys://++ooss++oooso//+oossss-                                    
05:59:15 <Macbeth>                                  .ysy://++ooss++oooss//+oossss-                                    
05:59:19 <Macbeth>                                   osy://++ooss++oooss/++oossss.                                    
05:59:21 <Macbeth>                                   -ys///++oossssssssyys--/+oso                                      
05:59:23 <Macbeth>                                    sso//+ossyyyyyyyyyyyo`                                          
05:59:25 <Macbeth>                                    -sysyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys`                                          
05:59:27 <Macbeth>                                     :/osyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo      
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12:07:05 <Zoned> hai
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13:01:37 <iceTwy> hai
13:02:12 <joepie91>
13:02:13 <joepie91> .title
13:02:14 <botpie91> joepie91: Bitcoin gains mainstream interest after 'outlier' appeal - YouTube
13:02:16 <joepie91> iceTwy: hai
13:02:33 <joepie91> iceTwy: xmpp?
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13:05:38 <iceTwy> joepie91: sure
13:05:59 <Zoned> icetwy hai
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13:07:04 <iceTwy> hai Zoned?
13:07:11 <Zoned> how ya doing
13:07:13 <iceTwy> Zoned: xmpp too? I think you tried to XMPP with me yesterday
13:07:18 <iceTwy> but heh, my pc was fucking up bad
13:07:19 <Zoned> da
13:07:27 <iceTwy> Zoned: da my friend, XMPP then
13:07:33 <Zoned> i msged u
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13:20:22 <Zoned> joepie91, xmpp?
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13:32:44 <Cryto249> salve
13:33:38 <Cryto249> sono nuovo di qui
13:34:49 <Cryto249> qualcuno  potrebbe spiegare come funziona cipolla e poi  non era diverso  un po di tempo fa
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13:42:42 <joepie91> what?
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14:34:27 <DrWhat> thats spanish
14:34:42 <DrWhat> joepie91 want to aurgue about standards
14:36:08 <joepie91> DrWhat: bo
14:36:12 <joepie91> no *
14:36:17 <joepie91> also it sounded more like Italian than Spanish
14:36:19 <joepie91> but I might be wrong
14:36:44 <DrWhat> Not even with a guy who doesnt know what he alking about
14:36:45 <DrWhat> he on skype
14:36:55 <DrWhat> and being a total nub
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17:53:17 <iceTwy> good news, hopefully:
17:53:18 <iceTwy>
17:53:28 <iceTwy> .title
17:53:32 <botpie91> iceTwy: 923590 – Pledge never to implement HTML5 DRM
17:53:33 <iceTwy> aka; Bug 923590 - Pledge never to implement HTML5 DRM
18:04:01 <iceTwy> seriously, I think I'll revert back to Firefox
18:04:29 <iceTwy> the drawback will be losing some performance, but at least they're not affiliated with Google
18:04:35 <iceTwy> (Mozilla, that is)
18:05:30 <MK_FG> They didn't mark this bug as either resolved or wontfix yet ;)
18:06:22 <MK_FG> Actually, wrt "not affiliated with Google" - don't they get like 90% revenue from google?
18:07:02 <iceTwy> are you sure?
18:07:05 <iceTwy> also, no, they didn't
18:07:20 <iceTwy> but I'm rather confident Mozilla are less likely to approve such changes to the Web
18:07:29 <iceTwy> because they're "proudly non-profit" as they say
18:07:39 <iceTwy> now for what that claim is worth, I'd say you could doubt it
18:07:43 <MK_FG> "In a report released in November of 2012, Mozilla reported that their total revenue for 2011 was $163 million, which was up 33% from $123 million in 2010. Mozilla noted that roughly 85% of their revenue comes from their contract with Google.[13]"
18:07:53 <iceTwy> woah
18:07:57 <iceTwy> still
18:08:21 <iceTwy> Mozilla is involved in a number of protesting associations
18:08:42 <iceTwy> i.e. StopWatchingUs, the Internet Defense League, etc
18:08:45 <iceTwy> whereas Google are not at all
18:09:05 <iceTwy> so if we're talking about policies
18:09:06 <MK_FG> Well, google has to keep good PR for advertisers
18:09:14 <iceTwy> I'd rather go with Firefox's stance
18:09:15 <iceTwy> yeah
18:09:18 <MK_FG> And Mozilla is their front for "the people" ;)
18:09:23 <iceTwy> speaking of Google & ads
18:09:32 <iceTwy>
18:09:52 <iceTwy> MK_FG: the only annoying thing is that there's no really viable replacement to Flash on Firefox
18:09:57 <iceTwy> I mean, there's Gnash, and it works
18:09:59 <iceTwy> but it's /slow/
18:10:10 <iceTwy> or at least when I used it it was
18:10:19 <MK_FG> Doesn't html5 work for yt these days?
18:10:38 <MK_FG> And there's always download link (via extra js)
18:11:01 <iceTwy> yeah true
18:11:05 <iceTwy> actually you're right
18:11:22 <iceTwy> a lot of YT videos are played with the HTML5 player
18:11:25 <iceTwy> and that's pretty recent afaik
18:11:42 <iceTwy> because I've enabled the option that switches on HTML5 by default, on YT
18:11:56 <iceTwy> and there weren't that many videos that played with the HTML5 player, until recently
18:12:00 <iceTwy> so yay @ YouTube
18:12:18 <iceTwy> Vimeo & Dailymotion use a HTML5 player by default afaik
18:12:25 <MK_FG> Yay for google video for "the people" front ;)
18:12:33 <iceTwy> xD
18:12:41 * joepie91 sighs
18:12:43 <iceTwy> anyhow, afk
18:12:48 <joepie91> re: google ads
18:13:17 <MK_FG> You'll say that "they're mutually beneficial" thing?
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18:23:29 <DrWhat> did any of you know the keygen is a music genre
18:23:50 <MK_FG> Yep
18:24:02 <MK_FG> Have a big collection of that
18:24:28 <MK_FG> Mostly from, I think
18:24:45 <DrWhat> yeah :D
18:25:06 <DrWhat> im subscribed to there youtube channel
18:25:14 <DrWhat> 2100 tracks :D
18:25:33 <MK_FG> ocremix actually has plenty of quite similar tracks
18:25:45 <DrWhat> cloudkeygen
18:25:57 <MK_FG> Not that surprising, given they both draw inspiration from oldish chiptunes
18:26:08 <tommykaine>
18:26:38 <DrWhat> why is there a question mark were the nipple is?
18:26:47 <tommykaine> not to sure
18:26:53 <DrWhat> did anyone else pick up on tha
18:27:07 <tommykaine> i questioned that when i saw it
18:27:21 <DrWhat> and why does she has a 5 inch waste
18:27:40 <tommykaine> you don't have a 5 inc waist?
18:27:48 <DrWhat> no
18:27:51 <DrWhat> im 6 inches
18:27:57 <tommykaine> thats weird
18:28:07 <tommykaine> guess im jsut a midget
18:31:27 <DrWhat> omg omg omg omg
18:31:34 <DrWhat> emma stone just called
18:34:24 <Zoned> lol
18:34:33 <Zoned> my mate is apperently targed by doxbin owner
18:34:33 <Zoned> lol, how "scarry"
18:36:51 mama (me@8D86F38D.5982FCB.42C12FD2.IP) has joined #crytocc
18:39:47 <Zoned> hes like "im fucking scared" lol
18:39:51 <Zoned> a dox does nothing
18:44:13 <DrWhat> THATS SHE WHAT SAID
19:01:54 <tommykaine> the things these people put up lol
19:01:55 <tommykaine>
19:02:28 <Zoned> lol
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19:29:22 <DrWhat> OHHHHH
19:29:25 <DrWhat> AMERICA BURN
19:29:50 <DrWhat> nicolas cage has been paid $100,000 to steal the decloration of indepents
19:31:05 <Macbeth> 0.0
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19:50:19 <Zoned> vld
19:55:25 <iceTwy> joepie91: lol at your ruby retweet
19:55:37 <joepie91> iceTwy: to be fair, might as well s/ruby/javascript/
19:55:42 <joepie91> and it'd still be equally valid
19:55:48 <joepie91> if not more valid
19:55:48 <joepie91> lol
19:56:02 <joepie91> "redefining your browser API? sure, why not!"
19:56:36 <joepie91> "change the prototype of standard JS types? of course!"
19:56:44 <iceTwy> hm
19:56:49 <iceTwy> I've found Ruby to be sorta weird
19:56:53 <joepie91> JS basically lets you change -everything-
19:56:54 <joepie91> literally
19:56:55 <iceTwy> with all their "gems" and what not
19:57:02 <iceTwy> yup
19:57:03 <joepie91> eh, that's just a packaging system
19:57:06 <joepie91> as any language should have
19:57:11 <iceTwy> yeah
19:57:27 <iceTwy> tbh I've never really looked into Ruby so I can't say much
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19:57:38 <iceTwy> all I know is that Homebrew on Mac uses Ruby
19:57:56 Cryto007 ( has joined #crytocc
19:58:26 * Cryto007 slaps Cryto007 around a bit with a large fishbot
20:00:42 <DrWhat> :/
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20:07:01 <iceTwy> let's codecademy
20:08:00 <Zoned> lolololol
20:08:45 <joepie91> meh, codeacademy == proprietary
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20:19:44 mama ( has joined #crytocc
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20:55:06 <iceTwy> joepie91: do you know open source alternatives?
20:56:39 mama has quit (Ping timeout)
20:57:01 <joepie91> iceTwy: not a language-agnostic one
20:57:12 <joepie91> but there's a bunch of these things floating around
20:57:15 <joepie91> for various languages
20:57:24 <joepie91> for example,
20:57:57 anonnews024 has parted #crytocc ()
20:59:15 <iceTwy> joepie91: hmm
20:59:46 <joepie91> ruby also has one
21:01:59 <iceTwy> also, pretty cool
21:02:00 <iceTwy>
21:02:04 <iceTwy> .title
21:02:05 <botpie91> iceTwy: [Phoronix] Linux 3.12 Kernel To Bring Faster File-Systems
21:03:28 <iceTwy> joepie91: also, the backend for Codecademy may be proprietary
21:03:34 <iceTwy> but the code's open source, at least
21:03:37 <iceTwy> so that's a lesser evil
21:03:52 <joepie91> iceTwy: what code is?
21:05:32 <iceTwy> joepie91: Codecademy offers snippets of code
21:06:01 <iceTwy> as in, if you're writing code for a guided project they've made, they'll show you the code
21:12:00 <joepie91> what license is it under?
21:17:27 complex (litehode@1FB20456.69AC617A.F6E1C77B.IP) has joined #crytocc
21:18:55 <iceTwy> joepie91: none
21:19:03 <iceTwy> joepie91: not precised afaik
21:28:42 <joepie91> iceTwy: then it's not open-source.
21:31:19 <joepie91> you should know that :P
21:36:15 <joepie91> also iceTwy, xmpp!@
21:51:43 Macbeth (Macbeth@Macbeth.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:51:55 <Macbeth> Hello
21:52:01 <Macbeth> What;s up?
21:56:51 Macbeth has quit (Ping timeout)
22:00:26 Macbeth (Macbeth@Macbeth.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:01:48 * Macbeth is away:
22:03:13 <iceTwy> god
22:03:14 <iceTwy> sec
22:05:05 fanat1ck ( has joined #crytocc
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22:08:33 m0de (switch@m0de.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
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22:32:13 Macbeth (Macbeth@Macbeth.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:33:38 <Macbeth> iceTwy
22:33:43 <Macbeth> I read your site
22:33:45 <Macbeth> Cool
22:36:05 <iceTwy> oh
22:36:09 <iceTwy> what site Macbeth
22:36:10 <iceTwy> the blog?
22:36:47 <Macbeth>
22:37:09 <iceTwy> Macbeth: oh, heh
22:37:13 <iceTwy> tell me a couple of things tehn
22:37:15 <iceTwy> then*
22:37:18 <iceTwy> can you see the Twitter icon
22:37:36 <iceTwy> and could you take a screenshot of the page, on your screen
22:39:35 <Macbeth> iceTwy: This is what I see:
22:40:48 <Macbeth> "links" leads to your blog
22:40:52 <iceTwy> yeah
22:41:00 <Macbeth> Did you use HTML for the site, or is it a template?
22:41:07 <iceTwy> HTML
22:41:09 <iceTwy> everything is HTML
22:41:18 <Macbeth> Wow
22:41:23 <iceTwy> and CSS3
22:41:26 <Macbeth> Impressive
22:41:34 <iceTwy> right, the bar's fucked
22:41:37 <iceTwy> and so's the navbar
22:41:38 <Macbeth> You used CSS3 for the menu @ the top, right?
22:41:41 <iceTwy> yup
22:41:45 <Macbeth> Thought so
22:41:50 <Macbeth> You did it from scratch?
22:42:50 <iceTwy> Nah
22:42:54 <iceTwy> The footer I did from scratch
22:43:03 <iceTwy> but the navbar was inspired by a tutorial
22:43:21 <iceTwy> however
22:43:25 <iceTwy> well rather
22:43:30 <iceTwy> everything but the navbar's from scratch
22:43:38 <iceTwy> Macbeth: this is what it should look like, tho
22:43:43 <iceTwy> my site isn't responsive enough
22:44:14 <Macbeth> looks pretty much the same to me
22:44:27 <Macbeth> and can u send me a link to that navbar tutorial?
22:44:39 <Macbeth> & what host do you use?
22:47:25 <iceTwy> Macbeth: for
22:47:32 <iceTwy> and for *, RootNerds (on a VPS)
22:48:49 <iceTwy> Macbeth:
22:49:33 Macbeth has quit (User quit:  Macbeth)
22:49:38 Macbeth (Macbeth@Macbeth.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
22:49:53 <Macbeth> iceTwy: can u send me a link to the navbar tutorial?
22:50:00 <Macbeth> And what webserver host do you use?
22:50:08 <Macbeth> And who did you register the domain name via?
22:50:40 <iceTwy> Macbeth: question 1:
22:50:47 <iceTwy> question2:, shared hosting
22:50:52 <iceTwy> question 3:
22:51:06 <Macbeth> Epicosity
22:51:09 <Macbeth> Thanks
22:54:18 <iceTwy> Np!
22:54:39 <joepie91> I has a massive sad:
22:54:42 <joepie91>
22:54:45 <joepie91> this code is lost
22:54:45 <joepie91> ;_;
22:54:59 <Macbeth> iceTwy : Two more things:
22:55:12 <Macbeth> How do you get your own XMPP server? And how do you get your own IRC?
22:55:14 <joepie91> never pushed that code to git, and it was on the machine that feds have now... D:
22:56:18 <joepie91> man, fuck this
22:56:23 <joepie91> that was some of my favourite code
22:56:55 <Macbeth> flashdrive
22:56:56 <Macbeth> flashdrive
22:56:56 <Macbeth> flashdrive
22:56:56 <Macbeth> flashdrive
22:57:00 <Macbeth> USE THEM
22:57:02 <Macbeth> THEY WORK
22:57:35 <joepie91> Macbeth: no, they don't
22:57:38 <joepie91> feds also took my flashdrives
22:57:39 joepie91 (joepie91@E0EF0B4E.8949E6E0.92880880.IP) has joined #crytocc
22:57:41 <joepie91> the problem isn't storage
22:57:45 <joepie91> the problem is forgetting to push commits
22:57:46 <joepie91> :|
22:58:10 <Macbeth> Wait, go back to the part when you said that the feds took your flashdrive
22:58:12 <Macbeth> Why?!
22:58:39 <joepie91> Macbeth: because it "carries data"
22:58:49 <Macbeth> Well no shit
22:58:54 <Macbeth> But they went to your house?
22:58:58 <Macbeth> And took stuff?
22:59:00 <joepie91> what
22:59:03 <joepie91> how are you not aware of tthis
22:59:04 <joepie91> this *
22:59:08 <joepie91> this happened like 2 months ago
22:59:10 <Macbeth> No one told me!
22:59:19 <joepie91> I've been talking about it at length and so has everybody else...
22:59:29 <joepie91>
22:59:44 <joepie91> listen to that
23:00:26 <Macbeth> im listening
23:01:28 <Macbeth> Is that you talking?
23:01:43 <joepie91> yes
23:01:47 <Macbeth> Oh
23:02:02 m0de has quit (Ping timeout)
23:02:07 <Macbeth> Do you like in US?
23:04:17 <joepie91> assuming you mean "live"
23:04:23 <joepie91> no, I live in the Netherlands
23:04:27 <joepie91> but I'm going to sleep
23:04:33 <Macbeth> Oh alright
23:04:34 <iceTwy> Macbeth: sorry for the late answer but
23:04:36 <iceTwy> Macbeth: XMPP => Prosody
23:04:37 <Macbeth> It's fine
23:04:43 <Macbeth> Night, joe
23:04:46 <iceTwy> IRC => I'll write a guide, because there's almost no doc
23:04:49 <iceTwy> joepie91: good night!
23:05:00 <Macbeth> iceTwy: Don't do it just for me
23:05:07 <iceTwy> Macbeth: no, I intended to write a guide about it
23:05:22 <joepie91> night
23:05:58 <Macbeth> oh, alright then
23:06:04 <Macbeth> I look forward to reading it
23:06:06 <iceTwy> Macbeth: seriously it was a struggle
23:06:11 <Macbeth> what was?
23:06:20 <iceTwy> setting up my IRC server (
23:06:31 <Macbeth> Oh, got it
23:06:32 <iceTwy> (if you want to connect, 6697 for SSL)
23:07:03 <iceTwy> I might be exaggerating but documentation for setting up an IRC server is extremely limited
23:08:12 <Macbeth> does it have a confirm email?
23:08:15 <Macbeth> Or can I just use a fake one?
23:09:19 m0de (switch@m0de.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
23:09:44 <iceTwy> Macbeth: fake one, obv
23:10:02 <iceTwy> Macbeth: the main channel is #icenet
23:11:36 joepie91 has quit (Ping timeout)
23:16:12 <DrWhat> icetwy you struggled setting up a irc server???
23:16:36 <Macbeth> DrWhat: You have one?
23:16:44 <DrWhat> No
23:17:00 <Macbeth> Well you're one to talk, aren't you?
23:17:08 <DrWhat> but i have setup a irc network of 10 servers in 30 minutes
23:17:24 <Macbeth> wow
23:17:27 <Macbeth> impressive
23:17:31 <Macbeth> where did you read your tutorial?
23:17:36 <DrWhat> i 'had' my own installer to compile unrealircd and use a pre-made config
23:17:40 <DrWhat> i didnyt
23:17:42 <DrWhat> i didnt
23:17:49 <Macbeth> Oh ok
23:18:04 <DrWhat> only joepie knows my history
23:19:19 <DrWhat> ive sold $5/month vps's running UnrealIRCD50K and sold them to botnet herders for $20/month
23:19:21 <iceTwy> DrWhat: aye, but this was my first time setting up one
23:19:36 <iceTwy> I set it up with Charybdis
23:19:42 <iceTwy> for which there is virtually no doc
23:20:16 <DrWhat> The hardest time i had setting up a irc server was with BOFH
23:20:24 <DrWhat> BOFH is a pain in the ass
23:21:12 <DrWhat> Services, SSL, ZipLib, hub's, leafs Peice of cake
23:25:39 complex has quit (User quit:  )
23:52:18 <Macbeth> Bye all. Off to watch modern family :D
23:52:22 Macbeth has quit (User quit:  Macbeth)
23:54:13 <DrWhat> gay