Cryto! 11 March 2013

00:15:46 <DrWhat> i think joepie91 is dying
00:15:46 <DrWhat> XD
00:15:54 <DrWhat> joepie91 talk boy
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02:22:05 <Divinite> joepie91
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02:34:30 <paladini> Hi there! :)
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09:37:31 <MK_FG>
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11:18:21 <twitchyliquid64> joepie91:
11:18:25 <twitchyliquid64> hows the new scenery?
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11:50:59 <mama> hi all
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11:56:44 <raymii> Howdy
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12:47:16 <joepie91> hai raymii, hai twitchyliquid64
12:47:23 <joepie91> the scenery right now is an improvised tent
12:47:29 <joepie91> in a large space
12:49:10 <raymii> A tent?
12:49:46 <raymii> Why a tent?
12:50:01 <joepie91> because I don't like sleeping in giant rooms
12:50:01 <joepie91> :P
12:50:10 <joepie91> not really a tent though
12:50:24 <joepie91> more just pieces of cloth/plastic making up a makeshift wall on thin ropes
12:50:25 <raymii> welk kraakpand nu weer?
12:50:34 <joepie91> english :P
12:50:39 <joepie91> and, undisclosed
13:30:14 <twitchyliquid64> joepie91: makeshift shelters are my speciality
13:30:24 <joepie91> heh
13:30:27 <joepie91> also,
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13:47:36 <ryan_> cloudflare is funny
13:48:00 <ryan_> they drop clients after a couple of minutes of high traffic
13:48:51 <joepie91> ryan_: depends... not for enterprise afaik
13:49:16 <ryan_> also the thing you mentioned earlier bypasses their im under attack thing
13:49:24 <DrWhat> Hi joepie91
13:49:28 <DrWhat> Finalyallive are we
13:49:40 <joepie91> ryan_: really? that's bad
13:49:42 <ryan_> Yeah, not for enterprise. But that's what, $3000 per month?
13:49:45 <joepie91> DrWhat: more or less
13:49:49 <DrWhat> lol
13:49:52 <joepie91> ryan_: mmm, still cheaper than prolexic probably
13:49:52 <joepie91> :P
13:49:53 <ryan_> joepie91: it hardly matters though
13:50:02 <ryan_> you can just flood the im under attack page
13:50:10 <ryan_> and cloudflare will still suspend whatever is behind it
13:50:23 <joepie91> lol
13:50:26 <joepie91> that seems like a bug, actually
13:50:40 <ryan_> bypassing it makes internet a so much nicer place though
13:50:53 <ryan_> I'm gonna make a browser plugin to automatically attempt it
13:52:09 <ryan_> Also, the "im under attack" page is pretty easy to parse with a regex
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15:03:52 <DrWhat> joepie91 you need to teach me classes one day ;)
15:04:58 <lady-3jane> mmm
15:05:00 <lady-3jane> crunchy sentences
15:09:10 <DrWhat> lady-3jane Make me a bacon sandwich
15:09:27 <DrWhat> Hard coding is hard and energy consumming
15:09:37 <DrWhat> You need to keep my body index up
15:10:30 <lady-3jane> That sounds like a personal problem
15:13:02 <lady-3jane> I'll make myself a bacon sandwich and send you a picture of it, but you're not getting one from me.
15:30:33 <lady-3jane> alright
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16:19:22 <DrWhat> Fuck that pussy
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16:49:14 <joepie91>
17:13:26 <DrWhat> nothing get pass facebook without you knowing about it ;)
17:15:00 <DrWhat> i want to see on the news
17:15:00 <DrWhat> "Apple announce they have been infected by the apple virus"
17:15:00 <DrWhat> XD
17:16:46 <DrWhat> 99% there virus was written in china
17:25:29 <ryan_> even fucking kaiten.c runs on OSX
17:25:47 <ryan_> Actually, they call it Tsunami bot
17:25:56 <ryan_> someone spread kaiten with the flash exploit a few years back
17:26:09 <ryan_> everybody started calling it "tsunami bot" due to the fact that kaiten has a flood called "tsunami"
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17:53:14 * sila-jain hi
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18:03:24 <DrWhat> hmmm
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18:28:11 <mama> joepie91: hi
18:28:54 <mama> how can I make a Channel here to not be seen in /list and without registering it?
18:29:16 <ryan_> impossible
18:30:03 <mama> so I should register it and set modes +i +s?
18:30:16 <ryan_> or you could set the modes without registering it
18:30:33 <mama> this is nice :)
18:30:52 <mama> what other modes to not be "detected"?
18:31:31 <DrWhat> Why do you want to set a unaccessable channel on a public network?
18:31:47 <DrWhat> Kinda defeats the perpose
18:31:57 <mama> DrWhat: because i need a "private space"
18:32:12 <DrWhat> fir what?
18:32:14 <DrWhat> for?
18:32:34 <mama> hmmm
18:32:53 <joepie91> mama: hai
18:33:00 <DrWhat> It beeter not be anything againt the server guidelines
18:33:01 <joepie91> usual disclaimer first of all
18:33:15 <DrWhat> that would would be tring to hide?
18:33:18 <joepie91> IRC is an inherently insecure protocol
18:33:24 <DrWhat> ^
18:33:27 <joepie91> if you need really private communications, use something properly encrypted
18:33:37 <joepie91> otherwise, you can have a try with +is, but it's not foolproof
18:33:43 <joepie91> and once there are no users left, the modes will drop
18:33:44 <DrWhat> OR
18:33:52 <joepie91> so autojoin may expose the channel name, for example
18:33:56 <DrWhat> setup irc on a private box
18:34:00 <joepie91> DrWhat: no
18:34:02 <joepie91> equally insecure
18:34:06 <mama> yes, also no services atm
18:34:10 <joepie91> encrypted + authed is the only sane option
18:34:12 <joepie91> mama: I know
18:34:20 <joepie91> I'm going to move the hub because the packetloss is getting retarded
18:34:45 <DrWhat> +RMism
18:34:45 <joepie91> but that may take a while
18:35:05 <DrWhat> Mite want to throw and +f argument i there as well for safe messure
18:35:17 <mama> joepie91: it is not for big secrets, but only to not be joined by ppl that are not involved
18:35:36 <joepie91> mama: right, then I suppose you could use +is for now
18:35:39 <DrWhat> Do +R then :D
18:35:49 <DrWhat> +Ri
18:35:50 <joepie91> and be sure to turn off autojoin for it if possible, frequently check modes are still set
18:35:56 <joepie91> or just make sure there's always a user in the channel
18:35:59 <joepie91> until services return
18:36:07 <DrWhat> BUT
18:36:16 <joepie91> DrWhat: +R is a bit pointless
18:36:19 <joepie91> seeing as there are no services...
18:36:32 <DrWhat> wanting to keep users out of there out of the questio out the moment
18:36:37 <DrWhat> as servers keep netsplitig
18:36:50 <DrWhat> and no services + netsplit = ghosting
18:36:55 <DrWhat> I love ghosting :)
18:37:02 <joepie91> (and this is why I'm not happy about the increasing amount of VPS hosts moving to colocrossing...)
18:37:03 <DrWhat> So fun
18:37:16 <joepie91> (colocrossing routing to europe appears to be incredibly poor)
18:37:41 <DrWhat> :)
18:37:48 <DrWhat> or is it :/
18:38:27 <mama> wow works! thanks!
18:38:41 <joepie91> DrWhat: ?
18:39:00 <DrWhat> Im flashing
18:39:04 * DrWhat flashes
18:39:08 <DrWhat> WOOP WOOP
18:39:22 * DrWhat shows some ass
18:39:49 <DrWhat> Joe joe joe
18:39:57 <DrWhat> I learnt pdo yesturday :)
18:40:09 <joepie91> good :P
18:40:49 <mama> joepie91: as you are here, do you have news from srn?
18:40:57 <DrWhat> i even did an incremeting search limit :)
18:41:02 <joepie91> mama: I do not, no
18:41:07 <DrWhat> It doesnt work
18:41:13 <mama> thanks :(
18:41:20 <DrWhat> Unless wi do try {} catch() {}
18:44:44 <DrWhat> IF YOU DON'T
18:44:49 <DrWhat> YOU MITE NOT BE A TROLL
18:44:59 <DrWhat> BUT YOU'RE NOT VERY NICE
18:45:27 * DrWhat hugs joepie91
18:56:49 <joepie91> DrWhat: wait, what?
18:56:53 <joepie91> re: the try/catch stuff
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19:13:52 <monod> hello everyone
19:14:28 <monod> if you have time take a look at (or .com) by ramachandran
19:14:31 <monod> very nice indeed
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19:54:32 <DrWhat> joepie91 i want t malest you
19:56:23 <joepie91> DrWhat : D:
19:56:29 <joepie91> hai monod
19:56:37 <DrWhat> Divinite: whats wrong
19:56:41 <DrWhat> AJHVBnvb H VF
19:56:41 <DrWhat> B
19:56:42 <DrWhat> ADH
19:56:53 <DrWhat> Divinite: Whats wrong
19:56:56 <DrWhat> GRRRR
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20:21:29 <DrWhat> Im getting layed im getting layed
20:21:31 <DrWhat> Hahahahahaha
20:21:33 <DrWhat> Your not
20:21:39 <DrWhat> Im getting layed im getting layed
20:26:34 <Divinite> *laid
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20:31:07 <joepie91> DrWhat: uh...
20:31:14 <joepie91> this sounds like a disputable claim
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20:35:20 <DrWhat> I found a girl
20:44:57 <zest> omg but had one
20:45:01 <zest> * you
20:46:33 <DrWhat> GRRRR
20:46:38 <DrWhat> Game data is currupt
20:46:45 <DrWhat> Please reinstall with origin
20:46:52 <DrWhat> FUCK YOU ORIGIN
20:46:54 <DrWhat> AND YOU EA
20:47:01 <DrWhat> its your patch that broke it
20:47:12 <joepie91> DrWhat: with disputable claim I was refering to the "you're not" part :)
20:50:41 <DrWhat> ehh
20:50:52 <DrWhat> Its hard to find a girl who likes to be domenate in bed :)
20:51:05 <DrWhat> Im lazy
20:51:06 <DrWhat> XD
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