Cryto! 21 September 2013

00:02:01 <crytoweb196> Zoned: Do you like my joke?
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00:05:38 <Zoned> Not really.
00:05:46 <Zoned> I wouldn't consider it a joke, rather pure stupidity.
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00:08:44 <crytoweb196> Gotcha
00:08:46 <crytoweb196> ...
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00:12:06 <AnonO_o> hai
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01:37:23 <Zoned> lel hai
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02:33:46 <anonnews882> anyone out there?
02:38:22 <Zoned> Hi
02:39:14 <vld> hi
02:40:20 <anonnews882> People are alive! what does everythink of this white house shut down *laughs*
02:41:09 <anonnews882> <Bored
02:42:39 <joepie91> anonnews882: hi, welcome to #crytocc, please note that this channel is publically logged, and be sure to read the channel rules
02:43:01 <joepie91> (they should be visible somewhere near the top of the page)
02:43:56 <anonnews882> Guess that would be drama
02:44:14 <Zoned> lolololol
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02:47:48 <anonnews882> What I get for not reading rules fully. Non drama, question whats everyone up to :)
02:48:03 * joepie91 is about to play a match of Red Eclipse
02:48:51 <anonnews882> that running quake engine? Never seen that before
02:48:58 <joepie91> nah
02:49:00 <joepie91> based on the Cube engine
02:49:08 <joepie91>
02:49:11 <joepie91> if you hadn't run across that yet
02:49:12 <joepie91> :P
02:49:38 <joepie91> Nexuiz is based on that quake engine I think
02:49:47 <joepie91> but I prefer RE over Nexuiz
02:50:55 <anonnews882> Weird was looking at it kinda has the look of Quake or Doom classics lot of people running servers?
02:51:09 <joepie91> has a similar look, but gameplay differs quite a bit
02:51:15 <joepie91> and well, there's a few servers running
02:51:26 <joepie91> but total amount of players at peak times is usually around 10-30
02:52:07 <anonnews882> 10:30 CST?
02:52:19 <joepie91> hmm, can't actually remember when peak time is
02:52:23 <joepie91> I have a very warped sense of time
02:52:26 <joepie91> :P
02:52:28 <anonnews882> lol
02:52:51 <joepie91> but yeah
02:52:52 <joepie91> it's a free game
02:52:55 <joepie91> so you can just download it and play it
02:52:55 <joepie91> :D
02:52:56 <anonnews882> what you get going to download. check it out
02:53:35 <anonnews882> Smash together two groups of words^ What you get. Going to download and check it out....
02:55:06 <anonnews882> can't find any games recently that have been worth playing new games are making me sick now.
02:55:40 <anonnews882> Magic hit it up there and spaz  only real ones i foound to have much of intrest
02:55:41 <joepie91> anonnews882: you may want to try Metro 2033 if you haven't played it yet
02:55:43 <joepie91> it's very very good
02:55:49 <joepie91> very atmospheric and story-driven
02:56:19 <joepie91> in the open-source area, you may want to try unknown horizons or 0ad, both of which are still under development
02:56:30 <joepie91> but both are quite neat
02:57:50 <anonnews882> I only played it a little not a lot i loved the first one ended shortly thought.
02:58:48 <joepie91> ah, here
02:58:48 <joepie91>
02:59:37 <anonnews882> ooooooo
03:00:59 <anonnews882> i think you may have hit my sweet spot... have you tried out Game dev ty? yet?
03:01:07 <joepie91> ?
03:01:31 <joepie91> anonnews882: I suspect there was a typo in there somewhere
03:01:37 <joepie91> that, or my brain is not awake enough to understand what you said yet
03:01:38 <joepie91> :p
03:01:46 <anonnews882>
03:01:50 <joepie91> oh
03:02:02 <joepie91> I have not played it, but I am familiar with the game
03:02:31 <joepie91> hmm
03:02:35 <joepie91> anonnews882: you may enjoy Spellforce
03:02:37 <joepie91> one moment
03:03:53 <joepie91> anonnews882:
03:04:12 <joepie91> RPG/RTS hybrid
03:04:24 <joepie91> probably one of the most well-done RPG/RTS hybrids ever
03:05:28 <anonnews882> Ha! Anon 1705  design diablo graphic  lol
03:05:37 <anonnews882> looks awesome
03:07:26 <joepie91> anonnews882; it's a bit of an unusual game
03:07:31 <joepie91> was a straight-to-budget-bin release
03:07:40 <joepie91> with mediocre voice acting
03:07:45 <joepie91> but looking quite nice for the time and even now
03:07:49 <joepie91> and an excellent concept and execution
03:07:56 <anonnews882> small dev company
03:08:03 <joepie91> the studio that made it, has been acquired by EA now :P
03:08:03 <joepie91> yes
03:08:44 * joepie91 frowns
03:08:45 <anonnews882> JoWood?!
03:08:47 <joepie91> yes
03:08:54 <joepie91> jowood originally published the spellforce series
03:09:03 <anonnews882> great never going to see a interesting cheap fun game again
03:09:06 <joepie91> jowood has a lot of unknown gems tbh
03:09:10 <joepie91> oh, in that sense
03:09:10 <joepie91> no
03:09:14 <joepie91> jowood is just the publisher
03:09:18 <joepie91> the developer was phenomic
03:09:23 <joepie91> phenomic was acquired
03:09:31 <joepie91> jowood merged into nordic games or something
03:09:33 <joepie91> and it still exists
03:09:42 <joepie91> and according to wikipedia, EA phenomic is now defunct but it doesn't give any details
03:09:43 <joepie91> so, wtf
03:10:09 <joepie91>
03:10:10 <joepie91> :(
03:10:26 <joepie91> sadface
03:11:11 <joepie91> brb 30 mins or so
03:11:39 <anonnews882> k
03:12:29 <anonnews882> Ea is like the stock market grab it and tear it up
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03:37:59 <joepie91> anonnews882: pretty much, yeah :/
03:38:10 <joepie91> a studio getting acquired by EA is pretty much an obituary
03:38:18 <anonnews882> yep!
03:38:31 <anonnews882> don't see many good games get out of that place
03:38:37 <joepie91> typically just bugfests
03:38:38 <joepie91> :P
03:38:49 <anonnews882> spore...
03:40:10 <joepie91> well then
03:40:15 <joepie91> my game of red eclipse is over
03:40:17 <joepie91> now, what do
03:40:36 <anonnews882> unkown horizons needs a fast forward
03:43:05 * joepie91 yawns
03:43:11 <joepie91> I think I might take a 2 hour nap
03:43:15 <joepie91> or so
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03:44:20 <anonnews882> you played tf2 back when it was full of skilled players?
03:44:20 <anonnews882> good ol days lol wish it was not full of hackers and spammer
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03:46:10 <anonnews882> what happend?
03:46:11 <joepie91> whoops
03:46:15 <joepie91> something borked there
03:46:23 <joepie91> anonnews882: a server disconnected, happens at times
03:46:32 <joepie91> it automatically reconnects
03:46:37 <joepie91> and I've never actually played tf2 :P
03:46:39 <joepie91> I'm not much of a gamer
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03:47:03 <anonnews882> that stinks, what do you do in off time?
03:47:18 <anonnews882> you seem to know a good amount of games lol
03:47:18 <joepie91> off time? I have no off time!
03:47:19 <joepie91> :P
03:47:22 <joepie91> really though
03:47:23 <anonnews882> spare time
03:47:25 <anonnews882> lol
03:47:27 <joepie91> in the little bit of spare time I have
03:47:31 <joepie91> which really isn't much
03:47:44 <joepie91> I typically play persistent but 'casual' games... minecraft, runescape, etc.
03:47:54 <joepie91> the kind of stuff that doesn't require any particular amount of time to play
03:48:04 <joepie91> but where you don't throw away everything when you exit/logout either
03:48:12 <anonnews882> lol runescape...
03:48:31 <joepie91> I was about to say "nothing wrong with runescape" but there's actually a lot wrong with runescape nowadays
03:48:31 <joepie91> so, eh
03:48:34 <joepie91> >.>
03:48:55 <anonnews882> back in 2003 it was fun...
03:49:10 <joepie91> right now, they're trying too hard to be yet another generic MMORPG
03:49:25 <joepie91> after 2003 it was also still fine
03:49:29 <joepie91> but at some point they fucked up
03:49:33 <joepie91> and basically killed off the entire community
03:49:43 <joepie91> I'm not sure when exactly that happened, hadn't played it for quite some time
03:49:46 <anonnews882> it was good till 2007+ when they started adding all the bull
03:49:48 <joepie91> but there are really very very few players
03:49:51 <joepie91> nowadays
03:52:05 <joepie91> anonnews882: not sure if you've ever played as a member
03:52:16 <joepie91> but let's just say that where castle wars used to be full of players
03:52:29 <joepie91> you'd now find perhaps 30 players on the castlewars-specific world
03:52:35 <joepie91> and pretty much noone on other worlds
03:52:43 <anonnews882> that bad?
03:52:45 <joepie91> yes
03:52:47 <joepie91> it's really that bad
03:52:52 <joepie91> the entire world looks like a ghost town
03:52:53 <joepie91> :/
03:53:08 <joepie91> since I started playing again, I haven't seen a single server reach 2000 player cap
03:53:14 <joepie91> not a *single* one
03:53:28 <joepie91> and the usual argument is "yeah well, lots of bots were killed"
03:53:34 <joepie91> but that really isn't the only thing that happenexd
03:53:45 <joepie91> because the entire world is quiet pretty much everywhere except for the newest things
03:53:54 <joepie91> and social interaction with random people is pretty much dead
03:54:09 <joepie91> they appear to have basically scared off their old userbase
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03:55:42 <anonnews882> they did i was a member back in the days i think i played over 500 hours? don't remmeber back when Zuima was god
03:55:53 <joepie91> zezima*?
03:55:55 <joepie91> heh
03:55:56 <anonnews882> yes
03:55:57 <joepie91> old times
03:56:11 <joepie91> also, they completely fucked up the balancing now
03:56:36 <joepie91> there are certain ridiculously easy ways to get a lot of money
03:56:46 <joepie91> while all other methods are a lot harder
03:56:49 <anonnews882> held like the highest stats for god 5 years? i only came near him with wcing at rank 89 back in dec of 04
03:56:51 <joepie91> certain things are stupidly easy to level up now
03:56:51 <joepie91> etc
03:57:03 <joepie91> they seem to have gone for the 'instant gratification' model
03:57:09 <anonnews882> i know
03:57:20 <joepie91> not *everything* is worse, but they certainly fucked up the balance and the community
03:57:36 <joepie91> asset quality (music etc.) has greatly improved
03:57:42 <joepie91> actual orchestral scores instead of MIDIs now
03:57:58 <joepie91> each town has a very distinct detailed look
03:57:59 <joepie91> etc.
03:58:14 <joepie91> but nice graphics/music/etc. isn't worth much when the gameplay has gone to shit :|
03:58:36 <joepie91> well
03:58:38 <anonnews882> i played last year its harder to see the toon now lol
03:58:41 <joepie91> I think I'm going to take a two hour nap..
03:58:48 <anonnews882> you just woke up!
03:58:49 <Zoned> joepie91 same here
03:58:49 <Zoned> ;)
03:58:52 <joepie91> or I'll be completely messed up for the rest of the day
03:58:57 <joepie91> anonnews882: nah, I've been awake for far too long
03:59:00 <joepie91> tried to sleep earlier, failed
03:59:08 <joepie91> I'll take 2 hour nap now, then it'll be 08:00
03:59:17 <joepie91> then I'll manage for the rest of the day
03:59:20 <joepie91> go to sleep at 18:00
03:59:24 <joepie91> and my rhythm will be back to normal
03:59:24 <joepie91> :P
03:59:25 <anonnews882> nice well OPPass out go time
04:00:13 <anonnews882> take it easy nice chatting with you ill try and jump in here more Aka Tommykaine once i figure out IRC stupid thing keeps jerking me around
04:00:30 <Zoned> lol
04:00:36 <joepie91> anonnews882: if you're on windows, grab
04:00:44 <joepie91> and set as the server
04:00:59 <joepie91> then you won't have to mess about with the webchat
04:01:05 <Zoned> nettalk :)
04:01:09 <Zoned> xchat = good also
04:01:14 <anonnews882> works for me im use to the old xchat
04:01:16 <anonnews882> yeah lol
04:01:23 <joepie91> if you're used to xchat, that works also
04:01:25 <anonnews882> but couldent confiure it correct
04:01:33 <joepie91> but I avoid recommending that to people because network config is terrible
04:01:34 <joepie91> yeah, that
04:01:57 <joepie91> xchat has rubbish network management
04:01:57 <joepie91> :P
04:02:03 <anonnews882> lol
04:05:04 <joepie91> really though, sleep!
04:05:09 <joepie91> be back in 2 hours
04:05:37 <anonnews882> ight later
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04:44:32 <tommykaine> hey
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10:43:57 <Zoned> icetwy hai
10:47:09 <iceTwy> hai Zoned
10:47:16 <Zoned> xmpp?
10:47:17 <iceTwy> sorry I wasn't answering at 1AM
10:47:20 <iceTwy> was playing GTA V
10:47:23 <iceTwy> yeah sure
10:47:25 <Zoned> lol k
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12:56:40 <Zoned> crafy_d
12:56:43 <Zoned> ohemgeezhai
13:06:12 <crafy_d> hey Zoned : )
13:31:09 <Zoned> hai
13:31:10 <Zoned> <)
13:31:17 <Zoned> <:) *
13:36:20 <crafy_d> : )
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15:36:31 <tommykaine> joepie
15:46:23 <Zoned> joepie91 * ^
15:49:55 <tommykaine> Jopie1991 :P
15:50:54 <Zoned> joepie1337
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15:54:08 <tommykaine> w00t
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18:03:03 <Zoned> icwtwy
18:07:50 <iceTwy> sup
18:07:57 <iceTwy> ffs
18:07:59 <iceTwy> urxvt is a MESS
18:08:05 <Zoned> lol xmpp
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19:01:20 <norbert79> Hoooooly shit
19:01:25 <norbert79> No fucking way
19:01:52 <MK_FG> What what
19:01:54 <norbert79> Local insurance company allows SQL dump like method of dumping all the e-mail addresses they have
19:02:09 <MK_FG> Open data \o/
19:02:11 <norbert79> Example: ... Now change the ?M= part
19:02:25 <norbert79> it's actually a link to clear off your subscription
19:02:30 <norbert79> to their newsletter
19:02:31 <MK_FG> Nah, changing urls, one can go to jail for that
19:02:40 <norbert79> well, still
19:03:10 <MK_FG> Yeah
19:03:31 <norbert79> ridicolous
19:04:22 <norbert79> damn amateurs
19:04:31 <MK_FG> Saved some buck making that web interfaces, or maybe were scammed by some "reputable" webdev studio
19:05:16 <norbert79> second probably
19:05:25 <norbert79> or both
19:07:02 <MK_FG> I always wonder who can be blamed there - webdevs there, working for some minimum wage? Or suits, who can't really tell good offer from bad, which is arguably hard indeed in such areas for outsider...
19:07:47 <MK_FG> Or maybe webdev studios, not building legit-enough ecosystem in their niche?
19:08:47 <norbert79> Well ignorance and greed leads
19:08:58 <norbert79> and who sucks the most? The internal security guys
19:09:01 <norbert79> and the admins
19:09:06 <norbert79> working for minimal wage
19:11:43 <MK_FG> Heh, I probably should be shot for my crimes on the latter principle ;)
19:13:40 <MK_FG> Also, one can blame their stupid corporate system for making all the incentives for truly mediocre work
19:13:54 <norbert79> nah, this just sucks
19:14:02 <norbert79> and I don't know why don't they care
19:14:19 <norbert79> but it took me 5 seconds to get interested in the format of the link
19:14:41 <norbert79> and since it's so easily to be abused amazes me the most
19:15:52 <norbert79> I mean, come on
19:16:00 <norbert79> Even a script kiddie would have noticed
19:16:19 <MK_FG> And they do! ;)
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19:47:57 <Zoned> crafy_d
19:48:18 <crafy_d> hey Zoned : )
19:49:27 <crafy_d> sup?
19:49:30 <tommykaine> donkey punch
19:49:46 <Zoned> nm u
19:50:07 <crafy_d> all good ty. : )
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20:21:22 <Zoned> nice
20:21:32 <joepie91> <MK_FG>Open data \o/
20:21:33 <joepie91> hahaha
20:21:46 <Zoned> joepie91 hai
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20:36:56 <AnonO_o> hi mama
20:37:16 <mama> hi AnonO_o :D
20:37:25 <mama> so long time! LOL
20:37:49 <AnonO_o> trying to enjoy the summer before going off to uni
20:38:32 <mama> don't you enjoy uni?
20:39:57 <AnonO_o> haven't been there yet... freshman year
20:40:58 <mama> should be normally the best years of life
20:41:12 <AnonO_o> I'm trying to be excited :)
20:41:17 <mama> if you like the branch you choose
20:42:52 <mama> you will be sure if you are cool and open minded (which i guess u are ;)  )
20:43:14 <AnonO_o> :)
20:43:48 <mama> ttyl, i have to go afk <3
20:44:03 <AnonO_o> o/ <3
20:44:43 <mama> will be great if you participate in this dialogue
20:47:26 <mama> XD <3
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21:10:55 *** LoLo is now known as crafy_d
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22:29:26 <joepie91> ran across this:
22:32:24 <MK_FG> Looks quite featureful for a gui client
22:33:36 <lysobit> looks very similar to uTorrent
22:34:12 <MK_FG> It's funny how all these advanced feed features can be implemented with 10-liner python cron script
22:43:56 <Ari> lol
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23:00:14 <Zoned> some fuckhead registered my nic on freenode
23:00:18 <Zoned> and is impersinating me -,-
23:03:22 <lysobit> Well, he registered the nick 2 years ago :P
23:03:36 <Zoned> lel
23:04:02 <lysobit> Technically, you're impersonating him
23:04:26 <Zoned> nah
23:04:27 <Zoned> im sexy
23:08:02 <lysobit> send photo
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23:15:54 <mikaa>
23:16:02 <mikaa> rofl
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23:52:29 <joepie91> cayce: