Cryto! 28 September 2013

00:23:00 <Zoned> hai
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05:14:44 <Macbeth> Hello
05:20:44 <tommykaine> HI!
05:20:46 <tommykaine> MCBETH
05:20:47 <tommykaine> HOW ARE YOU
05:20:56 <Macbeth> I'm alright, thanks.
05:21:00 <Macbeth> Nice to be welcomed :P
05:22:35 <Macbeth> How are you, tommykaine ?
05:22:58 <tommykaine> I'm great starting to wake up
05:23:07 <Macbeth> ok
05:23:19 <Macbeth> Dammit, my twitter was just suspeneded.
05:23:24 <Macbeth> DX
05:24:05 <Macbeth> I keep getting banned bacause I access through Tor, and it thinks that I'm sendng automated requests.
05:57:49 <joepie91>
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07:33:43 <Macbeth> What does [off] mean?
07:33:47 <joepie91> ..
07:33:55 <joepie91> Macbeth: it keeps things out of public logs.
07:34:02 <Macbeth> Yeah, I'm batting 1000 today
07:34:36 <joepie91> so that I don't have to go and redact the log files manually every time someone says something that shouldn't have been googleable
07:34:47 <joepie91> like now
07:39:11 <joepie91> oops
07:53:46 <joepie91> I wonder...
07:54:03 <joepie91> nope, phenny doesn't seem to support that
07:54:05 <Macbeth> I'm going to bed. Night all.
07:54:08 <joepie91> night Macbeth
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11:24:56 <crafy_d> o/
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12:04:41 <Zoned> hm
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13:19:37 <Zoned> icetwy yuleave
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14:43:15 <Art> Is like 50% of cryto IRC nodes down for anyone else?
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15:13:21 <joepie91> yes, blame me
15:13:25 <joepie91> haven't fixed DNS yet
15:13:26 <joepie91> urgh
15:13:27 <joepie91> will do that now
15:13:37 <joepie91> can't focus on IRC anyway
15:13:45 <joepie91> er
15:13:46 <joepie91> on cod*
15:13:47 <joepie91> code *
15:14:11 * joepie91 mumbles "something something config formats something something"
15:15:12 <MK_FG> xml configs is the answer, naturally \o/
15:15:55 <MK_FG> Bonus points if you split tags over lines so one can't sed/awk these
15:17:42 <joepie91> MK_FG: you have just won a nomination on my "people recommending technologies I strongly dislike" list
15:17:43 <joepie91> :P
15:19:15 <MK_FG> Yay!
15:19:30 <MK_FG> Where do I get my golden turd?
15:20:19 <joepie91> lol
15:21:29 <joepie91> right
15:21:32 <joepie91> nuked a few DNS records
15:28:01 <joepie91> mmm
15:28:06 <joepie91> two IRC servers online currently
15:28:09 <joepie91> numero three incoming
15:28:12 <joepie91> when I get it unsuspended
15:28:18 <joepie91> (something appears to have borked for unclear reasons)
15:30:16 <joepie91> so yeah
15:30:19 <joepie91> Art: NO MORE COMPLAIN
15:30:21 <joepie91> IRC R FIXED K
15:30:23 <joepie91> YES?
15:30:29 <Art> let me read sorry
15:30:39 <joepie91> K
15:31:14 <Art> people recommending technologies I  strongly dislike
15:31:15 <Art> hahaha
15:31:26 <Art> You prefer JSON don't you?
15:31:47 <MK_FG> YAML \o/
15:32:05 <Art> and thanks for fixing dns joepie
15:32:24 <joepie91> MK_FG: yes, was looking at that
15:32:29 <joepie91> YAML seems like the best choice now
15:32:34 <joepie91> but ugh another dependency
15:32:34 <joepie91> :|
15:32:49 <joepie91> Art: for many things, I do
15:32:58 <joepie91> for config files that need frequent changing, I really don't
15:33:10 <Art> what do you use for that?
15:33:25 <joepie91> well, I'm considering YAML currently
15:33:32 <joepie91> the other option is configparser which is basically INI-like
15:33:35 <joepie91> and I REALLY don't like INIs
15:33:46 <joepie91> plus they don't do nested data or containers anyway
15:33:47 <Art> hahaha
15:33:57 <joepie91> but yeah, YAML requires another dep
15:33:58 <joepie91> PyYAML
15:33:59 <joepie91> hm
15:34:02 <Art> inb4 joepie writes his own
15:34:05 <joepie91> Art: did I tell you about Nexus? message routing thing?
15:34:10 <joepie91> and no thanks, I already have two parsers for this project
15:34:14 <joepie91> I'd rather not write a third...
15:34:15 <Art> xD
15:34:23 <Art> are you sure ;)
15:34:27 <joepie91> yes.
15:34:27 <joepie91> but,
15:34:30 <joepie91> <joepie91>Art: did I tell you about Nexus? message routing thing?
15:34:41 <Art> The distributed message routing thing?
15:36:50 <joepie91> ya
15:36:53 <joepie91> so I did :P
15:37:00 <Art> yesh
15:37:07 <joepie91> that's what I need to read config for
15:38:31 <Art> hack the gibson
15:43:21 <Art> Joepie, remember that time you killed that guy and you messaged me for a week straight and then your mom got scared and said "you're moving with your aunt and uncle to bell air?"
15:44:51 <joepie91> lol
15:44:57 <joepie91> watch out, you'll set off the triggers
15:45:05 <Art> ;--;
15:45:23 <Art> do you know any good radio stations
15:45:56 <joepie91>
15:45:56 <joepie91> :P
15:46:01 <joepie91> and cinemix, if soundtracks is your thing
15:46:59 <Art> thanks thanks mr pai
15:47:53 <Art> now to mix it with some rainy mood
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16:10:52 <joepie91> .tw
16:10:53 <botpie91> Ignore this tweet, I'm just testing some newline stuff. (@joepie91)
16:17:54 <cayce> nahp
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16:59:51 <Zoned> sigh.
17:00:02 <Zoned> javascript is even more deadly now.
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18:13:23 <Cryto363> hello
18:18:44 <Cryto363> is anyone there
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19:08:40 <crafy_d> o/
19:09:26 <x> meow crafy_d o/
19:09:57 <crafy_d> : ) hey x
19:10:07 <crafy_d> sup?
19:10:30 <x> not much
19:10:32 <x> chillin
19:10:35 <x> u?
19:11:12 <crafy_d> all good. thank you. : )
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19:25:46 <Zoned> meow crafy_d
19:26:05 <crafy_d> hey Zoned : )
19:26:11 <Zoned> sup
19:26:12 <crafy_d> how are you today?
19:26:16 <Zoned> goood, u
19:26:27 <Zoned> was just finishing my exploit pack tbh
19:26:38 <crafy_d> good. thank you.
19:26:51 <crafy_d> good for you.
19:26:57 <Zoned> lol ya
19:27:16 <Zoned> its got very nice infection rates :)
19:27:48 <crafy_d> nice. : )
19:28:06 <crafy_d> will you spread your exlpoit pack?
19:28:10 <crafy_d> : )
19:36:39 <Zoned> easy
19:37:02 <Zoned> lmfao. anonops dungoofed
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19:42:24 <crafy_d> : )
19:42:56 <crafy_d> are you sure it is anonops' ip.
19:43:15 <Zoned> one of them
19:43:23 <Zoned> the other one is
19:43:41 <Zoned> req to 85.x one, then req to, then responds then 85. responds
19:43:46 <Zoned> ircd protocol
19:44:05 <crafy_d> i see.
19:44:44 <crafy_d> i guess these arent secret.
19:44:45 <Zoned> just follow the tcp stream
19:45:08 <crafy_d> hmm
19:47:16 <Zoned> xD
19:47:29 <crafy_d> when i look at cyberguerrilla's ip, i see hetzner too. : ) is it odd?
19:48:15 <Zoned> idk
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19:48:39 <Zoned> lol secured servers llc :)
19:48:41 <Macbeth> Hi
19:48:42 <Zoned> my buddy hosts his botnet there
19:49:03 <crafy_d> i see
19:49:13 <Zoned> phoenixnap don't care :)
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19:49:45 *** et is now known as ET
19:49:49 <ET> PHONE HOME
19:49:54 *** ET is now known as Heavy
19:49:58 <Heavy> OM NOM NOM
19:50:18 <Heavy> Gee... That escelated quickly...
19:50:47 *** Heavy is now known as macbeth
19:50:49 <macbeth> .clear
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20:02:06 <crafy_d> Zoned for >
20:02:56 <crafy_d> you said but it seems it isnt anonops'
20:03:00 <crafy_d> : )
20:03:04 <macbeth> sux
20:03:11 <macbeth> nothin but trolls and bullies thata
20:03:22 <macbeth> i got z-lined for defending a n00b tht was getting picked on
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20:16:38 <Zoned> lol
20:16:43 <Zoned> i see
20:17:38 <crafy_d> lol
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20:18:34 <crafy_d> macbeth, i was z-lined too. because i said "dictator" to server admin. :P
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20:44:17 <Zoned> after 4 months finally twitter decides to unsuspended my account
20:44:18 <Zoned> -,-
20:45:01 <crafy_d> lol that's good.
20:45:01 <macbeth> i got banned as soon as i loged in because of tor
20:45:15 <macbeth> i did a captcha, so i got unbanned.
20:45:26 <macbeth> now im banned again, its been 2 days
20:54:44 <crafy_d> macbeth, if you read their tutorials you can understand their system. you have to saved to tor list and use an irc client for log there. and when you try to join from tor-browser you automaticly ban. Their rules arent suit for Anonymous. Because they can ban-kick-z-line you without reason.
20:55:27 <crafy_d> if they are against dictators you have to start from yourselves. : )
20:56:22 <macbeth> are you talking about twitteR?
20:56:31 <macbeth> It's a permanent ban for tor?
20:57:06 <crafy_d> no, im sorry, i misunderstood.
20:57:10 <crafy_d> lol
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20:58:12 <macbeth> ha ha ok
20:59:39 <crafy_d> i use twitter with tor, it didnt suspend my account yet.
21:00:39 <macbeth> how long have you been on twitteR?
21:01:11 <crafy_d> 2 or 3 months.
21:01:49 <crafy_d> and im still using it.
21:02:02 <macbeth> huh
21:02:03 <macbeth> weird
21:02:28 <crafy_d> yes
21:02:46 <crafy_d> : )
21:05:11 <crafy_d> the reason can be your e-mail address.
21:05:23 <macbeth> oh yeah
21:05:27 <macbeth> I did 10minutemail...
21:05:56 <crafy_d> try
21:06:35 <crafy_d> especially choose
21:07:03 <macbeth> why?
21:08:00 <crafy_d> then dont know it what is fake mail.
21:08:11 <crafy_d> : )
21:08:33 <crafy_d> they*
21:09:53 <macbeth> oh
21:09:55 <macbeth> pretty cool
21:10:02 <macbeth> thx
21:10:28 <crafy_d> and when you log dont start to follow a lot of accounts
21:11:57 <crafy_d> i suggest 10 accounts per day.
21:11:59 <crafy_d> : )
21:12:19 <macbeth> oh
21:12:22 <macbeth> so it looks legit
21:12:28 <macbeth> you're pretty good with this
21:13:05 <crafy_d> : )
21:13:34 <crafy_d> i just analyse the situation and try.
21:15:04 <macbeth> well awesome
21:20:04 <crafy_d> do you want an account as this >
21:20:08 <crafy_d> : )
21:20:32 <macbeth> u just created tht?
21:21:00 <crafy_d> yes
21:21:09 <macbeth> Hey, thanks :D
21:21:21 <macbeth> I'll use it if my account gets unbanned
21:21:26 <macbeth> I'll give it 5 days
21:21:29 <macbeth> thank's a lot!
21:26:12 <crafy_d> password is on pm
21:26:21 <crafy_d> good luck
21:26:24 <crafy_d> : )
21:26:29 <macbeth> thx!
21:27:49 <crafy_d> no problem. : )
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21:53:42 * macbeth is away:
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