Cryto! 15 June 2013

00:00:22 <ShadowDemon> meeooowwww
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00:42:17 <lady-3jane> twitchyliquid64:) was it you who made cloud shit? gonna commit to cryto cgit?
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01:55:52 <ShadowDemon> twitchyliquid64 made cloud shit?
01:56:01 <ShadowDemon> that seems interesting, intriguing, and quite vague
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03:50:06 <ShadowDemon> brb all
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04:05:02 <scraepy> goddamn passwords
04:05:21 <scraepy> drunken its a mess
04:05:25 <scraepy> at all
04:05:38 <scraepy> everywhere
04:06:03 <scraepy> hates myself
04:06:55 <scraepy> ola all kissen the shit
04:07:02 <scraepy> lol
04:07:39 <scraepy> man man down
04:08:07 <scraepy> llz
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05:14:03 <twitchyliquid64> lady-3jane: yes Im working on some software to build a personal cloud
05:15:20 <twitchyliquid64> and no, its closed source ATM (just because I cant be bothered to remove personally identifiying information and aux files)
05:15:28 <twitchyliquid64> I PROMISE I will opensource it at some stage though
05:15:37 <twitchyliquid64> closedsource just out of lazyness
05:16:39 <twitchyliquid64> scraepy: lady-3jane and everyone why does everyone on this channel like to get drunk before they get here?!?!?!?!?
05:46:26 <lady-3jane> wat
05:46:34 <lady-3jane> I was here long before I was drunk
05:46:46 <lady-3jane> also thanks for reminding me, skyrim goes better with beer #4
05:46:51 <lady-3jane> twitchyliquid64:) ^
07:03:59 <twitchyliquid64> lady-3jane: why? why bother getting drunk  when your just sitting at a computer?
07:04:20 <twitchyliquid64> drunk isnt an end in itself; its a means to an end
07:04:52 <MK_FG> If it's means to having fun from skyrim, why not ;)
07:07:18 <lady-3jane> twitchyliquid64:) drunk is not a means to an end. For me it's an enhancer of everything I do (except math!).
07:18:20 <twitchyliquid64> lol meth
07:20:10 <MK_FG> fcuk reality
07:34:22 <lady-3jane> lol
07:34:33 <lady-3jane> I'd really rather get high, but that shit's expensive
07:34:49 <lady-3jane> fuckin rich white kids spoiling it for me
08:03:09 <twitchyliquid64> lol
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17:54:23 * lady-3jane uploads entire music collection to google play so everybody gets nice 320k copies
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19:18:13 <LastOneStanding> hmm
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19:55:52 <lady-3jane> NP: [Limp Bizkit - The One] [Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water] [912kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
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20:36:50 <scraepy> awesome!
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20:45:07 <lady-3jane> yeah, just a few cd's this time
20:45:21 <lady-3jane> last time it took 2.5 weeks cause 200gb of flac
20:48:32 <lady-3jane> mmm, this is right perfect
20:48:33 <lady-3jane> NP: [Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots] [Little Red Boots] [896kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
20:49:06 <lady-3jane> also agh, debian put out 7.1 but it isn't listed on the site yet
20:49:12 <lady-3jane> and I'm too lazy to dig into the mirrors
20:49:12 <lady-3jane> e.e
20:55:28 <lady-3jane> NP: [Cage The Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked] [Cage The Elephant] [1027kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
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