Cryto! 12 August 2013

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00:17:40 <lysobit> [01:11:10] <lysobit> TML: then I'd recommend an upgrade if an IDE takes so much resources that it causes a loss of productivity ;)
00:17:49 <lysobit> [01:12:46] <@TML> lysobit: My time is not a renewable resource
00:17:49 <lysobit> [01:12:48] * Rejected (~r0x@unaffiliated/rejected) Quit
00:17:49 <lysobit> [01:13:13] <@TML> every fraction of a second my computer is slower than it could possibly be is a fraction of a second of my life lost forever
00:20:37 <lysobit> This is what happens when you try to optimise your code for speed to much. You will begin optimising your life for speed; even to get a fraction of a second.
00:20:42 <lysobit> too*
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01:15:18 <AnonO_o> hai
01:16:23 <lysobit> halo
01:16:38 <lysobit> welcome to my shop
01:18:07 * lysobit slaps AnonO_o around a bit with a large trout
01:18:07 <joepie91> lysobit: argh
01:18:12 <lysobit> ?
01:18:14 <joepie91> don't do that
01:18:15 <joepie91> D:
01:18:22 <joepie91> it sets off my "GODDAMN ANOTHER CC SPAMMER" reflexes :(
01:18:27 <AnonO_o> have another beer joe!
01:18:37 <lysobit> haha
01:19:14 <lysobit> #cryptocc is a great shop. it is a great cc
01:19:25 <lysobit> cryto*
01:19:37 <joepie91> ... how did I not realize that before
01:19:40 <joepie91> the name
01:19:42 <joepie91> :|
01:20:11 <joepie91> thankfully the CC spammers do not appear to know about the existence of /list
01:20:21 <joepie91> also, interesting one:
01:20:22 <joepie91> <anonnews028>if yal get this how many sites does u know who have since im new
01:20:28 <joepie91> I'm not sure which puzzle is harder
01:20:35 <joepie91> the regex crossword, or understanding that line
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01:24:32 <lysobit> joepie91: what the hell is joepie?
01:26:15 <AnonO_o> he's a bot
01:26:23 <AnonO_o> you've spent the last 20 minutes talking to a script
01:27:01 <lysobit> i know joepie91 is a script
01:27:08 <lysobit> that's why he's always online in pidgin
01:33:52 <lysobit> joepie91, he called you a script
01:33:58 <lysobit> you gonna take that?
01:34:05 <lysobit> a SCRIPT
01:36:16 <lysobit> like not even a compiled program
01:36:34 <lysobit> how high can you go?
01:39:16 <joepie91> I don't mind being high-level.
01:42:22 <lysobit> fair enough, but i like my partners to have flexible parts
01:42:44 <joepie91> are you suggesting code collaboration?
01:44:41 <lysobit> no, i'm suggesting that i like my code to integrate well with its host system
01:45:00 <joepie91> *slow clap*
01:45:09 <joepie91> well played, sir.
01:45:11 <joepie91> well played.
01:45:47 <lysobit> :p
01:53:11 <AnonO_o> yeh joe, "he" called you a script!
01:53:24 <AnonO_o> whachagonnadoaboutdid
01:53:36 <lysobit> are you implying you are female
01:53:37 <AnonO_o> segfault?
01:54:10 <AnonO_o> I'm on the front page of anonymiss express thanks to bad editing.
01:54:40 <lysobit> he can segfault if he wants to if his interpreter is dodgy
01:54:42 <AnonO_o>
01:55:07 <lysobit> ok fbi
01:55:32 <AnonO_o> yeh, totes fed
01:55:50 <AnonO_o> I'm all up in your router filtering your packets
01:56:25 <lysobit> stop trying to seduce me fbi
01:56:44 <AnonO_o> we have cookies
01:57:20 <lysobit> oh great
01:57:31 <lysobit> now the fbi is tapping communications too
01:57:54 <lysobit> better disable cookies
02:06:05 <AnonO_o> no, they are tasty
02:06:23 <AnonO_o> this is a publicly logged channel
02:06:41 <AnonO_o> anything you say here can, and will be used against you
02:06:49 <AnonO_o> at the very least by us.
02:06:55 <AnonO_o> to make fun of you
02:07:08 <lysobit> i molest cats
02:08:34 <lysobit> is this ok?
02:11:13 <AnonO_o> not to cats.
02:11:29 <Raging> can and will be use on you if you are seen physically. am sure it'll not be used against robots.
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02:54:40 <lysobit> >>> you = 1337
02:54:40 <lysobit> >>> you is not 1337
02:54:40 <lysobit> True
02:54:50 <lysobit> okay time to sleep
02:55:52 <joepie91> lysobit: 'is' compares object (IDs), not values
02:56:05 <joepie91> but yes, sleep
02:56:06 <joepie91> night all :P
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07:24:15 <norbert79> Morning
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09:11:25 <monod> joepieeeeeeeeeeeeee joepie91
09:11:37 <norbert79> Morning monod
09:11:44 <norbert79> you have been offline for a while :)
09:12:08 <monod> hey there norbert! thanks, same to you! and yes.. some problems arouse...
09:12:20 <monod> problems with and without me
09:12:24 <monod> so, general problems
09:12:31 <monod> I hate this moment
09:12:38 <monod> it's when everything is going to change
09:12:46 <monod> I alos now it is necessary
09:12:47 <norbert79> Yeah, I know that feeling
09:13:12 <monod> know*
09:13:15 <monod> also*
09:14:25 <monod> joepie91, I have an idea you could add to the revisiting of the actual society. It's on why books cannot be digitalized (if that's the word in English)
09:15:34 <monod> (in the meanwhile, everyone listen to Downtown by P.Clark! (written by T.H. though..))
09:16:02 <monod> joepie91, this is the reason: it's all based on the importance of book stores. If book stores are good to be, then books shouldn't be digitalized
09:17:11 <norbert79> easy question: what about PDF? :)
09:17:24 <norbert79> I don't like bringing a 500 pages long admin book with me physically, but on a reader
09:17:29 <norbert79> what do you do about that?
09:17:55 <monod> (I'll surely answer that, I think that "admin" book means something technical right? Still writing though...)
09:18:14 <norbert79> also, what about trees?
09:18:15 <norbert79> :)
09:19:38 <monod> joepie91, the reason for that is very simple: why book stores are so useful? ***Because you can choose books without the influence of medias (whether a book has caught media attention or not)***. This because often books go unseen because the medias have not talked about them, even if they were good books.
09:19:43 <monod> "what about trees"
09:20:23 <monod> Hmm.. in this case I may reallign my idea, from "don't digitalize books" to "don't digitalize book **stores**"
09:20:33 <monod> so that you can always be in the first line, choosing your books
09:20:35 <monod> aaand
09:20:39 <monod> another imporatnt thing
09:20:49 <norbert79> the issue with the second is, that it's very expensive keeping up a store physically
09:20:53 <monod> In book stores, you can actually read books, with no limitations at all.
09:21:10 <monod> norbert79, but!
09:21:17 <monod> (not butt, just "but" :D)
09:21:43 <monod> it is no more expensive than any other activity, more or less!
09:21:57 <monod> what about schools?
09:22:03 <monod> they are even more expensive
09:22:04 <norbert79> I think you are clerarly wrong about that :)
09:22:21 <norbert79> A store you need to pay taxes, for power, for Internet, for rent, etc
09:23:05 <monod> true, but anything public is like so, isn't it?
09:23:20 <norbert79> Exactly, but that's why I am not buying books
09:23:33 <norbert79> over my place a plain novel is around $25
09:23:40 <norbert79> technical books even more expensive
09:25:02 <norbert79> The Debian Administrator's handbook is a good example of how you can sell a book good and make it later publically available
09:25:15 <norbert79> those times, where authors could just live out of the income of their books are long gone
09:25:20 <norbert79> everyone must understand that
09:25:44 <norbert79> also the sharing of ideas of thoughts are not limited to conserved packages as called books anymore
09:25:53 <norbert79> like this is why Wikipedia is not printed out
09:26:04 <norbert79> if it would be it would become outdated instantly
09:26:24 <monod> I wouldn't call "Wikipedia" a book in fact
09:26:33 <norbert79> Was just an example
09:26:38 <monod> yep
09:26:39 <monod> oh
09:26:40 <norbert79> but the same goes for technical writings
09:26:53 <monod> that's why I was mostly concerned with novels and not technical books
09:27:15 <monod> briefly: technical resources are mostly available on internet (if they are internet/computer related)
09:27:41 <monod> of course if you're looking for the perfect guide to <that job that fixes baths>
09:27:49 <monod> plumber?
09:27:52 <monod> cannot remember
09:28:04 <monod> that's a technical guide you may or may not find on the internet
09:28:21 <monod> but that's a very practical technical field
09:28:36 <monod> all the others, including school subjects
09:28:43 <monod> those are likely to be found on the itnernet
09:29:06 <monod> obviously, there are not always as good resources as school books, in certain bases
09:29:08 <monod> cases*
09:29:22 <monod> and viceversa as well (thinking this time of informatics, of course)
09:29:45 <monod> I couldn't have learned ANYTHING about programming if it was up to school to teach me that XD
09:30:23 <monod> but I coulnd't easily find a guide on local literature without it being a book, I think.
09:30:26 <monod> anyway
09:30:45 <monod> the basic idea now has changed ( joepie91 cc )
09:30:59 <monod> "don't digitalize book stores", but books could be digitalized
09:31:11 <monod> just because of trees though
09:31:16 <monod> but also
09:31:22 <monod> this is not a 100% valid reason
09:31:29 <monod> :
09:32:17 <monod> neither me or you know exactly why trees should not be enough in the future == neither me or you know how many trees should be cut
09:32:20 <monod> I mean
09:32:36 <monod> we don't know the real quantity-usage of trees
09:33:01 <monod> we just know that they're not infinite and that there more books over time
09:33:20 <monod> Faith.
09:35:11 <norbert79> [11:32:17] <&monod> neither me or you know exactly why trees should not be enough in the future == neither me or you know how many trees should be cut
09:35:23 <norbert79> Shall I show you images of the Brazilian forests?
09:35:48 <norbert79> also, books never become trees
09:35:56 <norbert79> so let's keep data digital
09:36:09 <norbert79> that way you can also keep information living almost forever
09:36:15 <norbert79> as it can be copied easy
09:36:21 <norbert79> but if a book is burned, bam
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09:51:49 <why_slap_option> hi
09:53:09 <norbert79> hi
09:53:16 <why_slap_option> wassup
09:53:26 <norbert79> Working... You?
09:53:34 <why_slap_option> hmmm
09:55:11 <norbert79> Bad luck :)
09:55:20 <why_slap_option> ??
09:55:30 <norbert79> I am just jelaous
09:55:35 <why_slap_option> nono
09:55:43 <why_slap_option> going home:(
09:55:52 <norbert79> ah
09:56:01 <norbert79> I thought it's some holiday travel
09:56:16 <why_slap_option> was
09:56:21 <why_slap_option> nono wasnt
09:57:32 <why_slap_option> norbert79, <---- must watch lol
09:57:51 <norbert79> Later maybe, sorry, busy working, have some time for IRC only
09:58:05 <why_slap_option> lolok
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17:04:18 <monod> heyyyyyyy there guyz
17:06:22 <joepie91> ohai monod
17:07:15 <joepie91> monod; about your earlier point
17:07:18 <joepie91> bookstores aren't neutral
17:07:29 <joepie91> rather than influenced by media, they are typically influenced by publishers
17:07:42 <joepie91> bookstores can get purchasing discounts by prominently featuring certain books more than others
17:09:23 <monod> okay, but I hope you see the other point
17:09:43 <joepie91> well, thing is
17:10:02 <joepie91> there's not much of an inherent difference between book stores and how online book stores/resources could be implemented
17:10:36 <monod> there are some doubts on this
17:11:12 <monod> just one example is that in a book store you can read almost any books from start to finish
17:11:14 <monod> book*
17:12:56 <monod> end*
17:12:57 <monod> lulz
17:13:00 <monod> bad, bad english
17:13:20 <joepie91> monod: that's just an implementation detail
17:13:25 <joepie91> that stores are not currently doing this, doesn't mean they can't at all
17:13:33 <joepie91> and cryto books also lets you read books from start to end ;)
17:13:49 <monod> cryto books?
17:14:08 <monod> "and cryto books also lets you read books from start to end ;)" this surprises me! :D
17:14:34 <monod> it would be even more surprising if the reasoning behind that is the very fact that in real life you can do that
17:15:11 <monod> oh, and did you like this? xD :
17:15:40 <joepie91>
17:15:41 <joepie91> :p
17:15:49 <monod> "<monod> joepie91, I have an idea you could add to the >>> revisiting of the actual society. <<< It's on why books cannot [...]" the how I called what I think you were doing
17:15:58 <monod> I mean, was it ok to define it so?
17:16:04 <joepie91> I'm not sure I undersatnd
17:16:07 <joepie91> understand, even
17:16:23 <monod> actual message was:
17:16:24 <monod>
17:16:26 <monod> nooo
17:16:44 <monod> <monod> joepie91, I have an idea you could add to the revisiting of the actual society. It's on why books cannot be digitalized (if that's the word in English)
17:16:47 <monod> this
17:16:50 <monod> ehm
17:17:17 <monod> I called the "thing" that I think you're doing "revisiting of the actual society"
17:17:23 <monod> don't know if this is more clear
17:17:48 <joepie91> what "thing" is that?
17:18:30 <monod> we mentioned it time ago
17:18:37 <monod> something like your activism
17:18:43 <joepie91> like, wanting to 'redesign' society?
17:18:52 <monod> revolutionize society, or yeah redesign it
17:19:01 <joepie91> I see
17:19:20 <monod> alright
17:19:26 <monod> have I misinterpreted it?
17:19:50 <joepie91> I don't think you've misinterpreted it, but I don't see why books cannot be digitzed
17:19:53 <joepie91> digitized &*
17:20:01 <joepie91> it's still the same kind of thing, just in a different format
17:20:08 <monod> in fact
17:20:09 <monod> hmm
17:20:12 <monod> I may have
17:20:17 <monod> hm....
17:20:30 <monod> described the idea with wrong words
17:20:32 <monod> :
17:21:10 <joepie91> (do note that I plan on getting back to code in a few minutes :P)
17:21:33 <monod> at first, I said "don't digitalize books", then I said "no, don't digitalize book *stores*", now I'm even going to say something else: (sure sure, don't worry!)
17:22:39 <monod> the point I wanted to let you see was to take apart the influence of media from books :hmm: (but this sounds infeasible :/ ) and.. how? Relying on book stores, where *you* can choose books
17:22:47 <monod> and of course book stores have to face publishers
17:23:09 <monod> but I have a feel that that's a little different
17:23:28 <monod> but since I do not have any further detail on the thing, I think you can now consider my idea expressed
17:24:03 <monod> "I think you can now consider my idea to have been expressed"*
17:24:49 <joepie91> I understand what you are saying
17:25:01 <joepie91> but I think that problem is better solved by a platform that lets you browse through books freely
17:25:08 <joepie91> in the style of an (independent) bookstore
17:26:07 <monod> yep, in an internet-prone view it might be so
17:28:13 <lady-3jane> hehe well that's what we've got
17:28:17 <lady-3jane> internet
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17:44:01 <skill3r> ohaaai
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18:10:35 <lady-3jane> sup :)
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20:29:21 <x> joepie91 hai o/
20:35:01 <joepie91> hai
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21:43:54 <x> :)
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