Cryto! 12 April 2013

00:03:35 <DrWhat> joepie91 when you going to give its make over
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00:05:35 <AnonyOps> Was looking for this song all day o.O
00:11:19 <joepie91> DrWhat: when I have time
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00:42:58 <DrWhat> Im setting up 50 miner
00:43:03 <DrWhat> havnt tried it
00:54:15 <DrWhat> :O
00:54:22 <DrWhat> BTC has gone down to 25 from 50
00:54:46 <DrWhat> they halfed the winning
01:05:03 <AnonyOps> @joepie91 @AnonyOps_ I haven't had enough time to fully understand the legislation, so we don't have an official position yet. via @eastdakota
01:05:08 <AnonyOps> :/
01:05:21 <AnonyOps> I was curious, so I asked lol
01:05:40 <joepie91> AnonyOps: ?
01:05:49 <AnonyOps> Co-founder of cloudflare
01:06:00 <joepie91> yes, I know
01:06:01 <AnonyOps> I asked what their position on CISPA was
01:06:04 <joepie91> but "the legislation" => ?
01:06:05 <joepie91> ah
01:06:18 <joepie91> well, that sounds like a fair answer
01:06:19 <AnonyOps> Oh oops guess I should have clarified that first haha
01:06:22 <AnonyOps> Mhm
01:06:41 <joepie91> no corporate boilerplate crap etc
01:06:50 <joepie91> that said, I do await his stance :)
01:06:59 <lady-3jane> the current version's final markup and all that isn't public
01:07:02 <lady-3jane> that's the problem
01:07:07 <AnonyOps> mhm me too
01:08:43 <lady-3jane> haha I lose the shortcuts in this ui sometimes
01:08:50 <lady-3jane> I'm like FUUUUUCK HOW DO I RETAB
01:08:54 <AnonyOps> :o
01:08:55 <AnonyOps> The price of bitcoin on Mt.Gox is 124.000 USD . On other exchanges, Bitcoin is selling for around 83 USD. Mt.Gox reopens in under 1 hour
01:08:56 <lady-3jane> :>
01:08:57 <AnonyOps> WTF
01:09:07 <joepie91> AnonyOps: mt gox locked in their price
01:09:14 <lady-3jane> they stopped trading for 12 hours, welcome to 11 hours ago
01:09:17 <AnonyOps> I did not know bitcoin was that valued o.O
01:09:22 <joepie91> and I'm going to take "in under 1 hour" with a grain of salt
01:09:25 <joepie91> AnonyOps: ?
01:09:25 <lady-3jane> it was at 260 3 days ago
01:09:31 <lady-3jane> "that valued"
01:09:32 <AnonyOps> damn lol
01:09:34 <joepie91> what rock have you been sleeping under? :P
01:09:43 <AnonyOps> eh, don't fully understand bitcoin tbh.
01:09:49 <lady-3jane> we had a good old flash crash
01:09:55 <lady-3jane> it was pretty spectacular
01:10:04 * DrWhat adds to his wish list
01:10:13 <joepie91> AnonyOps: what part is unclear? :P
01:10:18 <lady-3jane> ^
01:10:22 <joepie91> DrWhat: might as well put unicorns on your wish list
01:10:27 <AnonyOps> That makes me want to put a bitcoin address back on anonyops lmao
01:10:30 <joepie91> they seem to have about the same chance of ever appearing in the real world
01:10:31 <lady-3jane> between the two of us, you should be good
01:10:32 <joepie91> as the butterfly labs miners
01:10:34 <AnonyOps> well, first thing, I always lose my code
01:10:40 <AnonyOps> How the hell do you guys keep it? lmao
01:10:40 <joepie91> AnonyOps: 'code'?
01:10:47 <HiveResearch> joepie is at his usual ranty best
01:10:56 <HiveResearch> i like seeing this side
01:10:56 <AnonyOps> Not sure what to call it
01:10:59 <lady-3jane> you mean your address?
01:11:02 * AnonyOps hasn't used bitcoin in a long time
01:11:02 <AnonyOps> yes
01:11:05 <AnonyOps> address*
01:11:06 <lady-3jane> It's right there in your client
01:11:17 <DrWhat> I somewhat don beleive it does 1,500ghz
01:11:23 <AnonyOps> Yes, but somehow I lost it...
01:11:24 <DrWhat> I somewhat don beleive it does 1,500ghash's
01:11:26 <lady-3jane> ghash
01:11:31 <lady-3jane> not ghz
01:11:35 <AnonyOps> I might have re-imaged comp, not sure.
01:11:44 <joepie91> AnonyOps: that's why backups were invented..
01:11:44 <lady-3jane> er
01:11:46 <lady-3jane> ^
01:11:58 <lady-3jane> you've gotta back up your wallet when you reimage
01:12:13 <AnonyOps> I see
01:12:16 <lady-3jane> otherwise you lose those coins, and anyone who sends to the "dead" address is likely to be blowing them into the wind
01:12:17 <AnonyOps> Didn't know that haha
01:12:18 <joepie91> also, DrWhat, the hashrate claims are very feasible
01:12:23 <joepie91> they're ASICs
01:12:37 <lady-3jane> yeah iirc 1500 isn't even the fast one
01:12:55 <lady-3jane> there's a 20k ghash isn't there?
01:12:58 <joepie91> AnonyOps: create wallet in client of choice, set a good password, back it up in ALL THE PLACES
01:13:06 <lady-3jane> ^
01:13:11 <DrWhat> Publicly avalible? or privatly made?
01:13:19 <lady-3jane> huh?
01:13:20 <joepie91> DrWhat; publicly
01:13:35 <joepie91> developing ASICs privately doesn't make a whole lot of sense
01:13:35 <joepie91> financially
01:13:36 * lady-3jane defers to joe because that question doesn't make sense to him
01:13:49 <joepie91> R&D costs would be insane
01:13:51 <joepie91> if you don't mass-produce
01:14:15 <AnonyOps> kk, which client do you guys suggest?
01:14:21 <AnonyOps> I think I might get back into this :p
01:14:31 <DrWhat> sooo
01:14:38 <DrWhat> Whos know the technoagly behind these?
01:14:46 <DrWhat> is it the hard ware?
01:14:49 <DrWhat> software?
01:14:51 <DrWhat> drivers?
01:15:04 <lady-3jane> it's an asic.
01:15:11 <lady-3jane> google, dude.
01:15:22 <joepie91> it seems btc-e now has basically the same trade volume as mt gox had before trading halted
01:15:23 <joepie91> AnonyOps: depends
01:15:29 <joepie91> how anonymous do you want your transfers to be
01:15:37 <lady-3jane> btc-e?
01:15:39 * lady-3jane googles
01:15:45 <joepie91> if it doesn't matter a terrible lot, use electrum (which may leak some info to the blockchain server it uses)
01:15:57 <joepie91> if it does and you have a lot of resources, use bitcoin armory
01:16:03 <DrWhat> Australian Securities and Investments Commission
01:16:04 <DrWhat> ?
01:16:05 <joepie91> if it does and you have low-end hardware, use the standard client
01:16:17 <lady-3jane> dude DrWhat you are shit at this whole internet thing
01:16:32 <joepie91> AnonyOps: if you can get away with potentially leaking information about transactions belonging to you, by all means use electrum
01:16:33 <DrWhat> No, im really good at it :)
01:16:35 <lady-3jane> first fucking result:
01:16:40 <DrWhat> LIES
01:16:53 <lady-3jane> electrum is awesome
01:16:54 <joepie91> anyway
01:16:55 <joepie91> lady-3jane
01:16:55 <lady-3jane> light as fucking shit
01:16:59 <joepie91> btc-e is an exchange
01:17:00 <joepie91> and yes, yes it is
01:17:02 <lady-3jane> I see that
01:17:02 <DrWhat>
01:17:11 <AnonyOps> joepie91, I don't see anonymity as a concern for me, not like I'll be buying sketchy stuff so I think I'll go with that :p
01:17:13 <DrWhat> 2ND RESULT
01:17:20 <AnonyOps> Coming from the guy with Anon in his name
01:17:23 <AnonyOps> mfw
01:17:25 <AnonyOps> anyhow,
01:17:36 <DrWhat> ZX Spectrum low-end personal computers,
01:17:36 <AnonyOps> Also, can you guys do this for me? go here and tell me what you see
01:17:41 <DrWhat> I have a zx spectrum O_o
01:17:49 <AnonyOps> Tell me if that's my profile
01:17:56 <AnonyOps> cuz some how I ended up on google plus lol
01:18:00 <lady-3jane> your location is there
01:18:09 <lady-3jane> and the 11 people who have you in circles
01:18:14 <lady-3jane> which you may or may not want
01:18:17 <AnonyOps> so it is anonyops?
01:18:26 <lady-3jane> seems fine otherwise
01:18:27 <lady-3jane> yes
01:18:31 <AnonyOps> cool
01:18:36 <lady-3jane> know that if google scans, they'll rm the page
01:18:43 <lady-3jane> they have a real names policy
01:18:48 <AnonyOps> They made this for me
01:18:59 <lady-3jane> nah, you hit yes somewhere
01:19:03 <lady-3jane> G+ is opt-in
01:19:10 <AnonyOps> I added the picture, yes.
01:19:19 <AnonyOps> I think it was something on YT
01:19:25 <lady-3jane> mm, yeah
01:19:26 <AnonyOps> you're probably right
01:19:27 <lady-3jane> they just did that
01:19:36 <lady-3jane> when they pushed everyone to the new YT shit
01:19:48 <lady-3jane> I don't use yt, so heh didn't associate it
01:19:58 <AnonyOps> I seriously don't even know what a circle is lmao
01:20:07 <AnonyOps> Is that the same thing as following?
01:20:14 <AnonyOps> Like, 11 people follow me or something/
01:20:23 <lady-3jane> sorta
01:20:34 <lady-3jane> it's a much better way to do social groups
01:20:34 <AnonyOps> I see lol
01:20:41 <lady-3jane> think of circles as social groups, really
01:20:46 <lady-3jane> either topic based, or whatever
01:20:53 <HiveResearch> circle means like those popular girl cliques in high school the ones we all hate
01:20:57 <AnonyOps> So those people will see my posts?
01:21:03 <AnonyOps> ah yeah
01:21:05 <lady-3jane> the ones shared with them
01:21:06 <lady-3jane> yes
01:21:10 <lady-3jane> it's not easy to explain
01:21:13 <AnonyOps> lol
01:21:14 <lady-3jane> it's a rather nuanced way to do sharing
01:21:16 <lady-3jane> it's very nice
01:21:21 <AnonyOps> I like that they have gif support though!!
01:21:25 <lady-3jane> yep
01:21:26 <crytocc-c> mouse lag. fuck
01:22:12 <lady-3jane> you can adjust how much of each circle's posts you see in your main feed
01:22:15 <lady-3jane> there's a slider on em
01:22:35 <lady-3jane> so like I have a circle named "full saturation" which is exactly that
01:22:37 <lady-3jane> I see every post
01:22:44 <DrWhat> LOL
01:22:45 <DrWhat>
01:22:48 <DrWhat> read that
01:22:50 <DrWhat> its funny
01:22:52 <lady-3jane> down to my "following" circle, which is lowest rate
01:22:59 <lady-3jane> cause it's got like 400 people in it
01:23:09 <lady-3jane> and I just want to get a few of the posts as a way to filter new people into correct circles
01:23:10 <lady-3jane> :P
01:24:07 <lady-3jane> I'd say some wistful thing about wishing G+ was open, but I'm not sure the design is conducive to being an open platform unfortunately
01:24:12 <lady-3jane> it's very nice for a closed platform though
01:30:45 <joepie91> this is a kinda interesting read:
01:31:24 <AnonyOps> YEAH
01:31:36 <AnonyOps> Stand alone .exe for eletrum
01:31:47 <AnonyOps> Iamokaywiththis.png
01:34:40 <AnonyOps> lady-3jane what do you mean by you have to use your real name on Google+
01:34:43 <AnonyOps> ?
01:35:04 <AnonyOps> Maybe it has to do with me having a YouTube account with the name anonyops...
01:35:17 <AnonyOps> and when they created my G+ account, they just used that one.
01:35:18 <lady-3jane> I mean your legal name
01:35:31 <AnonyOps> Cuz some1 just asked me 'How do they accept your name?"
01:35:34 <lady-3jane> they will make you shut down the G+ or prove who you are
01:35:44 <lady-3jane> they'll scan at some point, yeah
01:35:50 * lady-3jane shrugs
01:35:55 <lady-3jane> It's what google's doing now
01:35:55 <AnonyOps> Then why did they set up my account like that in the first place? lol
01:35:58 <lady-3jane> dunno
01:36:00 <lady-3jane> let em eat it?
01:36:02 <lady-3jane> :P
01:36:40 <AnonyOps> I know that on YouTube, when they try to make you use your real name, you can just say "No, this account is well known for the name"
01:36:46 <AnonyOps> and that is what I chose when they asked
01:36:54 <AnonyOps> Maybe it has to do with that
01:38:34 <lady-3jane> yeah
01:38:51 <lady-3jane> there may be allowances for that now, I never paid much attention after the initial furor
01:40:31 <AnonyOps> So wait, on electrum... I have straight 5 addresses. Is this normal?
01:41:11 <joepie91> yes.
01:41:24 <AnonyOps> Can you mine with this client?
01:41:35 <joepie91> no.
01:41:49 <AnonyOps> I see
01:42:10 <joepie91> backup your wallet, and memorize your seed
01:42:11 <joepie91> :P
01:42:17 <AnonyOps> yeah I got the seed.
01:42:28 <AnonyOps> So, can you only mine with the official client?
01:42:39 <joepie91> the original client doesn't mine anymore
01:42:42 <lady-3jane> ^
01:42:50 <AnonyOps> :o
01:42:52 <joepie91> and mining is typically done with a... *drumroll* miner
01:42:59 <AnonyOps> I see.
01:43:04 <AnonyOps> Any1 tried it?
01:43:05 <lady-3jane> :>
01:43:07 <AnonyOps> I never did
01:43:12 <AnonyOps> even with the original client
01:43:21 <lady-3jane> It's expensive unless you're doing it for reals
01:43:26 <joepie91> I probably made an attempt at it once
01:43:30 <joepie91> wasn't really worth it for me
01:43:35 <AnonyOps> Ah
01:43:37 <lady-3jane> power wise, basically
01:43:45 <lady-3jane> unless you've got free power or something, then for sure go apeshit
01:43:46 <lady-3jane> :P
01:43:52 <AnonyOps> lol
01:44:21 <lady-3jane> but if power was free you'd be growing
01:44:24 <lady-3jane> not running anon shit
01:44:36 <AnonyOps> lel
01:44:44 <lady-3jane> you know
01:44:44 <lady-3jane> :P
01:44:47 <lady-3jane> you're aware
01:44:48 <lady-3jane> :P
01:45:09 <AnonyOps> K so this is my address? 13tA7wCQPF8Lcz59mKBpHyNVqatzJe1LZr
01:45:11 <AnonyOps> One of them.
01:45:17 <joepie91> uh, I guess
01:45:21 <joepie91> if that's what Electrum says
01:45:26 <AnonyOps> kk
01:45:35 <joepie91> not sure how we would be able to answer that question :P
01:45:46 <AnonyOps> Does it look like one?
01:45:47 <AnonyOps> lmao
01:46:05 <AnonyOps> Just don't want to end up sharing something stupid to 50k+ people haha
01:46:11 <lady-3jane> er
01:46:17 <lady-3jane> I just
01:46:30 <lady-3jane> I want to reach over the internet and smack you upside the head
01:46:47 <AnonyOps> lady-3jane
01:46:52 <AnonyOps> Come at me bro :3
01:47:02 <lady-3jane> :3
01:47:10 <lady-3jane> I BRING THE HURRICANE
01:47:14 <lady-3jane> >:D
01:47:21 <AnonyOps> DO EEEET
01:47:33 <lady-3jane> protip: that's the petname for my dick
01:47:57 <AnonyOps> oh lawd, now I'm excited
01:48:15 <AnonyOps> Thought you were a lady, LADY-3jane :)
01:48:45 <lady-3jane> I didn't say if it was a plastic dick
01:48:47 <lady-3jane> :D
01:48:59 <AnonyOps> >implyinh you nick isn't a reference to weed.
01:49:04 <AnonyOps> lol
01:49:12 <lady-3jane> >implying it IS a reference to weed
01:49:45 <AnonyOps> heh
01:49:56 <lady-3jane>
01:50:09 DrWhat has quit (Connection reset by peer)
01:50:12 <AnonyOps> wait,
01:50:20 <AnonyOps> I'm thinking of Mary jane
01:50:23 <AnonyOps> derp
01:50:26 <lady-3jane> correct
01:50:30 <lady-3jane> I knew that
01:50:32 <AnonyOps> LOL
01:50:33 <lady-3jane> I'm correcting you
01:50:34 <lady-3jane> :P
01:50:42 <AnonyOps> I'm tired!
01:50:43 <lady-3jane> I know where you're from and what you're thinking of
01:50:46 <lady-3jane> don't fuckin worry
01:50:47 <lady-3jane> I got this
01:50:48 <lady-3jane> :P
01:50:54 <joepie91> <AnonyOps>Does it look like one?
01:50:54 <joepie91> yes
01:50:59 <AnonyOps> Yep, Cali
01:51:04 <lady-3jane> yuup
01:51:16 <AnonyOps> Know which city?
01:51:25 <lady-3jane> honestly I tried not to remember
01:51:28 <lady-3jane> but you said once
01:51:38 <lady-3jane> somethin norcal
01:51:49 <AnonyOps> Brentwood
01:51:57 <AnonyOps> Lol how did you get norcal?
01:52:21 <lady-3jane> nigga that is norcal
01:52:33 <AnonyOps> nigga say wha
01:52:39 <lady-3jane> you are straight fucking west of stockton
01:52:45 <lady-3jane> you are in norcal
01:53:15 <lady-3jane> I cut norcal/socal off at about fresno
01:53:21 <lady-3jane> but fresno's its own bag of shit
01:53:22 <lady-3jane> :P
01:53:53 <HiveResearch> joepie91: you know anything about SSDs any processing or metadata which can be accessed during its operation
01:54:07 <lady-3jane> AnonyOps:) pm? :D
01:54:19 <HiveResearch> like internal cache etc
01:55:01 <lady-3jane> aren't they presented just like regular hdd's to the OS?
01:55:22 <HiveResearch> yeah but i have an idea that will make wall st shit themselves
01:55:31 <lady-3jane> heh
01:55:45 <HiveResearch> and if there's any processing already done by the drive
01:55:59 <AnonyOps> lady yeah sure
01:56:10 <HiveResearch> ppl be buying SSDs like they did hard drives
01:56:47 <joepie91> HiveResearch: confused
01:56:48 <HiveResearch> er i mean GPUs with bitcoin
01:57:26 <HiveResearch> joepie91: like while loading data is there any internal memory or commands that are accessible
01:58:32 <joepie91> idk..
01:59:55 <lady-3jane> well if you can talk to the firmware
01:59:58 <lady-3jane> >_>
02:00:14 <HiveResearch> ya that what i'm getting at
02:00:47 <HiveResearch> if I succeed Cyprus is going to have a sudden economic boom
02:01:40 <lady-3jane> lol
02:01:51 <HiveResearch> unfortunately i don't have a direct line to Alexis Tsipras
02:02:08 <HiveResearch> but lulz will have to do as a propellant
02:02:09 <HiveResearch> :)
02:02:21 <lady-3jane> :>
02:02:38 <HiveResearch> i have solved a puzzle
02:02:53 <HiveResearch> a model for self completing files
02:03:11 <HiveResearch> i now have to suck it up and code
02:03:27 <HiveResearch> i'm a culture hacker. compilers hate me.
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02:04:31 <lady-3jane> lelz
02:08:03 <HiveResearch> oh well her i goes
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02:40:09 <lady-3jane> mmm
02:40:10 <lady-3jane> NP: [zxyzxy - ひので (Evelon Remix)] [ひので] [1584kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
02:41:00 <lady-3jane> man, i3 is so much more unixlike
02:41:06 <lady-3jane> I actually forget that shit is open
02:41:07 <lady-3jane> cause it all just works
02:41:10 <lady-3jane> ahhh
02:41:19 <lady-3jane> gnu/linux has come back to me
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02:49:38 <AnonyOps> Night all!
02:51:31 AnonyOps has quit (Connection reset by peer)
03:05:33 <lady-3jane> .bitcoin
03:05:34 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $129.00, 1 BTC = €100.10
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03:48:34 Beta (Beta@EFC5C0FD.D3E9AE46.6188FA09.IP) has joined #crytocc
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06:26:14 <wh1t3r4b_> bitcoins are gonna crash soon
06:29:41 <devslashrnd> .bitcoin
06:29:42 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $101.99, 1 BTC = €77.69
06:43:37 <lady-3jane> already did it once
06:43:54 <lady-3jane> and there's a 20$ gap between mtgox and the rest
06:44:06 <lady-3jane> might be a bit more correction in the future yet
06:44:16 <lady-3jane> but also there may be a wave of panic moving from mtgox
06:44:21 <lady-3jane> which I'm really happy about
06:44:35 <lady-3jane> and in two weeks there will be a rash of coins being stolen
06:44:45 <lady-3jane> and some of those exchanges will be left standing
06:44:46 <lady-3jane> :)
06:50:26 <devslashrnd> in btc chan on freenode they are talkin bout ddos on other exchanges, i think its just bad hardware and people searchin for alternatives
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07:35:38 *** Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross
07:36:56 *** Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK
08:06:55 *** Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross
08:37:16 <devslashrnd> .bitcoin
08:37:17 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $89.90, 1 BTC = €69.97
08:40:08 <MK_FG> \o/
08:41:04 <MK_FG> I imagine some sad bitcoin miner getting back home after a few-day afk trip...
08:41:28 <MK_FG> ...and seeing that price, thinking about all the moneyz that could've been made
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10:02:34 <monod> hello back gyus
10:02:36 <monod> guys*
10:02:44 <monod> botpie xD
10:07:01 <shikat> .bitcoin
10:07:02 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $86.50, 1 BTC = €67.58
10:07:15 <shikat> joepie91, ^ ?
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10:43:49 <devslashrnd> .bitcoin
10:43:50 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $79.50, 1 BTC = €62.00
11:03:59 <monod> wooow *0*
11:04:04 <monod> nice one
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13:14:22 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
13:14:24 <DrWhat> Wooo
13:14:35 <DrWhat> ultimate VPN for 0.64 bitcoin
13:14:44 <DrWhat> i even got 14 months insted of 12 :D
13:15:55 <devslashrnd> 0.64 per ?
13:23:19 laughingman (root@laughingman.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
13:27:47 DrWhat_ (VGHJHBN@313F7DA2.7E11C7FD.6AAD497F.IP) has joined #crytocc
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13:31:35 *** DrWhat_ is now known as DrWhat
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13:41:06 *** DrWhat_ is now known as DrWhat
13:45:03 <DrWhat>
13:53:16 <MK_FG>
13:53:32 <MK_FG> .bitcoin song!
13:53:33 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $72.37, 1 BTC = €55.11
14:11:24 <DrWhat>
14:38:57 foolex has quit (Ping timeout)
14:42:04 HiveResearch (HiveResear@developers.developers.developers) has joined #crytocc
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14:44:39 <HiveResearch> so um
14:45:10 <HiveResearch> if i uses a vpn from inside a virtual machine am i ok?
14:46:21 <lady-3jane> depends on which attack vector you're trying to defend agains
14:48:24 <HiveResearch> ok so i wanted to do that and i forgot why lol
14:48:47 <HiveResearch> oh yeah
14:49:09 <HiveResearch> i want to be on IRC in multiple profiles
14:49:22 <HiveResearch> IRL got srsbiz
14:49:29 <lady-3jane> lol
14:49:45 <lady-3jane> you could probably use tor if it isn't banned wherever you're trying to chat
14:50:04 <HiveResearch> they after my litecoins
14:50:05 <HiveResearch> lol
14:50:33 <lady-3jane> lol
14:51:53 foolex (foolex@AD356075.7DC890E0.CEC56216.IP) has joined #crytocc
14:53:38 <joepie91> <shikat>joepie91, ^ ?
14:53:41 <joepie91> hmm?
15:00:03 <ryan> HiveResearch Are you smart?
15:00:07 <shikat> 1 BTC = $79.50, 1 BTC = €62.00
15:00:07 <shikat> <- What's the difference?
15:00:16 <shikat> both 1 BTC
15:00:23 <ryan> Euros, USD?
15:00:28 <shikat> or
15:00:32 <shikat> USD, Euros
15:00:38 <ryan> Well yes
15:00:45 <shikat> So i dunno which one :p
15:01:04 <ryan> the one with $ is obviously USD and one with € is eruos
15:01:07 <ryan> euros even
15:01:32 <joepie91> shikat: it's unclear to me what you are confused about..
15:01:32 foolex has quit (Ping timeout)
15:01:43 <shikat> Oh rofl
15:01:51 <shikat> didn't saw that
15:01:54 * shikat facepalms
15:02:27 foolex (foolex@AD356075.7DC890E0.CEC56216.IP) has joined #crytocc
15:09:40 <HiveResearch> ryan: srsly the nigga who say he smart isn't
15:11:21 *** Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK
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15:31:52 <ryan> HiveResearch: oh but that's bad
15:32:05 <ryan> Because if you aren't then using a vpn in a vm is uselss
15:32:30 <HiveResearch> well
15:33:42 <joepie91> ryan:
15:35:30 <HiveResearch> we are confiscating your coins on the exchange but we will chat on reddit so you idiots will think we are cool while we steal all your coins
15:35:33 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
15:36:34 <joepie91> HiveResearch: afaik you could still withdraw BTC, just not trade them
15:36:39 <joepie91> so it's not really a confiscation
15:36:55 <HiveResearch> withdraws are stuck according to otc
15:37:03 <HiveResearch> course it could be trolls
15:38:03 <joepie91> hm.
15:38:41 pzuraq has quit (Ping timeout)
15:38:50 <ryan> joepie91: yep, been watching that
15:39:12 <ryan> joepie91: mtgox is being constantly ddosd so I doubt withdraws work all the time
15:41:21 devslashrnd ( has joined #crytocc
15:42:02 <HiveResearch> how is being in a vm any different from adding a hop to a system??
15:42:51 <HiveResearch> oh wait
15:42:54 <HiveResearch> lol
15:43:05 <HiveResearch> no
15:43:23 <HiveResearch> ok i don't get it
15:46:41 <HiveResearch> ogay smarten me
15:47:05 <HiveResearch> cuz i would think the ISPoo knows anyway regardless
15:47:17 <HiveResearch> and right now
15:47:29 <HiveResearch> a vm would actually increase securitah
15:47:43 <HiveResearch> i think
15:48:11 <HiveResearch> cuz my wifi card or my router keeps dropping me
15:48:30 <HiveResearch> and then it comes back on without VPN
15:48:33 *** Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross
15:48:41 <HiveResearch> but if it goes through the vm
15:48:59 <HiveResearch> it doesn't get the disconnect message because of the virtual nic
15:49:07 <HiveResearch> amirite?
15:49:18 <HiveResearch> so it will just fail
15:49:32 <HiveResearch> to send but will not disconnect
16:21:16 <MK_FG> .bitcoin
16:21:17 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $71.20, 1 BTC = €53.00
16:23:19 Taz ( has joined #crytocc
16:27:14 <HiveResearch> .litecoin
16:29:18 <HiveResearch> .bitcoin
16:29:19 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $71.30, 1 BTC = €53.00
16:32:40 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
16:33:13 crytoweb195 (crytoweb19@CF78491D.9DF3F3C9.3E995F7C.IP) has joined #crytocc
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17:43:14 Beta has quit (User quit:  Page closed)
17:50:01 <devslashrnd> .bitcoin
17:50:02 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $76.89, 1 BTC = €58.50
17:50:33 devslashrnd has quit (User quit:  KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium
17:58:25 pzuraq has quit (Input/output error)
18:24:47 Taz has quit (Ping timeout)
18:24:51 Taz ( has joined #crytocc
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18:35:11 <DrWhat> .bitcoin
18:35:12 <botpie91> 1 BTC = $76.86, 1 BTC = €58.50
18:35:36 <DrWhat> good job i bought the vpn when i did
18:35:38 <DrWhat> XD
18:35:46 <DrWhat> it would cost nearly 2 btc now
18:38:36 EfSee ( has joined #crytocc
18:48:35 <EfSee> sort of off-topic here guys, but i'm curious. if you buy into bitcoins, you can cash out back into US dollars, right?
18:49:20 <ryan> yes
18:49:36 <ryan> why else would people buy them
18:49:48 <ryan> it's not like there's anything you can do with them but buy drugs
18:50:01 <EfSee> yeah, i know... hence why i was asking lol
18:50:06 <EfSee> b/c if you couldn't cash out, that would be fucked up!
18:51:56 <EfSee> hmmm one more question :)   is the work that the miners are doing useful?  or is it just mindless number crunching?
18:52:59 <EfSee> and could the work possibly be that of an intelligence agency?   they aren't cracking encrypted messages for the CIA, are they?  lol
18:55:32 <ryan> what miners do is absolutely pointless and waste of electricity
18:55:38 <ryan> and one of the weaknesses of bitcoins
18:58:48 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
18:59:30 <EfSee> oh wow that's crazy  =/   they should get into doing real, legit work :(
18:59:35 <EfSee> but not for the CIA!
19:03:06 <EfSee> thanks for the 411 :)  time for me to head back to work.  cya!
19:03:10 EfSee has quit (User quit:  EfSee)
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19:13:02 AnonyOps ( has joined #crytocc
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19:58:08 <lady-3jane> lol ryan you troll
20:01:26 ShadowDemon ( has joined #crytocc
20:03:39 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
20:09:49 <AnonForecast> lady-3jane, Im pregnant and its yours
20:10:23 <lady-3jane> hot
20:10:37 <lady-3jane> now begins the biggest social engineering project anyone will ever take
20:10:39 <lady-3jane> raising kids
20:10:45 pzuraq has quit (Ping timeout)
20:13:17 <joepie91> haha
20:13:53 <lady-3jane> :>
20:14:07 <lady-3jane> you know what excites me?
20:14:12 <joepie91> the color orange
20:14:14 <lady-3jane> gox is unreliable now, and has been
20:14:18 <lady-3jane> like officially
20:14:22 <lady-3jane> not incidentally
20:14:28 <joepie91> because of shutting down trading? :P
20:14:31 <lady-3jane> and people are moving to other exchanges
20:14:44 <joepie91> haha
20:14:45 <lady-3jane> it's fuckin sweet
20:15:05 <lady-3jane> I'm calling it though, two weeks from now there will be a rash of exchange break-ins
20:15:15 <lady-3jane> and a few will survive
20:15:22 <lady-3jane> but that will be a few more than we had before
20:15:23 <DrWhat> LIES
20:15:35 <lady-3jane> not that we didn't have them, but a few that people really use
20:15:42 <DrWhat> lady-3jane is a lafy
20:15:43 <DrWhat> XD
20:16:02 <lady-3jane> I have no idea what that means
20:16:08 <lady-3jane> mostly because you can't spell to save your own skin
20:16:34 <DrWhat> U know
20:16:42 <DrWhat> I*
20:16:49 <DrWhat> I want a coffee
20:16:51 * DrWhat fondles j0hnny
20:16:55 <DrWhat> O_O
20:16:57 <DrWhat> HERE joepie91
20:16:57 <ElectRo`> waff
20:17:03 <joepie91> wrong j ;)
20:17:15 * lady-3jane delivers a box of coffee
20:17:40 <DrWhat> HERES j0hnny
20:17:44 <DrWhat> THERES joepie91
20:17:54 <DrWhat> sick him j0hnny
20:18:58 * DrWhat give lady-3jane a box a moodles
20:19:30 <lady-3jane> ?
20:20:48 <lady-3jane> moodles :D
20:21:06 <lady-3jane> NP: [3 Doors Down - By My Side] [The Better Life] [1008kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
20:21:14 <joepie91> oh dear moodle
20:21:18 <joepie91> I have nightmares from that thing
20:21:27 <joepie91> the ONE open-source thing that I've ever been told to use in a school
20:21:27 <lady-3jane> really?
20:21:34 <joepie91> and it's the one thing that was absolutely terrible
20:21:36 <joepie91> at least, at the time
20:21:40 <lady-3jane> mm
20:21:43 <lady-3jane> ours is decent
20:21:48 <joepie91> might very well have changed
20:21:50 <joepie91> this is 5+ years ago
20:21:52 <lady-3jane> and we're not running a super super new version
20:21:52 <lady-3jane> ahhh
20:21:53 <joepie91> proably
20:21:56 <joepie91> probably *
20:21:58 <lady-3jane> yeah ours is only a year or so
20:22:09 <lady-3jane> needs updated, but it's quite usable
20:22:14 <lady-3jane> I don't love it, but it's usable
20:22:19 <lady-3jane> better than peoplesoft shit
20:22:55 <lady-3jane> my only problem is (ironically) that it's on the internet
20:23:10 <lady-3jane> they do hybrid courses here sometimes, and I can't do internet stuff
20:23:38 <lady-3jane> I have an automatic-lowest-priority for anything on the internet, so it never gets done
20:24:20 <lady-3jane> but if you have things online, often teachers will assign lots of online work to do
20:24:22 <lady-3jane> and I don't like that
20:24:28 <lady-3jane> I want to only work when I'm physically at school
20:24:46 <lady-3jane> or when writing papers, which I have no issue with
20:24:46 <lady-3jane> papers are fun
20:24:54 <joepie91> :P
20:25:00 <lady-3jane> but most of the assignments teachers give online are busy work
20:25:05 <lady-3jane> and I wouldn't do them in a classroom anyway
20:25:26 <lady-3jane> I used to get in trouble for that
20:25:33 <lady-3jane> I was "insubordinate"
20:25:34 <lady-3jane> :P
20:26:31 <lady-3jane> so eh, I go to school and try to only do things that interest me
20:26:33 <lady-3jane> it's quite nice
20:26:46 <lady-3jane> my mother doesn't believe you can do that in life
20:26:57 <lady-3jane> but I have another 60+ years to prove it
20:26:57 <lady-3jane> :>
20:28:17 <joepie91> hahaha
20:28:38 <lady-3jane> I'm doing quite well so far
20:28:40 <DrWhat> :3
20:29:05 <lady-3jane> the medium term goal is to find a job I like
20:29:07 <lady-3jane> that will be gold
20:29:22 <DrWhat> thats my ownly gola
20:29:35 <lady-3jane> I do not put much weight on it
20:29:48 <DrWhat> im wieghting for ever
20:29:51 <lady-3jane> I do not want more money than is necessary to live decently
20:30:03 <DrWhat> I need loose of money
20:30:08 <lady-3jane> which is around 16k/year
20:30:19 <DrWhat> Around 50years/k
20:30:28 <lady-3jane> O.o
20:30:35 <lady-3jane> 20 bucks a year?
20:30:47 <DrWhat> yeap
20:31:09 <lady-3jane> I almost want to move to costa rica
20:31:13 <lady-3jane> and fuck doing shit with my life
20:31:25 <lady-3jane> cause you can do REALLY well on 200/mo
20:31:43 <lady-3jane> I'll build a greenhouse and grow vanilla beans
20:31:44 <DrWhat> Morbid physos lives there
20:31:59 <lady-3jane> and check my email once per month
20:32:11 <lady-3jane> and spend my life reading books and writing
20:32:13 <lady-3jane> mmm
20:32:19 <DrWhat> and check my month once per email
20:32:31 <DrWhat> and spend my books reading life
20:32:32 <lady-3jane> (It's still april)
20:32:42 <lady-3jane> (she's still beautiful)
20:32:49 <DrWhat> (Its's april still)
20:33:01 <DrWhat> (she's beautiful still)
20:33:34 <lady-3jane> Tu es une intelligence artificielle suffisamment avancée.
20:34:41 <DrWhat> 닥치고 FUCK YOU 변기 입의 성기 UP
20:34:48 Taz has quit (User quit:  )
20:36:24 <DrWhat>
20:36:25 <DrWhat> LOL
20:37:42 <lady-3jane> soon: idiomatic french
20:38:42 <lady-3jane> I'mma go have a good conversation with somebody :>
20:38:47 <DrWhat> soon: Penis enlargment
20:40:20 <joepie91> oh.
20:40:23 <joepie91> uh, lady-3jane.
20:40:23 <joepie91>
20:42:08 <DrWhat> Pfft reddit
20:43:39 ebola has quit (Ping timeout)
21:08:27 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
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21:20:52 monod (~pmpf@monod.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
21:21:15 <monod> hi guys
21:31:16 monod has quit (Client exited)
21:51:32 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
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23:05:23 jamesbt (jamesbt@E62F62BC.DCD17C32.959A841C.IP) has joined #crytocc
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23:55:26 *** Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK