Cryto! 25 May 2013

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00:25:26 <iceTwy> hai MK_FG
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02:32:45 <MK_FG> Heh, it's been awhile since I've seen stable vanilla kernel fail to build...
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08:52:06 <ShadowDemon> twitchyliquid64: It has definitely been a while.  We have another ultrasound next week, so that's exciting.  :)
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10:30:39 <ShadowDemon> sleepy time
10:30:40 <ShadowDemon> bbl
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11:37:50 <iceTwy> hi yung mens
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12:45:05 <iceTwy> hmm
12:49:01 <joepie91> ogai iceTwy
12:49:02 <joepie91> ohai *
12:49:05 <joepie91> I found my case!
12:49:07 <iceTwy> hai
12:49:09 <iceTwy> oh did you?
12:49:15 <joepie91>
12:49:30 <joepie91> except my front panel plate for the DVD drive is different
12:49:36 <joepie91> and I don't have the x-gear logo
12:51:20 <joepie91> also, iceTwy
12:51:29 <joepie91> are you bored and do you want to contribute to an open-source project?
12:51:56 <joepie91> there's an application that I installed yesterday, but the manual is in French only (even though the software itself has an English translation)
12:52:00 <joepie91> and they're looking for translators
12:52:06 <iceTwy> oh
12:52:08 <iceTwy> sure
12:52:10 <iceTwy> please link
12:52:25 <iceTwy> I'd be more than glad to help
12:52:34 <joepie91>
12:52:52 <joepie91> also
12:53:18 <joepie91> ah, sec
12:54:15 <joepie91> iceTwy:
12:55:44 <iceTwy> looking through it..
13:03:59 <iceTwy> derp
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13:08:58 <joepie91> iceTwy: ?
13:09:42 <iceTwy> The doc you linked me to is outdated though
13:13:29 <joepie91> why is that?
13:14:37 <iceTwy> links on the doc aren't working
13:14:48 <iceTwy> and I can't find them in the sourceforge CVS repo
13:15:26 <joepie91> the grisbi-translation.html lists a few email addresses
13:15:32 <joepie91> I'd recommend just emailing them and asking them
13:20:37 <iceTwy> alright
13:21:12 <iceTwy> btw
13:21:18 <iceTwy> I've begun using some GTK2+3 XFCE themes
13:23:30 <iceTwy> Statler-Light theme + Elegant-Gray XFWM
13:23:33 <iceTwy> = <3
13:26:28 * joepie91 really likes Greybird
13:27:01 <joepie91> iceTwy;
13:27:12 <iceTwy> I know Greybird
13:27:16 <iceTwy> It's super cool ,)
13:27:17 <iceTwy> ;)*
13:27:39 <joepie91> I especially like the toolbar overflow thing
13:27:45 <joepie91> like, where the titlebar and toolbars become one thing
13:29:32 <joepie91> also, iceTwy, y u no on jabber!
13:30:16 <iceTwy> don't frequently use it :o
13:31:42 <joepie91> get on there :P
13:33:42 <iceTwy> fine ^^
13:41:15 * joepie91 doesn't see iceTwy on jabber yet
13:41:19 <iceTwy> oh
13:41:20 <iceTwy> heh
13:41:21 <iceTwy> sec
13:41:31 <joepie91> lol
13:41:40 <iceTwy> for some reason
13:41:42 <iceTwy> can't find pidgin
13:41:43 <iceTwy> but ye
13:41:44 <iceTwy> lol
13:45:41 <joepie91> how.. can you lose Pidgin?
13:45:46 <joepie91> menu -> internet -> Pidgin?
13:45:57 <iceTwy> right?
13:46:02 <joepie91> ya
13:46:11 <joepie91> you're already on my contacts
13:46:13 <joepie91> numero 3
13:46:14 <joepie91> :P
13:47:29 <crytocc-c> hai
13:47:58 <iceTwy> hai
14:15:42 <lady-3jane> dicks dicks dicks
14:16:19 <lady-3jane> really fucking excited that this exists:
14:16:46 <lady-3jane> I also love that http2 is being based on spdy
14:16:50 <lady-3jane> makes me want to jizz everywhere
14:17:02 <lady-3jane> and I want nginx to update their support to spdy 3
14:17:04 <lady-3jane> e.e
14:28:27 <lady-3jane> oh what the balls
14:28:50 <lady-3jane> spdy4, which hasn't even been spec'd yet, expects to be able to push dns records out via spdy
14:29:09 <lady-3jane> "Server push of DNS records & certificates for better connection sharing"
14:29:20 <lady-3jane> holy balls :D
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14:38:47 <MK_FG> spdy-5 will be just "connect to google, we'll take it from there" ;P
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14:55:43 * iceTwy is away: Occupé
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15:15:53 <lady-3jane> MK_FG:) they have that already
15:16:52 <lady-3jane> it's called pagespeed service and the new android has something similar to how the amazon silk browser works, where it tells google "want" and google fetches the page and applies pagespeed optimizations and spdy and sends that packed over to your phone
15:17:26 <MK_FG> a jpeg render of the page ;)
15:17:29 <lady-3jane> no
15:17:37 <lady-3jane> google sends the actual shit, not like fucking silk
15:17:47 <lady-3jane> they still get 50% b/w savings
15:17:54 <lady-3jane> (average)
15:17:58 <crytocc-c> 362 MB/s dd test :)
15:18:06 <lady-3jane> woot :D
15:18:08 <lady-3jane> ssd?
15:18:31 <MK_FG> dd if=/dev/zero?
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15:19:23 <crytocc-c> mhm
15:19:26 <crytocc-c> ssd. 60gb ssd
15:19:34 <crytocc-c>
15:19:57 <MK_FG> Since about a year-two ago, all the sneaky sandforce controllers do compression
15:20:18 <lady-3jane> lel
15:20:21 <MK_FG> So /dev/zero compresses quite damn well, and it's not quite write speed test ;)
15:20:22 <lady-3jane> also, good
15:20:36 <lady-3jane> so what something more like /dev/urandom?
15:20:53 <MK_FG> Yeah, that shouldn't compress at all
15:21:05 <crytocc-c> debaiting on getting cpanel, idk yet though.
15:22:16 <lady-3jane> ssh too complex for you?
15:22:29 <crytocc-c> not that, its easy, just I am hosting customers on it
15:22:33 <lady-3jane> ahh
15:22:35 <crytocc-c> and  they want some sort of interface
15:22:47 <lady-3jane> hmm that's right my friend is moving her customers soon
15:23:01 <lady-3jane> apparently rackspace has a reseller thing like that, where everybody gets panels
15:23:50 <crytocc-c> hm
15:23:51 <crytocc-c> interesting
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15:25:20 <lady-3jane> yeah. rackspace isn't cheap, but she hates managing shit
15:25:29 <lady-3jane> and it's one of those whiteglove type services
15:25:47 <lady-3jane> she gets to write sites and provide hosting to customers for a nominal fee, and the company takes care of it all for her
15:25:50 <lady-3jane> that sorta deal
15:25:53 <crytocc-c> hm
15:26:05 <crytocc-c> I just don't have the funds atm for cpanel, as I'm locally hosting customers
15:26:07 <crytocc-c> to make money
15:26:09 <lady-3jane> yeah
15:26:12 <crytocc-c> (like on a vps, but local businesses)
15:26:17 * lady-3jane nods
15:26:23 <lady-3jane> that's where she started :)
15:26:37 <crytocc-c> lol nice
15:26:39 <lady-3jane> lotta local businesses have very very pretty sites
15:26:43 <lady-3jane> cause she wrote em
15:26:44 <lady-3jane> :>
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15:27:00 <crytocc-c> I'd host them on my local box which is an e3-1270v2 rack server
15:27:05 <crytocc-c> with 32gb ram, 2x 1tb hdd in it
15:27:09 <crytocc-c> but I don't got static ip
15:27:11 <lady-3jane> slow uplink?
15:27:12 <lady-3jane> ahh
15:27:13 <crytocc-c> so I use that for customer backups
15:27:20 <crytocc-c> hourly backups :)
15:27:24 <lady-3jane> mmm
15:27:29 <lady-3jane> I've got none of that
15:27:32 <crytocc-c> DoS Filtering at provider level.
15:27:33 <lady-3jane> which reminds me...
15:27:43 <lady-3jane> I need to pull all my data off my server on sunday
15:27:50 <lady-3jane> just so I've got one snapshot
15:28:06 <crytocc-c> I got an agreement with my machine provider that I get a firewall (hardware) before it comes into the machine, so I can filter out 99% of the bad traffic
15:28:15 <lady-3jane> nice :>
15:28:22 <crytocc-c> fixed the nginx to stop rudy floods(common l7)
15:28:41 <lady-3jane> ahh never heard of those
15:28:51 <crytocc-c> stopped l7 by killing off fake referal agents
15:28:58 <lady-3jane> ahh
15:29:08 <lady-3jane> we get hammered by people req'ing head and thing like that
15:29:11 <crytocc-c> last time I got a l7 rudy, it was all refs like
15:29:21 <crytocc-c> so, simply, only allow search engine refs
15:29:24 <crytocc-c> and bang, issue fixed.
15:29:44 <MK_FG> Lazy attackers ;)
15:29:48 <lady-3jane> we don't do any filtering
15:29:52 <crytocc-c>
15:29:53 <lady-3jane> mostly cause filtering is for pussies
15:29:55 <crytocc-c> w.t.f looks good!
15:30:08 <crytocc-c> meh, we only offer filtering because of our agreement with provider
15:30:10 <lady-3jane> real men take web attacks to the face
15:30:14 <lady-3jane> :3
15:30:25 <MK_FG> Oh, that thing from russian google ;)
15:30:25 <crytocc-c> lol, not when the attack is bigger then the pipe
15:30:38 <lady-3jane> our ssh logs cleared right the fuck up when I moved to whitelist
15:30:48 <lady-3jane> yeah we don't get attacked like that
15:30:54 <lady-3jane> too small a fish :)
15:31:18 <crytocc-c> well, I'm hosting a business site that does pizza, they've gotten a few small attacks
15:31:23 <crytocc-c> mostly layer 7 though
15:31:25 <lady-3jane> and iirc the fancy box with important things on it is on gbit or something, so it's usually good against the minecraft ddos we used to get
15:32:01 <lady-3jane> gonna make us move to shadow root dns eventually
15:32:17 <crytocc-c> I only host 1 gameserver for a buddy, his gets the shit beat out of.
15:32:31 <lady-3jane> only downstream dns servers in the round robbin
15:32:33 <crytocc-c> pff, he expected me to help him one time when he got a 11.5gbit flood, i was like oh fuck no.
15:32:35 <lady-3jane> should help with uptime
15:32:41 <lady-3jane> hahaha
15:32:49 <lady-3jane> yeah fuck game server hosting
15:32:51 <lady-3jane> I hate it
15:32:52 <crytocc-c> he had a static ip, I had provider nullroute it
15:32:54 <lady-3jane> and we're moving away from it
15:33:12 <lady-3jane> the other person was heavy into minecraft and so that's what we hosted
15:33:28 <lady-3jane> he gave away that server to a friend and so we're gonna do things like xmpp and crypted mails
15:33:39 <lady-3jane> services and shit
15:33:41 <lady-3jane> :>
15:34:38 <crytocc-c> just had to update rdns :P
15:34:52 <crytocc-c> I only got a 2tb/mo bandwidth limit
15:35:02 <crytocc-c> its not bad though, since these customers don't even reach 1tb combinded.
15:35:12 <crytocc-c> a few sites are very demanding (ajax)
15:35:42 <lady-3jane> haha with overactive ajax too I bet
15:35:52 <crytocc-c> lol yeah
15:36:10 <lady-3jane> let's hit the server every 3 seconds guys, we need the data NOW!
15:36:25 <crytocc-c> Lol, pretty much.
15:36:40 <crytocc-c> Plus the firewall we use, I set a max bandwidth limit per day on ip addresses
15:36:45 <crytocc-c> for upload/download on customers ips
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15:39:37 *** Ishaq` is now known as Ishaq
15:40:11 <crytocc-c> anyone know a "good" panel then lady-3jane
15:40:22 <crytocc-c> I'd use zPanel, but after what joepie91 said, they suck.
15:40:26 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) ^
15:40:33 <lady-3jane> I don't use panels, so I don't know
15:41:18 <crytocc-c> meh, I usually don't, but customers want it,
15:41:26 <crytocc-c> so in order to make customers happy I must.
15:41:37 <lady-3jane> da
15:42:58 <crytocc-c> rDNS finally updated successfully
15:43:15 <MK_FG> lady-3jane, I believe technical term is "slootweged"
15:43:41 <MK_FG> Oh, s/lady-3jane/crytocc-c/ ;)
15:43:49 <crytocc-c> lol
15:43:54 <lady-3jane> lol
15:43:59 <lady-3jane> yeah that's the technical term
15:44:13 <lady-3jane> mmm, thai for breakfast
15:44:27 <joepie91> lol
15:44:34 <lady-3jane> NP: [Christina Aguilera - Back In The Day] [Back To Basics [Disc 1]] [915kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
15:44:40 <joepie91> crytocc-c: just stick with cpanel imo
15:44:45 <joepie91> for customer-facing
15:44:53 <crytocc-c> joepie91, I can't afford cPanel on what I make atm, lol.
15:45:05 <joepie91> then raise prices? :P
15:45:09 <joepie91> cpanel isn't _that_ expensive
15:45:15 <crytocc-c> lol, cpanels what like $15?
15:45:25 <joepie91> for a node, yes
15:45:27 <joepie91> iirc
15:45:35 <lady-3jane> seriously we're talking about 15/mo as being too much?
15:45:36 <crytocc-c> after I paid this months bills for everything, I'm left with $8.50
15:45:48 <lady-3jane> crytocc-c:) that is not enough profit
15:45:52 <crytocc-c> ik
15:45:59 <crytocc-c> I'm going to need to get a few more customers, or raise prices.
15:46:02 <lady-3jane> that's one minimum wage hour in the states
15:46:11 <lady-3jane> and your server takes more than 1 hour per month to administrate
15:46:20 <crytocc-c> meh, I'm charging roughly $13/mo.
15:46:59 <lady-3jane> we only charged 3-5, but our hosting is free and they're friends... so they get no support
15:47:09 <crytocc-c> lol
15:47:22 <crytocc-c> I give free support between 5am - 11pm
15:47:26 <crytocc-c> 7 days a week
15:47:36 <crytocc-c> if its in the night when I'm sleeping, I charge $
15:47:43 <lady-3jane> one of em is always asking me to do shit, so instead of saying no I say "yeah I'll help at $15/hr with 1hr minimum"
15:47:58 <crytocc-c> lol
15:48:20 <lady-3jane> so he pays now, and only asks when he really needs it :)
15:48:38 <crytocc-c> joepie91 know any other alternatives besides cPanel, its not that I don't like cPanel, just I don't feel like getting it atm, since this machines hosts more then web sites.
15:49:04 <joepie91> crytocc-c: there honestly aren't any other panels suited for customer-facing stuff
15:49:14 <joepie91> webmin, ispconfig etc are all more technical
15:49:15 <crytocc-c> (sighs)
15:49:23 <joepie91> directadmin is a bit limited, and costs $ also
15:49:28 <joepie91> plesk is just a mess
15:49:37 <crytocc-c> hm, that gives me an idea to make a panel that is good for customer-facing stuff, but I don't have time ;(
15:49:43 <lady-3jane> plesk sacrifices a small asian child every time you use it
15:49:54 <lady-3jane> AND it costs money
15:49:55 <joepie91> that's roughly how the UI comes across, yes
15:50:06 <joepie91> Plesk is like paying for having your house destroyed
15:50:06 <joepie91> lol
15:50:30 <lady-3jane> YAY
15:50:38 <lady-3jane> I'm going to vietnamese food in 2 hours
15:50:39 <lady-3jane> :>
15:50:55 <crytocc-c> I'll see if I can get cPanel to give me it free :) they'll say no, but worth bugging them
15:51:04 <lady-3jane> and my mom came down and was horrified that I have a single 17inch monitor from 1999 still
15:51:19 <lady-3jane> so after I move to the next college she's buying me dual 21inch monitors
15:51:35 <lady-3jane> :3
15:51:35 <crytocc-c> lol lady-3jane. I got triple 23" monitors
15:51:39 <crytocc-c> one for xbox, 2 for pc.
15:51:42 <lady-3jane> I have never used dual monitor
15:52:05 <lady-3jane> have gfx enough to drive em, but eh
15:52:08 <joepie91> lady-3jane: your mom... is concerned about your hardware?
15:52:08 <joepie91> wat?
15:52:14 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) yes
15:52:18 <joepie91> what backwards world is this!
15:52:22 <lady-3jane> my mother is awesome
15:52:35 * joepie91 has a 22.5" TFT
15:52:38 <lady-3jane> she was a goth in highschool
15:52:40 <lady-3jane> she gets it
15:52:41 <lady-3jane> :>
15:52:43 <joepie91> lol
15:52:52 <crytocc-c> joepie91 is zPanel update secured for issue?
15:52:58 <lady-3jane> no
15:52:59 * joepie91 sighs
15:52:59 <crytocc-c> from*
15:53:01 <joepie91> do
15:53:01 <joepie91> not
15:53:01 <joepie91> use
15:53:02 <joepie91> zpanel
15:53:05 <joepie91> I don't care whether they update it
15:53:10 <joepie91> I don't care whether they 'patched' it
15:53:15 <joepie91> the whole goddamn thing is so fucking leaky
15:53:16 <crytocc-c> I'm not going, I am just wondering, see how long it takes them to patch it.
15:53:18 <joepie91> you might as well hand out free shells
15:53:20 <joepie91> on your box
15:53:22 <lady-3jane> their patch will introduce more vulns, if their history is any indication
15:53:23 <joepie91> with sudo permissions
15:53:28 <crytocc-c> joepie91 did you compermise their machine?
15:53:33 <joepie91> crytocc-c: no, I didn't
15:53:37 <lady-3jane> no, but others have
15:53:40 <lady-3jane> repeatedly
15:53:41 <crytocc-c> hm, wonder who did then
15:53:53 <joepie91> also, interesting bit:
15:54:01 <joepie91> the zpanel site doesn't actually run on a zpanel server
15:54:02 <joepie91> lol
15:54:08 <crytocc-c> lolwut
15:54:08 <lady-3jane> :3
15:54:13 <lady-3jane> they know better
15:54:22 LastOneStanding has quit (User quit:  <censored> you guys, I'm going home.)
15:54:23 * joepie91 mumbles something about dogfood
15:54:24 <lady-3jane> their subconscious knows better, any way
15:54:24 <lady-3jane> :P
15:54:35 <lady-3jane> fuck yeah!
15:54:41 <lady-3jane> that's why we run hosting. cause we use it
15:54:42 <lady-3jane> :P
15:54:47 <joepie91> jesus christ chrome
15:54:48 <crytocc-c> lol thats a failure
15:54:50 <joepie91> can you stop hanging for a fucking second
15:54:54 <joepie91> so I can actually -do- shit
15:54:55 <lady-3jane> NEVER
15:54:58 <lady-3jane> I WILL HANG ALL THE DAYS
15:55:11 <crytocc-c> I hate when chrome hangs, when it does I go to firefox.
15:55:15 <lady-3jane> mine hung a few minutes ago... but that was because I ran out of ram
15:55:27 <lady-3jane> and I disabled swap, so there was no place for it to go
15:55:37 <joepie91> spam fail of the day
15:55:42 <joepie91> sending me markov spam
15:55:44 <lady-3jane> GUI was like LULZ YOU WANNA INTERACT WITH ME? FUCK OFF
15:55:44 <joepie91> with no link
15:55:46 <joepie91> and no attachment
15:56:17 <lady-3jane> NP: [Chumbawamba - Tubthumping] [Tubthumper] [955kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
15:57:01 <lady-3jane> oh FUCK ME
15:57:32 <lady-3jane> JESUS CHRIST IS THIS 1997?
15:58:03 <lady-3jane> FUCK
15:58:16 <lady-3jane> AND 2 AND 3 ARE CLEARFIXES
15:58:18 <lady-3jane> JESUS
15:58:22 <lady-3jane> SOMEONE SHOOT ME NOW
15:58:51 <crytocc-c> lol
15:59:20 <lady-3jane> I'm horrified of what their "blockquote template" is gonna look like in practice if that's the top 3
15:59:58 <crytocc-c> ah ffs... screw it. I'll get cpanel
15:59:59 <crytocc-c> -.-
16:00:08 <lady-3jane> mine is
16:00:10 <lady-3jane> blockquote, code, pre, samp, kbd { font-family: Consolas, 'Source Code Pro', Inconsolata, 'Anonymous Pro', 'Liberation Mono', 'Courier New', Courier,  'Lucida Console', 'Ubuntu Mono', monospace; font-size: 1rem; }
16:00:10 <lady-3jane> blockquote, code, pre { white-space: pre; white-space: pre-wrap; word-wrap: break-word; }
16:00:32 <lady-3jane> END OF BLOCKQUOTE
16:00:45 <lady-3jane> love me some monospace blockquotes
16:01:58 <crytocc-c> lol
16:01:59 <lady-3jane> I'm going to blanket ignore their font stacks too
16:02:22 <crytocc-c> 12:01:58 up 56 min,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
16:02:32 <joepie91> blockquite { after: "&nbsp;(haha, get it? BLOCKquotes!)" }
16:02:36 <joepie91> argh
16:02:38 <joepie91> blockquote { after: "&nbsp;(haha, get it? BLOCKquotes!)" }
16:03:06 <lady-3jane> lel
16:03:26 zest has quit (Ping timeout)
16:03:27 <lady-3jane> 09:03:17 up 3 days, 16:51,  5 users,  load average: 0.35, 0.37, 0.33
16:03:31 <crytocc-c> hm, can cPanel run on nginx?
16:03:41 <crytocc-c> because I need nginx to be able to do l7 filtering
16:03:53 <lady-3jane> put nginx in front of apache if you need it?
16:03:54 <lady-3jane> lol
16:04:03 <lady-3jane> I do that with lighttpd right now
16:04:21 <lady-3jane> I have a subsite that's web->nginx->lighttpd->perl
16:04:28 <lady-3jane> :>
16:04:32 <crytocc-c> lol
16:05:50 <lady-3jane> also I love the new async notation for javascript
16:06:00 <crytocc-c> I haven't seen it yet.
16:06:08 <lady-3jane> like
16:06:08 <lady-3jane> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
16:06:23 <lady-3jane> it waits until onpageload to fire the request and pull it in/parse
16:06:50 <lady-3jane> so I get full page loaded and then twitter, in this example, can drop in and mark everything into its boxes
16:07:04 <crytocc-c> hm, nice!
16:07:07 <crytocc-c> I'll check it out
16:07:08 <lady-3jane> yeah
16:07:31 <lady-3jane> the caveat of course is that it's basically lazy load, so if your script needs to be fired or breaks easily, it will break it
16:07:52 <lady-3jane> there's several I've run across that don't work with it
16:08:03 <lady-3jane> buffer script was the most annoying one
16:08:09 <lady-3jane> but their script is actually hardcoded
16:08:21 <lady-3jane> so wherever you put the js include line is where the button gets written
16:08:29 <crytocc-c> hm nice.
16:08:33 <lady-3jane> irrelevant of the supposed html you ALSO put in the page
16:08:39 <lady-3jane> It's dumb
16:08:40 <lady-3jane> not nice
16:08:57 <lady-3jane> I wish they'd fix it
16:09:05 <lady-3jane> I've bitched, don't worry
16:09:58 <lady-3jane> hmm
16:10:11 <lady-3jane> well I know what I'm doing after lunch
16:10:17 <lady-3jane> CSS FAGGOTREEEEEEEE
16:11:48 <lady-3jane> OH
16:12:01 <lady-3jane> no wonder I didn't push the new css yet, it's in %'s and ems only
16:12:02 <lady-3jane> hahahaha
16:12:11 <lady-3jane> should probably test that first
16:12:47 <lady-3jane> ooh, glad I tested
16:12:51 <lady-3jane> TEXT IS HUGE
16:13:01 <lady-3jane> now to try and remember if that was intentional
16:14:13 <lady-3jane> fuck what
16:14:23 <lady-3jane> so 18/16 is 1.125
16:14:31 <lady-3jane> which means % should be 112.5
16:14:35 <lady-3jane> but the font is HUGE
16:14:40 <lady-3jane> wait wait wait
16:14:43 <lady-3jane> it cascades
16:14:55 <lady-3jane> hee hee
16:15:26 <lady-3jane> so what's the 4th multiplicative addition that gives you 112.5%
16:15:27 <lady-3jane> ha
16:15:30 <crytocc-c> wow
16:15:54 <lady-3jane> I'm really good at this, I swear
16:20:35 <crytocc-c> yeah.
16:21:00 <lady-3jane> :3
16:36:07 <lady-3jane> hehehe I'm working to create the exponential curve required to fix this without fixing my code
16:36:14 <lady-3jane> fuck yeah
16:36:36 <lady-3jane> why rewrite css when you can find the correct cascade?
16:36:37 <lady-3jane> :D
16:50:40 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
17:12:29 *** Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross
17:19:41 <crytocc-c> idk
17:19:46 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
17:19:52 <iceTwy> mom's lucky
17:19:55 <iceTwy> i got to buy her a present
17:23:17 <lady-3jane> :P
17:23:21 <lady-3jane> oh so
17:23:45 <iceTwy> ye
17:24:03 <lady-3jane> in case anyone's wondering, if you have four css cascades of % font size, 102.9884% is the number you're looking for to get from 16 to 18
17:24:06 <iceTwy> some Amy Winehouse album she wanted.
17:24:08 <crytocc-c> lol
17:24:16 <iceTwy> 102.9884%?
17:24:20 <lady-3jane> yes
17:24:22 <iceTwy> not precise enough.
17:24:22 <crytocc-c> Who wants to design me a nice GUI?
17:24:29 <crytocc-c> I'm getting kloxo, redesigning it.
17:24:31 <lady-3jane> it's an exact answer
17:24:33 <iceTwy> a GUI for what
17:24:36 <lady-3jane> so yes it is precise enough
17:24:36 <lady-3jane> lol
17:24:37 <iceTwy> oh is it?
17:24:45 <iceTwy> thought it was an approximate value
17:24:48 <lady-3jane> no
17:24:49 <iceTwy> MY BAD
17:25:06 <crytocc-c> how user-friendly does this look?
17:25:15 <lady-3jane> ((((16*1.029884)1.029884)1.029884)1.029884)
17:25:20 <lady-3jane> = 18
17:25:30 <lady-3jane> :3
17:25:38 <iceTwy> so
17:25:39 <lady-3jane> good css or best css
17:25:42 <iceTwy> effectively
17:25:42 <lady-3jane> :3
17:25:48 <iceTwy> 16*1,029884^4
17:25:55 <lady-3jane> no
17:25:55 <iceTwy> and crytocc-c: what's the plan here?
17:26:05 <iceTwy> gathering all the tools in those little scrolldown lists?
17:26:13 <crytocc-c> Redesign kloxo for my customers to make it friendly
17:26:15 <crytocc-c> and easier to use
17:26:18 <crytocc-c> is the plan
17:26:25 <crytocc-c> because I don't want to buy cPanel to use it
17:26:32 <iceTwy> 1. typos :<
17:26:39 <lady-3jane> ahh, it is correct
17:26:46 <lady-3jane> yes, ^4
17:26:47 <iceTwy> 2. this layout idea isn't bad but somehow...
17:27:15 <iceTwy> I'd struggle a bit to find some tool if it wasn't under the proper category
17:27:20 <iceTwy> if I used kloxo
17:27:35 <iceTwy> also
17:27:41 <iceTwy> for the statistics pane on the left
17:27:48 <iceTwy> add either RAM usage or bandwidth usage
17:28:22 <crytocc-c> ok.
17:28:23 <crytocc-c> one second
17:28:46 <lady-3jane> that's interesting that EVERYTHING IS ON THE HOMEPAGE
17:29:17 <crytocc-c> nice hover-over effect
17:29:59 <iceTwy> truedat lady-3jane!
17:30:29 <crytocc-c> meh, screw it. I might just grab cPanel afterall.
17:30:35 <crytocc-c> CBA to write the design
17:30:36 <iceTwy> hey
17:30:38 <lady-3jane> or you could continue working on it
17:30:39 <lady-3jane> lol
17:30:39 <iceTwy> don't quit
17:30:52 <lady-3jane> I won't rage at you for a while, I'm leaving for lunch soon
17:30:52 <iceTwy> instead
17:30:52 <lady-3jane> :P
17:30:54 <iceTwy> use zPanel
17:30:56 <iceTwy> HAHAHAHA.
17:30:59 <crytocc-c> LOL ZPANEL
17:31:01 <crytocc-c> LOLOLOL
17:31:06 <iceTwy> lmao
17:32:51 <lady-3jane> NP: [Amy Winehouse - Rehab] [Back To Black] [946kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:34:03 <iceTwy> flac
17:34:06 <iceTwy> <3
17:34:07 <iceTwy>
17:34:14 <iceTwy> sadface
17:34:14 <lady-3jane> mmmm
17:34:14 <lady-3jane> NP: [DJ Shadow - Building Steam With a Grain of Salt] [Endtroducing.....] [773kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:34:21 <iceTwy> how'd you show your NP tracck
17:34:24 <iceTwy> track*
17:34:35 <lady-3jane> python script
17:34:38 <lady-3jane> that I wrote
17:34:56 <lady-3jane> deadbeef has a... cli api
17:34:58 <iceTwy> have you compiled your own version of DeaDBeeF?
17:35:02 <lady-3jane> for getting np info
17:35:09 <iceTwy> interesting
17:35:11 <iceTwy> lemme look into it
17:35:28 <lady-3jane> yeah you can just call the app (assuming in your path) and it'll give np info
17:35:30 <lady-3jane> there's an arg
17:35:40 <lady-3jane> and you can specify output format if you wanna be fancy
17:35:58 <lady-3jane> docs are online etc :)
17:37:26 <lady-3jane> NP: [The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)] [Electric Ladyland] [918kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
17:37:47 <lady-3jane> agh, so hungry e.e
17:37:55 <lady-3jane> why do I have to eat every 3 hours :|
17:37:56 <iceTwy> eat jimi's burning guitar
17:38:00 <iceTwy> should be enough of a dinner
17:38:04 <lady-3jane> nope
17:38:08 <lady-3jane> too slim a meal
17:38:16 <lady-3jane> might hold me over for lunch though
17:38:21 <iceTwy> dayum
17:38:37 <iceTwy> you wouldn't be able to lose 15+ kg's in 2-3 months
17:38:39 <iceTwy> would you
17:39:00 <lady-3jane> lose? If I did that I'd be dangerously low weight
17:39:33 <lady-3jane> holy fuck, 15kg is a lot
17:39:42 <lady-3jane> jesus, I'd die
17:39:46 <lady-3jane> or be hospitalized
17:40:16 <lady-3jane> 15kg is... 25% of my weight
17:40:26 <lady-3jane> I'm 55kg
17:40:51 <iceTwy> welp
17:40:52 <iceTwy> i'm 70kg
17:40:55 <iceTwy> 1.80m
17:41:02 <iceTwy> the average guy, am I not
17:41:30 <lady-3jane> I'm as tall as you
17:41:46 <lady-3jane> google says ~1.77m
17:42:05 <iceTwy> lol
17:42:09 <iceTwy> then you're damn slim
17:42:11 <iceTwy> well
17:42:12 <MK_FG> \o/ for body-parts measurment contests ;)
17:42:15 <iceTwy> underweight
17:42:16 <lady-3jane> yes
17:42:19 <iceTwy> aw
17:42:20 <lady-3jane> yes, I'm tiny
17:42:25 <iceTwy> but
17:42:28 <iceTwy> how old are you, if I may
17:42:35 <lady-3jane> 18-24 demo
17:42:41 <iceTwy> hmm
17:42:46 *** Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK
17:43:14 <lady-3jane> starting tomorrow I'm gonna go back to excercising
17:43:20 <lady-3jane> stopped for finals week
17:43:56 <lady-3jane> I'm still pretty fit, so I'm gonna see if I can get to going all the way up our mountain and back down in 1hr
17:44:11 <lady-3jane> used to be able to run that
17:44:30 <iceTwy> herp
17:44:34 <iceTwy> my lazy ass doesn't do any sports
17:44:43 <lady-3jane> I hate sports
17:44:45 <iceTwy> and considering I lost a lotta weight last year
17:44:47 <iceTwy> pretty quickly
17:44:52 <iceTwy> my body's generally flabby
17:44:53 <iceTwy> :/
17:45:02 <lady-3jane> I don't do sports :P
17:45:31 <lady-3jane> but my rule with exercise is always: If you can walk afterwards, you didn't go fast enough
17:46:02 <iceTwy> crap lol
17:46:11 <iceTwy> that's intensive then
17:46:12 <lady-3jane> but that rule scales
17:46:34 <lady-3jane> so if you can't exercise much, don't overdo it... but you should still be pushing your limit, whatever that limit is
17:46:38 <lady-3jane> and always push your limit, every time
17:46:43 <iceTwy> tbh
17:46:51 <iceTwy> I wanted to do C25K
17:46:59 <iceTwy> but finals are coming up so
17:47:00 <lady-3jane> if you're sore the next day, only go again when you're no longer sore
17:47:01 <iceTwy> not a lotta time
17:47:07 <lady-3jane> slowly that window will decrease and you'll go every other day
17:47:12 <lady-3jane> then work on doing it faster
17:47:19 <iceTwy> hmm
17:47:30 <lady-3jane> :P
17:47:35 <lady-3jane> that's how I "exercise"
17:48:17 <lady-3jane> I also found out why you don't get aluminum frame bikes... their welds are weaker than the frame, and if you're as strong as me you can rip the frame apart if you aren't careful
17:48:58 <lady-3jane> I did that in highschool
17:49:04 <lady-3jane> I'd say it was funny, but it really wasn't
17:49:54 <iceTwy> high school..
17:50:00 <iceTwy> got to finish high school.
17:50:15 <iceTwy> btw
17:50:22 <iceTwy> where's the doc to that DeaDBeeF API?
17:50:35 <iceTwy> for
17:52:02 <iceTwy> lady-3jane ^
17:52:03 <lady-3jane> cli says
17:52:15 <lady-3jane> maybe you should --help more often
17:52:15 <lady-3jane> :P
17:52:25 <iceTwy> :p
17:52:43 <iceTwy> lol
17:52:45 <iceTwy> simple
17:52:55 <lady-3jane> :P
17:52:57 <iceTwy> deadbeef -nowplaying FMT
17:52:57 <lady-3jane> yeah
17:53:00 <iceTwy> --*
17:53:05 <lady-3jane> that shit was bad though
17:53:13 <lady-3jane> I used to sprint to school (on my bike)
17:53:23 <lady-3jane> if I timed the lights correctly, I could do it in 3.5minutes
17:53:28 <lady-3jane> school was 2 miles away
17:53:50 * lady-3jane afk
17:54:50 <iceTwy> 2 miles away?!
17:54:51 <iceTwy> wtf
18:00:55 DrWhat has quit (Ping timeout)
18:05:47 <iceTwy> !deadbeef
18:05:58 <iceTwy> hmm
18:21:04 <iceTwy> hey
18:21:11 <iceTwy> lady-3jane
18:21:15 <iceTwy> NP on iceTwy's DeaDBeeFMegadeth - Head Crusher - Endgame (2009) - 1054kbps
18:21:15 <iceTwy> !deadbeef
18:22:02 <iceTwy> better like this
18:22:04 <iceTwy> NP on iceTwy's DeaDBeeF: Megadeth - Head Crusher - Endgame (2009) - 1054kbps
18:22:04 <iceTwy> !deadbeef
18:39:22 mama ( has joined #crytocc
18:57:09 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
19:03:48 <iceTwy> lady-3jane
19:03:50 <iceTwy> you there?
19:08:19 <crytocc-c> ugh. crappy day today
19:09:20 <crytocc-c> randomly getting lightheaded and almost dizzy
19:09:29 <crytocc-c> I must be super dehydrated
19:12:14 <iceTwy> drink
19:12:16 <iceTwy> wasser
19:21:16 <crytocc-c> lol
19:24:10 <iceTwy> also crytocc-c
19:24:12 <iceTwy> run !deadbeef please
19:24:21 <crytocc-c> !deadbeef
19:24:24 <iceTwy> right
19:24:27 <iceTwy> doesn't work for ya
19:24:28 <iceTwy> !deadbeef
19:24:32 <iceTwy> in fact
19:24:49 <iceTwy> and now?
19:24:54 <iceTwy> ffs
19:24:55 <iceTwy> sec
19:25:45 <iceTwy> try now
19:26:05 <iceTwy> crytocc-c: try now?
19:26:39 <crytocc-c> !deadbeef
19:26:39 <iceTwy> NP on iceTwy's DeaDBeeF: Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky - Pulse  (1995) - 5238kbps
19:26:46 <iceTwy> that's
19:26:47 <iceTwy> worrying
19:31:22 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
19:31:42 <DrWhat> has anyone thought about writing a Bukkit plugin?
19:39:36 <iceTwy> lady-3jane: ping
19:43:10 <joepie91> well
19:43:13 <joepie91> looks like I am having an issue
19:43:19 <iceTwy> what
19:43:20 <joepie91> with the radeon drivers
19:43:20 <iceTwy> is it
19:43:21 <joepie91>
19:43:34 <iceTwy> tell me joepie91
19:43:35 <joepie91> practical result: screen goes into stand-by mode and back out of it every few seconds
19:43:45 <iceTwy> hm
19:43:45 <iceTwy> k
19:43:47 <joepie91> typically happens when running games under WINE
19:43:47 <iceTwy> lemme see
19:44:25 <joepie91> from what I could find
19:44:34 <joepie91> this is most likely a driver bug
19:44:59 <iceTwy> aren't you using
19:45:01 <iceTwy> outdated drivers?
19:45:43 DrWhat has quit (User quit:  AnacønÐa · "In order to get a loan you must first prove you don't need it")
19:45:57 <iceTwy> hmm
19:46:11 <joepie91> doubt it
19:50:15 <iceTwy> I don't get the concept
19:50:17 <iceTwy> of hook functions
19:50:17 <iceTwy> :<
19:52:20 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
19:52:22 <DrWhat> gay
19:52:25 <DrWhat> Crash
19:52:27 <DrWhat> Cunt
20:13:09 <iceTwy> NP on iceTwy's DeaDBeeF: Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky - Pulse  (1995) - 5238kbps
20:13:10 <iceTwy> It works
20:13:10 <iceTwy> !
20:24:47 <iceTwy> %B xx %B
20:43:22 iceTwy has quit (Ping timeout)
20:56:31 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
20:57:27 iceTwy has quit (User quit:  Quit)
20:57:35 iceTwy ( has joined #crytocc
21:13:07 <joepie91> well
21:13:13 <joepie91> it seems like my desktop hardware is on its way out :(
21:13:18 <joepie91> cc iceTwy
21:13:28 <joepie91> turns out those radeon errors are more likely to be caused by hardware failure
21:13:30 <joepie91> than by driver bug
21:13:33 <iceTwy> is it
21:13:34 <iceTwy> hmph
21:13:36 <iceTwy> damn.
21:13:42 <joepie91> first the PSU starting to rattle and stutter
21:13:44 <joepie91> semi-fixed
21:13:48 <joepie91> now the GFX card...
21:14:10 <iceTwy> time to change
21:14:30 <joepie91> well
21:14:35 <joepie91> I was planning a hardware upgrade anyway
21:14:40 <joepie91> but seems like that was just put on the fast track
21:14:55 <iceTwy> ypu
21:14:55 <iceTwy> lol
21:15:29 <IR601> tighten your screws
21:15:29 <IR601> XD
21:15:46 <IR601> tbh if something is rattleing its probably your case
21:16:10 <joepie91> IR601: there's an actual issue with the fan it seems
21:16:13 <joepie91> I actually opened up my PSU
21:16:18 <IR601> WHOA
21:16:19 <joepie91> and re-tightened all screws
21:16:22 <IR601> U DID WHAT NOW
21:16:23 <joepie91> it's still not _entirely_ quiet
21:16:24 <joepie91> but mostly
21:16:29 <joepie91> but the fan bounces back and forth a little
21:16:35 <joepie91> so the ball bearings are probably on their way out
21:16:44 <joepie91> I give it a few months before it just gives up entirely
21:16:52 <IR601> never open a psu!!
21:16:55 <joepie91> mm?
21:16:58 <IR601> yo crazy nigga
21:17:01 <joepie91> I know how to deal with PSUs :P
21:17:21 <IR601> i saw a psu for a vnx san
21:17:23 <joepie91> unplug from electrical socket, hit power button to discharge most of it
21:17:25 <IR601> it was hugeeeeeee
21:17:31 <joepie91> leave it overnight for the last bits of discharge
21:17:40 <joepie91> and only then open it up, and don't touch what isn't necessary to touch
21:17:47 <IR601> and had to be shipped over sea cause it could explode on air plane
21:18:02 <joepie91> I've actually disassembled quite a few old PSUs, to the point of removing the copper from it
21:18:11 <joepie91> don't worry :P
21:18:12 <IR601> man u brave
21:18:30 <joepie91> also, this particular PSU was laid out very neatly
21:18:36 <joepie91> one board, lots of empty space
21:18:41 <joepie91> no stacked boards or such dangerous fun
21:18:42 <iceTwy> ♪ NP @iceTwy ♪ Pink Floyd - Nobody Home - The Wall (1979) // 2691kbps
21:18:51 <iceTwy> :D
21:19:00 <iceTwy> I can control DeaDBeeF in XChat
21:19:17 <joepie91> watch out, now skynet can control your music
21:19:18 <joepie91> :P
21:19:25 <iceTwy> nah
21:19:26 <iceTwy> :p
21:19:34 <joepie91> anyway, IR601, I know roughly how PSUs are laid out internally
21:19:35 <joepie91> and how to work with them safely
21:19:43 <joepie91> so this was a piece of cake
21:19:50 <joepie91> neat PSU, only had to blow out dust and re-tighten screws
21:19:55 <joepie91> didn't even have to touch any components!
21:20:16 <IR601> well i wouldnt even if i felt confident
21:20:23 <iceTwy> bleh
21:20:28 <iceTwy> touching hardware isn't that bad
21:20:29 <joepie91> anyway, I give it a few months before ball bearings die
21:20:33 <joepie91> at which point I really have a problem
21:20:36 <joepie91> iceTwy: well...
21:20:41 <iceTwy> at which point you should buy another PC
21:20:42 <iceTwy> lol
21:20:42 <joepie91> PSUs are kind of a different beast
21:20:46 <IR601> i touch alot of hardware lol
21:20:54 <joepie91> the components in PSUs can hold charges for weeks
21:20:57 <joepie91> if not properly discharged
21:21:00 <iceTwy> yup
21:21:07 <joepie91> charges that are bad enough to instantly discharge and cause serious health issues
21:21:09 <joepie91> if you touch them
21:21:19 <IR601> like death
21:21:20 <IR601> XD
21:21:21 <joepie91> so the apprehension is not entirely unjustified
21:21:27 <joepie91> IR601: death is unlikely, unless you have a weak heart
21:21:44 <joepie91> iirc
21:21:51 <IR601> it would suck thats for sure
21:22:09 <joepie91> oh, it certainly would
21:22:14 <joepie91> anyway
21:22:20 <joepie91> PSU issue solved for long enough to figure out new hardware
21:22:34 <joepie91> guess I'll be poking at my (limited) savings though...
21:22:40 <IR601> well
21:22:47 <iceTwy> lady-3jane: p!ng, silly!
21:22:47 <IR601> you dont game do u
21:22:51 <joepie91> not like I have a choice, when my hardware is dying :P
21:22:58 <joepie91> IR601: no, but I've already figured out hardware
21:23:06 <IR601> what u looking at?
21:23:09 <joepie91> pm
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21:53:20 <iceTwy> well well
21:53:26 <iceTwy> scripting XChat plugins is fun
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