Cryto! 26 August 2013

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08:20:37 <norbert79> Smoker: Now I am :)
08:20:42 <norbert79> Smoker: Shoot
08:41:02 <Smoker> norbert79
08:41:04 <Smoker> hey
08:42:36 <norbert79> Hello
08:49:54 <Smoker> sup!
08:51:38 <norbert79> Oh, I thought there was something busy you wished to talk about :) Not much, Monday morning, doing work.. Over there?
08:51:56 <Smoker> work
08:52:04 <Smoker> study
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09:55:25 <daemon> joepie91, 0.883: 2.27 GBP [right: 329][wrong: 43][total: 372][rate: 88.44%]
09:55:32 <daemon> 2270% ROI :D
09:55:51 <daemon> strangely enough I have been awake since the last time we talked coding V2 of the code base
09:56:10 <daemon> to accelerate it for write *active betting* capabilities 8)
09:56:13 <joepie91> lol
09:56:19 <joepie91> you need sleep :P
09:56:40 <daemon> no I need more desperados and caffeine
09:56:43 <daemon> and louder headphones
09:56:44 <daemon> :D
09:57:01 <daemon> btw
09:57:02 <daemon>
09:57:04 <daemon> ;-) awesome
09:59:46 <daemon> joepie91,
10:00:06 <daemon> I am using a customized freebsd install (moved away from windows fork() issues dont ask...)
10:00:22 <daemon> with a dwm instance that auto launches the java selenium server
10:00:36 <daemon> and perl script
10:00:41 <daemon> as well as vnc server etc ... :D
10:01:58 <daemon> so I can just edit ~/automate/run
10:02:07 <daemon> and killall perl5.14.2 restarts it
10:02:27 <daemon> and ~I get the debug output in vnc if I want it
10:03:00 <daemon> firefucked runs on screen 9
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10:16:56 <Smoker> mama\
10:26:22 <norbert79> Back, just had a nice lunch
10:26:33 <Smoker> hmmm
10:27:07 <norbert79> And as Sidenote: "School of Seven Bells" rocks
10:27:21 <Smoker> aha
10:27:31 * Smoker offers cigret to norbert79
10:27:36 <norbert79> Wait, let me show you something...
10:27:59 <Smoker> o.0
10:28:02 <Smoker> show
10:28:07 <norbert79>
10:28:51 <Smoker> oh
10:29:06 <norbert79> Listen to the song... Then you will understand
10:29:11 <norbert79> :)
10:32:06 * Smoker cries
10:32:24 <x> y u crying?
10:32:35 * Smoker reality of life
10:32:43 <x> :(
10:32:51 <Smoker> :(
10:33:25 <norbert79> I think you need a vacation Smoker
10:33:37 <norbert79> away from everything
10:33:54 <Smoker> brb going to burn cigret
10:33:59 <norbert79> and I mean by everything: no phone, no people, no buildings, just the nature
10:34:08 <Smoker> yeah
10:34:12 <Smoker> i like that
10:34:14 <norbert79> no internet either
10:34:34 <Smoker> i m bored 24/24 internet work
10:34:39 <Smoker> projects etc
10:34:42 <Smoker> fuck work
10:34:52 <norbert79> See, I tell you: Vacation :)
10:35:02 <Smoker> o.0
10:35:04 <Smoker> explain
10:35:17 <norbert79> Just take a week off and escape your place
10:35:53 <norbert79> take some inventory, like food and basic survival things, a tent and off to a forest
10:36:08 <Smoker> yes
10:36:12 <Smoker> i ll
10:36:20 <Smoker> 11.36 am
10:36:29 <norbert79> I left for five days last week, and I felt great
10:36:31 <norbert79> GMT timezone
10:36:41 <norbert79> hmm
10:36:47 <norbert79> Which part of the Island? :)
10:37:30 <Smoker> UK
10:37:35 <Smoker> 0.o
10:37:36 <norbert79> I know that
10:37:36 <Smoker> you also?
10:37:38 <Smoker> there
10:37:40 <norbert79> No, CET
10:37:50 <norbert79> a bit to your east
10:38:09 <Smoker> oh
10:38:14 <norbert79> I visited England once years back
10:38:20 <norbert79> Spent a week in Portsmouth
10:38:27 <norbert79> Was nice
10:38:27 <Smoker> cool
10:38:47 <Smoker> tell me something about you next ''' to Eng!
10:38:52 <Smoker> sorry your
10:38:52 <norbert79> I had my accomodiation at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Pembroke road
10:39:02 <norbert79> Near the Harbour
10:39:02 <Smoker> oh
10:39:10 <norbert79> It was a pleasant view
10:39:33 <norbert79> I enjoyed the sea and the surrounding, despite I couldn't spend too much time there
10:39:42 <Smoker> xDDDDD
10:39:51 * Smoker wants to go now
10:39:53 <norbert79> Business travels you see
10:40:05 <norbert79> limits your frame of activity hours :)
10:40:10 <Smoker> yeah
10:40:23 <norbert79> But I had the chance of visiting the D-Day museum
10:40:41 <norbert79> being a fan of history it was a dream came true :)
10:40:45 <Smoker> cool
10:40:52 <Smoker> xDDDDDDD
10:41:00 <norbert79> I also had the chance of buying a training book for the Homeland security, reprinted
10:41:03 <Smoker> but i hate cops
10:41:08 <Smoker> always watching
10:41:08 <norbert79> bought some books
10:41:09 <Smoker> here and there
10:41:15 <norbert79> Yes, it was no different there either
10:41:17 <Smoker> books like!
10:41:24 <norbert79> Luckily I wasn't asked to stop
10:41:35 <norbert79> despite I had a camera on me and made tons of photos
10:41:40 <norbert79> during a morning :)
10:41:47 <norbert79> and that was past 2001 :)
10:42:03 <Smoker> oh
10:42:14 <norbert79> I was a bit worried someone might think I am sort of a terrorist :))
10:42:29 <Smoker> lol
10:42:32 <Smoker> lololoooooooool
10:42:48 <Smoker> but i m clever than cops
10:42:59 <Smoker> just show them you have nothing
10:43:04 <norbert79> well, never underestemate them
10:43:12 <Smoker> i know
10:43:23 <norbert79> Underestimate I mean
10:44:14 <norbert79> I wonder if any recent mobile phone or smartphones are able playing FLAC or OGG
10:44:35 <Smoker> never feel that your enemy is weak
10:44:37 <Smoker> :)
10:44:42 <norbert79> I am seriously considering dumping my MP3 collections to FLAC
10:44:54 <Smoker> try
10:44:56 <Smoker> :)
10:45:10 <norbert79> no, I mean if the format is being recognized by devices
10:45:26 <Smoker> oh
10:47:00 <Smoker> thanks alot norbert79
10:47:05 <Smoker> i m going now
10:48:01 <norbert79> Sure... Lunch? :)
10:48:08 <Smoker> no out
10:48:09 <norbert79> It's about time over there too
10:48:20 <norbert79> Oh, I see, well, I wsih you a pleasant day then
10:48:25 <norbert79> Take care
10:49:02 <Smoker> yeah i m going without mask etc
10:49:04 <Smoker> heh
10:49:13 <Smoker> gen;man
10:49:17 <norbert79> joepie91: Hey.. How are things? Still angry on me regarding Bitcoins?
10:49:22 <norbert79> Ah :)
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12:52:44 <mama> Smoker: yes?
12:53:48 <Smoker> t.y:norbert79
12:53:59 <Smoker> sup:mama
12:55:11 <mama> life is sweet :)
12:55:44 <Smoker> yeah
12:56:31 <mama> you?
12:56:48 <Smoker> happy
12:56:57 <Smoker> cuz the idea of norbert79
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17:03:10 <skill3r> ohai
17:24:10 <iceTwy> has anyone ever used FlokiNet?
17:24:10 <iceTwy>
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18:25:42 <SleepyShake> Hi
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18:39:46 <ElectRo`> okay vanilla sky was awesome
18:40:29 <ElectRo`> it started off like a hollywood love story but then twist
18:40:32 <ElectRo`> twist everywhere
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20:40:52 <iceTwy> ping joepie91
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