Cryto! 10 March 2013

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00:34:11 <Nox> oddlaw, fuck you
00:35:59 <oddlaw> eh?
00:36:53 <Nox> that damn dj
00:36:55 <Nox> kicked me
00:37:07 <oddlaw> shit sucked anyways
00:37:20 <oddlaw> i left after like a couple songs... room was a huge circle jerk
00:37:45 <Nox> mmm
00:37:45 <oddlaw> the concept of that site is cool though i'll give it that
00:37:49 <Nox> yeah
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01:08:54 <lady-3jane> lol
01:09:07 <The_9th_Sign> Ahoy
01:09:28 <lady-3jane> sup
01:09:44 <The_9th_Sign> Not much, they talk alot on anonops
01:09:53 * lady-3jane shrugs
01:09:55 <The_9th_Sign> No doubt some are bots...
01:10:25 <The_9th_Sign> Anyway, was listing did find, what is CCC?
01:10:37 <lady-3jane> that made no grammatical sense
01:10:44 <The_9th_Sign> Sorry
01:10:47 <lady-3jane> but CCC is probably chaos computer club
01:10:57 <The_9th_Sign> Was /listing, did find
01:10:57 <lady-3jane>
01:11:05 <lady-3jane> oh
01:11:10 <lady-3jane> you mean cryto coding collective
01:11:15 <The_9th_Sign> I meant the Cryto Coding Collective :P
01:11:17 <The_9th_Sign> Yes
01:11:27 <lady-3jane> we code and draw penises in the sand together
01:11:36 <lady-3jane> what more could you want from life
01:11:49 <The_9th_Sign> Lol heh, a fully functional internet security program
01:12:00 * The_9th_Sign is about to take programming courses for the endeavor
01:12:16 <lady-3jane> What's an internet security program
01:12:32 <The_9th_Sign> Lol, something that isn't as shitty as the current market
01:12:48 <The_9th_Sign> Also free and easuly accessible via ingenious GUI
01:12:53 <The_9th_Sign> easily*
01:12:59 <lady-3jane> so you want to make something less made of bullshit and lies and the tears of small asian children than, say, norton 360?
01:13:04 <The_9th_Sign> Something that actually prevents unwanted connections
01:13:17 <lady-3jane> That bar isn't very high, not gonna lie
01:13:50 <The_9th_Sign> Well, I assume there is a way...
01:14:06 <The_9th_Sign> If I were to inject code into the processor directly, it is called a "kernel" hack, yes?
01:14:15 <The_9th_Sign> code = ASM
01:14:15 <lady-3jane> not really
01:14:22 <lady-3jane> It's not much of a hack
01:14:32 <lady-3jane> anyone who writes ASM is just a coder
01:14:33 <lady-3jane> lol
01:14:58 <The_9th_Sign> Well, it seems to me when you have this sort of problem, that is your only solution
01:15:05 <The_9th_Sign> To invade the processor process
01:15:07 <The_9th_Sign> Lol
01:15:09 <lady-3jane> you want to use the hardware stuff built into recent intel and amd processors to do antivirus work?
01:15:30 <The_9th_Sign> Not really
01:15:32 <lady-3jane> that's what it sounds like, anyway
01:15:37 <The_9th_Sign> I wanted to build custom hardware
01:15:41 <The_9th_Sign> want*
01:15:49 <lady-3jane> to do?
01:15:53 <The_9th_Sign> Something PCI-E or something
01:15:59 <The_9th_Sign> Like a network card with security up the ass
01:16:16 <The_9th_Sign> Or is the term "coming out the ass"?
01:16:19 <The_9th_Sign> Either way
01:16:22 <The_9th_Sign> That's basically it
01:16:23 <lady-3jane> well those already exist in the form of ACL based switching hardware
01:16:35 <The_9th_Sign> Wow
01:16:46 <The_9th_Sign> You are much more helpful than anonops
01:16:53 <The_9th_Sign> Damn commies
01:16:55 <lady-3jane> but if the software is running on the network card it by definition can't know the state, so you have to use ACL's instead of some other thing
01:17:08 <lady-3jane> well
01:17:14 <lady-3jane> if you want it to scale anyway
01:17:28 <lady-3jane> people use software firewalls on their PC's every day, but that doesn't mean they're any good
01:17:37 <The_9th_Sign> That's me problem!
01:17:43 <The_9th_Sign> :D We are on the same page
01:17:48 <The_9th_Sign> So ACL switching...
01:17:54 <The_9th_Sign> I will check it out
01:18:04 <lady-3jane> no, it's just Access control lists on a switch
01:18:15 <lady-3jane> not terribly hard and there's lots of very good hardware to do it
01:18:29 <The_9th_Sign> Needs to be standard :)
01:18:32 <The_9th_Sign> I have my ways
01:18:37 <The_9th_Sign> But anyway, I'll catch you later, I'm gonna watch Cloud Atlas
01:18:46 <lady-3jane> It IS standard on non-consumer networking hardware
01:18:57 <The_9th_Sign> Lol EXACTLY
01:19:12 <lady-3jane> consumers can't figure it, there's no point in putting it there
01:19:13 <The_9th_Sign> ;) Peace, and thanks again
01:19:20 <lady-3jane> yes bye
01:19:29 <The_9th_Sign> They will ;)
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02:21:20 <mama> :(((((
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09:21:07 <mama> hi
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12:09:14 <DrWhat> joepie91
12:09:24 <DrWhat> You goa book of the eye?
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13:28:16 <DrWhat> hmmm
13:28:29 <DrWhat> i want to write an API for evomap with DAVE
13:28:35 <DrWhat> How do i go aboiit doing that
13:28:35 <DrWhat> lol
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13:40:33 <DP> yo
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13:57:26 <DrWhat> hoe
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15:26:25 <DrWhat> Whats wrtong with jo
15:28:19 <MK_FG> Maybe he's on safari?
15:28:35 <MK_FG> Who's DAVE, anyway?
15:29:14 <MK_FG> And in general it goes like this - you make Dave do all the work, then clam as your own and dispose of the body - simple!
15:33:40 <DrWhat> Its a API framework
15:35:20 <MK_FG> So... you'll have to drug Dave first?
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16:35:27 <DrWhat> PDOStatement Object ( [queryString] => SELECT * FROM `coord_info` ORDER BY `coord_info`.`servers_id` DESC LIMIT 0 , 30 )
16:35:28 <DrWhat> YAY
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17:10:07 <DrWhat>
17:10:13 <DrWhat> joepie91 are you proud of me :0
17:10:16 <DrWhat> :)
17:10:43 <DrWhat>
17:10:43 <DrWhat> LOL
18:02:38 <joepie91> hai DrWhat
18:02:52 <joepie91> parameterized queries, good :P
18:07:32 <DrWhat> i dont something wrong :(
18:07:35 <DrWhat> done :(
18:07:38 <DrWhat> i cant find it tho
18:18:21 <DrWhat> i got $query->prepare
18:18:33 <DrWhat> I got $query->bindValues
18:18:41 <DrWhat> i got the while loop
18:18:59 <DrWhat> new PDO is fine
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18:19:32 <DrWhat> and $query->errorInfo() doesnt return any errors
18:19:38 <DrWhat> Im completly lost
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18:28:11 <DrWhat> Ahhh
18:28:12 <DrWhat> fixxed it
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18:44:02 <DrWhat> Array
18:44:03 <DrWhat> (
18:44:03 <DrWhat> [0] => 00000
18:44:03 <DrWhat> [1] =>
18:44:03 <DrWhat> [2] =>
18:44:03 <DrWhat> )
18:44:03 <DrWhat> 1
18:44:03 <DrWhat> Number of results: 250
18:44:04 <DrWhat> YAY
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19:18:31 <DrWhat> who knows how i can echo each array object into a table
19:18:31 <DrWhat> from
19:18:31 <DrWhat> echo "<pre>", print_r($result[1]['lord_name'], true), "</pre>";
19:18:45 <DrWhat> accualy echo "<pre>", print_r($result, true), "</pre>";
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19:59:11 <zest> someone have list of what possible to buy for bitcoins ?
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20:10:16 <DrWhat> Where the fucki s joe
20:10:21 <DrWhat> I want to have sex with his sexy ass
20:13:04 <zest> (
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20:20:44 <paladini_> Where I can find Joepie91 now?
20:21:14 <paladini_> I'm an old friend of him
20:21:19 <paladini_> and need talk with him now
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20:35:19 <paladini_> someone want talk about something?
20:35:47 <zest> let's talk about bitcoins, seems like this is revolution, what do you think ?
20:36:52 <paladini_> I don't know a lot about bitcoins
20:37:14 <paladini_> can you explain to me what it's exactly?
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20:38:30 <paladini_> joooeeeeeeee
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20:38:44 <paladini_> remember me?
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21:48:23 * Sabit pokes joepie91
22:35:05 <DrWhat> joepie91 i need you :D
23:17:03 <AnonForecast> joepie91, what was the name of the password app you recommended?
23:22:04 <DrWhat> YAY
23:22:07 <DrWhat> i done it
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23:23:38 <DrWhat>
23:23:42 <DrWhat> What do you think?
23:26:14 <DrWhat> Anyone know any way to make it better or have i hit the nail on the head?