Cryto! 15 March 2013

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01:12:42 <DrWhat> Anyone here know flash?
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07:40:41 <ramj> hello guys
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15:37:32 <DrWhat> Hollla fosa
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17:56:42 <Shinji> !info
17:56:56 <Shinji> fck
17:57:07 <Shinji> greetings joepie91
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18:05:35 <DrWhat> :/
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18:47:20 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) what info do you think I should put on my contact page? :/
18:49:08 * lady-3jane can't decide
18:49:23 <lady-3jane> I marked up all of my info into a vcard, but I'm not sure what to remove
18:49:49 <lady-3jane> my home address seems dumb to put there, but mostly for identity theft more than anything else
18:50:21 <joepie91> lady-3jane: you're asking the guy that has published all his contact details so that he doesn't have to think about it
18:50:22 <joepie91> :P
18:50:33 <lady-3jane> I just dunno
18:50:34 <lady-3jane> :/
18:50:47 <lady-3jane> I think it's very interesting though
18:51:04 <lady-3jane> I have no problem with google and facebook having my address, but photos of me make me uncomfortable
18:51:17 <lady-3jane> lol
18:51:38 <MK_FG> lady-3jane, qr code, so that it can be easily scanned to a phone
18:51:46 <lady-3jane> yeah, that's later
18:51:55 <lady-3jane> It's marked up as an hcard
18:52:07 <lady-3jane> proper mobile things should automatically detect the info in the page
18:52:23 <lady-3jane> I'm just not sure
18:52:55 <MK_FG> Maybe link other id's there?
18:53:08 <lady-3jane> yeah, I'm marking other profiles on sites
18:53:11 <lady-3jane> but like
18:53:19 <lady-3jane> I have the gps coordinates of my house and home address
18:53:22 <lady-3jane> I'm just not sure
18:53:44 <lady-3jane> It probably literally doesn't matter
18:53:48 <lady-3jane> but like
18:53:51 <lady-3jane> >_>
18:54:12 <lady-3jane> Iunno
18:54:38 <lady-3jane> it wouldn't be horrible. My answer to anyone who wants to dox me is: If you find it and show up at my house, there's tea or a beer for you waiting
18:54:38 <lady-3jane> lol
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18:56:07 <lady-3jane> hmm
18:56:15 <lady-3jane> maybe just city and not street number or gps
18:56:16 <MK_FG> What if they'll start swatting you?
18:56:21 <lady-3jane> I think city is well known
18:56:24 <lady-3jane> swatting?
18:56:38 <MK_FG>
18:57:07 <lady-3jane> hahaha someone did it to krebs
18:57:08 <DrWhat> lady-3jane i use to go on cam naked :D
18:57:12 <lady-3jane> oh that's bad
18:57:29 <DrWhat> not really
18:57:35 <DrWhat> If you are confedent in your self
18:57:41 <DrWhat> other people will feel confedant about you
18:57:46 <MK_FG> Nothing to hide, yeah
18:58:01 <DrWhat> joepie91 <3
18:58:03 <DrWhat> :D
18:59:04 <lady-3jane> yeah I dunno
18:59:18 <lady-3jane> really the worst that could happen is pizza being called on me
18:59:26 <DrWhat> If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to hide
18:59:30 <joepie91> in which case
18:59:31 <lady-3jane> but the places here take the card number over the phone
18:59:33 <joepie91> pizza!
18:59:37 <DrWhat> :(
18:59:37 <lady-3jane> so maybe I get free pizza?
18:59:41 <joepie91> :P
18:59:42 <DrWhat> i just ate mine
18:59:48 <lady-3jane> lol
19:00:05 <lady-3jane> mostly the issue is that when you dox me my mother's address comes up
19:00:06 <DrWhat> i get free pizza all the time
19:00:07 <lady-3jane> and that bothers me
19:00:12 <DrWhat> But my contact details arent out there
19:00:46 <DrWhat> I asked evony about a job
19:00:55 <DrWhat> They fired there security team
19:01:01 <DrWhat> becuase somthing happened
19:01:03 <lady-3jane> lolwat
19:01:08 <DrWhat> ya
19:01:14 <DrWhat> All there servers went down
19:01:19 <DrWhat> for like 48 hours
19:01:28 <lady-3jane> are you a native english speaker?
19:01:30 <DrWhat> all 350 servers
19:01:34 <DrWhat> Npo
19:01:37 <lady-3jane> okay
19:01:48 <lady-3jane> you keep using there and their backwards
19:01:48 <lady-3jane> lol
19:01:58 <DrWhat> Im italian, Spanish, English and somthing else small
19:02:04 <DrWhat> :P
19:02:13 <lady-3jane> I'm polish and american indian, but whatevs
19:02:16 <DrWhat> i use your mom backwards
19:02:22 <lady-3jane> I hope so
19:02:25 <lady-3jane> at least someone is
19:02:42 <DrWhat> and upside down
19:02:45 <DrWhat> and inside out
19:03:10 <DrWhat> joepie91
19:03:12 <DrWhat> Buy me a cam :9
19:03:14 <DrWhat> Im poor
19:03:23 <lady-3jane> don't give her vertigo
19:03:25 <joepie91> <DrWhat>I asked evony about a job
19:03:29 <joepie91> you sure you want to work there...?
19:03:30 <joepie91> lol
19:03:30 <lady-3jane> haha I don't own a cam
19:03:37 <DrWhat> joepie91 50k year
19:03:45 <joepie91> no
19:03:45 <DrWhat> For secuirty work
19:03:47 <lady-3jane> at what cost
19:03:48 <joepie91> I don't mean salary
19:03:48 <DrWhat> sure
19:03:53 <joepie91> I mean Evony itself
19:03:53 <DrWhat> ?
19:03:58 <joepie91> they don't exactly have a clean slate...
19:04:00 <joepie91> lol
19:04:03 <DrWhat> I have a plan :)
19:04:06 <lady-3jane> 50k for shitty employer? might not be worth it
19:04:17 <lady-3jane> might be more like 10k in happiness
19:04:18 <lady-3jane> lol
19:04:23 <DrWhat> for the past few month i been tring my hardest to steal there source :)
19:04:48 <AnonForecast> Question: i have a bike lock that uses 4 lettters as a combination. I need a tool that can search for words where the first and second letters are K thru T, 3rd letter is A thru J and final letter is AEIORSTLK or N
19:05:05 <joepie91>
19:05:06 <AnonForecast> anyone ever seen something like that?
19:05:12 <lady-3jane> perl
19:05:19 <joepie91> DrWhat: they will most likely make you sign an NDA
19:05:19 <DrWhat> joepie91 I know
19:05:27 <lady-3jane> perl and a sufficiently advanced regex
19:05:28 <joepie91> and you will be sued if you leak their source
19:05:43 <DrWhat> In there database there is a config for a Guild account shop config :)
19:05:47 <DrWhat> FROM 20002
19:05:49 <DrWhat> 2002
19:05:55 <DrWhat> and its still there
19:06:11 <DrWhat> joe
19:06:11 <lady-3jane> but really there's a set of tools that are basically password bashers, and you can give them constraints like that
19:06:20 <DrWhat> i already di :)
19:06:29 <lady-3jane> eww
19:06:33 <lady-3jane> are you violating it right now?
19:06:37 * lady-3jane pimpslaps
19:06:38 <DrWhat>
19:06:42 <joepie91> AnonForecast: /^[k-t][k-t][a-j][aeiorstlkn]$/i
19:06:46 <joepie91> there's your regex
19:06:49 <lady-3jane> :3
19:06:51 <joepie91> match it against a list of dictionary words
19:06:53 <joepie91> and you have all the words
19:06:55 * AnonForecast Googles regex
19:07:00 <lady-3jane> regular expression
19:07:00 <joepie91> "regular expression"
19:07:03 <joepie91> lol
19:07:04 <DrWhat> Regilar expression
19:07:06 <lady-3jane> lol
19:07:09 <DrWhat> What he said
19:07:23 <lady-3jane> hey fuck you I'm female today
19:07:24 <DrWhat> Use and use Preg_match to find a list of words
19:07:29 <lady-3jane> eating icecream and drinking wine
19:07:35 <AnonForecast> ok, so... what youre saying, in retard terms, is that I should Do something then somethign will happen,right?
19:07:37 <lady-3jane> :3
19:07:43 <lady-3jane> no.
19:07:48 <lady-3jane> learn a bit of coding
19:07:52 <joepie91> not necessary
19:07:53 <DrWhat> lady-3jane Suck my dick
19:07:54 <lady-3jane> and write a single line script
19:07:55 <lady-3jane> lol
19:07:56 <joepie91> find a tool that can take input, a regex
19:08:02 <joepie91> and outputs all matches
19:08:08 <lady-3jane> DrWhat:) no
19:08:09 <joepie91> it should take about 5 minutes to find such a thing through google
19:08:13 <AnonForecast> ok so.... step 1 go to google?
19:08:14 <joepie91> worst case scenario, write a script
19:08:16 <DrWhat> lady-3jane why :)(
19:08:19 <DrWhat> :(
19:08:36 <AnonForecast> you notice how joepie91 geniunely expected me to be able to understand what he said?
19:08:51 <AnonForecast> like he really thought i was gonna say "ok tyvm"instead of "huh?"
19:08:53 <lady-3jane> DrWhat:) people don't tell me what to do
19:08:56 <DrWhat> This is a codding room
19:09:04 <lady-3jane> AnonForecast:) don't patronize
19:09:08 <MK_FG> AnonForecast, Yeah, he must be getting soft in the head ;)
19:09:13 <DrWhat> if you are in here everyone exprects you to know what we are talking about
19:09:16 <AnonForecast> am i? o.O
19:09:22 <AnonForecast> wait what does patronize mean
19:09:25 <lady-3jane> It sounds like it to me
19:09:26 <lady-3jane> talk down to
19:09:35 <AnonForecast> Verb
19:09:36 <AnonForecast> Treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.
19:09:41 <AnonForecast> i dont feel superior to joe
19:09:45 <AnonForecast> i dont think
19:09:48 <lady-3jane> Treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.
19:09:52 <DrWhat> You dont look it either :3
19:10:02 <AnonForecast> ya. i dont think youre using that word correctly lady-3jane
19:10:04 <lady-3jane> I like that one better
19:10:19 <lady-3jane> Actually I defined it less-accurately, I was using the correct word.
19:10:20 <DrWhat> lady-3jane is us english teacher
19:10:47 <lady-3jane> interrogative or declarative?
19:11:33 <MK_FG> There are neat bots to lookup words in some channels
19:11:40 <lady-3jane> yeah :>
19:11:49 <lady-3jane> I'm that bot in this channel
19:11:58 <lady-3jane> If we had services I'd be +B
19:11:58 <lady-3jane> lol
19:12:07 <DrWhat> If your looking for neatbot
19:12:09 <MK_FG> I always wondered if there'll be more of them over time or if language might become simplier to make them unnecessary
19:12:14 <lady-3jane> oh wait, smode
19:12:17 <DrWhat>
19:12:17 <lady-3jane> nevermind, I AM A BOT
19:12:22 <MK_FG> So far it looks more like the latter
19:12:36 <lady-3jane> MK_FG:) unfortunately
19:12:58 <lady-3jane> I purposefully use words others don't, just to bring them back into use
19:12:59 <DrWhat> Hey
19:13:02 <DrWhat> i want icecream :(
19:13:11 <MK_FG> Probably natural with the inflow of non-lang-bearers who just don't have the same dictionary
19:13:14 <lady-3jane> coconut pineapple <3
19:13:16 <AnonForecast> ive been looking at lots of google tools but most of filter by entire word such as no K
19:13:23 <MK_FG> Dirty barbarians like me ;)
19:13:27 <AnonForecast> i need seperate rules for each letter. seems there may not be any tool that can do that
19:13:39 <lady-3jane> we gave you the regular expression you need
19:13:43 <lady-3jane> you need a word list
19:13:47 <AnonForecast> yai found those
19:13:50 <lady-3jane> and a tool to process the word list with the regex
19:13:53 <AnonForecast>
19:14:00 <lady-3jane> it should be a text file
19:14:18 <DrWhat> I preffer chocalate
19:14:36 <DrWhat> AnonForecast you could use an anagram
19:14:50 <lady-3jane> penisgram
19:14:54 <AnonForecast> ok lemme rephrase the question, where is the most likely place an idiot can go where he could find a functional tool like that?
19:15:11 <joepie91> google
19:15:14 <DrWhat> ^
19:15:15 <lady-3jane> ^
19:15:16 <AnonForecast> ok ty
19:15:24 <ryan_> aren't you supposed to be a master hacker anony`root?
19:15:32 <AnonForecast> stop listening to
19:15:32 <lady-3jane> maaaaaaaybe "process text with regular expression"
19:15:33 <AnonForecast> Sabu
19:15:43 <DrWhat> Savvy
19:15:49 <ryan_> I'm pretty sure I saw you blogging on echonode about how you were going to own r000t.
19:15:57 <lady-3jane> you could do it in one line on linux cli
19:16:09 <lady-3jane> with grep or so
19:16:13 <AnonForecast> joepie91 set this room to no-troll, no-drama ryan_
19:16:29 <ryan_> I don't troll, nor do I intentionally cause drama.
19:16:40 <AnonForecast> come over to #OpLastResort-TwitterStorm
19:16:50 <lady-3jane> ca n'est pas bien!
19:16:52 <lady-3jane> NP: [Loving Paris - Loco] [Buddha-Bar IV (disc 2: Drink)] [1036kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:17:23 <lady-3jane> work that french horn
19:17:26 * lady-3jane dances
19:17:50 <lady-3jane> wait wait
19:17:55 * lady-3jane hit the now playing button when DeaDBeeF wasn't playing anything.
19:17:58 <lady-3jane> NP: [عمرو دياب - Aktar Wahed] [Buddha-Bar IV (disc 2: Drink)] [1037kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:18:00 <lady-3jane> HAHAHAHA
19:18:03 <lady-3jane> the arablic comes through
19:18:06 <lady-3jane> holy shit
19:18:13 <lady-3jane> fuck yeah man
19:18:29 <MK_FG> Yeah, it should be censored
19:18:37 <lady-3jane> wat
19:18:56 <MK_FG> It's a language of teh satan, is it not?
19:19:13 <lady-3jane> no O.o
19:19:24 <MK_FG> But all the terrorists speak it!
19:19:27 <lady-3jane> that's urdu
19:19:38 <lady-3jane> no
19:19:43 <lady-3jane> most terrorists speak english
19:19:46 <lady-3jane> and are christian
19:20:17 <MK_FG> C'mon, no white man can be terrorist
19:20:21 <lady-3jane> I can't blame middle eastern people for being angry at us though, we keep blowing up their children
19:20:31 <MK_FG> Word you're looking for is "gunman"
19:20:40 <lady-3jane> lone gunman, even
19:21:00 <lady-3jane> lone wolf terrorist
19:21:00 <lady-3jane> :P
19:21:32 <lady-3jane> I actually have a legal brief here somewhere about the legalities around lone wolf terrorists and how the government laws dictate treating them
19:21:54 <lady-3jane> (ha ha govt laws... because they're not MY laws)
19:22:25 <lady-3jane> NP: [Ke$ha - Blow] [Animal + Cannibal (Deluxe Edition)] [1018kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:23:29 <DrWhat> TROLOLOOOOO
19:24:21 <lady-3jane> holy fuck multipipes
19:24:26 <lady-3jane>
19:25:47 <lady-3jane> NP: [Dual Core - All The Things] [All The Things] [891kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:29:54 tflowah (tflowah@4811097.3918682.D4FE24D1.IP) has joined #crytocc
19:30:10 <lady-3jane> YEAH
19:30:11 <lady-3jane> NP: [Dysphemic - SLOTH] [SLOTH EP] [979kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:30:35 <lady-3jane> sup tflowah
19:30:48 <tflowah> hi
19:32:12 <lady-3jane> sup?
19:32:26 <lady-3jane> you just gonna lurk like all the rest of the fuckers in this chan?
19:33:28 <joepie91> lady-3jane: hey, be nice
19:33:32 <joepie91> :P
19:33:41 * lady-3jane laughs
19:33:48 <lady-3jane> awh, I can't be hostile to lurkers?
19:33:49 <joepie91> tflowah: welcome to #crytocc, be sure to read the channel topic, and be aware that this is a publicly logged channel
19:33:51 <lady-3jane> :((((((
19:33:55 <joepie91> lady-3jane: noes
19:34:06 <joepie91> you can do that in a more lawless channel like #anonnews :)
19:34:17 <lady-3jane> I used to own anonnews
19:34:24 <lady-3jane> or was it anonops?
19:34:26 <lady-3jane> I can't remember
19:34:27 <lady-3jane> lol
19:34:49 <lady-3jane> gotta have services for that though lol
19:35:03 <lady-3jane> real men don't need services
19:35:04 <lady-3jane> :3
19:35:22 <lady-3jane> real men run bnc's and have bots to netsplit servers and re-take their own channels
19:35:34 <lady-3jane> :3
19:35:43 <lady-3jane> fuck it's like efnet
19:36:06 <joepie91> lady-3jane: pretty sure it was #anonops
19:36:21 <joepie91> also lol
19:37:01 <lady-3jane> shit was fun
19:37:09 <lady-3jane> wild west, pimp slappin trolls
19:37:34 <lady-3jane> ahh here we goooo
19:37:34 <lady-3jane> NP: [Ziggy Marley - True To Myself] [Dragonfly] [848kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
19:40:35 <DrWhat> OI joepie91
19:40:43 <joepie91> DrWhat: mm?
19:40:53 <DrWhat> cam sex?
19:41:33 <DrWhat> I will pore hot choclate on me :)
19:41:36 <DrWhat> On my sexy body6 :)
19:42:06 <DrWhat> Lol
19:42:11 <DrWhat> he soo fapping right now :)
19:42:20 tflowah has quit (User quit:  Page closed)
19:43:12 <lady-3jane> lol'd
19:43:22 <lady-3jane> I can't do that
19:43:30 <lady-3jane> I can only get really drunk and compliment people
19:44:05 <lady-3jane> (seriously, I have to be really trashed to tell someone they're pretty. It's such a bullshit compliment.)
19:46:41 <joepie91> DrWhat: lol
19:46:54 <joepie91> just fyi, this channel is probably not the ideal channel to discuss such things :P
19:46:58 <joepie91> also, hot chocolate must hurt
19:47:28 <lady-3jane> only because it cools much more slowly than wax
19:47:45 <joepie91> lady-3jane: you have no problem saying things are pretty when it's about design...
19:47:47 <joepie91> .. how do you know that?
19:47:48 <joepie91> :P
19:48:24 <lady-3jane> How do you think I know that?
19:48:25 <lady-3jane> :3
19:49:15 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) but it's not people. Things can be pretty, but I have problems saying people are. Things are designed or manufactured, and thus there can be an aesthetic. People are the result of genetics and socialization :/
19:49:34 <joepie91> :P
19:49:37 <lady-3jane> :P
19:49:58 <lady-3jane> I tell my best friend she's pretty because she is, but I'm also not speaking about physical beauty
19:50:15 <lady-3jane> She's what I'd call a "beautiful friend", which has nothing to do with her outside
19:52:44 <lady-3jane> one of her exes told me "I get to see her without her clothes on, you get to see her naked." Which was the point at which their relationship took its final tumble
19:52:45 <lady-3jane> haha
19:53:22 <lady-3jane> on the plus side
19:53:22 <lady-3jane> NP: [AC/DC - Thunderstruck] [The Razors Edge] [971kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
20:04:20 <lady-3jane> hahaha fuck yeah
20:04:32 <lady-3jane> google street view tells me how far my window is from the street
20:04:34 <lady-3jane> LOL
20:04:46 <lady-3jane> cheeky fuckers
20:04:46 ekorsail has quit (User quit:  Konversation terminated!)
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20:28:29 bbn ( has joined #crytocc
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20:56:39 *** joepie92 is now known as joepie91
20:57:23 <joepie91> maybe I should spend tonight on finding a replacement IRC hub...
21:06:17 <lady-3jane> not the worst idea
21:11:33 joepie91_ ( has joined #crytocc
21:11:48 <lady-3jane> now I have to figure out how to get a qrcode of my vcard
21:11:49 <lady-3jane> haha
21:12:22 <lady-3jane> hmm
21:12:43 <joepie91> possibly found a provider
21:15:11 <lady-3jane> > tonight
21:15:14 <lady-3jane> > 15 minutes
21:15:42 <joepie91> lady-3jane: hey, it isn't moved yet
21:15:44 <joepie91> :P
21:15:57 <joepie91> plus still awaiting response
21:16:01 * lady-3jane giggles
21:16:10 <lady-3jane> grrr
21:16:13 <lady-3jane> OH WAIT
21:16:27 <lady-3jane> I CAN GENERATE IT MYSELF
21:16:29 <lady-3jane> FUCK YOUUUUU
21:19:58 <lady-3jane> or not, because you know fuck taking a standard contact file format as input
21:20:15 <joepie91> lol
21:21:37 <lady-3jane> hmm
21:21:42 <lady-3jane> yeah fuck you people with qrcodes
21:21:52 <lady-3jane> the tools for them SUCK
21:22:12 <MK_FG> There's probably a jillion qrcode generators on the web
21:22:21 <lady-3jane> not really
21:22:50 <MK_FG> ?
21:22:52 <lady-3jane> I want to put a vcard into one, and they don't give me a high enough resolution card... or alternatively wtf giving some random website all my info
21:23:02 <lady-3jane> MK_FG:) you're being an ass
21:23:14 <MK_FG> Wat
21:23:27 <lady-3jane> vcard's aren't small
21:23:31 <MK_FG> You're putting this info online
21:23:38 <lady-3jane> yep
21:23:43 <MK_FG> And you want that code to be scannable from monitor
21:23:49 <lady-3jane> yes
21:23:52 <lady-3jane> so it should be larger
21:24:07 <lady-3jane> that and I can't test them
21:24:12 <lady-3jane> I don't have anything to read the code with
21:24:37 <lady-3jane> I mean ideally you could just parse my contact page
21:24:42 <lady-3jane> but apparently you want a qrcode
21:24:48 <MK_FG> Not larger than half of the page, probably, any generator can probably do that
21:24:53 <lady-3jane> (contact page is an hcard)
21:26:31 <lady-3jane> but apparently standards support on phone things is shit
21:26:35 <lady-3jane> like everything else
21:30:24 <lady-3jane> hmm
21:30:42 <lady-3jane> dunno what other profiles to post
21:31:06 <lady-3jane> twitter, fb, g+, heello,
21:31:08 <lady-3jane> hmmhmm
21:34:03 <MK_FG> github/bitbucket might be useful
21:34:15 <lady-3jane> I don't put up code publicly though
21:34:28 <MK_FG> Oh, not so much then
21:34:51 <lady-3jane> Like many of the things I don't put online, I refuse to let people judge my code
21:34:53 <lady-3jane> lol
21:35:31 <lady-3jane> I like writing and talking. My code works, but I give no indication that it's good :D
21:35:54 <lady-3jane> I wrote... one thing?
21:35:56 <lady-3jane> publicly
21:36:01 <MK_FG> Yeah, code reviews are work of devil
21:36:21 <lady-3jane>
21:36:32 <lady-3jane> now there are others, but mine was the first I ever found
21:37:13 <lady-3jane> I also now have no idea how to update that code because git was so fucking difficult to get working
21:37:32 <lady-3jane> I wanted to hook it into syslog or something, to be an ass
21:37:39 <MK_FG> scm's are lucifier's playthings
21:38:11 <lady-3jane> seriously
21:38:15 <lady-3jane> I liked svn
21:38:16 <MK_FG> Also hitler -
21:38:19 <lady-3jane> svn was easy enough
21:38:32 <lady-3jane> but github is about 100x too complex for what I want to use it for
21:39:44 <lady-3jane> actually haha my code there isn't horrible
21:39:45 <lady-3jane> that's funny
22:25:13 <DrWhat> I just had an idea
22:25:18 <DrWhat> Using ajax
22:25:20 <DrWhat> again
22:25:24 <DrWhat> I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE
22:25:25 <DrWhat> XD
22:26:03 <lady-3jane> wat
22:27:07 <MK_FG> DrWat
22:27:19 <lady-3jane> ^
22:27:45 <lady-3jane> speaking of wat
22:55:50 *** Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK
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23:39:29 <DrWhat> a comfy gamer is a happy gamer
23:39:35 <DrWhat> and a happy gamer is a good gamer
23:39:35 <DrWhat> :)
23:42:43 <lady-3jane> pffff
23:42:54 <lady-3jane> If you're not "YOU PISS SHITTING FUCK CUNT DIE
23:42:58 <lady-3jane> then you're not gaming