Cryto! 4 June 2013

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07:56:56 <ShadowDemon> I'm going to take some time out of my week to focus on Python
07:57:25 <ShadowDemon> Are there any good resources you guys can refer me to, other than simple Google searches?
08:22:19 <HiveResearch> google "learn python the hard way"
08:22:42 <twitchyliquid64> haha
08:22:45 <twitchyliquid64> yepp
08:22:51 <twitchyliquid64> languages can only be learnt by practice
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09:22:32 <ShadowDemon> lol
09:23:03 <ShadowDemon> twitchyliquid64: I realize that, silly
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09:23:51 <ShadowDemon> I've already learned, ASM, C, C++, C#, PHP, and VB
09:25:27 <ShadowDemon> But it is easier to practice with resources...  Tutorials, source code, etc
09:25:28 <ShadowDemon> :P
09:26:54 <ShadowDemon> learn python the hard way actually is a good search, lol
09:27:03 <ShadowDemon> thanks HiveResearch
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11:16:14 <ShadowDemon> I think haless restarted
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11:47:46 <ShadowDemon> After a little fun with Python
11:48:02 <ShadowDemon> I have come to realize that Python 2 and 3 have incompatible syntax
11:48:12 <ShadowDemon> Why...  Just why...
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14:41:14 <zxcvbnm> m0rning
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15:00:33 <ShadowDemon> Mornin'
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15:07:40 <zxcvbnm> ShadowDemon wanna know what python book I like
15:08:01 <zxcvbnm> Violent Python
15:08:03 <zxcvbnm>
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15:30:52 <ShadowDemon> zxcvbnm: I think I found it @
15:31:05 <ShadowDemon> Looks interesting :P
15:32:51 <zxcvbnm> Yup
15:32:54 <zxcvbnm> It's good
15:33:08 <zxcvbnm> Especially if you are already familiar w/ other languages (which I understand you are)
15:33:41 <zxcvbnm> If you want some insta-useful lessons, I found that book good for that
15:34:41 <ShadowDemon> Sounds like a good read.  Thanks.  :)
15:34:54 <zxcvbnm> Yup, i'm goin through it myself right now
15:35:19 <zxcvbnm> Been doing the projects then trying to convert them to a gui toolset for myself
15:35:39 <zxcvbnm> fuckaduck they don't make python to gui easy in windows
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15:36:03 <zxcvbnm> all sorts of dependencies and libraries and modules and registry settings
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16:37:23 <ShadowDemon> I try to avoid building GUIs in general
16:37:42 <ShadowDemon> Probably the reason most python apps use a website as an interface
16:37:50 <crytocc-c> lol. prank calling is fucking funny!
16:38:00 <crytocc-c> lol mcdonalds guys are mad.
16:47:56 <ShadowDemon> I called Burger King the other day and asked them for every mcdonald's product i could think of
16:48:01 <ShadowDemon> They were pissed
16:48:04 <ShadowDemon> lol
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16:51:22 <MK_FG> Can't imagine why employees there would care about company's rep
16:54:13 <ShadowDemon> lol
16:54:25 <ShadowDemon> Have you seen the recent Taco Bell fiasco?
16:54:43 <ShadowDemon> Some dude licked some taco shells, took a picture of himself doing it and posted it online.
16:54:57 <ShadowDemon> It went viral and now nobody wants to eat at Taco Bell
16:54:58 <ShadowDemon> lol
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17:03:17 <MK_FG> I don't really know what taco is #notamerican
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20:03:11 <crytocc-c> wow, romania doesn't have that bad connection
20:03:22 <crytocc-c> got a 1gb/s unmetered port here, not bad.
20:03:23 <crytocc-c> full speed
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22:17:51 <AnonyOps[m]> mmm
22:32:04 <AnonyOps[m]> Hi all
22:32:10 *** AnonyOps[m] is now known as AnonyOps
22:33:53 <AnonyOps> anyone awake?
22:41:06 <zxcvbnm> is that a trick question
22:51:46 <crytocc-c> bob is the answer
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23:38:23 <joepie91> dum dum dum
23:38:24 <joepie91> hai guise
23:42:43 <HiveResearch> hai joepie91
23:42:51 <joepie91> hai :P
23:42:56 <joepie91> quite busy
23:42:58 <joepie91> MK_FG, ding?
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