Cryto! 4 March 2013

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02:27:51 <joepie91> morning fl
02:27:54 <joepie91> er
02:27:56 <joepie91> lady-3jane
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04:22:30 <lady-3jane> morning joepie91 :D
04:23:02 <lady-3jane> sorry, went to friends house for dinner
04:32:49 <joepie91> ohai!
04:32:51 <joepie91> :3
04:51:59 <lady-3jane> ohai :>
04:52:06 <lady-3jane> sorry, life got crazy
04:52:12 <lady-3jane> (tonight)
04:54:04 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) how's your day going?
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05:04:44 <lady-3jane> best music right now
05:04:45 <lady-3jane> NP: [Cherry Poppin' Daddies - When I Change Your Mind] [Zoot Suit Riot] [951kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
05:14:26 <joepie91> lady-3jane: pretty uneventful
05:14:27 <joepie91> hai, Ari
05:14:34 <Ari> Hallo!
05:14:41 <Ari> I'm writing docstrings in python
05:14:43 <Ari> watcha up to?
05:14:48 <joepie91> there's a bug in your button :P
05:14:51 <joepie91> or well
05:14:52 <Ari> NOO
05:14:55 <joepie91> in the way it works
05:15:00 <Ari> What's wrong with it? o_o
05:15:02 <joepie91> well
05:15:06 <joepie91> when you press it, the top margin changes
05:15:11 <Ari> yeah
05:15:15 <Ari> to align the text
05:15:16 <joepie91> if that means the button is no longer under your mouse
05:15:19 <joepie91> the submission will not go through
05:15:22 <joepie91> of the form
05:15:23 <Ari> oh
05:15:25 <Ari> derp
05:15:26 <joepie91> at least in chrome
05:15:37 <Ari> really?
05:15:39 <joepie91> so the top 5 pixels in the button cause the effect, but not the action
05:15:40 <joepie91> yes
05:15:41 <joepie91> :P
05:15:41 <Ari> works for me in chrome
05:15:42 <Ari> o_o
05:15:43 <joepie91> I hacked around it
05:15:44 <Ari> oh
05:15:45 <Ari> okay
05:15:48 <Ari> Sorry :s
05:15:51 <joepie91> by attaching mousedown event
05:15:53 <joepie91> that submits parent form
05:16:04 <joepie91> but yeah, just thought I'd let you know :P
05:16:15 <joepie91> anyway, redonate is now officially launched!
05:16:25 <joepie91>
05:16:26 <joepie91> @ Ari
05:16:27 <joepie91> :D
05:16:32 <Ari> whooo!
05:16:37 * Ari highfives joepie91
05:16:38 <Ari> :D
05:17:22 * joepie91 highfives
05:17:30 <joepie91> also
05:17:34 <joepie91> and
05:17:45 <joepie91> and
05:17:51 <Ari> damn
05:17:52 <Ari> nice
05:18:05 <joepie91> and
05:18:59 <Ari> sweeet
05:21:40 <joepie91> also, ugh:
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05:30:27 <Ari> what does that even do, joepie91
05:30:53 <joepie91> Ari: it hijacks ads
05:30:57 <Ari> ah
05:30:58 <Ari> for thier profit?
05:31:01 <joepie91> yes
05:32:35 <Ari> that's annoyingly stupid
05:49:07 <joepie91> yrs
05:49:09 <joepie91> yes *
05:49:38 <Ari> Oh wow, PyCharm is a nice IDE
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06:08:12 <lady-3jane> ew
06:12:12 <joepie91> grrrrreat
06:12:13 <joepie91>
06:12:15 <joepie91> cc Ari
06:12:23 <Ari> mmph?
06:12:27 <joepie91> see pastie
06:12:33 <joepie91> I hate writing setup scripts so fucking much
06:12:40 <Ari> ohgod
06:12:41 <Ari> that sucks
06:13:04 <joepie91> and it's not like the documentation is helpful and gives a few sample scripts for common scenarios...
06:13:08 <joepie91> nah
06:13:27 <Ari> :<
06:13:48 <joepie91> packages = ['pysfx']
06:13:49 <joepie91> package_dir = {'pysfx': ['pysfx']}
06:13:49 <joepie91> package_data = {'pysfx': ['unpack.template']}
06:13:52 <joepie91> it's unclear to me what is wrong here
06:16:26 <Ari> It's unclear to me what is even happening here
06:16:50 <joepie91> same
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06:30:12 <joepie91> root@aarnist:~/sfxtest# tar -czf - * | pysfx -as "python" -
06:30:13 <joepie91> root@aarnist:~/sfxtest# python
06:30:13 <joepie91> PySFX 1.0 by Sven Slootweg
06:30:13 <joepie91> PySFX may be reused, modified, and redistributed freely without restriction under the WTFPL.
06:30:13 <joepie91> Processed 2440 bytes, of which 1817 bytes were written to /var/tmp/pysfx-lRbGVSSsdRplfv5A.tar.gz.
06:30:13 <joepie91> Unpacking archive...
06:30:13 <joepie91> hello world
06:30:13 <joepie91> well
06:30:15 <joepie91> I guess it works
06:30:33 <joepie91> time to take a walk
06:32:52 <Ari> whoo
06:32:52 <Ari> have fun
06:42:34 <joepie91>
06:43:33 <Ari> how was your walk
06:45:10 <joepie91> not gone yet
06:45:11 <joepie91> going now
06:45:11 <joepie91> :P
06:46:26 <Ari> kay
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07:08:53 <anon_curi> Hello
07:09:17 <anon_curi> Anyone there?
07:11:59 <anon_curi> to be or not to be
07:15:10 <anon_curi> anonymous where are you?
07:16:47 <anon_curi> any anonymous anywhere?
07:17:16 <anon_curi> I want to talk to you
07:20:24 <anon_curi> i have a hard time believing that out of the millions of hits anon gets on the internet that there are no irc chats happening..
07:23:45 * joepie91 sighs
07:23:52 <joepie91> anon_curi: it would PROBABLY be a good idea
07:23:56 <joepie91> to read the fucking topic in this channel
07:24:04 <joepie91> because then you would know that this is not an anonymous channel
07:24:12 <anon_curi> oh
07:24:20 <anon_curi> sorry
07:24:29 <anon_curi> what is cryocc?
07:24:35 <joepie91>
07:25:55 <anon_curi> I c
07:26:06 <anon_curi> so you code
07:26:19 <anon_curi> but in lamens terms what are you coding?
07:36:27 <Ari> anything.
07:36:44 <Ari> As long as it's open to the world
07:38:30 <Ari> hey joepie91, I just finished writing a Python library. What do I do now? How do I like.. release it? .-. Where do I post it?
07:38:49 <joepie91> Ari: well, have you packaged it up for the pypi repo yet?
07:38:56 <Ari> Nope!
07:38:56 <joepie91> like, script and all that
07:39:02 <joepie91> alright, prepare for a world of pain
07:39:12 * lady-3jane dances
07:39:13 <joepie91>
07:39:13 <Ari> It's a VERY specialized library
07:39:14 <lady-3jane> NP: [Cherry Poppin' Daddies - When I Change Your Mind] [Zoot Suit Riot] [951kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
07:39:52 <Ari> should I bother?
07:39:57 <Ari> or should I just distribute a pyc?
07:40:11 <joepie91> Ari: why would you distribute a pyc
07:40:15 <joepie91> that makes no sense ._.
07:40:17 <Ari> wait
07:40:23 <Ari> pyc is a compiled python file right
07:40:25 <joepie91> yes
07:40:28 <Ari> so
07:40:35 <Ari> if I give people a .pyc of my library
07:40:39 <joepie91> then it will break
07:40:42 <joepie91> on anything that is not your python ver
07:40:43 <joepie91> on your arch
07:40:43 <Ari> why o_o
07:40:45 <joepie91> in your env
07:40:45 <Ari> oh
07:40:46 <Ari> oh
07:40:48 <Ari> makes sense.
07:40:48 <joepie91> lo.
07:40:50 <joepie91> lol *
07:40:55 <Ari> k, can't I just distribute the .py then?
07:40:56 <joepie91> no really, try to learn to write a setup script
07:41:01 <joepie91> thing is
07:41:05 <joepie91> distributing it as a py
07:41:10 <joepie91> means you can't just define it as a dependency
07:41:14 <joepie91> can't just give an install comman
07:41:16 <joepie91> command *
07:41:22 <joepie91> basically, for an end user it'd become really messy to use
07:41:26 <Ari> kay
07:41:40 <Ari> also, is there a good way to make a standalone EXE out of a python script?
07:41:47 <Ari> Not a folder, ONE exe.
07:41:55 <joepie91> apart from why you would want to do that, py2exe
07:42:15 <Ari> kay
07:42:37 <joepie91> but really
07:42:41 <joepie91> why *would* you want to do that
07:43:29 <ryan> Behead those who use python in perls stead
07:44:06 <Ari> joepie91, GUI apps
07:44:29 <ryan> also behead those who want to stick interpreted languages in a single .exe
07:44:35 <Ari> :<
07:45:11 <ryan> Rule of thumb: if you want binaries, use actual programming languages
07:45:22 <lady-3jane> I'm so highhhhhhh above meeeeeeee
07:47:06 <joepie91> Ari: that's really not a reason
07:47:20 <joepie91> just make an installer that makes sure python runtime is installed
07:47:23 <Ari> joepie91, it's awkward to get end-users to download and run python
07:47:24 <Ari> oh yeah I guess
07:47:25 <joepie91> and installs python scripts
07:49:29 <Ari> hey joepie91, is this good?
07:50:27 <lady-3jane> NP: [Dengue Fever - Cement Slippers] [Cannibal Courtship] [1010kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
07:54:31 <joepie91> I suppose so
07:54:32 <joepie91> I'd say
07:54:35 <joepie91> python sdist
07:54:37 <joepie91> and see what happens
07:55:34 <Ari> sdist?
07:56:26 <Ari> it says it worked .-.
08:02:40 <Ari> i gotta sleep. night all
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08:21:43 <lady-3jane> night joepie91 n.n
08:22:59 <joepie91> night lady-3jane
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09:41:47 *** Divinite is now known as faust
09:41:57 <faust> see
09:42:09 <faust> Netsplit kills Nickserv
09:42:19 <faust> This is why we can't have nice things!
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09:43:11 <faust> Ah
09:43:12 <faust> FFS
09:43:25 *** faust is now known as Divinite
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09:44:37 <joepie91> Divinite: huh?
09:44:43 <joepie91> also wtf is going on here
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09:51:04 <mama> is cryto ddosed too?
09:52:27 <joepie91> not that I am aware of
09:52:49 <ryan> what else could possibly cause netsplits?
09:53:01 <joepie91> ha, ask colocrossing that
09:53:02 <joepie91> :P
09:53:02 <mama> ah! good! and hi joepie91 :)
09:53:18 <joepie91> ryan: colocrossing has been terrible lately
09:53:27 <joepie91> constant network blips
09:53:31 <ryan> o
09:53:33 <ryan> the irony
09:53:35 <joepie91> and it seems more and more providers are moving to colocrossing
09:53:37 <ryan>
09:53:37 <ryan> doesnt load
09:53:37 <ryan> wait
09:53:40 <ryan> I don't think
09:53:42 <ryan> that counts as irony
09:53:45 <joepie91> CF died again?
09:53:52 <ryan> cloudflare pages don't tend to load
09:53:55 <ryan> no but their blog did
09:54:01 <ryan> Oh noes! Something went wrong.
09:54:18 <joepie91> they seem to be having a bad day lately
09:54:22 <ryan> I should crash cloudflare ns servers by feeding them a huge bullshit zone with millions of records
09:54:29 <joepie91> also, hai mama
09:54:37 <joepie91> ryan: wait, CF uses posterous?
09:54:41 <ryan> ya
09:54:45 <joepie91> that is... interesting
09:54:49 <joepie91> seeing as posterous is shutting down
09:54:54 <joepie91> oh crap
09:54:55 <mama> :)
09:55:01 <ryan> oh are they?
09:55:02 <joepie91> eh... I think I have an idea why CF blog is down
09:55:02 <joepie91> one sec
09:55:02 <joepie91> lol
09:55:09 <ryan> I didn't know that
09:55:10 <ryan> lol
09:55:19 <ryan> I was going to audit them
09:55:23 <ryan> but I guess its too late
09:55:32 <joepie91> ryan: origin detected
09:55:37 <joepie91> there's an archiveteam project underway
09:55:39 <ryan> but yea you can feed cloudflare nameservers zones of infinite sizes
09:55:40 <joepie91> to archive all of posterous
09:55:43 <ryan> o
09:55:45 <joepie91> before they shut down
09:55:50 <joepie91> apparently posterous died under the load again
09:55:50 <joepie91> lol
09:55:54 <ryan> loll
09:55:57 <joepie91> at least that's what it seems like
09:56:02 <ryan> well cloudflare always online
09:56:05 <ryan> seems to be
09:56:07 <ryan> doing a v good job
09:56:14 <joepie91> I think they turned that off after their own routing fuckup
09:56:19 <joepie91> for the blog I mean
09:56:25 <ryan> I guess
09:56:31 <joepie91> I assume you've read the post mortem?
09:56:43 <ryan> Yep
09:57:15 <ryan> I also started watching as their routes started dying right at the moment I got an alert about my site being down
09:57:41 <ryan> I try to track the downtime caused by cloudflare and the downtime caused by srsvps
09:57:49 <ryan> so far cloudflare is winning
09:57:52 <joepie91> I do have to say it was quite a monumental fuckup, but I'm not really sure yet whether to blame cloudflare or juniper
09:57:56 <joepie91> heh
09:58:10 <ryan> Blame cloudflare for feeding their routers bullshit and not staging their stuff
09:58:20 <joepie91> idk... that's what I would have done if it were a generic config change
09:58:28 <joepie91> but this was afaik a rule to filter an attack
09:58:33 <ryan> Matthew Prince was lying on their blog
09:58:35 <ryan> it was a rule
09:58:35 <joepie91> there's not much time/opportunity to stage that I think
09:58:39 <ryan> that would never match anything
09:58:51 <ryan> so the rule only existed due to noc staff incompetency
09:58:58 <joepie91> hm, that's true
09:59:02 <ryan> and all mass routing changes should be staged
09:59:23 <ryan> Matthew Prince even claimed they staged it
09:59:23 <ryan> how come
09:59:27 <ryan> all of their routers crashed
09:59:28 <Divinite> Pro Tip people
09:59:32 <ryan> but not the staging one?
09:59:32 <Divinite> Do not use 123systems
09:59:33 <Divinite> they lie
09:59:41 <Divinite> their support is non-existant
09:59:48 <Divinite> and their nodes are so full it isn't funny
09:59:57 <joepie91> Divinite: I knew this a year ago
09:59:58 <joepie91> :|
10:00:14 <Divinite> I was with them
10:00:18 <Divinite> back when they were good
10:00:26 <Divinite> two'ish years ago
10:00:29 <joepie91> there have been warning signs for the past year or so
10:00:31 <Divinite> Was my first box
10:00:39 <joepie91> heh
10:00:41 <Divinite> $12/yr 128mb box
10:00:54 <Divinite> Needless to say, it was bad..
10:00:59 <ryan> aws
10:01:06 <Divinite> NOOOO
10:01:07 <Divinite> NOT AWS
10:01:09 <Divinite> NO
10:01:13 <ryan> best host
10:01:14 <Divinite> BAD BAD BAD
10:01:17 <Divinite> NOOOO
10:01:18 <joepie91> can't exactly say AWS uptime is great either...
10:01:20 <joepie91> :|
10:01:22 <Divinite> AWS SUCKS
10:01:25 <Divinite> DO NOT USE
10:01:29 <joepie91> Divinite: yes, we get it
10:01:38 <Divinite> good :)
10:01:45 <ryan> Well only downtime I've experienced is when I crashed my node by testing if the firewall thing actually works against ddos
10:01:47 <joepie91> not that I could use AWS if I wanted to
10:01:48 <ryan> well it didn't
10:01:50 * joepie91 doesn't have a CC
10:01:56 <joepie91> ryan: haha
10:02:03 <joepie91> anyway, the US east outages are pretty common
10:02:06 <joepie91> maybe other locations are better
10:02:10 <joepie91> (or was it US west?)
10:02:14 <joepie91> but the one that netflix and friends use...
10:02:19 <joepie91> yeah well
10:02:25 <Divinite> Only good thing about aws
10:02:29 <Divinite> is that it is FREE
10:02:32 <Divinite> That's it
10:02:37 <Divinite> *For one year*
10:02:47 <joepie91> Divinite: try submitting abuse reports to AWS
10:02:50 <joepie91> just for fun
10:02:56 <ryan> well I moved my instance to UK
10:03:00 <joepie91> you send them a list of 100 IPs
10:03:04 <joepie91> they will create 100 separate tickets
10:03:08 <ryan> yes?
10:03:09 <Divinite> joepie91: I have never ever sent a abuse report
10:03:10 <joepie91> sending you 100 notifications any time anything happens
10:03:11 <Divinite> Ever
10:03:11 <ryan> that is
10:03:13 <ryan> what you should do
10:03:23 <ryan> aside of maybe sending 100 notifications
10:03:25 <joepie91> ryan: except they were all from the same owner, so they could've combined it in one ticket
10:03:29 <ryan> nah
10:03:39 <ryan> every instance should be handled separately
10:03:50 <ryan> but maybe sending 100 emails isnt the right way to go around it
10:03:51 <joepie91> at the very least they should've grouped the notifications
10:03:53 <joepie91> exactly
10:04:02 <joepie91> like, all 100 changed status in the same minute
10:04:04 <joepie91> so might as well group it up...
10:04:15 <joepie91> instead of spamming two pages of emails
10:04:15 <Divinite> Yeah joepie91
10:04:25 <ryan> I asked them to set my rdns
10:04:29 <ryan> they told me that the instance isnt mine
10:04:36 <Divinite> ryan: They won't bother
10:04:41 <Divinite> Go with a proper host
10:04:43 <joepie91> lol?
10:04:47 <joepie91> that's madness
10:05:01 <ryan> yah
10:05:04 <ryan> Divinite: like what?
10:05:16 <Divinite> BlueVM
10:05:17 <joepie91> Divinite: I will shoot you if you say Linode
10:05:24 <Divinite> LINODE
10:05:28 <Divinite> PFFFFTT
10:05:31 * joepie91 shoots Divinite
10:05:33 <ryan> how much
10:05:34 <ryan> uptime
10:05:35 <ryan> on bluevm
10:05:40 <Divinite> Overpriced peace of shit
10:05:46 <ryan> I get
10:05:47 <ryan> v mad
10:05:48 <Divinite> ryan: Uptime 99.995
10:05:50 <ryan> over any downtime
10:05:54 <ryan> does that mean
10:05:56 <Divinite> Guarenteed
10:05:58 <ryan> my box might randomly reboot
10:06:06 <ryan> I don't care about the length of the uptime
10:06:10 <ryan> s/up/down
10:06:13 <Divinite> ryan: Unless you screw something up, no
10:06:19 <ryan> I care about me losing my stuff it the host node decides to reboot
10:06:21 <joepie91> I would've grabbed my uptime from my bluevm box
10:06:25 <joepie91> but everything has just been transfered
10:06:32 <Divinite> ryan: Take it from me
10:06:32 <joepie91> to new location
10:06:40 <Divinite> I have been with a whole heap of providers
10:07:00 <Divinite> I have never gotten this great quality of service and speed from any other host
10:07:01 <ryan> what vps cp they use?
10:07:06 <ryan>
10:07:06 <ryan> oh ok
10:07:17 <joepie91> ryan: hypervm, for now
10:07:18 <Divinite> They use HyperVM
10:07:21 <ryan> 22 days top uptime
10:07:24 <ryan> doesn't look too good
10:07:29 <joepie91> ryan: transfer just happened
10:07:32 <ryan> yeah
10:07:35 <Divinite> ryan: They had transfer
10:07:37 <ryan> loool
10:07:41 evilworks has quit (Ping timeout)
10:07:44 <ryan> hypervm?
10:07:46 <ryan> never moving
10:07:54 <Divinite> ryan: I'm pretty sure I had my AWS box rebooted every 2 hours
10:07:58 <Divinite> It sucked
10:08:21 * joepie91 is pretty okay with srsvps so far
10:08:40 <ryan> only downtime I've experienced within my time on aws has been caused by me
10:08:51 <ryan> and I've been on them for like two months now
10:09:13 <ryan> any location suggestions with bluevm?
10:09:16 <ryan> maybe I'll take a look
10:10:11 <Divinite> well
10:10:12 <joepie91> my main problem right now is that most of bluevm locations are now at colocrossing, and they still have the network blips
10:10:18 <Divinite> ^that
10:10:18 <joepie91> like chicagovps and ipxcore
10:10:25 * joepie91 really doesn't like colocrossing
10:10:28 <Divinite> All providers are pretty unhappy
10:10:28 <joepie91> (anymore)
10:10:36 <Divinite> Yeah they used to be great
10:10:40 <joepie91> anyway, *supposedly* colocrossing is working on that
10:10:41 <Divinite> but those contracts...
10:10:48 <Divinite> Locking the providers in...
10:10:50 <joepie91> but they have also supposedly been working on ipv6 for the past half year
10:10:58 <joepie91> and it still isn't there
10:11:03 <ryan> which location
10:11:06 <ryan> is least fucked up
10:11:19 * joepie91 only has experience with illinois
10:11:26 <joepie91> well, anf buffalo/ny
10:11:29 <joepie91> and *
10:11:32 <joepie91> but that's not via bluevm
10:11:35 <ryan> well I guess I'll look there then
10:11:49 <joepie91> == obviously buffalo
10:11:54 <joepie91> it's particularly problematic
10:11:59 <joepie91> == illinois
10:12:07 <joepie91> it's not bad, but still splits more than I like
10:12:20 <joepie91> but I do have the feeling it's an issue with routing to europe
10:12:30 <joepie91> because people can't seem to reproduce the network blips within the US
10:13:26 <Divinite> joepie91: Cross-continent connections are always sketchy
10:13:39 <ryan> oh finally a host that didnt get mad at me for tunneling thru a vpn
10:13:51 <ryan> I always get blocked when trying to buy things
10:13:56 <joepie91> Divinite: colocrossing is the first DC that's giving me issues with that, tbh
10:13:57 <ryan> because of jewish fraud checks
10:14:25 <ryan> Does the vps activate automatically?
10:14:49 <Divinite> ryan: admin sets it up
10:14:58 <Divinite> 10minute cron schedule I think
10:15:14 <ryan> k
10:15:33 <ryan> hypervm sounds a little bit sketchy
10:16:02 <ryan> anyone got any experience with leaseweb lately?
10:16:06 <ryan> they used to be rock solid
10:16:10 <Divinite> not leaseweb
10:16:11 <Divinite> NO
10:16:15 <Divinite> NO
10:16:17 <ryan> for dedi
10:16:21 <Divinite> ryan: NO
10:22:29 <joepie91> ryan: hypervm is terrible, but it mostly works
10:22:32 <joepie91> and solusvm isn't exactly much better
10:22:36 <joepie91> it just has a fancier UI
10:22:45 <ryan> you know
10:22:48 <ryan> who hypervm is made by?
10:23:13 <ryan> go find out who its made by and reconsider everything
10:23:21 <ryan> also
10:23:21 <ryan> Linux eykijgsb 2.6.18-308.8.2.el5.028stab101.1 #1 SMP Sun Jun 24 20:25:35 MSD 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
10:23:26 <ryan> 2012 kernel?
10:24:29 <joepie91> that's a pretty standard openvz kernel actually
10:24:39 <joepie91> plus kernel numbering differs for openvz afaik
10:24:51 <joepie91> as compared to vanilla kernel
10:24:56 <ryan> hm
10:25:04 <ryan> well I don't think rhel is among the vuln ones
10:30:11 <joepie91> ryan: security patches are backported without (significantly) changing kernel version number, afaik
10:30:14 <joepie91> for openvz I mean
10:31:24 <ryan> compile date would change though
10:31:55 <Divinite> Huh
10:31:57 <Divinite> not all the time
10:32:03 <Divinite> depends on the compile environment
10:33:39 <ryan> true
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12:11:34 * twitchyliquid64 is considering writing a new virtualised architecture which integrates a virtual CPU with a virtualised UNIX model
12:12:13 <twitchyliquid64> as a way of making a truly portable system which can be used as a platform for untruted code
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15:19:44 Ari ( has joined #crytocc
15:22:35 <Ari> joepie91, you there?
15:22:41 <joepie91> sort of, yes
15:22:45 <joepie91> sort of stuck and trying to find a place to live
15:22:50 <joepie91> because I have to move out in 11 days
15:22:53 <joepie91> but physically, I'm here
15:24:36 <Ari> Oh jeez, why the sudden need to move?
15:25:56 Ari has quit (User quit: ajax IRC Client)
15:28:19 Ari ( has joined #crytocc
15:28:29 <Ari> Ugh, school WiFi
15:36:33 <joepie91> Ari: this house was sold
15:36:47 <Ari> Oh, that sucks joepie91
15:38:16 <Ari> think you can find a place to stay? D:
15:38:41 Ari has quit (User quit: ajax IRC Client)
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16:48:04 <zxcvbnm> herro there
16:48:23 <joepie91> hai
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16:58:21 d (d@6A9B32C3.DA3E8586.A0534C64.IP) has joined #crytocc
17:02:51 <MK_FG> Finally, a herro!
17:03:13 <MK_FG> twitchyliquid64, I wonder, what is "virtualised UNIX model"?
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17:07:44 BLTGeno (BLTGeno4@D68C9ED.3BC0875E.71C5A468.IP) has joined #crytocc
17:12:03 <zxcvbnm> what is the proper way to space out a single variable in python that contains multiple lines?
17:12:31 <zxcvbnm> i.e. dog = "This is the best dog ever because " + dog_var + "is good and " + dog_var2 + "is good and " + blah + "blah blah"
17:12:45 <zxcvbnm> i'm getting some EOL syntax errors because of the spacing.
17:14:37 <ryan> welll ok this is just horrible
17:14:43 <ryan> proper syntax
17:14:48 <ryan> in python
17:14:54 <ryan> import perl
17:16:04 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: wait, what were you trying to do?
17:16:26 <ryan> oh ok
17:16:29 <ryan> import os
17:16:35 <ryan> os.system("perl")
17:16:57 <joepie91> if you want to spread line of text over multiple lines, ("blah blah"
17:16:58 <joepie91> "blah blah blah"
17:16:58 <joepie91> "blah blah")
17:17:00 <joepie91> afaik
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17:38:52 <zxcvbnm> ah, I see.
17:39:12 <zxcvbnm> It's a bit odd the way it was formatting it. But I was able to go in and just make it one really long line =/
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18:56:29 <MK_FG> zxcvbnm, Imho in most cases "... because {dog1} is good and {dog2} is good".format(dog1=...) might be better than "... because " + dog_var + "is good and " + dog_var2 + "is good"
18:58:18 <MK_FG> ryan, Maybe os.execvp("perl")?
19:00:21 <zxcvbnm> hmm interesting
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19:40:13 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
19:40:17 <DrWhat> man whats been going on
19:44:07 <DrWhat> I hungry
19:44:22 <DrWhat> joepie91: Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich
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21:16:28 <zest> how old cryto, few months, year, more ... ?
21:37:25 <Divinite> Nah
21:37:28 <Divinite> More like 3 week
21:41:29 <DrWhat> Yeah
21:41:38 <DrWhat> cryto is 1 month old in a few days
21:41:41 <DrWhat> :)
21:41:54 <DrWhat> thats why services are dead
21:41:58 <DrWhat> still working out the cracks
21:42:01 <DrWhat> :P
21:42:06 <DrWhat> DVIVITE
21:42:10 <DrWhat> Divinite
21:42:17 <DrWhat> WHY I GET 500 ERRORS
21:42:20 <DrWhat> FIX IT
21:42:22 <DrWhat> !!!!
21:43:57 <DrWhat> NIGHT NIGHT
22:21:27 DrWhat has quit (Connection reset by peer)
22:31:50 <Divinite> LOLOLOLOL
22:31:54 <Divinite> What errors?
22:36:32 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
22:36:34 <DrWhat> Argh
22:36:37 <DrWhat> Im dying here
22:36:45 <DrWhat> CALL 911 NOW
22:36:58 <DrWhat> nyt
22:48:10 <twitchyliquid64> MK_FG: I mean making a Virtual CPU
22:48:20 <twitchyliquid64> and hard coding the linux system calls into the CPU
22:49:04 <twitchyliquid64> and then creating the finer points of the UNIX model in software; interacting with virtualised applications through standard system calls
22:49:25 <twitchyliquid64> and when I say "hard coding the linux system calls into the CPU" I mean hard coding the software interrupts
22:50:55 <twitchyliquid64> (as interrupts is how standard programs interract with the OS)
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23:44:38 <mama> ebola