Cryto! 17 April 2013

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04:03:03 <ElectRo`> never use a messy receipe
04:03:09 <ElectRo`> the cake will end up crzy
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12:15:24 <joepie91>
12:15:24 <joepie91> yay
12:17:49 <MK_FG> There's a follow-up at (seem to be out-of-thread)
12:22:53 <joepie91> MK_FG: he's wrong though
12:23:00 <joepie91> it only addresses the zsudo thing
12:23:02 <joepie91> not the templater thing
12:43:15 <ryan> <% %> are sometimes parsed too
12:43:21 <ryan> but may need to be specifically enabled
12:57:55 <joepie91> ryan: not on standard config
12:58:00 <joepie91> zpanel configures php for you
12:58:15 <joepie91> so config is virtually guaranteed to be identical across zpanel installs
14:27:18 <lady-3jane> props joepie91 :>
14:41:04 <zxcvbnm> wtg joepie91
14:58:54 <watup> ok so kind of a noob question, but how does .onion work, cant the exit relay get the ip of the server
14:59:13 <ryan> there's no exit relay
14:59:24 <ryan> it's a kind of magic
14:59:30 <watup> lol
14:59:59 <watup> i mean cant the government make an exit relay, and use it to get to the .onion
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15:00:02 <ryan> basically the mid hops can't tell which hop is the last hop
15:00:49 <zxcvbnm> rumor I've heard is the nsa owns most of the nodes that people connect through now
15:01:07 <watup> dont all midhops go through one exit relay?
15:02:28 <watup> and zxcvbnm its unlikely, too many governments that dont play nice want to own all the nodes
15:05:51 <zxcvbnm> well, I know i'm not interested in allowing my personal ISP to get ugly fingerprints on it from some random joe
15:06:58 <lady-3jane> haha govts fighting with eachother to listen on tor creates security for tor
15:07:00 <lady-3jane> best idea ever
15:07:52 <watup> the main question with tor is if america has a majority on it
15:08:21 <watup> short of that the probality of capturing all the nodes is miniscule at best
15:09:06 <watup> aalthough the .onion although i have no idea how .onion is even the least bit secure
15:15:55 <zxcvbnm> what
15:16:15 <zxcvbnm> i don't think it is miniscule to capture a majority of notes for an agency like nsa
15:17:00 <zxcvbnm> nodes*
15:19:19 <ryan> its doable
15:19:22 <zxcvbnm> that's also assuming they need nodes to capture the traffic.. which I don't think they need
15:19:26 <ryan> but everyone knows its doable
15:19:27 <ryan> and not hard
15:19:41 <ryan> but it would be loud
15:19:44 <ryan> and everyone would know
15:20:05 <zxcvbnm> are you referring to documenting bad exit nodes ?
15:20:51 <ryan> exits have
15:20:53 <ryan> absolutely nothing
15:20:53 <ryan> to do
15:20:56 <ryan> with .onions
15:21:16 <lady-3jane> they're internal addresses. traffic never leaves tor
15:21:37 <ryan> they're keys
15:23:56 <zxcvbnm> what type of encryption occurs at each router?
15:24:16 <lady-3jane> agh, second time in two days I've poured boiling water on my hand
15:28:54 <lady-3jane> oh fuck yeah
15:28:57 <lady-3jane> medium bought matter
15:29:04 <lady-3jane> that's sweet
15:31:30 <____> well done
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16:04:33 <zxcvbnm> lady-3jane: was that you trying to find a Windows windows manager?
16:04:41 <zxcvbnm> lady-3jane: I need recommendations
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16:31:19 <zxcvbnm> .You must do this! If we fail to achieve this we will have to admit that either my own performance is not effective or you are working poorly and you have to go. And I would like you to pay attention to the fact that presently I am inclining to the second option,. Putin said in the video from the conference.
16:33:08 <MK_FG> To be fair, it's usually both 1 and 2 ;)
16:36:08 <zxcvbnm> I agree :)
16:38:42 <MK_FG> lady-3jane, Do "colors" tab in Terminology settings work for you?
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18:53:57 <ryan> joepie91: is LET irc as funny as the forum?
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19:17:57 <zxcvbnm> hey I need some direction
19:18:29 <zxcvbnm> I need a crash course in ruby on rails and would like to achieve that by contributing to an open source project
19:19:42 <zxcvbnm> but, my experience with ruby is very limited, I know about hashes and data structures ( and am going through tutorials as we speak) so I'm interested in doing something where I can learn and help, but not be expected to be a guru
19:20:11 <zxcvbnm> any recommendations are much appreciated
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21:35:59 <lady-3jane> MK_FG:) I don't use terminology enough to say, it was choking on mosh input when I used it so I'm waiting for the next version
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