Cryto! 19 September 2013

00:32:19 <Zoned> oh, great.
00:32:25 <Zoned> Some ass just stole 2btc from me.
00:32:30 <Zoned> OH well,
00:33:16 <Macbeth> What?
00:33:44 <Macbeth> Where did you guys learn code, and what language should I start with?
00:34:27 <Zoned> How 'bouts you fucking google what is the best language to start in?
00:34:42 <Macbeth> How 'bouts you not be a jerk.
00:34:51 Macbeth has parted #crytocc (The NSA finally got me...)
00:35:10 <Zoned> I'll be a jerk or whatever the hell you wish to call me if I damn well feel like it.
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00:35:45 <Zoned> I'll be a jerk or whatever the hell you wish to call me if I damn well feel like it.
00:36:04 <Macbeth> Not even going to respond.
00:36:15 <Macbeth> Maybe you should say it to my face, insted of hiding behind that computer. I would.
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01:20:19 <cayce> Macbeth:) having a thing-to-do is a more useful starting point
01:20:43 <cayce> Macbeth:) everybody has their favorite pocket language, maybe if you're like 'I wanna write an X' you'd get good rec's
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03:34:35 <Ari> Zoned: how'd you get the BTC stolen? :c
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03:35:29 <KoalaStomper> howdy
03:48:21 <cayce> 'sup
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04:00:31 <KoalaStomper> weird times
04:00:59 <Macbeth> Thanks cayce
04:01:11 <cayce> Macbeth:) da
04:01:57 <cayce> so, for example, I'd blanket recommend python because it's easy and flexible, but there are many langs which fulfill those two requirements
04:02:17 <Macbeth> Awesome
04:02:32 <cayce> I used python when I jumped into a bit of programming because there were already-written bindings for it for the things I wanted to do
04:02:55 <cayce> which is to say, amazon has an entire library for amazon's various cloud computing api's, in python
04:03:36 <cayce> which is now broken since they removed the free tier on sns, but meh
04:03:39 <cayce> lmao
04:03:45 <Macbeth> xD
04:04:06 * cayce shrugs
04:04:10 <cayce> weather here is always the same
04:04:20 <Macbeth> ha hah a
04:04:25 <cayce> I used to text myself the weather every afternoon, but since I moved it doesn't matter
04:04:35 <cayce> I'm on the ocean, shit doesn't change day to day
04:05:06 <Macbeth> xD
04:07:40 <Macbeth> Thanks a lot for the help
04:08:58 <cayce> da
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06:24:17 <Macbeth> hi
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06:36:02 <joepie91> <lysobit>
06:36:02 <joepie91> ha
06:36:21 <joepie91> <Zoned>How 'bouts you fucking google what is the best language to start in?
06:36:22 <joepie91> eh, be nice
06:36:37 <joepie91> Macbetch was asking a perfectly normal question
10:23:48 <joepie91> .lookup
10:23:49 <botpie91> DNS records for
10:23:49 <botpie91> A:
10:23:50 <botpie91> TXT: "v=spf1"
10:24:02 <joepie91> .lookup
10:24:03 <botpie91> Could not look up IP. Either you specified an invalid IP, or IP-API is down.
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10:35:33 <joepie91> .startgh
10:35:35 <botpie91> Now watching GitHub for users joepie91, iceTwy, FichteFoll, cam1337, codetalkdev, shiny.
10:35:37 <joepie91> .lookup
10:35:37 <botpie91> IP-API indicated the request failed. Are you sure the IP you specified is valid?
10:35:39 <joepie91> what
10:36:31 <joepie91> well shit
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12:28:00 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02added package 'qooxdoo Tools'', '02Merge pull request #1994 from danielwagner/masteradded package 'qooxdoo Tools'' (
12:38:37 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 4 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Add Razor syntax definition', '02Add Razor syntax definitionaddresses Travis issue (added sublime text version selector)', '02fixed mixed tabs and spaces', '02Merge pull request #1951 from joseph-turner/masterAdd Razor syntax definition' (
12:41:40 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 6 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Added Snippets for the BsHelperSnippets for the Bootstrap Helper 3 for CakePHP', '02Added label for BsHelper Snippets', '02Update b.json', '02Update b.json', '02Defined for all versions', '02Merge pull request #1989 from WebAndCow/masterAdded BsHelper snippets' (
12:52:06 <joepie91>
12:52:08 <joepie91> .title
12:52:09 <botpie91> joepie91: Online game developer Bigpoint's 330m users can now buy virtual goods with bitcoins
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13:31:37 <cayce> joepie91:) woot!
13:32:19 <cayce> joepie91:) looks like I'm gone again this weekend haha e.e
13:36:33 <joepie91> cayce: why's that?
13:37:46 <cayce> joepie91:) helping a friend move :D
13:38:47 <joepie91> aha
13:39:09 <cayce> not bad though
13:39:15 <cayce> will cost 14$ for whole trip
13:39:44 <cayce> (and I have money now, so it's not a case of "damn, that's a lot of rice!")
13:43:14 <joepie91> haha
14:00:51 <cayce> It's hilarious when I have money because it's no different than when I don't, I just eat more variety
14:01:51 <cayce> alright, first full test of bittorrent sync
14:02:42 <cayce> seems to work well, concerned about how it handles network partitioning situations
14:28:41 <botpie91> 04FichteFoll made 2 commit(s) to 03package_control_channel on branch 10master: '02Add HTML Boilerplate', '02Merge pull request #1995 from sloria/masterAdd HTML Boilerplate' (
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15:19:23 <botpie91> 04joepie91 made 1 commit(s) to 03phenny on branch 10master: '02The IP-API docs suck a little less now :D' (
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15:19:50 <joepie91> .lookup
15:19:51 <botpie91> IP-API indicated the request failed. Are you sure the IP you specified is valid?
15:19:56 <joepie91> OH
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15:20:20 <joepie91> .lookup
15:20:20 <botpie91> IP: (
15:20:21 <botpie91> Location: , , Germany (DE)
15:20:22 <botpie91> ISP: Hetzner Online AG
15:20:23 <botpie91> Organization: Hetzner Online AG (AS24940 Hetzner Online AG)
15:20:23 <joepie91> yay!
15:20:24 <botpie91> Coordinates: latitude 51, longitude 9
15:20:29 <joepie91> hm
15:20:37 <vld> joepie91: botpie91: reload ipinfo
15:20:48 <joepie91> not sure that even works here
15:20:50 <joepie91> I think I turned that off
15:20:54 <joepie91> botpie91: reload ipinfo
15:20:55 <botpie91> joepie91: <module 'ipinfo' from '/home/phenny/phenny/modules/ipinfo.pyc'> (version: 2013-09-19 15:20:11)
15:20:57 <joepie91> or maybe not
15:22:21 <vld> .lookup !joepie91
15:22:22 <botpie91> DNS records for !joepie91:
15:22:23 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:22:28 <vld> weaaaaaaak
15:22:29 <joepie91> lol
15:22:31 <joepie91> .startgh
15:22:33 <botpie91> Now watching GitHub for users joepie91, iceTwy, FichteFoll, cam1337, codetalkdev, shiny.
15:22:37 <joepie91> everything is masked here anyway
15:22:38 <joepie91> so that's kinda pointless
15:22:40 <vld> .stopgh
15:22:46 <joepie91> :)
15:22:49 <vld> :/
15:22:58 <joepie91> .bitcoin
15:22:59 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $125.65, 1 BTC = €102.00
15:23:13 <vld> I should bring alina in here
15:23:17 <vld> and after a few weeks
15:23:20 <vld> ask which one to keep
15:23:23 <vld> uhm oh yeah.
15:23:38 <joepie91> .license WTFPL
15:23:39 <botpie91> Do WTF You Want To Public License v2 (WTFPL-2.0): The WTFPL is almost a public domain grant.  It is super-permissive.  Basically, do whatever you want.
15:23:40 <joepie91> can alina do that, hm?
15:23:45 <joepie91> :)
15:23:48 <vld> sure
15:23:49 <vld> she can
15:24:21 <joepie91> no she can't
15:24:28 <vld> she could
15:24:28 <joepie91> until you make a phenny compatibility module
15:24:31 <joepie91> which would be unfair
15:25:39 <vld> .whois
15:25:40 <botpie91> Domain, registered on 042002-01-03T00:00:00 via 04ICI - ROTLD, expires on 04unknown, nameservers are,, contact e-mails are 04not available
15:25:46 <vld> weak
15:26:15 <joepie91> eh
15:26:18 <joepie91> that's all info it gives
15:26:18 <joepie91> :P
15:26:26 <vld> unless you break the captcha!
15:26:32 <joepie91> wat
15:26:33 <joepie91> I don't use web whois
15:26:45 <vld> exactly
15:26:49 <joepie91>
15:28:00 <vld> .lookup @2605:6400:2:fed5:22:20b6:6913:3a77
15:28:07 <vld> .lookup 2605:6400:2:fed5:22:20b6:6913:3a77
15:28:08 <botpie91> DNS records for 2605:6400:2:fed5:22:20b6:6913:3a77:
15:28:09 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:28:16 <botpie91> DNS records for @2605:6400:2:fed5:22:20b6:6913:3a77:
15:28:19 <vld> weak :/
15:28:21 <joepie91> lol
15:28:39 <joepie91> does ip-api do ipv6?
15:28:49 <vld> ofc
15:29:12 <vld> .lookup +trace
15:29:13 <botpie91> DNS records for +trace:
15:29:20 <botpie91> NS:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
15:29:23 <joepie91> lol
15:30:02 <joepie91> vld is in breaking-shit mode
15:30:04 <vld> .lookup -key/etc/passwd
15:30:05 <botpie91> DNS records for -key/etc/passwd:
15:30:06 <joepie91> better watch out :P
15:30:08 <botpie91> NS:,,,,,,,,,,,,
15:30:39 <vld> .lookup -f/etc/passwd
15:30:43 <botpie91> DNS records for -f/etc/passwd:
15:30:44 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:30:45 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:30:46 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:30:47 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:30:48 <botpie91> SOA: 2013091900 1800 900 604800 86400
15:30:50 <botpie91> ...
15:30:51 <joepie91> haha what
15:30:51 <botpie91> ...
15:30:52 <botpie91> ...
15:31:03 <vld> lol
15:31:05 <vld> wait
15:31:08 <vld> if I could specific
15:31:08 <vld> -f
15:31:09 <vld> AND @
15:31:16 <vld> hmm.
15:31:18 <vld> but I can't' :/
15:31:21 * joepie91 sighs
15:31:46 botpie91 has quit (Client exited)
15:31:52 <vld> don't ruin my fun
15:31:55 <vld> give me some time
15:32:54 botpie91 (botpie91@5C4B2CE4.B8E60B3B.FD9B6484.IP) has joined #crytocc
15:32:54 <joepie91> vld: there
15:33:06 <vld> .lookup -f/etc/issue
15:33:07 <botpie91> Invalid host.
15:33:10 <vld> NOOOOOOOOOO
15:33:21 <joepie91> :)
15:34:12 <joepie91> oh, sec
15:34:38 botpie91 has quit (Client exited)
15:34:48 <joepie91> there
15:34:49 botpie91 (botpie91@5C4B2CE4.B8E60B3B.FD9B6484.IP) has joined #crytocc
15:35:03 <vld> .lookup -f/etc/issue
15:35:04 <botpie91> Invalid host.
15:35:10 <vld> you suck
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16:25:57 <Zoned> joepie91 xmpp for a sec?
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17:12:50 <zxcvbnm> herr0 erryone
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19:44:12 <iceTwy> I think that Israeli students learn Java in high school
19:44:23 <iceTwy> if they attend the CS class
19:44:35 <iceTwy> because I know some of my age, and they code short programs in Java
19:45:29 <lysobit> Alot of kids learn programming from the internets
19:46:35 <iceTwy> hmm
19:46:45 <iceTwy> guess I should ask some of those Israeli kids then
19:47:24 <MK_FG> Jawa
19:47:31 <iceTwy> but anyway, they learn Java
19:47:33 <iceTwy> poor students
19:47:52 <iceTwy> I honestly think I'd walk out of a classroom if Java was being taught there
19:47:59 <MK_FG> Pfft
19:48:13 <MK_FG> Better than some basic or pascal they used to teach before
19:48:29 <MK_FG> Also forth
19:48:32 <iceTwy> lol.
19:49:01 <iceTwy> they replaced it by a more modern language they seemingly thought would be more appropriate
19:49:07 <MK_FG> And given that android is still a thing, it's actually useful
19:49:07 <iceTwy> for todayt
19:49:10 <iceTwy> today*
19:49:17 <MK_FG> They can whip out their phones and code for them
19:49:20 <iceTwy> still. not a language you should learn in first
19:49:23 <iceTwy> first*
19:49:25 <iceTwy> (god typosà
19:49:26 <iceTwy> )
19:49:39 <MK_FG> You're dead-drunk
19:49:57 <MK_FG> Can barely type!
19:50:00 <iceTwy> What? o.o
19:50:03 <iceTwy> I'm just a bit tired ;p
19:50:11 <iceTwy> didn't sleep a lot for the past 3 nights
19:50:12 <iceTwy> so yeah
19:50:22 <iceTwy> also
19:50:31 <lysobit> In A-Level Computing Visual Basic is often taught... Java is not bad in comparison
19:50:50 <iceTwy> lysobit: one is a proprietary language pretty much
19:50:54 <iceTwy> the other is flawed
19:50:58 <iceTwy> what's the best?
19:51:18 <MK_FG> I wonder what kind of insane kids will come out of there if they'd brainwash them with haskell and functional purity
19:51:23 <lysobit> Flawed and open source is better than proprietary
19:51:37 <iceTwy> it probably is, yeah
19:51:38 <lysobit> actually, that's a pretty big statement.
19:51:47 <iceTwy> it is, come to think of it
19:51:56 <iceTwy> MK_FG: yeah but I'm not telling that kids should learn Haskell
19:51:59 <iceTwy> it would be counterproductive, mostly
19:52:02 <iceTwy> they wouldn't understand shit
19:52:14 <MK_FG> Nah, they learn 10x faster than you do
19:52:18 <iceTwy> tbh, I think that the best way to start (as of today! might change in the future)
19:52:20 <iceTwy> would be Python
19:52:29 <iceTwy> MK_FG: I'm refering to teenagers through kids
19:52:33 <iceTwy> i.e. people my age ;p
19:52:48 <MK_FG> Heh, maybe
19:52:59 <MK_FG> I always assume everyone on irc are my peers
19:53:02 <iceTwy> well, I'm not a proficient programmer
19:53:07 <iceTwy> or whatever, at all
19:53:14 <MK_FG> Even if they're senior or kiddies
19:53:16 <iceTwy> I just code small things because that's whan I can do without practicing
19:53:48 <iceTwy> and erm, Python is just a really simple way to write down what I want a program to do
19:54:37 <MK_FG> *simple program
19:54:47 <iceTwy> yeah, that's true, heh
19:54:55 <iceTwy> never wrote a whole project in Python
19:55:07 <iceTwy> simply because I can't do it/won't learn how to
19:55:13 <iceTwy> or well
19:55:25 <iceTwy> if I ever find some time to practice consistently
19:55:29 <iceTwy> I might learn how to
19:55:37 <iceTwy> but my timetable's packed I'm afraid
19:55:45 <iceTwy> (EXCUSES EXCUSES)
19:55:58 <MK_FG> Yeah, just admit it
19:56:02 <MK_FG> You have a problem
19:56:14 <iceTwy> what's the problem? o.o
19:56:20 <MK_FG> See?
19:56:32 <iceTwy> lack of time for other things?
19:56:53 <MK_FG> No, the reason why it's lacking
19:57:01 <iceTwy> Oh
19:57:03 <iceTwy> Well
19:57:06 <iceTwy> Lemme make it simple:
19:57:13 <iceTwy> 8h-9h of school per day + homework
19:57:14 <iceTwy> Gym
19:57:16 <iceTwy> Guitar
19:57:33 <iceTwy> oh, and tests every week, too
19:57:35 <MK_FG> Whoa, you're very troubled individual indeed
19:57:47 <iceTwy> was that ironic? ;o
19:58:05 <MK_FG> Still, first step's done, now you can go and get rid of all these
19:58:14 <iceTwy> No?
19:58:17 <MK_FG> DO IT
19:58:20 <iceTwy> I enjoy the latter two
19:58:25 <iceTwy> why the hell would I get 'em off my life
19:58:37 <iceTwy> as for school - *shrug*
19:58:48 <Zoned> sigh
19:59:01 <iceTwy> I've got other ways of stimulating my brainz other than school, then
19:59:05 <MK_FG> Yeah, that one is hopeless
19:59:12 <iceTwy> Lol
19:59:39 <iceTwy> MK_FG: what you're saying is that I should drop off everything to learn programming
19:59:48 <vld> Zoned: when will I get a bro in that special category?
19:59:57 <MK_FG> No, I'm just having fun ;)
20:00:03 <iceTwy> Oh, you :P
20:00:04 <vld> Zoned: it's lonely in there
20:00:10 <iceTwy> oh btw, MK_FG
20:00:14 <iceTwy> two questions;
20:00:18 <iceTwy> How old are you?
20:00:23 <Zoned> vld: There is tons of you I'd love to put in there, however I will let you stay alone in there.... for now.
20:00:35 <vld> Zoned: come on
20:00:49 <Zoned> The question you should be asking yourself is, "how much do I value my sites uptime at?"
20:00:54 <MK_FG> iceTwy, 28
20:01:06 <iceTwy> MK_FG: so we're off by 11 years, haha
20:01:10 <vld> Zoned: depends on which sites
20:01:50 <iceTwy> MK_FG: the second question is, how often, as any good ruskie, do you get drunk
20:03:08 <MK_FG> I don't drink anything past bear often
20:03:19 <iceTwy> bear? o.o
20:03:28 <iceTwy> I knew Ruskies were hardcore MK_FG
20:03:28 <MK_FG> beer, that is, beer
20:03:32 <iceTwy> haha
20:03:32 <iceTwy> :p
20:04:13 <MK_FG> But dunno, probably around 3-9 liters of beer per week
20:04:23 <MK_FG> Not much, really
20:05:17 <iceTwy> sorry
20:05:17 <iceTwy> what
20:05:23 <iceTwy> o.O
20:05:26 <Zoned> vld, it depends.
20:05:32 <iceTwy> MK_FG: you gotta have a huge belly
20:05:32 <vld> that's what I said
20:05:32 <Zoned> It depends on how nice I feel.
20:05:33 <iceTwy> :o
20:05:43 <vld> oh, I'm at your mercy? :(
20:05:56 <Zoned> lmao
20:06:11 <Zoned> 2 seconds.
20:06:30 <MK_FG> iceTwy, It's per week! I usually get at least 3 cans on friday, and sometimes 2-3 other days of a week, you don't get huge belly from that ;)
20:07:14 <zxcvbnm> Liters of beer? you're lucky, we only have pints and ounces :(
20:07:29 <MK_FG> Cans here are all half-liter
20:08:19 <iceTwy> yup, same here
20:08:39 <Zoned> SO, vld, how's your shitty business going?
20:08:45 <vld> Zoned: meanie :((
20:11:03 <Zoned> Have you considered getting protection?
20:11:19 <Zoned> I don't know about you, but I see 90% - 100% packetloss from here.
20:11:28 <Zoned> I'd hate to see your shitty business go offline.
20:11:38 <vld> why are you calling my business shitty?
20:12:47 <Zoned> Well, due to the fact that you "investigate" and "make sure things are safe"
20:13:07 <Zoned> In order to create a better business, keep people on their toes.
20:13:16 <Zoned> It's thinks happening when they least expect it, which makes it better.
20:13:34 <Zoned> For example the multiple WHMCS flaws(and more to come) I've posted, it kept people on their feet watching out.
20:13:43 <vld> that makes no sense and doesn't answer my question
20:14:59 <vld> bro do you even uid 0?
20:15:30 <Zoned> <Zoned> Well, due to the fact that you "investigate" and "make sure things are safe"
20:17:43 <vld> if you say so :)
20:18:43 <vld> instead of DDoSing, you should consider learning some actual security and helping other people
20:18:57 <Zoned> Learning security? This is a joke, right?
20:19:03 <vld> how so?>
20:19:21 <Zoned> I am helping other people, I prefer to help the hackers who execute the flaws to ruin companies.
20:19:37 <Zoned> You prefer to do the opposite, which is perfectly fine.
20:19:39 <vld> so you like being a "bad guy"?
20:20:03 <Zoned> It depends your definition of "bad guy".
20:20:18 <vld> come on, get real
20:20:20 <Zoned> If you could elaborate on that statement, I may be able to justify my answer.
20:21:54 <vld> got nothing more to say, tbh
20:22:11 <vld> I haven't seen one thing that you posted/said/did that deserves any kind of respect
20:22:56 <vld> if you like security, do it legally and actually help some people/companies, instead of hurting them by posting 'exploits'
20:23:01 <vld> that's all
20:23:03 <Zoned> Maybe if you open your eyes...
20:23:25 <Zoned> I just won't finish that statement.
20:23:44 <vld> if I open my eyes? oh, open them for me. <incoming DDoS I guess>
20:23:50 <Zoned> And why do you suggest I do it legally?
20:24:07 <Zoned> My way is legal, what you don't understand is before I posted these exploits
20:24:17 <Zoned> I attempted to contact the vendor a week before posted.
20:24:38 <Zoned> For example, WHMCS Matt, I attempted to contact him (via skype) for a whole week, then gave up and posted it.
20:24:39 <vld> you contacted WHMCS?
20:24:48 <Zoned> ^
20:25:15 <Zoned> See, that's what you don't see. I notified the vendor, supplied a suggested path route, I waited a week, nothing happened, no reply or fix, so I posted it.
20:25:16 <vld> you haven't tried hard enough, they have a dedicated email and stuff for security
20:25:37 <Zoned> Yes, I've sent emails before, however me and Matt used to speak
20:25:44 <Zoned> about his security flaws and how to fix it.
20:26:09 <Zoned> I told him about the exploits, told him to patch it, he only patched AFTER I posted the exploit for everyone to see.
20:26:23 <vld> he patched what?
20:26:30 <vld> there was nothing to patch ^.^
20:27:23 <vld> told you before, that program you used generated a lot of false positives, lol
20:45:55 aLLamoox (aLLamoox@1802357D.7B7832.E8AD2760.IP) has joined #crytocc
20:49:02 <Zoned> I don't use a program.
20:49:19 <Zoned> If you read the exploits, maybe you would find. If you review the screenshot of the code posted in one of the exploits
20:49:23 <Zoned> compared to the latest code
20:49:29 <Zoned> you can see they created a patch for it
20:49:42 <Zoned> vld if you need the latest source:
20:49:47 <Zoned> it's up there for you to review if you'd wish
21:00:33 <iceTwy> that's common WHMCS behaviour though
21:00:44 <iceTwy> or SolusVM behaviour
21:00:48 <iceTwy> or PayPal behaviour
21:01:41 <Zoned> Yes,
21:04:48 Ari (Ari@Ari.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:22:24 <Zoned> anyone want a whmcs license (one time owned license - branded)
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22:12:15 <iceTwy> good night!
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23:17:38 <cayce> joepie91:) did you see my twitters!
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23:28:47 <Zoned> x xmpp
23:28:49 <Zoned> nao
23:35:21 <x> :p
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