Cryto! 18 July 2013

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05:53:29 <AnonO_o> hai
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11:16:53 <iceTwy> hola
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12:32:10 <ShadowDemon> joepie91: what is the term of bank loans from the federal reserve that only require partial payment in return
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14:26:42 <zxcvbnm> 0h herr0
15:46:54 <iceTwy> herr0 zxcvbnm
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18:44:28 <zxcvbnm> the system is down
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18:54:42 <MK_FG> Which one?
18:59:44 <zxcvbnm> this one
18:59:45 <zxcvbnm>
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21:40:49 <tez> hi guyz, monod here!
21:40:57 <tez> I had to share some hot links with you
21:41:07 <tez> also, I uninstalled xchat for the moment
21:41:49 <tez> the way iceTwy invokes loggy :)
21:42:33 <tez>
21:42:33 <tez>
21:42:33 <tez>
21:42:33 <tez>
21:42:36 <tez>
21:42:39 <tez>
21:42:59 <tez> coordinated by DDG (DuckDuckGo)
21:43:19 <tez> byebye fellas, best wishes to all of you
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22:22:06 <x> meow
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