Cryto! 27 February 2013

00:00:28 <twitchyliquid64> of course
00:00:34 <twitchyliquid64> almost everything is centralised
00:00:58 <twitchyliquid64> only bittorrent and Guntella and freenet and i2p really are not centralisd
00:01:08 <monod__> it makes me think it was the first system invented for large scale environments?
00:01:24 <monod__> or just the most main stream/easy to setup?
00:01:48 <monod__> what are pros and cons of both of them?
00:01:54 <monod__> if you know
00:02:58 <twitchyliquid64> well, centralised is easy to setup
00:03:10 <twitchyliquid64> and better in every way except two
00:03:19 <twitchyliquid64> 1. It has a single point of failure
00:03:24 <twitchyliquid64> 2. Sometimes can be difficult to scale.
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00:04:03 <monod__> aw
00:04:04 <monod__> ok
00:07:07 <joepie91> ohai
00:07:29 <wh1t3r4bb1t> never /list on freenode
00:07:37 <joepie91> <zxcvbnm>Python does not come with a default xmpp library
00:07:40 <joepie91> not sure how bad news?
00:07:49 <joepie91> I mean, this is what pypy is for
00:08:23 <joepie91> <DrWhat>can't we make a fake hash solving program with "solves" 100 GH/s and before we get spotted > cashout :D
00:08:24 <joepie91> lol
00:09:17 <joepie91> <MK_FG>joepie91, What do you think of flattr?
00:09:22 <joepie91> I like the idea, but it has its faults
00:09:36 <joepie91> * stuck with certain payment processors
00:09:38 <joepie91> * high fees
00:09:53 <joepie91> * donating directly is a bit messy
00:10:04 <joepie91> <wh1t3r4bb1t>never /list on freenode
00:10:05 <joepie91> ahhh
00:10:14 <joepie91> you are now officially familiar with IRC
00:10:14 <joepie91> :)
00:10:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> lol
00:10:50 <joepie91> that moment when you /list on freenode and immediately regret it, is the moment of inauguration so to say
00:11:03 <joepie91> :D
00:13:38 <DrWhat> WHO HIGHLIGHTED ME
00:13:52 <zxcvbnm> DrWhat
00:13:56 <joepie91> I did..
00:13:59 <joepie91> hai zxcvbnm
00:14:04 <joepie91> also MY INTERNET IS BORKED AGAIN
00:14:05 <zxcvbnm> hey joepie
00:14:29 * zxcvbnm was disappointed to learn there is no default xmpp library w/ Python
00:15:31 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: why?
00:15:37 <joepie91> just install a package for it..
00:15:58 <zxcvbnm> joepie91: I'm trying not to install any packages in my sandbox cause they probably won't end up in production
00:16:16 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: that seems like an unrealistic requirement
00:16:29 <joepie91> the *point* of Python is that you have a proper package management system
00:16:36 <joepie91> so that you can easily reproduce your environment elsewhere
00:17:07 <zxcvbnm> joepie91: Well, let's just say some engineers would be happier if I didn't try to start bringing in multiple packages
00:17:16 <joepie91> then they aren't proper engineers
00:17:17 <zxcvbnm> joepie91: It's not out of the question, I'm just saying, I'm trying to minimize it.
00:17:18 <joepie91> ffs
00:17:34 <joepie91> saying you don't want to install any packages in Python is like saying that you want to browse the web but don't want to install a web browser
00:17:39 <zxcvbnm> The more lightweight I bring my project, the better it will be received
00:17:44 * joepie91 sighs
00:17:48 * zxcvbnm nods
00:17:48 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: that is not how Python works...
00:17:50 <joepie91> this isn't PEAR
00:17:55 * zxcvbnm googles pear
00:18:01 <zxcvbnm> ah
00:18:06 <joepie91> using third party packages is a core component of the Python language design
00:18:20 <joepie91> if anyone objects to using third party packages in Python, tell them to read up on their shit
00:18:24 <joepie91> because they clearly have nfi what they're talking about
00:18:54 <zxcvbnm> The reason I imagine there will be resistance is because this is going to be a relatively new environment of a big Splunk infrastructure like 6 months in the coming
00:19:19 <zxcvbnm> So, for me to come in and be like hey guys, I wanna start throwin packages on the box, do you mind?
00:19:20 <joepie91> so..?
00:19:25 <joepie91> ...
00:19:33 <joepie91> that. is. an. inherent. part. of. using. python.
00:19:45 <zxcvbnm> Just saying. anticipating resistance. Would've been chill if there was an xmpp library by default. one less hurdle.
00:19:46 <joepie91> <joepie91>ffs
00:19:46 <joepie91> <joepie91>saying you don't want to install any packages in Python is like saying that you want to browse the web but don't want to install a web browser
00:19:51 <joepie91> idc
00:19:55 <joepie91> tell them to get their shit in order
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00:20:06 <zxcvbnm> me. knows. me isn't resisting installing packages. me knows others will.
00:20:21 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: well, *I* can't explain this to others for you
00:20:26 <joepie91> so clearly you're the one that will have to do the explaining
00:20:29 <joepie91> :|
00:20:30 <zxcvbnm> clearly.
00:20:33 <zxcvbnm> I'll be able to
00:20:42 <joepie91> good, so grab an XMPP library and call it a day
00:20:49 <joepie91> and explain why python works how it works
00:20:58 <zxcvbnm> you know what would be cool?
00:21:04 <zxcvbnm> if python came with just a litttttle xmpp library
00:21:06 <zxcvbnm> just a little guy.
00:21:08 <zxcvbnm> lol.
00:21:11 * zxcvbnm fears the wrath
00:22:08 <joepie91> zxcvbnm: why would it?
00:22:12 <joepie91> the stdlib is too bloated as it is
00:22:18 <joepie91> it's a *standard library*
00:22:19 <zxcvbnm> joepie91: it comes w/ a smtplib
00:22:27 <joepie91> yes, because smtp is something used by the entire world
00:22:28 <joepie91> xmpp is not
00:22:36 <zxcvbnm> right you are ken.
00:22:55 <joepie91> and honestly, I wouldn't even care if they made smtplib a separate package
00:23:03 <joepie91> but expecting xmpp to be in standard lib is madness
00:23:49 <zxcvbnm> I can understand that
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00:24:42 <joepie91> anyway
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00:24:52 <joepie91> * python packages work independently, so you can't fuck up your environment by installing a package
00:24:59 <joepie91> * if you still don't want the clutter, use a virtualenv
00:26:52 <joepie91> hey um, twitchyliquid64
00:26:54 <zxcvbnm> Yes, there were a couple options I was coming up with to think outside the box
00:26:56 <joepie91> you want the source of OneCalais?
00:26:59 <joepie91> :P
00:27:01 <joepie91>
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00:27:12 <joepie91> "Our OneCalais solutions use Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analytics and data mining technologies to derive meaning from unstructured information, including news articles, blog posts, research reports and more."
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00:29:52 <HiveResearch> sluuuurrrrrp the coad
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00:37:58 <zxcvbnm> aight folks I'm off
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00:43:32 <monod__> i'm off too
00:43:40 <monod__> byebye guys!
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00:46:30 * DrWhat is away "sleep" • Log: on • Pager: off
00:46:30 *** DrWhat is now known as DrAway
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01:12:00 <joepie91> hai AnonyOps
01:12:05 <AnonyOps> hai joepie
01:12:11 <joepie91> I'm about to brb
01:12:19 <joepie91> you here in, say, 45 mins?
01:12:38 <AnonyOps> uh, probably. Try pinging me. No promises. I will be scapin' on 07.
01:12:54 <joepie91> it's about redonate
01:12:55 <joepie91> :P
01:13:01 <AnonyOps> I figured :p
01:13:08 <AnonyOps> I'll try to be here :)
01:13:15 <joepie91> okay :D
01:23:22 <wh1t3r4bb1t> why are all the channels empty?
01:23:26 <wh1t3r4bb1t> on cryto
01:27:00 * wh1t3r4bb1t hasn't gotten shit done today
01:29:00 <Divinite> - bEsT |||||| ScRipT]
01:29:04 <Divinite> The heck
01:46:19 <joepie91> <wh1t3r4bb1t>why are all the channels empty?
01:46:19 <joepie91> <wh1t3r4bb1t>on cryto
01:46:26 <joepie91> because there aren't many users...?
01:46:30 <joepie91> there are a few channels with a few users
01:46:47 <joepie91> also, hai AnonyOps
01:46:57 <AnonyOps> hai
01:49:09 <AnonyOps> anyone know of a good place to buy movies?
01:49:13 <AnonyOps> for digital download
01:50:46 <Divinite> AnonyOps
01:50:52 <Divinite> Don't bother
01:50:56 <AnonyOps> inb4 tpb
01:51:05 <AnonyOps> Amazon appears to have a way to do it
01:54:32 <joepie91> AnonyOps: don't bother
01:54:36 <joepie91> it's all DRMed to shit and beyond
01:54:41 <joepie91> anyway, pm :P
01:56:18 <Divinite> Actually what is a place
01:56:26 <Divinite> Where you can get non-DRM?
02:00:48 <joepie91> Divinite: the pirate bay
02:01:03 <joepie91> also vodo, and that independent-movie-selling site the name of which I forgot
02:01:04 <Divinite> HAHAH
02:01:07 <Divinite> So true
02:01:12 <joepie91> (this was a serious answer)
02:01:24 <joepie91> anyway, indie game the movie used that movie-selling site
02:21:20 <joepie91> As for a next step, if it should be necessary, there is no shortage of more Pirate Parties that want to provide bandwidth to The Pirate Bay if it should become necessary. The copyright industry has threatened and silenced three out of 63 (NL, UK, SE). So good luck with that.
02:21:23 <joepie91> lol
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02:49:20 <joepie91> Fedora 16 changed to end-of-life (EOL) status on 2013-02-12. Fedora 16 is
02:49:20 <joepie91> no longer maintained, which means that it will not receive any further
02:49:20 <joepie91> security or bug fix updates. As a result we are closing this bug.
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02:49:24 <joepie91> oh yes of course
02:49:30 <joepie91> so hey
02:49:33 <joepie91> let's close that segfault bug!
03:02:10 <MK_FG> Can't the bug be edited to have newer version as a target?
03:02:52 <MK_FG> (because if not, seem to be quite a bad practice, indeed)
03:07:10 <joepie91> MK_FG: nope, I would have to reopen
03:07:14 <joepie91> and this is an auto-filed bug
03:07:16 <joepie91> via abrt
03:07:23 <joepie91> reopen as in create new
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03:08:30 <MK_FG> Guess it's not that bad if you didn't create the bug in the first place... not sure how abrt works though, maybe you did?
03:10:01 <MK_FG> Reopen for manual bugs seem to be stupid, yeah, as discussion and such stuff gets lost, and it's not like new release has complete rewrite of all software ;)
03:10:15 <joepie91> MK_FG: the idea of abrt or whatever it's called
03:10:18 <joepie91> is that if a segfault is detected
03:10:22 <joepie91> the tool collects information
03:10:31 <joepie91> and using your bugzilla login, makes an automated issue
03:10:38 <joepie91> with all the relevant information attached
03:10:43 <joepie91> and a description you wrote yousrelf
03:10:52 <joepie91> in practice, it comes down to opening a ticket yourself
03:10:59 <joepie91> just without having to touch a browser, and with the tool auto-attaching stuff
03:11:14 <joepie91> so I *did* actually create the bug, just via a different interface
03:21:04 <joepie91> so
03:21:08 <joepie91> google FINALLY fixed their top bar
03:21:11 <joepie91> it's gray now instead of black
03:21:21 <joepie91> quite an improvement.. but it took them 2 years or so, haha
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04:02:51 <wh1t3r4bb1t> had to reinstall the btc mutual vps
04:03:13 <wh1t3r4bb1t> it went mad
04:04:00 <wh1t3r4bb1t> was acting like it caught a worm
04:04:33 <FungiFox> Call geeksquad! they know what to do!
04:05:23 <joepie91> lol
04:06:13 <FungiFox> god damn that whole company pisses me off.
04:06:55 <FungiFox> they are just as bad as those "free registry scanners" that people download and have to pay to "fix 10,843 problems"
04:09:43 <joepie91> hahaha
04:09:44 <joepie91> yes
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04:11:03 <wh1t3r4bb1t> it must have been ancient aliens
04:16:12 Sabit (NOL@Sabit.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
04:16:32 <Sabit> joepie91
04:16:44 <joepie91> hai Sabit
04:16:54 <Sabit> watching a korean drama
04:16:55 <Sabit> :i
04:22:46 <Divinite> wh1t3r4bb1t
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04:25:28 <wh1t3r4bb1t> yes
04:26:37 <Divinite> Where is FTP?
04:29:40 <Divinite> wh1t3r4bb1t
04:32:46 <Divinite> LOL much
04:32:54 <Divinite> Looks like he hasn't made it yet
04:34:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> just tested it
04:34:45 <Divinite> Awesome
04:34:47 <Divinite> Working?
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04:35:54 urika (urika@7DEAE20A.AA517E7E.DB3C1458.IP) has joined #crytocc
04:38:18 <wh1t3r4bb1t> yes its working
04:38:41 <Divinite> Cool
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05:00:07 lady-3jane (lady3jane@lady-3jane.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
05:00:20 <Divinite> 00:42 -!- - Additionally, if you are a concerned parent, consider whether you
05:00:21 <Divinite> 00:42 -!- - *really* want to shield off your child from what the real world is like,
05:00:22 <Divinite> 00:42 -!- - as it will likely only serve to cause a bigger shock when (s)he steps
05:00:26 <Divinite> 00:42 -!- - into reality. Maybe it's a better idea to just let them explore and ask
05:00:29 <Divinite> 00:42 -!- - questions, to understand the real world, rather than fearing it.
05:00:31 <Divinite> Ok then
05:02:43 <joepie91> hey, someone actually reads the motd
05:02:46 <joepie91> that's new
05:05:03 spoonzy ( has joined #crytocc
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05:05:04 <spoonzy>
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05:14:06 <joepie91> hi spoonzy
05:14:22 <spoonzy> hai der
05:14:25 <spoonzy> how's it going?
05:14:31 <joepie91> busy busy busy
05:14:32 <joepie91> also
05:14:36 <joepie91>
05:17:25 <spoonzy> wow
05:17:31 <spoonzy> i love it!
05:17:42 <spoonzy> you still looking for people?
05:32:27 <joepie91> yes
05:32:31 <joepie91> @ spoonzy
05:33:02 <spoonzy> ok i'll spread the word!
05:33:40 <joepie91> :D
05:41:37 <Divinite> joepie91
05:41:48 <Divinite> Can I place a project?
05:42:02 <joepie91> Divinite: that depends, but I'd prefer if you contact me via e-mail
05:42:06 <joepie91> so I can keep all organization in one place
05:42:07 <joepie91> :P
05:42:10 <Divinite> All cool
05:42:19 <joepie91> I'm terrible at organization
05:42:19 <Divinite> I am working on a secret project
05:42:25 <joepie91> and especially on such a short notice I can't afford to lose oversight
05:42:35 <joepie91> Divinite: eh, if it's secret, that might be a problem
05:42:35 <joepie91> lol
05:42:49 <Divinite> Well right now it's a asecret
05:42:52 <Divinite> *a secret
05:42:58 <joepie91> launch is pretty much tomorrow
05:43:16 <joepie91> if you don't care about the launch and just want to use redonate later on, then that's fine
05:43:18 <joepie91> and you don't need to email
05:43:23 <joepie91> you can just sign up when it has launched
05:43:25 <joepie91> :p
05:43:33 <Divinite> Will the launch be a better time?
05:44:08 <joepie91> well, if you're part of the launch, you're featured on the frontpage and in the announcement
05:44:26 <joepie91> so that may give some extra attention
05:45:22 <Divinite> Ah
05:45:22 <Divinite> Well
05:45:59 <Divinite> What I haven't told you guys is that I'm working on a special network for students
05:46:16 <Divinite> Would that qualify?
05:46:25 <joepie91> depends
05:46:31 <joepie91> I'm waiting until tomorrow
05:46:34 <joepie91> for all submissions
05:46:40 <joepie91> and I'll pick the most interesting ones
05:47:06 <Divinite> Alright
05:47:12 <joepie91> but from the amount of feedback I'm getting, it seems there's not terribly much to pick from
05:47:15 <Divinite> How long for a description?
05:47:23 <joepie91> ~80 words
05:47:28 <Divinite> Easy
05:47:34 <joepie91> it'll also require a (logo) image of exactly 192x192 px
05:47:38 <Divinite> Ah
05:47:42 <joepie91> SVG, XCF, or PNG
05:47:47 <joepie91> in order of most prefered
05:47:47 <joepie91> :P
05:47:50 <Divinite> Will have to get onto one of the other members of the team
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05:48:28 <joepie91> be quick though
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05:50:05 <Divinite> joepie91: Will be
05:52:12 foolex (foolex@78EA513B.7DC890E0.CEC56216.IP) has joined #crytocc
06:08:40 <Divinite> joepie91: Being made now
06:19:14 <Divinite> joepie91:
06:19:16 <Divinite>
06:19:19 <Divinite> This good?
06:19:21 <Divinite> I just made that
06:19:23 <Divinite> LOL
06:19:50 <joepie91> eh... can you make it look a bit less crappy? ._.
06:19:56 <joepie91> the.. what's it called
06:19:58 <joepie91> jitter?
06:20:01 <joepie91> the white crap on the eges
06:20:03 <joepie91> edges *
06:20:07 <joepie91> you should probably not be using Paint..
06:21:15 <Divinite> Working on it
06:27:11 <Divinite> Done
06:27:15 <Divinite> Download it again
06:27:19 <Divinite> Same link
06:27:41 <joepie91> Divinite: what's that font
06:27:44 <joepie91> it's incredibly blocky
06:31:04 * Sabit pokes teh joepie91
06:31:48 <Divinite> joepie91: Consolas
06:31:49 <joepie91> hai Sabit
06:31:59 <joepie91> Divinite: is it *intended* to look blocky?
06:32:00 <Sabit> i feel like i have energy
06:32:01 <Sabit> :D
06:32:06 <joepie91> because it looks not quite blocky enough to look geeky
06:32:10 <joepie91> but too blocky to look nice
06:32:18 <Divinite> UGH
06:32:36 <Sabit> i always use visitor for my blocky fonts
06:32:40 <Sabit> and then mess around with it after
06:32:41 <Sabit> ;P
06:33:52 <Divinite> joepie91: Now?
06:33:57 <Divinite> Same link again
06:34:36 <Divinite> Sabit: What do you think?
06:34:42 <Sabit> mmm
06:34:46 <Sabit> one sec lemme dkll
06:34:54 <Divinite>
06:35:14 <Sabit> far too blocky
06:35:33 <Sabit> you could modernize it a bit
06:35:38 <Sabit> add some gradients
06:35:42 <Sabit> a not very boring background
06:35:46 <Sabit> use a smoky background
06:35:47 <Sabit> idk
06:35:54 <twitchyliquid64> just use vector graphics
06:35:57 <Sabit> used to do graphic art but i stopped doing it :P
06:36:03 <Sabit> what he said^
06:36:08 <Divinite> I am using
06:36:10 <Divinite> PAINT
06:36:31 <Divinite> I am not a graphic designer :(
06:36:37 <twitchyliquid64> me niether
06:36:43 <twitchyliquid64> I get friends to do that stuff
06:36:51 <Sabit> i cant graphic design anymore
06:36:52 <Sabit> no time :(
06:37:06 <Sabit> k time for hw
06:38:32 <joepie91> Divinite: why don't you use a non-blocky font
06:38:43 <joepie91> and a slightly darker red
06:38:53 <Divinite> Paint
06:38:57 <Sabit> needs less ms paint
06:38:59 <Divinite> Makes all fonts blocky
06:39:01 <Sabit> use more
06:39:03 <joepie91> Divinite: then use GIMP...
06:39:05 <joepie91> or even
06:39:08 <Sabit> ^
06:39:14 <Sabit> photoshop easily
06:39:31 <Divinite> I have
06:39:37 <Divinite> Never used it
06:39:40 <Divinite> Like I said
06:39:46 <Divinite> Graphics is not my strong point
06:40:12 <joepie91> then start using it..
06:40:16 <Sabit> ^
06:40:24 <Divinite> I would if I had more time
06:40:32 <Divinite> Now I am trying to add more CSS
06:40:35 <joepie91> ...............................................
06:40:35 <Divinite> To my website
06:40:37 <joepie91> Divinite
06:40:44 <Divinite> make it pretty enough for that
06:40:46 <joepie91> you're already making a logo
06:40:50 <joepie91> you might as well use
06:40:51 <Divinite> Right now it is text
06:40:53 <joepie91> and make it not look like crap
06:40:57 <Divinite> Eh
06:40:58 <joepie91> it doesn't cost you extra time
06:40:59 <Divinite> It's tiny
06:41:19 * joepie91 sighs
06:41:28 <Divinite> Fine
06:41:30 <Divinite> Later
06:41:30 <joepie91> Divinite: just email me a non-blocky logo and a description blurb
06:41:33 <Divinite> After web page
06:41:39 <Divinite> Do I need a website?
06:41:41 <Divinite> Or no
06:42:37 <joepie91> wat?
06:43:11 <Divinite> Do I need
06:43:13 <Divinite> A website
06:43:15 <Divinite> to submit
06:43:16 <Divinite> to
06:43:17 <Divinite> you
06:43:56 <joepie91> asdfghjkl
06:43:58 <joepie91> Divinite
06:44:03 <joepie91>
06:44:04 <joepie91> go read the page
06:44:05 <joepie91> seriously
06:44:44 <joepie91> I don't have the time or patience to explain/argue over everything five times
06:46:31 <Divinite> Yeah
06:46:36 <Divinite> I know
06:46:43 <Divinite> That was why I am spicing up my page
06:58:44 <Divinite>
06:58:44 <Divinite> Ok
06:58:45 <Divinite> Took advice
06:58:45 <Divinite> How about now?
06:59:21 <Divinite> joepie91
07:00:20 <joepie91> Divinite: that's pretty nice
07:01:35 <Sabit> looks better
07:01:37 <Sabit> way better
07:03:58 <joepie91> anyway, Divinite, mind emailing it to me with a ~80 word description blurb
07:04:27 <joepie91> (and the image)
07:07:29 <Divinite> Sure
07:07:30 <Divinite> Sorry about billion questions
07:30:12 <joepie91>
07:30:14 <joepie91> required watching
07:37:15 foolex has quit (Ping timeout)
07:39:50 foolex (foolex@78EA513B.7DC890E0.CEC56216.IP) has joined #crytocc
08:09:40 xnite has quit (Ping timeout)
08:17:44 <Sabit> joepie91, i'm watching so many youtube vids on physics and math xD
08:20:14 AnonForecast has quit (Connection reset by peer)
08:28:55 <joepie91> :D
08:30:43 <Sabit> totally set me behind in hw
08:30:45 <Sabit> dont care
08:30:46 <Sabit> :P
08:30:52 <joepie91> :P
08:35:24 <Sabit> just gonna do it tomorrow morning
08:56:42 <Sabit> alright joepie91, i shall head to bed
08:56:59 <Sabit> nn
08:57:01 Sabit has quit (User quit:  cows go moooooooooo)
09:19:58 nypox has quit (Ping timeout)
09:29:19 <joepie91> bit experimental, but
09:41:38 <joepie91>
10:02:23 pzuraq has quit (Input/output error)
10:32:42 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
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10:48:07 <Divinite> joepie91: Nice
10:48:47 <Divinite> joepie91: How many hours before launch?
10:49:16 <joepie91>
10:49:18 * joepie91 facepalms
10:49:25 <joepie91> Divinite: somewhere tomorrow
10:51:50 <Divinite> I'm in Australia remember>
10:51:59 <Divinite> I don't know when your 'tomorrow' is
10:55:28 <MK_FG> Hehe, it'd be quite cruel if virii would mess with drm's like that (if only because botmasters' interests might be aligned towards "freedom to alter binares" with pirates)
10:56:31 <joepie91> Divinite: fair enough
10:56:35 <joepie91> I will go sleep in about
10:56:38 <joepie91> 5 hours
11:00:37 <Divinite> And when you wake up
11:00:42 <Divinite> You will choose?
11:00:55 <joepie91> I suppose so
11:00:57 <joepie91> did you email it yet
11:01:10 <joepie91> also, I still have lots of things to do
11:01:16 <joepie91> lol
11:01:40 <Divinite> Not uet
11:01:42 <Divinite> *yet
11:01:53 <Divinite> Had a couple of unpleasant suprises
11:02:15 <Divinite> Have to deal with them firs
11:02:16 <Divinite> t
11:03:11 BLTGeno (BLTGeno4@D68C9ED.3BC0875E.71C5A468.IP) has joined #crytocc
11:10:06 BLTGeno has quit (Client exited)
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14:25:28 <value> any idea Unterminated <> operator at ./ line 1.
14:54:13 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
14:57:20 pzuraq has quit (Ping timeout)
15:04:23 BLTGeno (BLTGeno4@D68C9ED.3BC0875E.71C5A468.IP) has joined #crytocc
15:37:13 <wh1t3r4bb1t> buuuuurrrrnnnnnt ooooooooooooout
15:38:13 HiveResearch has quit (Ping timeout)
15:43:04 <wh1t3r4bb1t> error 55000 7
15:43:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> PDO
15:43:19 <wh1t3r4bb1t> can kiss my dick
16:01:14 <wh1t3r4bb1t> 55000 OBJECT NOT IN PREREQUISITE STATE object_not_in_prerequisite_state
16:02:33 <wh1t3r4bb1t> seems like the insert didn't happen therefore my $fid = $btcmdb->lastInsertId('user_funds_id_seq'); line is throwing error but why not insert?
16:02:35 <wh1t3r4bb1t> hmmm
16:02:40 <wh1t3r4bb1t> investigation
16:10:16 <wh1t3r4bb1t> fuck you PDO you have been defeated by superior genius and logic. 42 hours awake with two 1 hour naps and I still win.
16:11:38 * wh1t3r4bb1t runs code again
16:12:52 * wh1t3r4bb1t wins
16:12:54 nypox ( has joined #crytocc
16:12:55 * wh1t3r4bb1t does epic victory dance in slow motion to trance music
16:16:17 foolex has quit (Ping timeout)
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16:40:50 <lady-3jane> NP: [Skrillex - Right In (Original Mix)] [Bangarang EP] [262kbps] DeaDBeeF 0.5.6-3jane
16:41:08 <lady-3jane> my morning music > your morning music
16:58:19 <wh1t3r4bb1t> not if it's the same taste
16:58:28 <wh1t3r4bb1t> then is ===
17:09:38 BLTGeno has quit (Ping timeout)
17:41:29 <wh1t3r4bb1t> WTF?
17:41:31 <wh1t3r4bb1t> - - [27/Feb/2013:13:56:39 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 1145 "-" "-"
17:44:21 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I was scraping and I found that
17:47:03 BLTGeno ( has joined #crytocc
17:47:32 <wh1t3r4bb1t> attempted hacking...
17:47:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:20 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/
17:47:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:20 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/
17:47:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:21 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/phpMyAdmin
17:47:40 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:21 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/phpMyAdmin
17:47:42 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:21 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/phpmyadmin
17:47:43 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:21 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/phpmyadmin
17:47:46 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:21 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/pma
17:47:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:22 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/pma
17:47:49 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:22 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/myadmin
17:47:52 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:22 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/myadmin
17:47:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:23 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/MyAdmin
17:47:56 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:05:23 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/MyAdmin
17:47:57 <wh1t3r4bb1t> LMAO
17:48:34 <wh1t3r4bb1t> more tries...
17:48:37 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:33:04 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/manager
17:48:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> [Wed Feb 27 13:33:11 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/manager
18:00:23 BLTGeno has quit (Client exited)
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18:30:30 <zxcvbnm> hellot here people
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21:11:43 <zxcvbnm> xmpp raaarr
21:23:26 <Divinite> Now I can submit it!
21:29:52 <zxcvbnm> This is garbage
21:29:58 <zxcvbnm> I hate deprecated libraries
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22:54:44 <DrWhat> i thought i was never going to reconnect
22:54:47 DrWhat has parted #crytocc (None)
22:54:47 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
22:57:15 <DrWhat> thats should work now
22:57:24 <zxcvbnm> I am reconnect
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23:23:09 <DrWhat> Windows 9 Details Emerge
23:23:09 <DrWhat> Zac Bowden July 19, 2011 1
23:23:09 <DrWhat> It’s never to soon to start talking about the next-next version of Windows, and it’s always a plus when the information being given is from Microsoft themselves.
23:23:09 <DrWhat> At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft said they wanted to move all their systems to a unified operating system, that’s PC’s, laptops, phones, and the next-generation Xbox!
23:23:09 <DrWhat> Microsoft also stated that they wanted a unified UI across all the devices, which is understandable. Much like what Apple have done with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac.
23:23:10 <DrWhat> Windows 9 could also drop support for the 32-bit architecture, since no one has been manufacturing them for several years, this seems like a good move.
23:23:13 <DrWhat> What do you think about these details? I like the fact that I would be able to use Windows on my Xbox, what about you?