Cryto! 24 April 2013

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00:51:21 <HiveResearch> lady-3jane: sounds like you're descending into Stockholm Syndrome - yeah we reset the old clock every once in a while keep it working
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01:38:18 <Amnesthesia> Anybody in here good with fontz? :3
01:39:05 <lady-3jane> that's a hell of a question
01:39:45 <lady-3jane> Are you asking if we're decent at CHOOSING fonts, or do we need to be able to hand-kern a digitized scan of skolar?
01:43:21 <lady-3jane> or perhaps we should know the history and state of font rendering interfaces in modern operating systems?
01:43:36 * lady-3jane grins
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02:03:48 <joepie91> lady-3jane: the distinguishment is unlikely to be important, considering you're probably good at all of them :)
02:04:06 <lady-3jane> hue hue hue
02:04:09 <lady-3jane> :D
02:04:30 <lady-3jane> tbh I've never scanned in a font to digitize it, but I may do it someday
02:04:41 <lady-3jane> It's explicitly illegal to copyright the form of a font in the US
02:04:53 <lady-3jane> but the font files? those are software and thus copywriteably
02:05:08 <lady-3jane> so if you take a font sample and reconstruct it, you've broken no law
02:05:08 <lady-3jane> :)
02:05:20 <lady-3jane> same for germany as I've seen
02:05:51 <lady-3jane> though I think theirs has some restrictions on that... I can't remember what they are
02:05:52 <lady-3jane> >_>
02:06:02 <lady-3jane> no, I know nothing about this, what are you talking about
02:06:03 <lady-3jane> haha
02:07:21 <ryan> Anyone here good with things?
02:07:53 <lady-3jane> how do you even answer that question
02:09:24 <ryan> depends
02:09:29 <ryan> are you good with things or not?
02:11:02 * joepie91 facepalms
02:11:04 <joepie91> bittorrent sync
02:11:09 <joepie91> hurr durr secure distributed technology
02:11:19 <joepie91> so secure, that it seems you can't grab the source code to review its security for yourself!
02:11:39 <ryan> distributed and secure just don't work together
02:11:40 <lady-3jane> hmm?
02:11:58 <joepie91>
02:12:00 * lady-3jane shrugs and runs it
02:12:05 <lady-3jane> Yes I've got it running already
02:12:30 <ryan> let me
02:12:31 <ryan> fire up IDA
02:12:36 <lady-3jane> ^
02:12:45 <lady-3jane> see how the secret keys are generated, will ya?
02:13:07 <lady-3jane> my hunch is it isn't super secretly
02:13:07 <lady-3jane> lol
02:13:22 <ryan> md5 of "bittorrentisthebest
02:13:24 <ryan> "
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14:37:09 <Amnesthesia> WAKE UP
14:39:27 <MK_FG> Wut?
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