Cryto! 2 September 2013

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00:20:31 <Macbeth> What is the command that sends offline mail?
00:20:37 <Macbeth> /msg msgserv?
00:20:42 <Macbeth> /msg mailserv?
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00:46:28 <cayce> Your mom sends offline mail!
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02:33:57 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Why i get this: SQLSTATE[55000]: Object not in prerequisite state: 7 ERROR: currval of sequence "users_id_seq" is not yet defined in this session
02:34:21 <wh1t3r4bb1t> When I just did insert previous to this^^
02:34:56 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Makes no sense unless insert is failing but then why no exception thrown either?
02:35:08 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Confucious want to know.
02:40:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Pastebin:
02:41:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> last line is where it fails with the 55000 exception but there is no exception being thrown for the try statement. fuck me this is suck
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03:34:28 <wh1t3r4bb1t> loggy, dance?
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03:38:07 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I know how much you like hashes. So, I put your hash through a hash so you can hash while you hash!
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03:49:43 <cayce> I cloned bootstrap :O
03:50:49 <cayce> I will not clone the hamfisted faggotry that is their "responsive menu"
04:03:45 <wh1t3r4bb1t> lol at hamfisted
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04:10:26 <cayce> It's a great word
04:12:00 <wh1t3r4bb1t> do you even bleach bro?
04:12:41 <cayce> wat
04:13:20 <cayce> bleach what :O
04:13:59 <cayce> mmm
04:14:05 <cayce> wine with sediment
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04:18:07 <cayce>
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04:19:23 <wh1t3r4bb1t> ohai joe
04:20:20 <cayce> joepie91:)
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06:40:46 <KaEsse> jellu
06:44:49 <norbert79> cayce: Doesn't work... Redirects to a pricing page
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06:45:14 <cayce> norbert79:) huh?
06:45:44 <norbert79> Your link
06:45:54 <norbert79> from 2,5 hours ago
06:46:03 <norbert79>
06:46:09 <cayce> okay what about it
06:46:16 <norbert79> Doesn't work
06:47:00 <cayce> norbert79:) that's very descriptive
06:47:24 <norbert79> Well, see it for yourself
06:47:38 <cayce> well since I wrote it...
06:47:51 <norbert79> Hardesty Hosting?
06:48:13 <cayce> yes?
06:48:15 <norbert79> Because congrats then owning a VPS company
06:48:23 <norbert79> That's what I get displayed
06:48:46 <cayce> Again, I wrote the page
06:48:54 <cayce> I'm quite aware of the text
06:48:57 <norbert79> The page for the VPS company?
06:49:09 <cayce> but perhaps /test/ on an unrelated domain does not tip you off?
06:49:43 <norbert79> Looks like you still refused to open up your own page... If there was anything there not related to the VPS company it's not working...
06:49:52 <norbert79> And no, I see a pricing page
06:50:17 <cayce> norbert79:) what in /the/ fuck are you on about
06:50:35 <KaEsse> im like, all outsider and shit, but when i remove /test/ it works
06:50:35 <norbert79> Opened your link out of curiosity, I got this:
06:50:46 <cayce> you sound aggravated to me, and I don't know why
06:50:49 <norbert79> "Welcome to Hardesty Hosting, where you'll find a uniquely personal virtual private server hosting experience."
06:50:57 <cayce> yes
06:51:02 <cayce> as was expected?
06:51:12 <cayce> I'm just confused why you're confused
06:51:20 <norbert79> I thought it's something about an IE vuln. or some
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06:51:24 <norbert79> explodIE
06:51:29 <cayce> what
06:51:30 <cayce> in
06:51:31 <cayce> the
06:51:32 <cayce> fuck?
06:51:44 <cayce> norbert79:) dude, it's my domain name and has been for YEARS
06:52:11 <norbert79> Maybe, I am no encyclopedia of the Internet :)
06:52:16 <cayce> KaEsse:) define "works"
06:52:39 <cayce> in what way does it not work when you click the link
06:52:54 <KaEsse> link works
06:52:57 <KaEsse> links on that page donot
06:53:09 <norbert79> Same..
06:53:12 <cayce> well no fuckin shit, it's a test page
06:53:17 <KaEsse> lolololol
06:53:18 <cayce> jesus what the fuck is wrong with you guys
06:53:31 <cayce> you write a whole site just so the links work?
06:53:31 <norbert79> Well, what the fuck do YOU expect if you jsut drop a link?
06:53:37 <norbert79> Of course we will try it
06:53:46 <cayce> I expect you to maybe yell at me for how bad my design skills are or something
06:53:54 <norbert79> Why should I?
06:53:56 <norbert79> It looks ok
06:54:00 <norbert79> No issues there
06:54:07 <KaEsse>  Motto: "My links work."
06:54:12 <cayce> not shout like idiots about how "it doesn't work"
06:54:16 <cayce> weirdest fucking thing
06:54:35 <cayce> It's like damn if the design is broken okay screenshot it for me
06:54:39 <norbert79> Well, next time, include as a comment to the link, that it has no functionality...
06:54:41 <cayce> but fuck going on and around and through
06:54:46 <cayce> norbert79:) no!
06:54:53 <cayce> norbert79:) the fucking url gives that away!
06:54:54 <KaEsse> i imagine that shouting is a bit conditional on the readers mindset
06:55:01 <norbert79> How the hell shall we know what you wish to see? Next time provide a screenshot :))
06:55:10 <KaEsse> ;)
06:55:17 <cayce> norbert79:) If you're using chrome I already know what you'
06:55:20 <cayce> re going to see
06:55:29 <cayce> and if you're not, you can blow me! :D
06:55:35 <norbert79> But I am not
06:55:38 <KaEsse> chrome is buggy
06:55:44 <norbert79> And many million of other users don't use it either
06:55:49 <KaEsse> try doing html5 animations for chrome
06:56:02 <norbert79> I hate chrome for it's memory management...
06:56:04 <KaEsse> its annoying how artifact ridden chromes implementation of canvas is
06:56:38 <cayce> I can't use firefox, it's too slow
06:56:55 <norbert79> Lol, may I ask you how old you are cayce ?
06:57:01 <anonsource481> what do you use? cayce
06:57:13 <cayce> memory management advantages are irrelevant if the program locks up because there's too much JS on the page
06:57:26 <KaEsse> sounds like you need jquery
06:57:44 <cayce> sounds like I'd like to shoot anyone who puts more than one version on the same page
06:57:49 <norbert79> I just love how young people complain the net being slow... Ah, memories :)
06:57:58 <KaEsse> lolol
06:58:10 <KaEsse> <28
06:58:15 <norbert79> 34
06:58:20 <KaEsse> EEek, you old fool
06:58:23 <KaEsse> ;)
06:58:33 <cayce> I turn 23 shortly
06:58:34 <cayce> :P
06:58:34 <norbert79> Yeah, but give me back my false teeth
06:59:00 <cayce> and I've only had internet since 2006
06:59:10 <norbert79> Wasn't yesterday
06:59:24 <norbert79> I had Internet acccess since 1999-2000
06:59:34 <KaEsse> 98
06:59:38 <cayce> nope, but everyone who is older than me goes on to tell me about "before the internet" and I'm fucking tired of it
06:59:38 <KaEsse> first
06:59:39 <KaEsse> *****
07:00:06 <KaEsse> Number Cruncher Man!  Floppy Discs OMFG!  asd23rsd0
07:00:15 <cayce> before the internet aka before I was born
07:00:16 <norbert79> cayce: Well, it's worth checking out old Internet, like ARPANET, UNET, GOPHER, ARCHIE, WAIS, etc
07:00:33 <cayce> why is it worth checking out a bunch of defunct old protocols?
07:00:40 <KaEsse> eh
07:00:44 <norbert79> Like because they are fast and still valuable?
07:00:53 <cayce> to whom?
07:01:18 <norbert79> Well, many
07:01:22 <cayce> I asked why, I didn't ask for another value statement
07:01:22 <norbert79> Not for you maybe
07:01:23 <cayce> :P
07:01:38 <KaEsse> why do we study ze germans in 8th grade
07:01:46 <KaEsse> value statement please
07:01:47 <norbert79> Weil es Spaß macht :)
07:01:50 <anonsource481> can i ask which server you use to connect here with ssl?
07:02:07 <KaEsse> same server, different port  -- amirite?
07:02:10 <anonsource481> 07:00 Irssi: Removed reconnection to server port 6697 07:00 [cryto2] Irssi: Looking up 07:00 [cryto2] Irssi: Connecting to []           port 6697 07:00 Irssi: warning SSL handshake failed: No route to host 07:00 [cryto2] Irssi: Connection lost to
07:02:13 <cayce> any of them
07:02:13 <anonsource481> 6697
07:02:15 <cayce> I'm on haless
07:02:19 <anonsource481> k
07:03:04 <norbert79> KaEsse: European I guess... Which country if I may ask
07:03:29 <KaEsse> I'm from Texas!
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07:03:33 <voidfire> \o
07:03:34 <KaEsse> haha
07:03:35 <cayce> usa'ers study germany in 8th
07:03:42 <norbert79> Nice
07:03:45 <cayce> that's the giveaway
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07:03:54 <cayce> o/ voidfire
07:03:58 <KaEsse> 8th grade is world history year
07:03:59 <voidfire> thanks cayce
07:04:05 <norbert79> KaEsse: I see...
07:04:07 <voidfire> ill be around for a while ;)
07:04:12 <KaEsse> wwII and civil war is about all we study in 8th grade (((WORLD HISTORY)
07:04:13 <cayce> ;)
07:04:17 <norbert79> KaEsse: I wondered you might be Dutch or Norwegian
07:04:22 <voidfire> im 23 as well..what a coinc
07:04:38 <KaEsse> ethnically, im slavic
07:04:40 <cayce> looks like someone can't read the logs
07:04:51 <norbert79> KaEsse: Oh, nice, Slovakian, Ukraine? Where?
07:04:54 <cayce> Or didn't read them closely enough
07:05:00 <cayce> :P
07:05:02 <KaEsse> South east hungary
07:05:10 <KaEsse> great great great great someodd grandpa
07:05:13 <norbert79> KaEsse: No shit... I am Hungarian myself...
07:05:15 <norbert79> LOL
07:05:26 <KaEsse> been in Texas since the 1800s
07:05:30 <norbert79> Bu then you aren't slavic :)
07:05:32 <KaEsse> living off human blood
07:05:40 <cayce> nom nom
07:05:43 <norbert79> Unless having Romanian ancestors
07:06:02 <norbert79> Austro-Hungary?
07:06:05 <norbert79> I guess
07:06:16 <norbert79> that would make sense
07:06:31 <KaEsse> I have a funny joke, "Let's go watch the Austro-Hungary futball game"
07:06:39 <norbert79> Heh :)
07:07:15 <norbert79> Brb, arrived with my bus, next stop is mine...
07:07:17 <norbert79> brb in 10
07:08:08 <voidfire> didnt read the logs at all..
07:08:19 <KaEsse> its better than bad
07:08:31 <KaEsse> its good!
07:09:22 <KaEsse> ich kann die Verwendung von Google zu sprechen Deutsch.
07:09:43 <cayce> verwendung wassat
07:10:07 <KaEsse>
07:10:23 <KaEsse> verwendung = "you're in dung"
07:10:26 <cayce> cool
07:10:40 <Macbeth> awesome
07:11:20 <KaEsse> must lay off the moonshine
07:12:56 <KaEsse> if you use chrome, check out  and just refresh it after the logo loads.
07:12:57 <KaEsse> see
07:12:59 <KaEsse> buggy
07:13:07 <KaEsse> doesn't do that on any other browser
07:14:28 <voidfire> hmm
07:16:25 <KaEsse> so i had to design the site to never ever ever ever postback
07:16:28 <KaEsse> which was kinda neat
07:16:31 <KaEsse> but annoying
07:24:17 <KaEsse> but hey, its not just a functioning forum (i still gotta add features and clear some bugs) but it also has a 256 AES Lockbox
07:33:44 <MK_FG> Why 256 AES and not proper 128-bit one (just AES)?
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07:35:51 <MK_FG> Or hmmph, given the name, I guess it's another one of these js-crypto pastebins that actually use aes yet claim 256 for some reason
07:36:31 <joepie91> mornin
07:36:31 <joepie91> er
07:36:32 <joepie91> morning
07:37:11 <MK_FG> Morning!
07:38:27 <joepie91> holiday in 1:30 hours :)
07:38:29 <norbert79> KaEsse: Ehm, what is you wanted to write in German? :)
07:40:44 <joepie91> it looks like KaEsse and voidfire are new here
07:41:12 <joepie91> so, hi, welcome to #crytocc, please be sure to read the channel topic, and be aware that this channel is publicly logged
07:41:22 <joepie91> by prefixing your message with [off] you can prevent it from being logged
07:41:24 <joepie91> etc. etc.
07:41:25 <joepie91> :)
07:41:31 <joepie91> loggy, pointer?
07:41:31 <loggy>
07:42:07 <joepie91> on another topic
07:42:17 <joepie91> I am *really* starting to like my new desktop environment thingies
07:42:26 <norbert79> what OS?
07:42:31 <joepie91> still openSUSE
07:42:32 <joepie91> with XFCE
07:42:39 <norbert79> XFCE, nice :)
07:42:39 <cayce> duh
07:42:40 <joepie91> but I've installed DockbarX with xfce4-dockbarx plugin
07:42:42 <norbert79> I like XFCE toio or Mate
07:42:44 <joepie91> and a new icon theme
07:42:52 <joepie91> so it now looks like this:
07:43:03 <joepie91>
07:43:47 <norbert79> let's see
07:43:57 <KaEsse> 256 implies 256 bits of randomness
07:44:06 <KaEsse> since it uses a unicode string of 16 characters in length
07:44:08 <norbert79> Pretty minimalistic
07:44:11 <KaEsse> =256 bits of randomness
07:44:12 <norbert79> but it's ok
07:44:15 <norbert79> I like it
07:44:23 <cayce> I'm so confused
07:44:35 <norbert79> Oh, sorry, my lines were meant for joepie91
07:45:04 <cayce> norbert79:) your lines weren't the confusing ones :P
07:45:18 <KaEsse> @&MK_FG and im certainly not using js to encrypt
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07:46:15 <cayce> thank god
07:46:39 <MK_FG> KaEsse, E.g.
07:46:46 <joepie91> norbert79: I really like how it works now
07:46:47 <MK_FG>
07:46:53 <MK_FG>
07:47:06 <joepie91> everything just feels less clunky
07:47:15 <joepie91> only complaint so far is that dockbarx doesn't respect my workspaces
07:47:24 <joepie91> as in, it shows icons on the bar that are on the other workspace
07:47:40 <norbert79> joepie91: my last Linux desktop was Xubuntu, but I have tried to reimplement all the helpful functions to the desktop like accessing Samba shares easy. So i have morphed it into a Gnome 2 like look.
07:48:07 <joepie91> well, there honestly isn't much difference in visuals between XFCE and GNOME2 to start with
07:48:07 <joepie91> :P
07:48:33 <joepie91> and they're also getting more and more similar in functionality
07:48:37 <norbert79> Well, there is... But Mate isn't there yet for me... Call me a graphic nerd, but I like composite windows
07:48:44 <norbert79> Mate is missing it
07:48:47 <norbert79> for now
07:48:55 <joepie91> although I do have to say that the new Nautilus is absolutely terrible, and Thunar is only moving forwards
07:49:00 <joepie91> norbert79: wait, define 'composite windows'
07:49:09 <joepie91> because MATE is just a fork of GNOME2
07:49:11 <norbert79> The composite effect, like shadows
07:49:14 <MK_FG> KaEsse, But given the randomness comment and "unicode string of 16 characters in length", not sure if you use it for something else (as a hash?)
07:49:24 <joepie91> norbert79: why not just use compiz?
07:49:30 <norbert79> Sure, but Gnome2 had no own compsote layer, it used damn, what was the name
07:49:35 <joepie91> I can't see why that wouldn't work with MATE
07:49:40 <norbert79> Compiz.. right.. No, compiz has issues
07:49:46 <joepie91> hell, with some hackery it even works with XFCE
07:49:53 <joepie91> Metacity?
07:49:57 <joepie91> because that's just a WM
07:50:04 <norbert79> Sure, but I start to lack of time with every day so i prefer something out of the box
07:50:14 <joepie91> lol
07:50:14 <joepie91> fair enough
07:50:17 <joepie91> anyway
07:50:21 <joepie91> I'm happy with XFCE
07:50:24 <KaEsse> @MK_FG so your saying 256 is supposedly vulnerable to a
07:50:24 <norbert79> Me too
07:50:24 <joepie91> and dockbarx is nice
07:50:31 <joepie91> very nice
07:50:32 <norbert79> Should take a look at Dockbarx
07:50:44 <joepie91> it has some things that need fixing (such as popup color schemes) but overall, no complaints
07:50:45 <KaEsse> @MK_FG since you can't download the encrypted data and try multiple attempts, seems like my portal would be strong against such an attack
07:50:49 <norbert79> but I really hope Mate will be ready to replace Gnome 2 fully so i can finally use it again
07:50:51 <cayce> KaEsse:) he is, yeah, and does it matter in your risk analysis?
07:51:08 <joepie91> norbert79:
07:51:46 <norbert79> joepie91: - my old Gnome based desktop
07:52:08 <norbert79> joepie91: Actually a year old
07:52:10 <MK_FG> KaEsse, I'm not really familiar with attacks there, just seen multiple sources claim that it's weaker here and there, yet people seem to go for it anyways, despite it not even being standard (as in NIST)
07:52:17 iceTwy (iceTwy@iceTwy.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
07:52:28 <joepie91> norbert79: that looks very plain :P
07:52:37 <norbert79> lovely... is a banned site at my company.. morons...
07:52:38 <iceTwy> hola a todos
07:52:41 <MK_FG> (and not really AES, for that matter, as that name, as per standard should apply to Rijnael-128 iirc)
07:52:44 <iceTwy> norbert79:  Torrrrrrrrrrr
07:52:47 <norbert79> joepie91: Not really, but maybe from the look
07:52:55 <joepie91> well, I said 'looks'
07:52:56 <joepie91> :P
07:53:01 <norbert79> iceTwy: Nah, I have port limitations too, so i need to use other methods :)
07:53:01 <KaEsse> i imagine it depends on the cipher mode though, right?
07:53:21 <norbert79> joepie91: The reason was because some of the applications were not fully happy with dark look like Lotus Sametime and Lotus Notes
07:53:27 <KaEsse> i dunno
07:53:33 <norbert79> joepie91: So I used a rather regular colour
07:53:34 <iceTwy> hm
07:53:42 <iceTwy> norbert79: are you on XFCE?
07:53:48 <norbert79> iceTwy: No, not right now
07:53:53 <MK_FG> KaEsse, "mode"? As in "how to turn it into a stream cipher"? I'd think unlikely
07:53:55 <iceTwy> ah
07:54:16 <norbert79> iceTwy: I am not having any Linux based desktop right now either.. Long story...
07:54:28 <norbert79> iceTwy: Also I cannot use any in the office either
07:54:42 <iceTwy> oh gosh
07:54:44 <iceTwy> :/
07:54:54 <norbert79> Windows Active Domain hell
07:55:00 <iceTwy> Doesn't your company allow BYOD?
07:55:06 <cayce> MK_FG:) probably cbc versus gcm modes?
07:55:06 <norbert79> Nope
07:55:22 <norbert79> would't help much either iceTwy :)
07:55:22 <iceTwy> pfft.
07:55:45 <cayce> byod aka it nightfuckingmare
07:56:09 <joepie91> cayce: yeah, that was also my guess
07:56:09 <norbert79> cayce: Let me guess, you have a lot of experience with it :))
07:56:14 <joepie91> re: modes
07:56:48 <KaEsse> im using CBC
07:56:56 <joepie91> honestly, if I were a sysadmin, I'd be fine with BYOD as long as management tool is installed on every single device
07:56:59 <norbert79> joepie91: I don't know, it depends... BYOD is nice in some perspective, but I feel like my hands chopped off when I am forced in this Windows Domain surrounding. Although you need to ensure you can trust your worker...
07:57:03 <joepie91> so stuff can still be mass-managed and mass-updated
07:57:15 <joepie91> also, norbert79, you probably didn't mean to reply to me
07:57:16 <joepie91> :p
07:57:35 <norbert79> joepie91: I did, as you joined the BYOD topic too ;-)
07:57:48 <joepie91> but... your response was sent only 2 seconds after I typed mine!
07:57:54 <joepie91> impossible!
07:57:56 <MK_FG> re:modes - that's also what I meant by "how to turn it into a stream cipher" ;)
07:58:13 <norbert79> joepie91: I am not good at 10 finger typing... I use maxcimum 6.
07:58:42 <cayce> norbert79:) no, but I have a very clear separation between work and not, and byod sounds like the single biggest accidental insider threat waiting to happen
07:59:11 <MK_FG> Maybe use better infosec at the core?
07:59:19 <cayce> yeah
07:59:24 <norbert79> cayce: I don't wish to go into hours of discussions in pro and against, but I can tell you it's way more complex, than that
07:59:26 <MK_FG> Many companies employ freelancers and remote workers
07:59:32 <MK_FG> And these are basically all byod
07:59:37 <norbert79> MK_FG: Exactly
07:59:48 <MK_FG> And not just byod, but also byod over crapnet
08:00:01 <MK_FG> And vm's, containers, capability-based systems, etc...
08:00:29 <MK_FG> Everyone works on their part, no super-admins, reviews, seem to work
08:00:32 <norbert79> MK_FG: My home net was actually faster, than the office's net.. Also, BYOD makes the worker also happy unless you tie his VPN access to some fucking Windows based client which then screws up all your redirects...
08:00:45 <norbert79> and DNS
08:00:50 <norbert79> because mine is just the shit
08:00:54 <norbert79> worst ever
08:01:23 <norbert79> When i need to work from home the VPN becomes the biggest pain
08:01:25 <MK_FG> It seem to me that big companies are just structured idiotically, where totally computer-clueless people have huge accesses
08:01:31 <KaEsse> SonicWall at my last gig was easy enough.  No issues...
08:01:50 <norbert79> MK_FG: in my company it's totally different... It's as limited as possible and only people with some clue don't call local Helpdesk
08:01:53 <MK_FG> And everyone's in the same intranet with easily-accessible data and machines there
08:02:45 <norbert79> MK_FG: My company has security through obscurity, sadly
08:02:59 <MK_FG> Heh, yeah, I wanted to say something to that effect
08:03:24 <MK_FG> I worked at large telco here in the past and we had basically the same thing there, if you're a regular drone
08:03:36 <MK_FG> AD and all, seems secure (tm)
08:03:59 <MK_FG> Except ditch AD, boot linux, start nmap and all base stations around the city are in the same net!
08:04:13 <MK_FG> It was fucking ridiculous
08:04:23 <norbert79> MK_FG: Not possible, they have restrictred all other options to booting and I am tied to Bitlocker...
08:04:35 <norbert79> MK_FG: Imagine the fuck-up if the device goes bust
08:04:58 <MK_FG> Once I ran nmap to find open iLO ports on new HP racks and went home, forgetting about it
08:05:05 <norbert79> MK_FG: Although I am forced to store my stuff in local AD based sharesd but network fails occasionally
08:05:30 <MK_FG> That caused massive havoc, panic and heart attacks in infosec people who had IDSes there
08:05:43 <norbert79> haha
08:07:44 <MK_FG> Hard to blame anyone in such companies though, there're always excuses - no one has time or responsible for such massive fails ;)
08:08:22 <joepie91> <MK_FG>It seem to me that big companies are just structured idiotically, where totally computer-clueless people have huge accesses
08:08:33 <joepie91> yeah, that sounds like typically "mine is bigger than yours" corporate management
08:08:40 <joepie91> typical *
08:09:04 <MK_FG> Heh, yeah, also wrt windows perms admins allowed it was so true
08:09:37 <MK_FG> Managers had infested crap for machines because yeah, they should be allowed to have anything there
08:09:56 <MK_FG> Not the actual IT guys, them, surely they know what they're doing
08:10:26 <MK_FG> And every one of them had vpn's, 'cause bussiness trips ;)
08:10:45 <MK_FG> So these nets can also be exploited from their homes, jic
08:11:04 <KaEsse> AutoIt.  Discuss.
08:11:07 <KaEsse> :)
08:11:14 <MK_FG> Whatsit?
08:11:24 <KaEsse>
08:11:50 <KaEsse> if you take an executable from autoit, use a bat file to deliver the autoit exe, could be used for many things
08:11:52 <KaEsse> ;)
08:11:54 <MK_FG> "AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language ..." ****
08:12:40 <MK_FG> You can bundle python or js apps into exe's too fairly easily, I think
08:12:51 <MK_FG> At least there are plenty of tools to do that around
08:13:17 <MK_FG> Not sure why'd you need some ad-hoc basic thing there...
08:14:51 <KaEsse> use a bat file to schedule a task which runs the autoit, the autoit, onidle, could load a website and click an ad
08:15:02 <KaEsse> not that someone would do that
08:15:29 <MK_FG> Oh yeah, I remember using autohotkey on win for that in teh past
08:15:34 <cayce> autoit was how we maintained persistence on the network admin's box in highschool
08:15:45 <MK_FG> Actually, autoit sounds like rebranding of that thing
08:15:48 <cayce> because lulz
08:16:01 <KaEsse> persistance?
08:16:14 <cayce> yeah he fought to keep us off the servers
08:16:14 <MK_FG> No, they're apparently different
08:16:28 <cayce> it was cute because we kept keylogging his box
08:16:35 <KaEsse> haha
08:16:43 <cayce> seemed easier than fighting AD
08:16:50 <KaEsse> give me physical access to a box, its my bitch
08:16:55 <KaEsse> remote attacks are a different level
08:17:48 <KaEsse> need to either have a dumb SA or someone with poor phishing defenses
08:17:59 <cayce> usually both
08:18:23 <cayce> I suppose it'll be harder at places with an official policy
08:18:27 <cayce> I usually just ask
08:18:32 <cayce> seems easiest
08:18:57 <KaEsse> we had a thing a while back, for some odd reason there was an apache server running in dmz but because it wasn't locked down for like a year china was hitting that box and browsing our servers
08:19:08 <KaEsse> Sec isn't my job -_-
08:19:18 <cayce> did they find any cool shit?
08:19:22 <KaEsse> doubt it
08:19:25 <cayce> :P
08:19:32 <cayce> then you're fine
08:19:33 <cayce> lol
08:19:44 <KaEsse> its funny, when you open up port 80 (or whatever port) the kinds of random traffic you will start to get
08:19:53 <cayce> yup
08:20:08 <KaEsse> bots just scanning the net
08:20:09 <MK_FG> Uncle Lao seeks pr0n
08:21:27 <KaEsse> I used to have my ubuntu box at home with apache running, and I'd forward port 80 through to a website I had ready for anyone wanting to test my IP
08:21:32 <KaEsse> Goatse
08:21:33 <KaEsse> face full
08:21:37 <KaEsse> thats all it had
08:25:36 <MK_FG> Fairly sure it's illegal
08:25:41 <MK_FG> Copyright!
08:26:02 <MK_FG> It'd be hilarious case though ;)
08:26:18 <MK_FG> Showing infringing content to witnesses and all that...
08:26:47 <cayce> they're distributing without a license if they're wearing google glass
08:27:09 * cayce runs away, cackling
08:27:21 <KaEsse> idonteven
08:29:17 Yolo has quit (Ping timeout)
08:30:21 Yolo (nomnomops@A0B46AEC.3E3CBD3E.5FE3EE37.IP) has joined #crytocc
08:30:55 <KaEsse> Yolo is mind control
08:31:33 <MK_FG> All ideas are parasitic and viral like that
08:31:56 <MK_FG> (but then, so is goatse)
08:32:16 <norbert79> KaEsse: I have to run SSH on a regular 22 port for one of my devices, I always have a good laugh seeing the logs and the tries people do for accessing it... I assume it's mostly automated, but still :)
08:33:31 <KaEsse> ya, my heart jumped when I checked my router logs the very first time...
08:33:42 <norbert79> hehhe...
08:33:44 <KaEsse> every 2 hours id get hit 7 times in a second
08:33:59 <KaEsse> something like that
08:34:05 <norbert79> Yeah, I just love when routers are set open towards the net :)
08:34:21 <norbert79> I limit mine to local network and through https only
08:34:43 <norbert79> I was considering to limit to ssh, but I have no way adding ssh guarding software to the router
08:34:53 <norbert79> and sometimes the missus needs to access it too
08:34:58 <KaEsse> logging into my router portal is the very first thing I do now, the world is too dangerous for a factory setting
08:35:06 <norbert79> right
08:35:15 <norbert79> mostly although routers are open to LAN onlyx
08:35:16 <norbert79> -x
08:35:20 <norbert79> as default
08:35:26 <norbert79> which is good
08:36:46 <KaEsse>
08:36:51 <KaEsse> seen that?
08:36:55 <KaEsse> very interesting
08:38:14 <joepie91> alright
08:38:15 <joepie91> time to go
08:38:20 <joepie91> back in 5 days :)
08:38:21 <MK_FG> evil haxx0r gif there is awesome
08:38:26 <MK_FG> joepie91, gl hf
08:38:51 <norbert79> joepie91: Have fun :) Enjoy yourself
08:40:25 <norbert79> b5
08:40:26 <norbert79> oops
08:42:12 <joepie91> thanks!
08:42:20 joepie91 has quit (User quit:  Nettalk6 -
08:43:25 anonnews206 (anonnews20@FFE7B26E.34172271.DF7274D2.IP) has joined #crytocc
08:43:30 <KaEsse> and there you have it
08:43:36 <KaEsse> google some irc commands to become familiar
08:43:41 <anonnews206> What exactly has happened?
08:43:43 <anonnews206> ^^
08:43:54 <KaEsse> you joined a new room
08:44:02 <anonnews206> okay, I ah, okay
08:44:08 <anonnews206> like the one I wrote to you in?
08:44:23 <KaEsse> sure
08:44:37 <anonnews206> like the "open room" - is that right? THe one called anonnews?
08:44:41 <anonnews206> okay
08:44:55 <anonnews206> so.. this is the way you spread information?
08:45:18 <anonnews206> why am I suddenly called anonnews 206? ^^
08:45:22 <KaEsse> information can be contained in cave paintings as well
08:45:28 <KaEsse> but irc is efficient
08:45:29 <anonnews206> :D
08:45:30 <anonnews206> sure
08:45:36 <anonnews206> that would be more my thing^^
08:45:37 <KaEsse> nick is also a command
08:45:42 <KaEsse> type /nick Kassandra
08:46:01 <anonnews206> test
08:46:04 <anonnews206> whatever
08:46:10 <anonnews206> I don´t mind it, I was just surprised
08:46:37 <anonnews206> asking about how to contact people and get contacted is more urgent^^
08:47:38 <anonnews206> So when you gather for something in the outer world, this is how you spread the word?
08:47:50 <anonnews206> how do you make sure, everyone reads it?
08:48:01 <KaEsse> send an email
08:48:30 <MK_FG> Cave paintings are more durable though
08:48:34 <anonnews206> to where?
08:48:37 <KaEsse> +P
08:48:41 <anonnews206> they are for sure :P
08:48:45 <KaEsse> to your recipient
08:48:49 <KaEsse> ;)
08:48:50 <anonnews206> :S
08:49:15 <anonnews206> I am a cave troll, what is my recipient? (I am so proud, I have found this after hours of searching^^
08:49:45 <KaEsse>
08:50:44 <KaEsse> i love that site
08:51:10 <anonnews206> this "let me google that for you" function?
08:52:23 <anonnews206> I know, that a recipient is sort of.. the receiver of something, that is in the name, but I thought, it has some sort of different meaning in the internet world..
08:52:33 <KaEsse> hehe
08:52:48 <anonnews206> Maybe I should ask differently.. who is my recipient
08:52:52 <KaEsse> you said, how do you make sure everyone reads it
08:53:04 <KaEsse> i wouldn't rely on a chat room to spread any messages
08:53:32 <anonnews206> Yeah, how do you like.. contact all?ß
08:53:33 <KaEsse> mostly I rely on chat for cyber sex, acting a fool anonymously, and spreading fun facts
08:53:35 <anonnews206> yeah, me neither
08:53:39 <anonnews206> I would use the drums^^
08:53:48 <anonnews206> ^^
08:53:56 <KaEsse> and ive already jo
08:53:59 <KaEsse> so...
08:54:00 <anonnews206> that is an option
08:54:27 <anonnews206> If you don´t spread them through the chat rooms, then how?
08:54:54 <anonnews206> Is there like some black board or something, where you can check, if any events are being planned?
08:55:47 <anonnews206> Like "we want to gather at the scientology church blah, we are happy about all those that join
08:56:44 <KaEsse> i think that you overestimate the organizational skills of the usual anonnews visiter
08:57:08 <anonnews206> you think, that is possible? ^^
08:57:25 <anonnews206> How would I overestimate anyone´s skills - I ahve none of them :P
08:57:30 <KaEsse> this is not an entrance into the deathly deep of a hacker cult
08:57:35 <anonnews206> but you gather sometimes, how does that happen?
08:57:54 <KaEsse> I gather sometimes, when im at the lake.  Shells are shiney
08:58:05 iceTwy has quit (Input/output error)
08:58:12 <anonnews206> you demonstrate or you discuss - okay, you can discuss in chat rooms and yeah, I want to learn, but something also takes place in the world I already live in, doe3sn´t it?
08:58:36 <KaEsse> Ah yes. Perhaps irl.  I hardly have a life there.
08:58:45 <anonnews206> ^^
08:58:54 <anonnews206> shells are beautiful
08:58:55 <MK_FG> Note the /topic
08:59:07 <anonnews206> you should visit the outside world from time to time^^
08:59:12 <anonnews206> ??
08:59:22 <KaEsse> Too brite
08:59:23 <anonnews206> What´s up?
09:00:26 <KaEsse> If you want to run into a whole bunch of hackers, hit up DefCon.  You can't miss them.  They travel from all over the nation to meet and discuss.
09:00:31 <anonnews206> I know, I am not about to join some cult or something
09:00:59 <MK_FG> Cult, eh? ;)
09:01:08 <anonnews206> you said it^^
09:01:26 <MK_FG> Fairly sure you can see it as family they're trying hard to find
09:01:30 <anonnews206> that this is not some kind of cult and I know that but you do converse, don´t you?
09:01:44 <anonnews206> ok
09:01:50 <KaEsse> this is conversing, is it not
09:01:55 <anonnews206> a family then
09:02:06 iceTwy (iceTwy@iceTwy.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
09:02:06 <KaEsse> you are here.  I am here.  We are meeting.
09:02:07 <anonnews206> how do you write family reunion invitations then^^
09:02:15 <anonnews206> okay
09:02:22 <iceTwy> that's a good question
09:02:25 <MK_FG> But anyways with /topic above I wanted to note that it states "Rules: no Anonymous, no cracking, no drama" there, it's generally not anons' channel (unless they occasionally invade) ;)
09:03:04 <KaEsse> lol iceTwy, do i read sarcasm?
09:03:07 <MK_FG> So there's def. no ops planning here or anything like that...
09:03:12 <iceTwy> KaEsse: a /tiny/ bit ;p
09:03:27 <anonnews206> so.. imagining I ahd some wild ideas about some place we should all go or some of us should all go... what´s ops?
09:03:30 <anonnews206> operations?
09:03:47 <anonnews206> yeah, where are they happening
09:03:56 <anonnews206> ^^
09:03:56 <anonnews206> I mean, where do you spread the word about them?
09:04:03 <KaEsse> them?
09:04:19 <MK_FG> No idea, I'm not spreading teh word
09:04:20 <anonnews206> the operations? Or what is ops?
09:04:39 <KaEsse> Well.  First rule is you don't talk about it.
09:04:42 <anonnews206> oh, and you don´t know, who does - or how to make sure I hear about it?
09:04:43 <KaEsse> And the second rule is.
09:04:49 <anonnews206> ^^
09:04:54 <anonnews206> you don´t talk about it, right
09:05:10 <anonnews206> but I am not yet in, so the rules don´t yet apply^^
09:05:35 <KaEsse> please, nevermind the obfuscation.  continue
09:05:36 <MK_FG> At this point I'm not sure who's trolling who
09:05:58 <anonnews206> neither am I
09:05:59 <KaEsse> lol
09:06:03 <KaEsse> im just a dick
09:06:22 <iceTwy> all youro ps are belong to meeeee
09:06:23 <anonnews206> I just wonder if there is some kind of newsletter-equivalent.
09:06:25 <iceTwy> your ops*
09:06:37 <KaEsse> I get anonymous updates on twitter
09:06:38 <anonnews206> ?
09:06:39 <KaEsse> and Facebook
09:06:44 <KaEsse> you aren't a member?
09:06:49 <anonnews206> it´s that easy?
09:06:51 <anonnews206> ^^
09:06:53 <KaEsse> yup
09:06:54 <KaEsse> search
09:06:57 <anonnews206> I am such a fool
09:06:59 <anonnews206> :D
09:07:07 <KaEsse> good aggregators run those pages
09:07:09 <KaEsse> good news
09:07:19 <anonnews206> I thought ^^
09:07:20 <anonnews206> lol
09:07:22 <KaEsse> if there were to be a meeting, you'd find out
09:07:29 <KaEsse> i think probably Nov 5
09:07:29 <anonnews206> allright^^
09:07:35 <KaEsse> In washington
09:07:44 <KaEsse> bring a keg
09:07:48 <KaEsse> a *powder keg
09:07:55 <anonnews206> i am not from the us
09:08:03 <anonnews206> or in the us
09:08:12 <anonnews206> or able to get there some time soon^^
09:08:37 <KaEsse> Ah then where would we meet?
09:08:41 <wh1t3r4bb1t> i'll be back. someday
09:08:48 wh1t3r4bb1t has quit (Client exited)
09:08:54 <anonnews206> what about the idea of .. you know.. staying anonymous in the process of getting the information?
09:08:57 <anonnews206> :D
09:09:01 <anonnews206> In europe?
09:09:13 <KaEsse> define, getting information
09:09:14 <anonnews206> you from washington?
09:09:16 <anonnews206> DC?
09:09:18 <KaEsse> nope
09:09:21 <KaEsse> Texas!
09:09:25 <anonnews206> ^^
09:09:28 <anonnews206> been there once
09:09:38 <anonnews206> good I cannot hear you talk :P
09:09:49 <anonnews206> I am a british english snob^^
09:10:00 <anonnews206> not that I would save a lot of it in chat
09:10:08 <anonnews206> but.. you know.. for the sound of it^^
09:10:28 <KaEsse> British English Snob is redundent
09:10:35 <KaEsse> :P
09:10:49 <anonnews206> getting information.. you know like agreeing about a place and time to meet
09:10:52 <anonnews206> :D
09:10:55 <KaEsse> ah see
09:10:56 <anonnews206> probably..
09:10:58 <norbert79> I prefer Stewie Griffin as British English, just for the sound ;-)
09:10:59 <anonnews206> but art usually is ^^
09:11:10 <KaEsse> its not about collecting information about meeting.  Its about creating the information and telling who you want to know it
09:11:16 <anonnews206> stewie griffin.. let me just google that^^
09:11:21 <KaEsse> invert your information flow
09:11:27 <norbert79> anonnews206: Family Guy
09:11:36 <norbert79> anonnews206: You might find it relatively easy
09:12:25 <anonnews206> yeah, my browser is searching and funnily enough taking some while..
09:12:36 <anonnews206> oh my god
09:12:41 <anonnews206> that is awful^^
09:13:33 <anonnews206> so, if people say, let´s parade the streets for the fun of it on november 5th, they just write that upon the facebook page?
09:14:03 <anonnews206> what about staying anonymous. facebook is anything but
09:14:06 <KaEsse> well if anonymous is going to be blaimed for a march on nov 5th, the aggregators will inform you
09:14:44 <anonnews206> who are they and how will they contact me!?
09:14:53 <anonnews206> I get more confused all the time^^
09:14:54 <KaEsse> if you would like to stay anonymous, I'd suggest wearing a mask and staying off the inet
09:15:03 <anonnews206> ^^
09:15:09 <anonnews206> suppose so..
09:16:07 <anonnews206> okay, so I guess I simply got to find out what the truth behind my misconceptions is^^
09:16:41 <KaEsse> inversion of control
09:16:52 <anonnews206> I thought they have some sort of place where they arrange meetings or "ops" that is not the opposite of their name - "anonymous"
09:16:59 <KaEsse> anonops
09:17:03 <anonnews206> inversion of control?
09:17:16 <anonnews206> ha
09:17:17 KaEsse ( has joined #crytocc
09:17:18 <anonnews206> ?
09:17:22 <KaEsse> interesting
09:17:30 <anonnews206> some fighting going on there?
09:17:30 <anonnews206> ^^
09:17:35 <anonnews206> what is?
09:17:40 <KaEsse> i was kicked
09:17:43 <KaEsse> anonops
09:17:44 <anonnews206> I saw that
09:17:48 KaEsse ( has joined #crytocc
09:17:48 <anonnews206> want a hand up?
09:18:01 <KaEsse> hehe certain keywords apparently will get you kicked
09:18:14 <anonnews206> ok^^
09:18:15 <KaEsse> switch back to anonnews
09:18:32 <anonnews206> I didn´t see anything there^^
09:19:14 <anonnews206> I think, I will just try to find out about where I can see somebody of them and have everything explained to me very slowly and carefully^^
09:24:27 <voidfire> anonnews206: nowhere
09:24:53 <anonnews206> ??
09:24:59 <voidfire> ^^
09:25:10 <anonnews206> lulzing?
09:25:22 <voidfire> no..
09:25:41 <voidfire> i just doubt you will find any anons to explain.or co-ordinate with you
09:26:33 <anonnews206> fine
09:26:35 <voidfire> if u are usefull to the collective.. they'd find you.. but  i believe if u had such level of skills you wouldn't ask nor looking in here for answers
09:26:50 <anonnews206> go on
09:26:56 <voidfire> oh there are some fb pages about Ops//
09:27:01 <voidfire> if u can trust that.
09:27:05 <voidfire> or the people that run them
09:27:14 <anonnews206> my point exactly
09:27:19 <anonnews206> that is why I was asking
09:27:43 <voidfire> imho.. you should study by your self and build the skills you need
09:28:00 <voidfire> you dont need anons.. you can be one of them pretty easily..
09:28:18 <KaEsse> hence what I was saying in the last chat: inversion of control
09:28:30 <anonnews206> granting that I want to be digital^^
09:28:33 <KaEsse> one does not join anonymous.  one merely starts his one.
09:28:43 <KaEsse> *own
09:29:03 <voidfire> last year i was looking for the anons as well
09:29:12 <voidfire> not their teams or how they co ordinate
09:29:29 <voidfire> but  a place that i can find tech savvy people that want privacy and freedom..
09:29:41 <voidfire> from hackers to journalists to network admins
09:30:04 <voidfire> well all that in order to find doesnt require the word anonymous or looking for the collective...
09:30:44 <anonnews206> yeah, you know I might be looking for something different than you
09:31:00 <anonnews206> I might be okay with not knowing a lot about computers
09:31:17 <anonnews206> I might want to do something in the world outside that window.. if you have one
09:31:26 <voidfire> what would u like to find?
09:31:35 <iceTwy> then you might want to look for cypherpunks
09:31:58 <voidfire> be the chaange you want to see in the world they said..
09:33:38 <anonnews206> exactly
09:33:45 <KaEsse> Ghandi said
09:33:51 <anonnews206> and as I live in that world most of the time I want to make a change there
09:34:00 <anonnews206> where I am not a moron.
09:34:15 <anonnews206> I know that in the internet I cannot hepl anybody. I would need help myself
09:34:27 <anonnews206> I am not a great help to anyone here
09:34:33 <voidfire> true.. so your looking to do something for the world
09:34:43 <anonnews206> that was why i wanted to find out if there is something else I can do
09:34:47 <anonnews206> just.. asking
09:34:50 <voidfire> be great help for urself..?
09:35:13 <voidfire> get in the mindset to find things you can do for the world to be a better place
09:35:17 <anonnews206> ahm.. thanks so much for that enlightening idea. I think I will just do that. You are my hero...
09:35:19 <anonnews206> ^^
09:35:23 <voidfire> and im not anon.. i dont know what they do..
09:35:32 <anonnews206> whatever
09:35:33 <voidfire> anonnews206: <3
09:36:36 <anonnews206> love you too, sweetheart
09:42:02 anonnews206 has parted #crytocc ()
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09:48:58 <KoalaStomper> hi
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16:37:13 <cayce> "You know you have a large storage system when you get paged at 1 AM because you only have a few petabytes of storage left."
16:38:12 <MK_FG> -- Anonymous NSA leak
16:38:53 <cayce> actually that's a google engineer from 2010
16:39:08 <MK_FG> Same thing
16:39:12 <cayce> :P
16:44:37 <cayce> well, one of those two parties has a ninja team dedicated solely to data protection, and the other is trying to eliminate 90% of their sysadmins
16:44:53 <cayce> I trust one of those parties more than the other with my data, I'll let you have a stab at which
16:44:54 <cayce> :P
17:02:38 <cayce> mmm.
17:02:43 <cayce> this song is like sex
17:02:43 <cayce> NP: [Tape Five - Pousse L'Amour (feat. Yuliet Topaz)] [Tonight Josephine!] [930kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:04:21 <MK_FG> I find it hard to believe that 90% sysadmins thing
17:05:03 <MK_FG> Seem to be some press bullshit no official just bothered to refute
17:05:12 <MK_FG> ...but I didn't really look at any article about that at all, just seen headlines
17:06:25 <cayce> I read it as a quote from gen alexander
17:07:00 <cayce> and the reporter tied it to things he said months ago about the same sort of thing, automating out people
17:07:16 <cayce> automating people out * works better grammatically
17:07:17 <MK_FG> "We're scared shitless of what they might leak next and firing 90% sysadmins! Fuck these guise"
17:07:29 <cayce> that's how I interpret it
17:07:44 <MK_FG> Guess plausible as some long-term plan
17:07:48 <cayce> "people can leak stuff, so lets get rid of all the people. problem solved."
17:08:01 <cayce> that's what I hear when he says it
17:08:19 <MK_FG> Yep, people are trouble when you have reptillian overlords' conspiracy
17:08:45 <MK_FG> Have to keep it 100% reptoidz, human-free
17:34:12 GHOSTnew (GHOSTnew@GHOSTnew.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
17:46:17 <cayce> mmmf
17:46:19 <cayce> NP: [The Beatles - Come Together] [Abbey Road (original uk vinyl)] [404kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:48:38 <iceTwy> cayce: vinyl and only 404kbps?
17:48:39 <iceTwy> please
17:48:41 <iceTwy> let me laugh
17:48:59 <cayce> zyep
17:49:02 <cayce> flac, too
17:49:49 <cayce> mmm
17:49:50 <cayce> NP: [The Hazies - Trip Free Life] [Vinnie Smokin' In The Big Room] [1040kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:50:05 <cayce> dem guitars
17:52:53 <cayce> "I had a dream we all were blind! We had a hell of a time searching for the sun!"
17:52:59 <cayce> :3
17:53:41 <cayce> :3
17:53:42 <cayce> NP: [The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)] [Electric Ladyland] [918kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:53:50 <cayce> also dem guitars
17:55:16 <cayce> hmm, may have to get an opusenc working on linux just to convert this
17:55:41 * cayce looks for 1.1beta
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18:14:56 * cayce hopes foobar integrates less badly with i3 than unity
18:25:21 GHOSTnew (GHOSTnew@GHOSTnew.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
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18:50:49 <iceTwy> this is pretty interesting
18:51:32 <iceTwy> StartSSL offer Class 2 wild-card certs for $60
18:51:35 <iceTwy> and that's for 2 years
18:51:39 <iceTwy> so $30 per year
18:52:03 <iceTwy> aka 45€ so 22.5€ per year
18:57:18 Zoned ( has joined #crytocc
18:57:44 <Zoned> Hello
19:02:20 <iceTwy> Hey
19:08:22 <Zoned> Whats up iceTwy?
19:09:08 <mikaa> iceTwy, why not looking forward for the StartSSL EV Cert, might be a better solution but costs still $199.90... its up to you!
19:13:00 <iceTwy> mikaa: I'm not Paypal or an organization ;p
19:14:55 <KaEsse> Godaddy sells SSL for about the same price (60)
19:15:01 <Zoned> Ew. SSL
19:15:20 <KaEsse> how would you secure browser communications?
19:16:55 <KaEsse>
19:18:36 <cayce> easy
19:18:50 <cayce> ecdhe-ecdsa-aes256-gcm-sha384
19:18:52 <cayce> done
19:19:40 <KaEsse> are you going to encrypt on the client side or the server side?
19:20:02 <KaEsse> wait
19:20:05 <KaEsse> thats still TLS
19:20:24 <cayce> :3
19:21:02 <KaEsse> :)
19:21:44 <cayce> (also, yes, I typed it from memory)
19:22:04 <KaEsse> because encrypting server side defeats the purpose, and encrypting client side reveals your algorithm and possibly key/hash to the world
19:22:14 <cayce> for slightly lower cpu load maybe a nice ecdhe-ecdsa-aes128-gcm-sha256?
19:22:39 <KaEsse> doubt your request size would ever be big enough to care about CPU load
19:22:44 <KaEsse> unless you are uploading via https
19:22:47 <KaEsse> in which case... WHY
19:22:48 <MK_FG> *sha224
19:22:55 <cayce> MK_FG:) no
19:23:09 <MK_FG> Why sha384 then?
19:23:12 <cayce> thaaaaat's not what the ciphers list saaaaaaays
19:23:13 <MK_FG> And not sha512?
19:23:26 <cayce> ask the tls1.2 standardizers
19:23:28 <cayce> don't ask me
19:23:34 <MK_FG> Lame!
19:23:36 <cayce> they picked em
19:23:37 <cayce> e.e
19:24:02 <cayce> maybe some sha512 for tls1.3? t-minus-15 years to implement
19:24:43 <cayce> well actually I suppose I want sha-3 if we're planning that far ahead though
19:24:54 <KaEsse> -_- cygwin devl still has 40% left to download...  its been going for 2 hours now
19:25:10 <cayce> hot
19:25:21 <cayce> what's ohhh yeah that monstrosity
19:25:45 <KaEsse> yea, I picked up this neat code meant to be compiled on a linux platform
19:25:53 <KaEsse> gonna see if I can compile it for windows
19:26:02 <cayce> my favorite was always putting gnuwin32 in my path so I had all linux base utils on windows
19:26:16 <cayce> ls -liah was a thing!
19:26:20 <KaEsse> i suck at the cross plateform thing
19:26:23 <KaEsse> i live in windows
19:27:13 <KaEsse> i learned some linux simply to host my own webserver
19:27:17 <MK_FG> sha384 is cut-down sha512, just more resistant to length extension things, because some bits were thrown away, but that's only useful for lame MAC=hash(...), not with HMAC
19:27:23 <Zoned> I don't get why people use SSL.
19:27:29 <Zoned> It doesn't make your site any more secure.
19:27:41 <MK_FG> (i.e. it's kinda sha512 already)
19:27:47 <KaEsse> why do people use locks on their doors when they have glass windows???
19:27:57 <KaEsse> security is perception
19:27:58 <Zoned> It's like SolusVM/WHMCS/etc's logic. Lets encrypt it with ioncube, and no one decodes so we can leave 1000000 vulnerabilities in it.
19:28:02 <cayce> ha ha ha! "increased barriers to entry"
19:28:25 <KaEsse> given a big enough stack of cash, nothing is secure
19:28:30 <MK_FG> Zoned, It kinda does, against lot of threats
19:28:33 <KaEsse> there are only degrees of security
19:28:59 <MK_FG> Zoned, Even non-authenticated ssl (don't check the keys) does against purely passive dumps
19:29:30 <Zoned> MK_FG, Sure it may help a bit, however it's more of a false-hope security.
19:29:43 <KaEsse> the world runs on this 'false hope'
19:29:47 <cayce> Zoned:) do you have a relevant definition of security?
19:29:47 <KaEsse> see: Obama
19:30:02 <cayce> I bet money he is remembered fondly by history
19:30:05 <Zoned> It all depends on what you mean by security.
19:30:11 <cayce> Zoned:) no, it doesn't
19:30:13 <Zoned> Security, is more of a joke.
19:30:15 <cayce> Zoned:) I'm asking you for yours
19:30:28 <Zoned> You can have ton of security, however it can always be broken.
19:30:37 <MK_FG> If you have choice between "plaintext" and pretty much "every threat but big money and 3-letter agencies", SSL is a way to go
19:30:37 <cayce> cynic siren
19:30:38 <Zoned> What man made, man can destroy. Let's put it that way.
19:30:53 <KaEsse> ^^
19:31:02 <cayce> Why is that a problem?
19:31:21 <Zoned> Why is it a problem? It is because you lead people to believe you're not vulnerable.
19:31:35 <cayce> I suppose you don't even have glass in your windows, either?
19:31:36 <MK_FG> No you don't
19:31:40 <Zoned> Then when a creative hacker comes along and shuts you up(see: SolusVM), you go crying.
19:32:07 <cayce> iirc solusvm is pretty much a field full of low hanging fruit
19:32:36 <Zoned> If you want a real funny joke, some of their files still use mysql_*
19:32:42 <Zoned> Then the rest uses PDO.
19:35:29 <KaEsse> Yay, my Ephedra Sinica seeds came in today
19:35:33 <KaEsse> Time to plant my garden
19:35:46 <KaEsse> Actually friday, just checked mail though
19:38:57 GHOSTnew has quit (User quit:  bye :D)
19:43:03 <KaEsse> "Theoretically, an Age of Bureaucracy can last until a paper shortage develops, but, in practice, it never lasts longer than 73 permutations." - Weishaupt: Koenige, Kirchen und Dummheit, Wilson/Shea: Illuminatus III, 190.
19:43:59 <KaEsse> thought id share that quote
19:52:59 <Zoned> Hm.
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20:11:54 <KaEsse> One reason i favor linux over windows, installations don't take nearly as long
20:12:49 <iceTwy> ^
20:13:12 <iceTwy> 'helo sirz we r windoze we b installin gud sftwar on ur cmpter'
20:13:48 <KaEsse> Yes.  And the fact that I can find things installed on my computer that I didn't install.  That's definitely a windows unique characteristic
20:15:39 <iceTwy> Tell me about it
20:15:52 <iceTwy> I'm not even talking about OEM Windows licenses
20:16:09 <iceTwy> Those licenses include not only shitty additional, useless Windows software
20:16:17 <iceTwy> It also includes additional software from the manufacturer
20:30:32 <Macbeth> Hi
20:31:48 <KaEsse> howdy
20:32:05 <Zoned> I'm starting to hate InternetBS
20:32:10 <Macbeth> ?
20:32:39 <Zoned> They still don't allow PayPal.
20:32:47 <Macbeth> huh
20:34:59 <Macbeth> None of the twitter trends are that interesting today.
20:37:42 <MK_FG> Hey, ubuntu also includes arbitrary software and binary driver blobs
20:38:02 <KaEsse> ^ that guy
20:38:40 <MK_FG> Also adware
20:39:10 <lysobit> Don't hate internetbs, hate PayPal
20:49:29 <iceTwy> Zoned: meh
20:49:38 <iceTwy> Zoned: just pay via their credit card system
20:49:54 <iceTwy> I did so, and there hasn't been any fraud on my card
20:49:54 <iceTwy> yet
20:50:03 <Zoned> I prefer not to ;)
20:50:04 <iceTwy> (it's been 2.5 months)
20:50:26 <MK_FG> Don't your banks support creating virtual cards?
20:52:09 <KaEsse> sometimes its simply about the association of personal information
20:52:47 <KaEsse> i think paypal charges you to forward cash to an account, floating it in the internet could save fees
20:53:20 <MK_FG> Don't paypal require and reveal real name too?
20:53:26 <KaEsse> do they ID you?
20:53:27 <KaEsse> a bank does
20:54:12 <MK_FG> Iirc they actively froze accounts if info there about you didn't match from their pov
20:54:30 <MK_FG> Like when you set wrong country
20:54:51 <MK_FG> Dunno about name though
20:55:18 <MK_FG> I wonder if gift visa/mastercards can be used for net payments
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22:53:51 <Macbeth> Hi
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