Cryto! 1 August 2013

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00:40:04 <MMMBUD> oooh
00:40:08 <MMMBUD> mama
00:41:23 <MMMBUD> Didn't mean to make you cry,
00:41:37 <MMMBUD> If I'm not back again this time tomorrow,
00:41:52 <MMMBUD> Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters.
00:53:38 <Ari> Tooo latee
00:53:41 <Ari> my time has come
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01:20:55 <MMMBUD> Sent shivers down my spine
01:21:08 <MMMBUD> Body's aching all the time.
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01:40:06 <Ari> goodbye everybody
01:40:09 <Ari> I've goooot to go
01:40:46 <MMMBUD> Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.
01:47:24 <MMMBUD> lol
01:47:46 <MMMBUD> Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time....
01:48:14 <MMMBUD> Don't stop me now
01:48:15 <MMMBUD> I'm having such a good time
01:48:15 <MMMBUD> I'm having a ball
01:48:15 <MMMBUD> Don't stop me now
01:48:15 <MMMBUD> If you wanna have a good time
01:48:15 <MMMBUD> Just give me a call
01:48:22 <MMMBUD> i used to like this song
01:48:50 <MMMBUD> but i heard he wrote it after his manager got him 80 rent boys
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02:56:34 <Ari> I love being able to do shit like this for a living
02:56:35 <Ari>
02:57:49 <AnonO_o> i'm sure someone will pay a lot for that.
02:58:54 <Ari> quick concepts for web design :3
03:22:24 <MMMBUD> looks like a bag of arseholes
03:23:13 <MMMBUD> anyone use dropbox?
03:23:51 <MMMBUD> i just got a shady deal for £5
03:24:17 <MMMBUD> 48gb
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03:29:29 <AnonO_o> I got 50GB from a while ago.
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04:04:07 <ElectRo`> i got 50 when i installed dropbox on muy galaxy s4
04:10:03 <MMMBUD> ah i bet thats what he did i think ge also abused the refferal
04:10:17 <MMMBUD> can get it to 70gb
04:10:44 <MMMBUD> but he sells new accounts with more too
04:11:08 <MMMBUD> still for 5 i love it
04:34:02 <AnonO_o>
04:34:11 <AnonO_o> that's what I did.  too bad they don't do that anymore
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07:00:32 * monod <~20 minutes to go.
07:14:34 * monod departing aborted.
07:16:58 <monod> ugh, new awful word learned: 'underdog'
07:18:58 <monod> joepie91, what are you programming the travel program in?
07:21:33 <monod> I misread "statically typed" with "statistically typed", can you imagine how bad would that be?? xD types defined on statistical measures xD
07:22:42 <MK_FG> I think they are for humans
07:23:12 <MK_FG> You have "human" defined as something roughly similar to other "humans" you've seen ;)
07:23:21 <monod> hahaha
07:23:24 <MK_FG> Statistics!
07:23:35 <monod> yeah, in a way it might be so
07:23:39 <monod> oh MK
07:23:46 <monod> do you remember when I wanted to PM you?
07:23:59 <MK_FG> Mmm... maybe! ;)
07:24:32 <monod> I think I'm not going to PM you now, but..
07:24:50 <MK_FG> Yeah, pm is overrated
07:25:34 <monod> basically, what I wanted to ask you was "how to learn things you've learned"
07:25:46 <monod> that is a strange question
07:26:05 <monod> it had born because you look experienced
07:26:16 <monod> and I also guessed you're answer would be: get experience as well
07:26:46 <monod> problem is: got to catch a damn train
07:26:49 <MK_FG> Yeah, I guess one technically-correct reply would be "be born as me, live my life" ;)
07:27:11 <monod> I think you enjoy answering like that
07:27:17 <monod> anyway, got to go now
07:27:23 <monod> see you later
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07:27:28 <MK_FG> But in general, I think key is just to have roughly same starting point wrt privileges...
07:27:42 <MK_FG> ...and have same interests developed during childhood
07:28:02 <MK_FG> Seeya
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13:52:14 <iceTwy> pingito ping
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15:50:00 <norbert79> good day
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21:06:20 <monod> did not mean to be mean today MK, I just was in a hurry, plus I was a bit confused and plus I still have English complicationz
21:06:27 <monod> which isn't coolz.
21:07:00 <monod> I would rather have asked..hmm
21:07:28 <monod> I had it 5 minutes ago)
21:07:36 <monod> (I*
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22:14:02 <zest> hi all
22:14:30 <zest> does anyone know about known problems with usage of PHP with MSSQL ?
22:14:50 <zest> * and
22:15:09 <zest> * main problems
22:19:36 <MK_FG> Naturally, (1) PHP (2) MSSQL
22:19:43 <MK_FG> You're welcome! ;)
22:20:19 <zest> I know, just curious about some entrails
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23:02:53 <joepie91> heh
23:03:46 <zest> well ...
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