Cryto! 25 February 2013

00:08:26 <monod> tonight I had a surprising conversation with someone who "forcedly" has a different perspective compared to what could be mine - and that helped as much as it was surprising
00:12:16 <joepie91> morning all
00:12:27 <monod> hi joepie
00:12:45 <wh1t3r4bb1t> morning
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00:13:18 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Ok so I have the file share site about 90% done
00:13:38 <joepie91> <monod>I'm listening to a frontpage (microsoft's) tutorial and the FIRST ****ing thing the speaker tells you to do is
00:13:41 <joepie91> frontpage D:
00:13:42 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I need to setup the payment system.
00:13:43 <joepie91> frontpage is evil
00:14:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t> front page sucks very badle
00:14:03 <joepie91> only marginally less evil than using ms word for websites
00:14:04 <wh1t3r4bb1t> badly
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00:14:48 <monod> :D
00:14:54 <FungiFox> julian assange is on bill maher.
00:15:05 <monod> link link
00:15:09 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Does anyone want to build me a bitcoin payment API in exchange for lifetime unlimited file storage?
00:15:12 <FungiFox> channel 500 HBO
00:15:13 <FungiFox> lol.
00:15:52 <twitchyliquid64> HAI
00:15:56 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Julian has been turned to the dark side
00:16:06 <joepie91> hai twitchyliquid64
00:16:09 <twitchyliquid64> Julian assange?
00:16:13 <twitchyliquid64> WAHT
00:16:33 <FungiFox> they just said the entire interview is available on or something.
00:16:55 <joepie91> probably either for monies
00:16:58 <joepie91> or georestricted
00:17:01 <twitchyliquid64> ew
00:17:01 <FungiFox> i only caught the last bit of it.
00:17:09 <twitchyliquid64> what is the interview about?
00:17:36 <FungiFox> i heard "anonymous" and it was only on another 2-3 minutes.
00:17:56 <lady-3jane> you can find the video online
00:18:19 <lady-3jane> I watched it last week when it was filmed :P
00:18:38 <FungiFox> I really don't care for Bill Maher
00:21:44 <lady-3jane> He's a bit obnoxious sometimes
00:21:53 <FungiFox> *all the time
00:23:36 <lady-3jane> Not really. He's just the liberal version of half of the conservative pundits
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00:29:08 <joepie91>
00:29:36 <lady-3jane> I... what
00:29:51 <joepie91> lady-3jane: :D
00:29:55 <lady-3jane> I am very disappointed by the lack of dicks.
00:30:02 <joepie91> lol
00:30:05 <lady-3jane> :3
00:30:09 <joepie91> well
00:30:11 <joepie91> if you're creative
00:30:16 <joepie91> the thing on the right
00:30:17 <joepie91> looks a bit like a dick
00:30:29 <joepie91> a walking dick, but a dick
00:30:31 <lady-3jane> the purple dick has a mouth on the shaft
00:30:34 <lady-3jane> that's a bit unsettling
00:30:50 <joepie91> lol
00:30:59 <lady-3jane> OM NOM NOM
00:32:56 <joepie91> noms were acquired?
00:33:17 <lady-3jane> pasta, and soon wine
00:33:30 <lady-3jane> I spent this entire weekend working on readability
00:33:53 <lady-3jane> fucking hell someone should pay for a phone for me so I can test it too
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00:37:07 <lady-3jane> brown haired kid is cute as fuck
00:42:47 <monod> loooooool ^^
00:52:32 <monod> for the biggest guys out there of the cute guy: lulz
01:02:57 <lady-3jane>
01:03:06 <lady-3jane> <3.
01:03:26 <lady-3jane> "My boyfriend loves everything about me except the endless hours of therapy"
01:20:01 <monod> if you wanna laugh so hard
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01:20:19 <monod> you're gonna watch this:
01:22:11 <monod> "where's the ****ing heart???????" hahahahahaha
01:26:53 * lady-3jane listens to a chinese mountain song
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01:43:12 <wh1t3r4bb1t> walletbit sandbox is disabled
01:43:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> why the fuck would they not post that very important info on their site?
01:43:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> maybe because they are frauds
01:44:52 <wh1t3r4bb1t> ive been up for 21 hours
01:45:04 <lady-3jane> wtf
01:45:24 <lady-3jane> I had to google walletbit because I've never heard of them
01:45:27 * wh1t3r4bb1t wants to punch walletbit in the face rite now
01:45:30 <lady-3jane> that does not give me confidence
01:45:49 <wh1t3r4bb1t> me either
01:46:04 <wh1t3r4bb1t> who you reccomend as a processor for btc payents?
01:47:03 <lady-3jane> coinbase, probably
01:47:09 <lady-3jane> they've got VC funding
01:47:15 <lady-3jane> from ycombinator
01:47:31 <wh1t3r4bb1t> i saw that
01:47:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> hmmm
01:48:34 <lady-3jane> I mean I guess it doesn't say much... but that's pressure to perform and not fuck up and connections to people who maybe have some idea how to secure a server
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02:18:38 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: have a look at bitpay
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02:24:04 <wh1t3r4bb1t> pfffft bitpay makes you tell them too many details
02:24:22 <wh1t3r4bb1t> they want my fucking dna over there
02:24:44 <wh1t3r4bb1t> they just epic failed
02:25:24 <lady-3jane> oh cool
02:25:27 * lady-3jane adds them to list
02:25:40 * lady-3jane continues helpdesking #bitcoin
02:27:18 <joepie91> heh
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02:31:37 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) I'm way too nice haha
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04:36:40 <joepie91>
04:36:46 <joepie91> cc lady-3jane, wh1t3r4bb1t, twitchyliquid64
04:36:59 <joepie91> (working on dashboard for redonate)
04:54:45 <lady-3jane> haha you expect me to have working internet
04:54:47 <lady-3jane> you're funny
04:54:59 <lady-3jane> 25 seconds later... AN IMAGE
04:55:20 <lady-3jane> the fuck is a nondonation
04:55:46 <joepie91> still trying to find a better term for that
04:55:56 <joepie91> every month you get an email asking you to donate
04:56:04 <joepie91> if you don't, it's registered in the statistics as "non-donation"
04:56:12 <joepie91> meaning you were asked to, but you didn't
04:56:24 <joepie91> gives you an idea of how many people that pledge to donate, actually donate
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05:03:50 * Sabit is here!
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05:09:24 <joepie91> hai Sabit
05:09:34 <Sabit> hai joepie91
05:09:36 <Sabit> i haven't been here in awhile
05:11:29 <joepie91> :P
05:11:35 <Sabit> been so buusy
05:11:37 <joepie91> also, Sabit,
05:11:54 <Sabit> awww yeah
05:14:25 <joepie91> lady-3jane: canonfodder
05:14:25 <joepie91>
05:15:53 * Sabit poeks joepie9
05:15:54 <Sabit> aww
05:15:57 <Sabit> couldnt complete
05:16:11 <Sabit> but anyway, i'm going to be in and out a lot because of school D:
05:18:11 <MK_FG> coinfodder ;)
05:18:32 <MK_FG> (misread the message due to link on the next line)
05:18:54 * lady-3jane waits on internets
05:20:27 <lady-3jane> not a bad set of changes
05:20:47 <lady-3jane> basically fucking with the math to see if a smoother economy can be had
05:23:11 <lady-3jane> and something less fundamentally hostile to actual realtime transactions
05:24:18 <joepie91> lady-3jane: I was more aiming at their fontsize
05:24:18 <joepie91> ;)
05:24:36 <joepie91> also, Sabit
05:24:42 <joepie91> don't forget to have some time outside school :)
05:24:43 <Sabit> hm?
05:24:48 <Sabit> i have sports
05:24:49 <Sabit> D:
05:24:52 <lady-3jane> oh lulz, I just scooted forward to be able to see it
05:24:53 <Sabit> and then clubs
05:24:54 <lady-3jane> haha
05:25:02 <lady-3jane> yes don't do that
05:25:07 <lady-3jane> it's good to get in trouble in school
05:25:10 <Sabit> and friends
05:25:14 <lady-3jane> you won't ever know how to live if you don't
05:25:19 <joepie91> ^
05:25:34 <Sabit> i got called in for copying another guy's hw.. when i didn't... aww yeah, thuglife
05:25:39 <joepie91> being completely serious
05:25:46 <joepie91> don't let school eat away X years of your life
05:25:48 <lady-3jane> I was a royal fuckup in school, best choices I ever made
05:25:49 <joepie91> entirely
05:25:57 <Sabit> i think it is raping my time
05:25:59 <joepie91> you're not going to get those years back
05:26:02 <Sabit> :/
05:26:07 <Sabit> which is why im taking courses that i enjoy
05:26:17 <joepie91> and with 'school' I also mean all the things that originate from it
05:26:20 <joepie91> school clubs
05:26:21 <lady-3jane> I did the minimum to get B's in everything, and spent the rest of the time on worthwhile pursuits
05:26:22 <joepie91> school sports
05:26:44 <joepie91> school friends that you're hanging out with primarily just to survive school but don't particularly like (not sure if applicable here)
05:26:50 <joepie91> those things are all part of 'school'
05:26:59 <joepie91> and letting it consume years of your life in whole, is a Very Bad Idea
05:27:41 <lady-3jane> I had a fucking amazing time in school, but I also wasn't at a regular school, and I didn't treat school the way most do :P
05:27:55 <Sabit> mm
05:27:56 <lady-3jane> my mother still hates the way I treat school haha
05:28:00 <joepie91> meh, I eventually stopped going to half the classes
05:28:12 <joepie91> legitimately for some
05:28:13 <lady-3jane> I get admitted to a 4 year college, and I'm like "whatever" and she rages because I'm not taking it seriously
05:28:16 <joepie91> less legitimately for others
05:28:21 <lady-3jane> why would I take it seriously when I can learn font kerning? :D
05:28:29 <joepie91> lady-3jane: +1
05:28:29 <joepie91> :P
05:28:45 <Sabit> well, i'm hoping that i can teachmyself japanese or something if i have extra time
05:29:00 <Sabit> cuz i really wanna learn new languages
05:29:02 <lady-3jane> When I get to the 4 year, I will take it seriously enough to get B's in everything, as is standard.
05:29:20 <joepie91> Sabit: that extra time is not going to fly into your face
05:29:23 <joepie91> you'll have to make that time
05:29:23 <lady-3jane> The rest of my time will be spent finding and curating relationships that matter
05:29:28 <Sabit> yeah..
05:29:38 <Sabit> i go school -> sports -> hw -> sleep -> repeat
05:29:42 <lady-3jane> Everything is a choice
05:29:47 <joepie91> ^
05:29:52 <lady-3jane> (Irony because I don't believe in free will)
05:29:53 <joepie91> Sabit: it's your choice to stay in that cycle
05:29:56 <lady-3jane> but really it is
05:30:08 <joepie91> or to leave it, if you decide to do so
05:30:15 <Sabit> idk, i used to be able to do school -> sports ->  whatever -> sleep
05:30:20 <lady-3jane> I succeeded in school by ignoring the homework part of the cycle
05:30:23 <Sabit> and i could just fill in the whatever with anything i wanted to do
05:30:29 <joepie91> again, ^ to lady-3jane
05:30:44 <Sabit> but since all my teachers started failing me for not doing hw.. i kinda cant do that anymore
05:30:44 <lady-3jane> what year are you sabit?
05:30:46 <joepie91> Sabit: so, replace either hw or sports with $whatever
05:30:52 <joepie91> eh.
05:30:56 <joepie91> hack around it?
05:31:00 <lady-3jane> early HS?
05:31:02 <lady-3jane> late?
05:31:04 <Sabit> early hs
05:31:08 <lady-3jane> kk
05:31:41 <lady-3jane> one thing that will benefit you extremely, and it's sort of hard to wrap your head around: If you're a social person, do not try to get anyone to like you. Make them respect you.
05:32:10 <Sabit> :o
05:32:19 <lady-3jane> It'll give you the freedom to interact with anyone you please, on your own terms, without playing shit highschool politics.
05:32:29 <Sabit> the school i go to, social life is wrapped around being in one clique
05:32:31 <Sabit> pretty much
05:32:40 <lady-3jane> I did it, and it was perfect. I had to nail a couple people to some crosses as an example, for sure.
05:32:48 <joepie91> <lady-3jane>It'll give you the freedom to interact with anyone you please, on your own terms, without playing shit highschool politics
05:32:49 <joepie91> THIS
05:32:51 <joepie91> SO MUCH THIS
05:33:00 <joepie91> like, seriously
05:33:02 <lady-3jane> It's very important
05:33:04 <Sabit> i wanna be like that
05:33:05 <Sabit> :o
05:33:05 <lady-3jane> shh
05:33:10 <joepie91> Sabit: then go for it
05:33:13 <Sabit> like i feel so bad when people are left alone because "they dont fit"
05:33:15 <joepie91> 'wanna be' is not enough
05:33:36 <Sabit> needs more will
05:33:36 <joepie91> Sabit: you're free to interact with them if you're the one making the decisions
05:33:39 <joepie91> eh
05:33:42 <joepie91> noone will give you that well
05:33:45 <joepie91> will *
05:33:45 <lady-3jane> it's very important that you derive your self-worth from inside yourself. Not happy about something you do? change it, it's you. But you cannot change how people view you. --> which is why you make them respect you instead of like you.
05:33:46 <joepie91> ok, right, sec
05:33:57 <lady-3jane> I promise if you execute that decently, it will work out wonderfully.
05:34:06 <joepie91> Sabit, pm
05:34:13 <lady-3jane> Sabit:) friend those people
05:34:16 <lady-3jane> friend ALL OF THEM
05:34:21 <lady-3jane> they are the coolest people on campus.
05:34:42 <lady-3jane> And view it like this: Don't expect anyone to be anyone other than exactly who they are.
05:34:57 <lady-3jane> If they start trying to immitate someone else, call them on it
05:35:16 <lady-3jane> And then: Learn what you can. Every single person has an important thing to teach you. Every. Last. One.
05:35:45 <Sabit> sounds like an artistotle
05:36:10 <lady-3jane> Without any of the sarcasm or wit?
05:36:16 <lady-3jane> so not aristotle
05:36:19 <lady-3jane> lol
05:36:54 <Sabit> didnt he go around learning from everybody looking for the wisest person?
05:37:02 <Sabit> and instead, he himself became the wisest person?
05:37:17 <lady-3jane> not quite how I'd say it, but not wrong :D
05:37:24 <lady-3jane> So, sure :)
05:37:59 <Sabit> yay
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05:39:17 <lady-3jane> It's a very good idea, just be less sarcastic and don't do his uhhh whatever his system of questioning was. It's good, but it's too hostile for most people. Figure a way to ascertain their expertise without being hostile.
05:40:42 <lady-3jane> elenchus iirc
05:40:58 <lady-3jane> yeah
05:41:03 <Sabit> :o
05:41:26 <lady-3jane> I learn all the things :P
05:41:48 <joepie91> lady-3jane: you do the sponge thing as well, eh?
05:41:57 <joepie91> living life as a sponge, just absorbing whatever knowledge you run across
05:42:08 <joepie91> for squeezing out at a later point
05:42:10 <joepie91> in time
05:43:43 <lady-3jane> that's a good analogy, I like it
05:44:07 <lady-3jane> Yeah, I decided a few years ago that above all else the skill I wanted was to be able to learn. Learn deeply and learn quickly.
05:44:29 <lady-3jane> It's paying dividends already
05:44:36 <lady-3jane> and I'm barely into my 20's
05:44:42 <Sabit> :o
05:45:04 <Sabit> i can learn quickly, but it's all short term memory storage :x
05:45:09 <lady-3jane> not useful
05:45:13 <Sabit> indeed
05:45:27 <lady-3jane> learn to take that short term knowledge and figure out what can be generalized
05:45:33 <Sabit> voca btests are a breeze for me, but after the test.. i'm d one
05:45:38 <lady-3jane> and then start taking those generalizations and creating a framework for viewing the world
05:45:43 <lady-3jane> it's not important if it's correct
05:45:53 <lady-3jane> But it needs to be fluid and able to change with new information
05:46:13 <lady-3jane> and change instantly
05:46:17 <Sabit> :o
05:46:23 <lady-3jane> never be complacent about the "knowledge"
05:46:42 <lady-3jane> s/about/with/
05:47:03 <lady-3jane> I work harder than any person I know, except maybe joepie, on things nobody will ever see.
05:47:26 <lady-3jane> I do them because they're interesting and they're fulfilling to ME.
05:47:57 <lady-3jane> I just spent this entire weekend re-researching font rendering in browsers so that I could change 7 lines in my css that don't have user-discernible changes.
05:48:05 <lady-3jane> Some of the best time I've ever spent.
05:48:40 <lady-3jane> also joepie91's font shit should work correctly now
05:48:43 <lady-3jane> :3
05:49:05 <lady-3jane> the most key thing you can do in life is to be a kid
05:49:13 <Sabit> :o
05:49:14 <lady-3jane> not immature, but to keep that wonder about things
05:49:14 * Art does that 24/7
05:49:24 <lady-3jane> the awe of something new
05:49:32 <Art> yes.. lsd
05:49:40 <Art> pretty ca$h
05:49:42 <lady-3jane> also lsd isn't a bad idea
05:49:46 <lady-3jane> no I'm kidding
05:49:49 <lady-3jane> make that choice for yourself
05:49:50 <lady-3jane> lol
05:49:54 <Art> ah.. same ;)
05:50:05 * lady-3jane hasn't tried it
05:50:07 <Art> he, heh ... << >>
05:50:26 <lady-3jane> I hallucinate for hours on weed, I'm not yet ready for something MEANT to do that
05:50:28 <lady-3jane> :P
05:51:16 * lady-3jane grabs some more wine
05:51:35 <lady-3jane> I should grab this log and... turn it into something
05:51:46 <Sabit> collective on how to live
05:51:54 <lady-3jane> things I mean for all young people to know
05:52:20 <lady-3jane> It's funny... many people meet my best friend and tell me how smart she is
05:52:21 <joepie91> <lady-3jane>also joepie91's font shit should work correctly now
05:52:23 <joepie91> on your blog you mean?
05:52:34 <lady-3jane> She's not very smart, she just works 100x what anyone else does
05:52:37 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) same css
05:52:48 <joepie91> link to example page?
05:52:48 * joepie91 alzy
05:52:48 <joepie91> er
05:52:50 <joepie91> lazy, even
05:52:53 <lady-3jane> joepie91:) hn.* is just concated to one file
05:53:03 <lady-3jane>
05:53:14 <lady-3jane> is better?
05:53:35 <lady-3jane> they actually removed the -webkit-font-smoothing shit
05:53:40 <lady-3jane> haha
05:53:51 <Sabit> blog?
05:53:51 <Sabit> :o
05:53:55 <lady-3jane> and antialiased, which is what the internet says you should set it to, is retarded
05:53:58 <joepie91> lady-3jane:
05:54:14 <lady-3jane> Sabit:) that's my non-https subsite for when I make it to the front page of hacker news for 19 hours
05:54:21 <joepie91> lol
05:54:25 <Sabit> :o
05:54:30 <lady-3jane> the one where I can serve 135 pages per second
05:54:48 <lady-3jane> probably less after I added the images, but still
05:54:53 <lady-3jane> not too shabby
05:55:06 <lady-3jane> business cable internet line at my friend's grandmother's house
05:55:07 <lady-3jane> :P
05:55:21 <lady-3jane> and no caching
05:55:46 <lady-3jane> (so http can do what it should, 304 the images and give new css/html when it has changed)
05:56:06 <lady-3jane> ahhh wonderful joepie91
05:56:10 <lady-3jane> that's what I was hoping for
05:56:21 <lady-3jane> It's not perfect but it's an acceptable fallback
05:56:34 <lady-3jane> I'm considering taking out the two fallbacks and just having 3 fonts in the stack
05:56:42 <lady-3jane> (they're linux fallbacks anyway)
05:56:43 <joepie91> :)
05:56:53 <joepie91> well
05:56:58 <joepie91> just make sure you have 'serif' fallback
05:57:00 <joepie91> that should work on any system
05:57:00 <lady-3jane> but you don't have georgia or cambria... I dunno what yours would fall back to for serif
05:57:06 <lady-3jane> yep yep
05:57:09 <joepie91> afaik browsers abstract that away on every playform to whatever is available
05:57:10 <joepie91> platform *
05:57:27 <lady-3jane> yes but there's a default you can set in every browser but IE
05:57:40 <lady-3jane> ff and chrome both have settings
05:57:45 <lady-3jane> opera... safari too
05:59:09 <joepie91> heh
05:59:14 <lady-3jane> my email reminded me, that bitcoin reverse atm thing is awesome looking
05:59:27 <lady-3jane> I hope it's half as successful as it could be
06:00:47 <joepie91>
06:00:55 <lady-3jane> also my css works on phones now
06:01:06 <lady-3jane> and people with greater-than-HD screens
06:01:24 <lady-3jane> for great justice
06:01:32 <lady-3jane> I need to find someone with a screen that big though so I can look at it
06:01:49 <joepie91> find random guy with macbook retine
06:01:52 <joepie91> retina *
06:03:00 <lady-3jane> well we have 2 or 3 apple stores in town, so I'll probably just walk down
06:03:13 <lady-3jane> (rich fucking town)
06:03:31 <lady-3jane> the main store is 10 mins from my house, but I'm lazy
06:03:47 <joepie91> hahaha
06:03:48 <lady-3jane> I'll try to walk in tomorrow after class or something
06:04:01 <lady-3jane> I can look grizzly next to all the clean cut people in blue clothes
06:04:16 <lady-3jane> see how long it takes for them to ask me if I need help
06:04:16 <lady-3jane> lol
06:04:40 <joepie91> lady-3jane: the question is... what kind of help
06:04:40 <joepie91> haha
06:06:08 * lady-3jane isn't sure which way to take that
06:06:16 * lady-3jane takes it the "gay sex" way
06:06:23 <Sabit> LOL
06:06:57 <joepie91> that's not what I meant lol
06:07:03 <lady-3jane> Yeah baby you can help me out of these pants... oh that wasn't the type of help you were offering? well then why did you saunter over here so lusciously...
06:07:07 * lady-3jane dies laughing
06:07:25 <lady-3jane> I swear I've never done that before. SWEAR. PINKY SWEAR GUIZE.
06:07:31 <Sabit> :o
06:07:39 <Sabit> how do guys wear skinny jeans
06:07:42 <Sabit> totally random
06:07:44 <Sabit> but yeah
06:07:45 <lady-3jane> I don't know
06:07:50 <Sabit> i tried wearing them, they feel so awkward
06:08:07 <lady-3jane> My uhhhhh undercarriage is too large for that shit.
06:08:27 <Sabit> loud and proud sir.
06:09:03 <lady-3jane> My mom got me a nice pair of... I can't even call them skinny jeans, more like jeans that just actually fit me
06:09:18 <lady-3jane> I don't wear them.
06:09:25 <Sabit> :o
06:09:47 <lady-3jane> I don't need 7z applied to my undercarriage, tyvm
06:10:17 <lady-3jane> at least not while I'm walking down the fucking street
06:10:21 <joepie91> right, I think it's time to sort out the new afterhoursdjs recordings
06:10:31 <lady-3jane> seems like a good time
06:10:35 <Sabit> :o
06:10:48 <joepie91> /dev/simfs            100G   70G   31G  70% /
06:10:49 <joepie91> yup, definitely
06:11:03 * lady-3jane double checks log settings
06:11:07 <Sabit> :D
06:11:08 * joepie91 frowns
06:11:12 <Sabit> been listening to this nonstop
06:11:14 <joepie91> 10:11:04 up 1 day, 20:01,  1 user,  load average: 0.10, 0.06, 0.00
06:11:15 <joepie91> noooooooo
06:11:18 <joepie91> ;_;
06:12:03 <joepie91> I was wondering why my screens were gone
06:12:03 <joepie91> :
06:12:04 <joepie91> :( *
06:13:16 <joepie91> damnit, lost my streamripper command
06:13:17 <joepie91> >.>
06:13:29 <lady-3jane> there we go
06:13:54 <lady-3jane> woot logs so I can put a time pointer in my todo list instead of pasting the logs
06:13:55 <lady-3jane> lol
06:15:23 <joepie91>        -l seconds
06:15:24 <joepie91>            Run for a predetermined length of time, in seconds
06:15:24 <joepie91>        Usually, streamripper runs until it crashes. Or rather, I meant to say that it runs until you kill it, yes, I´m sure that´s what I meant. But you can instead tell streamripper to
06:15:24 <joepie91>        run for a certain length of time, and then exit using this flag.
06:15:24 <joepie91> lol
06:15:50 <Sabit> lmao
06:16:27 <lady-3jane> lol'd
06:18:53 <lady-3jane> Think I'mma take this:
06:19:42 <lady-3jane> directly relevant to my major
06:19:43 <lady-3jane> heh
06:19:51 <Sabit> :o
06:19:57 <Sabit> i would take courses but i dont have time
06:19:57 <Sabit> ;(
06:20:05 <lady-3jane> 3-4 hours per week?
06:20:13 <lady-3jane> if you don't have that kind of time, stop everything you're doing
06:20:15 <lady-3jane> lol
06:20:51 <joepie91> I'm at 44% of the ahdjs archive box...
06:20:52 <joepie91> (disk space)
06:20:55 <joepie91> hm.
06:21:03 <lady-3jane> hmm
06:21:48 <joepie91> one month is like 60 gigs
06:21:50 <joepie91> one month of recordings I mean
06:21:53 <lady-3jane> lel
06:22:05 <joepie91> so I can technically store just under 2 months of recordings on that box
06:22:08 <joepie91> seeing as it has 100 gigs
06:22:08 <lady-3jane> so you have to find a place to put the recordings
06:22:12 <joepie91> ya
06:22:19 <lady-3jane> IA take em?
06:22:26 <lady-3jane> woops
06:22:29 <joepie91> no idea, actually
06:22:39 <lady-3jane> I keep accidentally drinking wine instead of water
06:22:39 <joepie91> ?
06:22:40 <lady-3jane> damnit
06:22:42 <joepie91> lolol
06:22:50 <Sabit> :o
06:22:51 <Sabit> wine
06:22:56 <lady-3jane> yes
06:22:58 <Sabit> i tried it, i dun like
06:22:59 <Sabit> :P
06:23:05 <Sabit> not meant to drink alcohols
06:23:07 <lady-3jane> It's one of the most cost-efficient alcohols
06:23:26 * joepie91 has finally stopped labeling this years recordings as '2012' - a whole improvement to give them the correct year now
06:23:31 <joepie91> lady-3jane: lol
06:23:45 <lady-3jane> lol
06:23:48 <lady-3jane> things I think of
06:23:49 <lady-3jane> :P
06:23:56 <joepie91> (seriously, I marked a fuckload of MP3s as feb 2012, while they were feb 2013 - took a lot of time to fix it when I found out later...)
06:24:05 <lady-3jane> :/
06:24:56 <lady-3jane> and now! for ciabatta
06:25:07 * joepie91 is building a pretty comprehensive archive...
06:25:09 <lady-3jane> oh fuck yeah I spelled it right
06:25:13 <lady-3jane> :3
06:25:24 <Sabit> xD
06:25:31 <joepie91> and to think I'm doing all this with streamripper, wget, and a shell script lol
06:25:41 <joepie91> oh, and lighttpd
06:25:48 <lady-3jane> yap
06:25:55 * lady-3jane warms and butters
06:28:01 <joepie91> man, technoterra has so many shows
06:28:01 <joepie91>
06:28:18 <joepie91> whoops, a duplicate
06:28:35 * joepie91 has to filter those out later on
06:31:41 * joepie91 is going for a walk outside, brb
06:34:54 <lady-3jane> ahhh, toasted ciabatta
06:35:02 <Sabit> sounds good
06:35:07 <lady-3jane> wif butta
06:35:42 <Sabit> i can't believe it's not butter
06:35:52 <lady-3jane> haha you haven't been to the south
06:35:58 <Sabit> nope
06:36:05 <Sabit> lived a safe life all my life
06:36:06 <Sabit> D:
06:36:09 <lady-3jane> fuck that shit
06:36:13 <Sabit> so protected here
06:36:21 <lady-3jane> I've lived in 11 houses or so
06:36:33 <Sabit> i've lived in 3 :P
06:36:44 <Sabit> 2 are within a couple miles of each other
06:36:45 <lady-3jane> boooring
06:36:56 <Sabit> the other was like 3000 miles somewhere else
06:37:03 <lady-3jane> I hate the midwest, but I'm glad I was born there
06:37:08 <Sabit> :o?
06:37:23 <lady-3jane> I learned things that I wouldn't have if I lived out here the whole time
06:37:42 <lady-3jane> culture here's different
06:37:47 <lady-3jane> no common courtesy at all
06:38:15 <Sabit> :o
06:38:21 Art has parted #crytocc (None)
06:39:04 <lady-3jane> also no respect for authority, but with the LA riots that's not very out of the ordinary
06:39:29 <lady-3jane> and that bothers me less
06:39:29 <lady-3jane> lol
06:41:08 <lady-3jane> I'm eating buttered toast :3
06:41:09 <lady-3jane>
06:41:37 <Sabit> :o
06:41:44 <Sabit> hw raping my time
06:41:51 <Sabit> i missed ed, edd n' eddy
06:42:01 <lady-3jane> now that's a damn shame
06:42:12 <Sabit> miss*
06:42:14 <lady-3jane> ed edd and eddy is one of the only show's I've ever seen
06:42:20 <Sabit> ikr
06:42:24 <Sabit> tom and jerry is my other one
06:42:26 <lady-3jane> that and uh
06:42:38 <lady-3jane> fuck, whatever it was where MTV actually played music
06:42:50 <lady-3jane> and TRL
06:42:51 <lady-3jane> lol
06:43:02 <Sabit> there exists such a time?
06:43:03 <Sabit> :o
06:43:21 <lady-3jane> yeah, end of it was the last two years I had a TV
06:43:25 <lady-3jane> 1998-2000
06:43:33 <Sabit> i hardly use my tv anymore
06:43:41 <lady-3jane> I don't own one
06:43:56 <Sabit> my grammar has been slowly deteriated over the past... 3 hours
06:43:58 <lady-3jane> as in, I also don't watch any television even if it were streamed
06:44:19 <lady-3jane> you have verb adverb agreement problems I think
06:44:20 <lady-3jane> :P
06:44:42 <Sabit> yeah
06:45:00 <Sabit> when i get tired, head starts becoming more and more... bleh
06:45:07 <lady-3jane> mmm
06:45:08 <Sabit> which is why my papers had never been good
06:45:18 <Sabit> cuz i'd write them late into the night
06:45:27 <lady-3jane> I get up early
06:45:27 <lady-3jane> :D
06:45:58 <Sabit> i once contemplated sleeping early and just doing hw when i wake up
06:46:12 <Sabit> too many nocturnal people at my school to actually find any help
06:46:14 <lady-3jane> if you can keep it, it's nice
06:46:36 <lady-3jane> my best friend does it... she's done with her day by 2
06:46:39 <lady-3jane> like done with everything
06:46:55 <Sabit> :o
06:46:56 <lady-3jane> she works an 8 hour day... starts at 6am
06:47:04 <Sabit> doesnt work for me when school ends at 3 + sports and stuff
06:47:05 <Sabit> D:
06:47:17 <Sabit> sleep at 8 wake up at 4?
06:47:18 <lady-3jane> ew
06:47:20 <lady-3jane> yep
06:47:25 <lady-3jane> well
06:47:29 <lady-3jane> closer to 7 tbh
06:47:31 <Sabit> that gives me 2.5 hours to work
06:47:49 <lady-3jane> are you good enough to get a sponsorship for sports?
06:48:03 <Sabit> nope :(
06:48:09 <lady-3jane> then it's a giant waste of your time
06:48:17 <Sabit> im doing sports so i can rid of p.e. credit to take more clases
06:48:17 <lady-3jane> and you should spend it elsewhere
06:48:18 <lady-3jane> :P
06:48:25 <Sabit> and for college apps
06:48:48 <lady-3jane> if you're not going to a 4-year it doesn't matter
06:48:53 <lady-3jane> completely fucking irrelevant
06:48:56 <Sabit> i'm aiming for mit
06:48:57 <Sabit> :P
06:49:02 <lady-3jane> good luck
06:49:15 <Sabit> gonna need a lot of t hat
06:49:16 <Sabit> :/
06:49:22 <lady-3jane> community stuff outside of school will get you into MIT
06:49:26 <Sabit> i got like
06:49:31 <Sabit> 200 hours from stuff i do over the summer
06:49:46 <Sabit> and this weekend, i volunteered at this robotics competition thing which gives me 20 hours
06:49:48 <lady-3jane> I went to CC and threw it all away
06:49:51 <lady-3jane> it was wonderufl
06:49:55 <lady-3jane> wonderful
06:50:00 <Sabit> i wish i had time
06:50:00 <lady-3jane> hit my 4 year this fall though
06:50:00 <Sabit> D:
06:50:07 <Sabit> :o
06:50:29 <lady-3jane> gonna have a bachelors in 2 years, maybe try for a masters 2 after that if I'm feelin it
06:51:04 <lady-3jane> but don't get a phd unless you want to teach
06:51:37 <Sabit> i think im just gonna take college to a point
06:51:41 <Sabit> when i can do a startup or something
06:51:46 <Sabit> cuz i dont wanna get a boring job
06:52:11 <lady-3jane> go into a boring field as a boring person -> get a boring job
06:52:23 <lady-3jane> you sound like you're on track for both of those
06:52:24 <lady-3jane> haha
06:52:33 <Sabit> im proly gonna drop out and make something
06:52:33 <Sabit> :P
06:52:42 <lady-3jane> sounds like a much better choice
06:52:47 <lady-3jane> just don't forget to learn the stuff you need
06:52:51 <Sabit> yeah..
06:52:56 <Sabit> i was planning to go college to learn business and stuff
06:53:10 <Sabit> maybe take some language courses
06:53:14 <lady-3jane> calc isn't so useful for most every day stuff, but a really good trig course is life changing
06:53:35 <Sabit> :o
06:53:42 <Sabit> triangles are everything
06:53:52 <lady-3jane> If you internalize some of the trig theorems, every estimation you do gets better
06:54:27 <lady-3jane> people hate me because my guesses are usually correct (as in, they'd fall within the calculated margin of error anyway)
06:55:03 <lady-3jane> I never tried to be good at rote math, but I did make sure I looked at how every single thing applied to life
06:55:40 <lady-3jane> and because I took calculus before trig (do not recommend :P ), I could see where the trig derivations were going because I'd seen the fancier version in calc
06:55:58 <Sabit> im tkaing trig soon
06:56:00 <Sabit> taking*
06:56:04 <Sabit> then next year is precalc
06:56:21 <lady-3jane> eek
06:56:36 <lady-3jane> trig should be taken at the same time as precalc... as horrible as that sounds
06:56:48 <Sabit> :o
06:56:51 <lady-3jane> you'll hit calc1 and absolutely annihilate it
06:57:08 <lady-3jane> 95% of calc1 is trig
06:57:09 <lady-3jane> no lie
06:57:11 <lady-3jane> calc2 too
06:57:15 <lady-3jane> maybe 85% of calc 2
06:57:23 <lady-3jane> you just get some fancy new rules
06:57:29 <Sabit> :o
06:57:38 <Sabit> i cant wait to take those courses...
06:57:46 <Sabit> i saw people in calc 3 and 4 in high school
06:57:54 <Sabit> and they were solving some weird infinity stuff
06:57:57 <Sabit> and my mind broked.
06:57:59 <lady-3jane> haha wat
06:58:06 <lady-3jane> oh oh
06:58:07 <lady-3jane> right
06:58:19 <lady-3jane> cause in highschool calc1 is actually calc0.5
06:58:21 <Sabit> well they were math team... soo it figures
06:58:28 <Sabit> mm
06:58:36 <lady-3jane> in HS calc 1 and 2 are college calc 1
06:58:42 <Sabit> idk they call it AP calc AB
06:58:46 <lady-3jane> those two YEARS of calc are done in two semesters in college
06:58:53 <Sabit> and AP calc BC are two and three
06:58:54 <Sabit> err
06:58:55 <Sabit> jsut two
06:58:57 <Sabit> i cant think
06:59:04 <Sabit> idk anymore
06:59:06 <Sabit> must finish hw
06:59:27 <lady-3jane> It's not hard, haha, just make sure you know your trig
06:59:44 <lady-3jane> like my teacher says "People do not fail calc1, people fail algebra and trig"
07:00:03 <lady-3jane> anyway, imma sleep
07:00:13 <Sabit> alright
07:10:14 * joepie91 back
07:13:34 Art ( has joined #crytocc
07:15:06 * Sabit pokes joepie91
07:15:09 <Sabit> im done with my maths
07:15:13 <Sabit> time for english :x
07:16:04 * joepie91 pokes back
07:23:30 Sab1t ( has joined #crytocc
07:23:36 <Sab1t> ahh that ping
07:23:45 Sabit has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Sab1t!
07:23:49 *** Sab1t is now known as Sabit
07:24:54 Art has quit (
07:24:54 cr[a]tes has quit (
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07:24:54 IR601 has quit (
07:25:01 evilworks ( has joined #crytocc
07:25:07 <Sabit> neeetsplit
07:25:20 <joepie91> ofc
07:25:41 Art ( has joined #crytocc
07:25:41 cr[a]tes (crates@8C14DE12.E8AD8326.B3321389.IP) has joined #crytocc
07:25:41 IR601 ( has joined #crytocc
07:25:57 <joepie91> speaking of which, "the network is split" is a valid reason to highlight/PM me
07:25:57 <joepie91> :P
07:26:14 <Sabit> :o
07:27:11 <joepie91> especially because of unrealircd's sad (absence of) autoconnect feature
07:27:53 <Sabit> it doesn'thave autoconnect?
07:27:55 <Sabit> O.o
07:28:56 <joepie91> well
07:28:58 <joepie91> *technically* it does
07:29:06 <joepie91> except there's a 50% chance of it actually reconnecting
07:29:07 <joepie91> lol
07:29:17 <Sabit> O.o
07:29:45 <Sabit> i gotta learn netowrking and network theory in the next 2 weeks or so
07:32:41 <lady-3jane> that sentence...
07:32:54 <lady-3jane> there are people who spend their entire lives studying network theory
07:32:59 <lady-3jane> unless you mean ethernet and such
07:33:00 <lady-3jane> lol
07:39:00 <joepie91> man, this archive is starting to become pretty big
07:39:01 <joepie91> :o
07:42:30 * lady-3jane syncs bitcoin chain
07:42:38 <lady-3jane> put mah wallet into 080 :>
07:47:13 <Sabit> yeah
07:47:14 <Sabit> ehternet
07:47:16 <Sabit> and stuff
07:50:17 <joepie91> /dev/xvda1             99G   50G   45G  53% /
07:50:26 <joepie91> ^ ahdjs box
07:54:37 <Sabit> finally done with some hw
07:54:38 <Sabit> yay
08:03:30 <Sabit> guess i should jsut try awke up early and do hw
08:20:45 <Sabit> alright night guys
08:20:46 Sabit has quit (User quit:  cows go moooooooooo)
08:24:46 FungiFox has quit (Ping timeout)
10:18:45 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Good after night
10:26:20 <joepie91>
10:40:37 <joepie91>
10:50:57 Divinite_ ( has joined #crytocc
11:16:21 Art has quit (User quit:  Lost terminal)
11:50:30 <Divinite_> Channel = DEAD
12:08:25 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I love this file manager but once again the documentation is shity
12:09:02 <wh1t3r4bb1t> They tell me to do things as if I wrote the script.
12:10:52 <Divinite_> wh1t3r4bb1t: AJAXplorer?
12:10:53 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Example:
12:10:57 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Stores all data inside a database. It is database generic, the connexion to the database must be described in an array, see for more info on databases supported and configurations. A create.sql file is included to generate the necessary tables for storing users data.
12:10:57 <wh1t3r4bb1t> The SQL_DRIVER option defined in the bootstrap_plugins.php file must be set with a "dibi" configuration that is PHP array like this :
12:10:57 <wh1t3r4bb1t>     "SQL_DRIVER" => array(
12:10:58 <wh1t3r4bb1t>         "driver" => "mysql",
12:11:00 <wh1t3r4bb1t>         "host"   => "localhost",
12:11:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t>         "database"   => "ajxp",
12:11:03 <wh1t3r4bb1t>         "user"   => "user",
12:11:05 <wh1t3r4bb1t>         "password"   => "pass",
12:11:08 <wh1t3r4bb1t>     ),
12:13:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Then another doc says to put this ^^ in the conf.php file which allegedly exists and has other settings for serial storage in it. No such conf.php file exists anywhere.
12:13:35 <Divinite_> Yeah
12:13:46 <Divinite_> I know what you mean
12:16:09 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I found a file called bootstrap_plugins.php with settings that *look* like they are relevent to this sql setup per the doc , but they have three arrays inside of a main array and this setting I'm supposed to apply has a different nesting and naming to the variable that stores the setting array.
12:17:45 <wh1t3r4bb1t> can we say mind fuck. Not to mention they have everything setup completely unique to any coding file structure ever. Like the settings are in their own "plugin" and then there are several other plugins which I am guessing use the conf plugin to operate. Sigh.
12:19:32 <Divinite_> Hahaha
12:20:13 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I emailed the developer and was like do you want money? money MONEY!!!!! Guess what... 24 hours and no response yet.
12:21:53 * joepie91 stares
12:21:59 <joepie91> is it me, or did someone try to reimplement PDO
12:22:12 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I suppose that with such slopily organized or obfuscated coding I should expect the *business* organization to reflect that. So I'm guessing they may get around to contacting my sometime in 2025 at a random time when I have completely forgotten about this and am onto other things.
12:22:16 foolex has quit (Client exited)
12:22:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> joepie91: who are you referring to?
12:22:56 <joepie91> whoever implemented that "generic database connector"
12:24:13 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I haven't went that deep yet joepie91 I just got to the config of the sql storage so I could scale up without a headache later due to ell things being stored serial in files
12:25:17 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I've been up for like 2 hours and I already want to quit this project and put peanut butter on my dick.
12:25:46 <wh1t3r4bb1t> :P
12:26:08 <Divinite_> Ok then
12:26:50 <wh1t3r4bb1t> joepie91 could you possibly decipher the cryptic doc on how to setup mysql storage with AjaXplorer?
12:26:55 <joepie91> sigh, maybe it's time to set up a copyright education page that's *not* heavily biased towards HERP DERP ITS ALL MINE BECAUSE I R BIG COMPANY
12:27:03 <joepie91> so little understanding of how it works...
12:27:07 <joepie91> so many things locked up as a result...
12:27:26 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: link to docs?
12:27:52 <wh1t3r4bb1t>
12:27:55 <Divinite_> It was AJAXplorer!
12:28:12 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Warning: it is sparse and super generalizing
12:28:14 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: I mean the page you're on...
12:28:17 foolex (foolex@78EA513B.7DC890E0.CEC56216.IP) has joined #crytocc
12:28:54 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t, ping
12:28:59 <joepie91> link me to the page you were on
12:29:06 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
12:29:07 <joepie91> I really don't have much time for this now
12:29:09 <wh1t3r4bb1t> The doc im on I just pasted
12:29:14 <joepie91> sigh
12:29:17 <joepie91> link me to the PAGE
12:29:19 <joepie91> you were on
12:29:22 <joepie91> not the documentation index
12:29:26 <joepie91> not the bit of docs you are reading
12:29:28 <joepie91> the PAGE you are on
12:29:32 <joepie91> this is not a hard request to understand
12:29:51 <joepie91> look, I am very busy with redonate, I do NOT have time for bullshit now
12:29:54 <DrWhat> Holla
12:30:00 <joepie91> if you want me to help out, then link me to the page you're reading
12:30:12 <joepie91> otherwise I'm going back to my own code
12:30:29 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Its a doc in the files that come with the script
12:30:35 <wh1t3r4bb1t> hold on I'll paste again
12:30:44 <joepie91> no
12:30:44 <joepie91> jesus
12:30:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> It's ot on a website page
12:30:52 <joepie91> why not
12:30:53 <joepie91> ...
12:30:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> they have real shity doc
12:31:11 <joepie91> pastebin the docs you're reading or whatever
12:31:15 <joepie91> all of the page you're reading
12:31:23 <wh1t3r4bb1t> yessir doing it
12:33:04 DrWhat has quit (Ping timeout)
12:33:18 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t; I'm waiting...
12:33:41 <joepie91> ctrl + A, ctrl + C, open pastebin/pastehtml site, ctrl + V, enter
12:33:43 <joepie91> this doesn't take minutes
12:33:53 <wh1t3r4bb1t>
12:34:05 <Divinite_> DrWhat: has been scared away
12:34:08 <joepie91> ...
12:34:11 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I was looking for more doc
12:34:13 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: is that the ENTIRE PAGE?
12:34:18 <joepie91> or just the snippet you were talking about?
12:34:21 <wh1t3r4bb1t> YES IT IS
12:34:30 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I told you they fucking suck
12:34:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> XD
12:34:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I'm looking for the other part hold on
12:36:22 <joepie91> wh1t3r4bb1t: I don't really get what the problem is
12:36:26 <joepie91> google for "dibi connect"
12:36:29 <joepie91> second result is
12:36:30 <joepie91> done
12:36:32 <wh1t3r4bb1t>
12:36:43 <wh1t3r4bb1t> No no no
12:36:55 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I looked at that
12:37:26 <joepie91> if that is not enough for you to understand how to connect to a database
12:37:32 <joepie91> I don't think you're ever going to get ajaxplorer working
12:37:36 <joepie91> it has examples for every database
12:38:15 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I know HOW to connect and WHAT to write. the problem is WHERE within this obfuscated project do they NEED the array for the sql dibi connection???
12:39:01 AppleJack has quit (Ping timeout)
12:39:40 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I tried it in the conf.php file inside the plugins folder and the specific plugin folder and the bootstrap_plugins.php file and no work still.
12:39:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> still using serial data storage.
12:41:44 <joepie91> Below is an example configuration. Tweak this to suit your needs and
12:41:44 <joepie91> then insert it into conf.php.
12:41:49 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I think if they said on line #something in file whatever.php in the directory /here/and/here I could figure it out but without knowing WHERE to put the fucking dibi connection settings array I mayas well be a bat without sonar
12:42:00 <joepie91> those two lines
12:42:06 <joepie91> either you haven't tried it, or it doesn't work
12:42:11 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Oh yeah put it in the file it's already in?
12:42:11 <joepie91> if the latter, go file a bug
12:42:22 <joepie91> jesus christ dude
12:42:24 <wh1t3r4bb1t> The one I had to create because it didn't exist?
12:42:27 <joepie91> I'm quoting the fucking documentation
12:42:33 <joepie91> if it's erroneous file a fucking bug
12:42:38 <joepie91> and don't start bitching at me
12:42:41 <joepie91> christ
12:42:55 <wh1t3r4bb1t> The file that I have in 12 different folders now just in case and it's still not working??/ See this is why I facepalm all day.
12:43:11 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Im not Im bitching TO you AT them.
12:43:14 <wh1t3r4bb1t> THey suck!
12:43:14 <joepie91> in how many permutations do I have to tell you this
12:43:16 <joepie91> I don't care
12:43:16 <joepie91> file
12:43:16 <joepie91> a
12:43:17 <joepie91> fucking
12:43:17 <wh1t3r4bb1t> You are awesome.
12:43:18 <joepie91> bug
12:43:30 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I filed a bug
12:43:46 <joepie91> okay, then that's the end of the topic until you get a response
12:43:51 <wh1t3r4bb1t> well I actually said I would pay them to tutor me and no response so I will wait.
12:43:56 <joepie91> if you don't get a response, you should *probably* be looking for different software
12:44:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t> My patience is shorter than your joe
12:45:56 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Any good foods lately?
12:46:11 <joepie91> some
12:46:14 <joepie91> not terribly many
12:46:34 <wh1t3r4bb1t> any chocolate?
12:46:38 <joepie91> never
12:46:41 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I love chocolate
12:46:47 <joepie91> also, sigh, my body is really confused about my new sleep rhythm
12:46:49 <joepie91> >.>
12:47:02 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Sounds familiar
12:47:22 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I am on a 20+ hours up and 8 -9 hours down cycles
12:47:35 <joepie91> I'm trying sleep-at-5pm rhythm
12:47:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I was up at 8pm yesterday and 2am today
12:47:59 <joepie91> sleep at 5pm, wake up at 1-2 am
12:48:08 <joepie91> I quite like it, but clearly my body has to get used to it
12:48:10 <joepie91> anyway
12:48:19 <joepie91> advantage: the first 6 hours of your day are completely undisturbed
12:48:21 <joepie91> because everyone is asleep
12:48:27 <joepie91> read: coding time!
12:48:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Whaohoo!
12:49:49 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Lightbulb! What if I put that array inside the other array replacing the serial settings.... hmmm
12:49:50 <wh1t3r4bb1t> brb
12:52:21 AppleJack ( has joined #crytocc
12:52:52 <wh1t3r4bb1t> AppleJack!
12:54:20 <wh1t3r4bb1t> well guess that wasn't right or they aren't creating the object...
12:54:21 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in /home/content/23/10232823/html/ on line 503
13:05:05 S1renide ( has joined #crytocc
13:06:24 S1renide has quit (User quit:  Connection closed)
13:37:45 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I *think* the sql part is working now
13:39:18 evilworks has quit (Ping timeout)
13:40:03 evilworks (evilworks@F0F8FDC9.8A7625F.8C2900FD.IP) has joined #crytocc
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14:21:16 BLTGeno ( has joined #crytocc
14:23:05 <wh1t3r4bb1t> after I beat the piss out of AjaXplorer it finally started working with the database
14:23:41 * wh1t3r4bb1t is happy
14:25:16 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Funny thing is the sql that sets up the database doesn't create the users table. haha of course I had to use my ninja coding skills to fix it. :D
14:25:19 <wh1t3r4bb1t> xD
14:44:00 monod ( has joined #crytocc
14:44:11 <monod> good morning fellas
14:44:31 <monod> and good evening to the others :P
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15:35:54 * DrAway is back [14h 15m 54s]
15:35:54 *** DrAway is now known as DrWhat
15:36:20 <DrWhat> DrWhat! has just authenticated as you (DrWhat)
15:36:24 <DrWhat> Whos that imposster
15:39:06 <DrWhat> 14S1renide was last seen on #crytocc as "fanat1ck", 8hrs 1sec ago
16:04:26 <monod> bad news there ^ :S
16:05:11 zxcvbnm ( has joined #crytocc
16:05:41 <zxcvbnm> herro there folks
16:10:32 cr[a]tes has quit (
16:10:32 IR601 has quit (
16:12:25 cr[a]tes (crates@8C14DE12.E8AD8326.B3321389.IP) has joined #crytocc
16:12:25 IR601 ( has joined #crytocc
16:33:02 DrWhat has parted #crytocc (None)
16:33:03 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
16:37:11 <monod> hello 3rd row
16:42:03 <zxcvbnm> happy to be here
17:07:07 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Application Completed
17:07:08 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Thank you for applying as a BitPay merchant! Your application will be reviewed and you should hear from us within 24 hours.
17:07:25 <wh1t3r4bb1t> I hope I get into the cool club.
17:07:37 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Fucking gatekeeping asshats
17:08:01 <wh1t3r4bb1t> dick in puenut butter keeps sounding better every minute
17:08:09 <wh1t3r4bb1t> peanut*
17:11:39 <DrWhat>
17:11:39 <DrWhat> FYI, half our servers are down and we are working on them. We are running in read-only mode which includes not having cached .torrent links. You can download from source sites we indexed from in the drop down where the big "Download .torrent" link normally is.
17:11:39 <DrWhat> 7 hours ago
17:12:23 <DrWhat> thats why im having to use there canida servers
17:12:31 <DrWhat> there europe server our down
17:14:24 <DrWhat> Oh well im dependant on tor cache
17:25:27 <zxcvbnm> Alright so I'm trying to troubleshoot something involving Python
17:25:35 <zxcvbnm> I have a script that runs fine, does exactly what I want, no compiler issues
17:25:49 <zxcvbnm> I set it to run as an alert action script in Splunk, and it won't run then
17:26:04 <zxcvbnm> I think it is a version issue between the Splunk python and native server Python version
17:39:53 urika (urika@urika.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
17:50:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> if you put your dick in peanut butter does it become penis butter?
17:50:47 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Sorry zxcvbnm I no do python. It's to trendy.
17:57:20 <zxcvbnm> It is to trendy as C++ is to ..
17:57:33 <zxcvbnm> I was never good at those analogies
18:02:14 <MK_FG> gamedev?
18:02:25 <zxcvbnm> good enough for me
18:31:29 zest (zest@8C4715FA.3D12CD42.92496627.IP) has joined #crytocc
18:52:13 <DrWhat> c++ is hard
18:52:33 <DrWhat> if trendy is hard then im not trendy at all
18:52:45 <DrWhat> lady-3jane: lady be that?
18:52:47 <DrWhat> :)
19:18:05 <zest> learn Java
19:42:05 <DrWhat> i refuse
19:42:19 <DrWhat> I want to learn to cook
19:51:00 <DrWhat> Time status: [Up time: 1w 4d 3h 20m 5s] × [mIRC up time: 1w 19h 29m 42s] × [On-line time: 23h 46m 57s] × [Idle time: 8m 41s] × [Local time: 19:51:01] × [Date: 25/02/2013]
19:51:17 <DrWhat> I recon its time for a full system restart
19:51:25 <DrWhat> Current bandwidth: [Downstream: 19.37KB/s] × [Upstream: 6.34KB/s]
19:51:32 <DrWhat> brb guys
19:53:40 xnite (xnite@xnite.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
19:53:41 DrWhat has quit (User quit:  AnacønÐa · "In order to get a loan you must first prove you don't need it")
20:10:37 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Who wants a free 200GB file share account to test for 6 months?
20:21:39 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Nobody?
20:22:49 <Divinite_> wh1t3r4bb1t: Me
20:23:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> what you want for your username?
20:23:16 <Divinite_> Divinite
20:26:25 <Divinite_> wh1t3r4bb1t: PM me for other details
20:39:34 bsdnix (bsdnix@524170D4.EC4DE96E.6C0BEC1B.IP) has joined #crytocc
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20:39:58 DrWhat ( has joined #crytocc
20:40:08 <DrWhat> Yo
20:40:18 <DrWhat> Does anyone have a AMF deserilizer
20:40:57 <DrWhat> I need to decoder some amf packets
20:41:42 <Divinite_> DrWhat: What is an AMF deserializer
20:42:44 <DrWhat> AMF is a Action Messaging Format
20:42:54 <DrWhat> Its an oject based Encoded protacal
20:43:02 <DrWhat> Mostly used with java
20:43:35 <Divinite_> Ah
20:43:56 <DrWhat> AMF3, the default serialization for ActionScript_ 3.0, provides various
20:43:57 <DrWhat> advantages over AMF0, which is used for ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0. AMF3
20:43:57 <DrWhat> sends data over the network more efficiently than AMF0. AMF3 supports
20:43:57 <DrWhat> sending ``int`` and ``uint`` objects as integers and supports data types
20:43:57 <DrWhat> that are available only in ActionScript 3.0, such as ByteArray_,
20:43:57 <DrWhat> ArrayCollection_, ObjectProxy_ and IExternalizable_.
20:44:47 <DrWhat> it used the RTMP/RTMPS
20:46:29 <Divinite_> Right
20:48:12 <DrWhat> mainly smthing that can capture the packets as well :/
20:48:37 <DrWhat> I dont seem to have any software that can capture the encoded part of the packets/
20:50:58 <DrWhat> all i get is the commands
20:51:07 <DrWhat> th rest if is encoded
20:51:09 <DrWhat> the juicy bits
20:51:10 <DrWhat>
21:05:04 eggtimer ( has joined #crytocc
21:06:13 AnonyOps[m] ( has joined #crytocc
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21:06:32 <AnonyOps[m]> Wtf is this shit?!
21:06:35 <AnonyOps[m]> Seriously?
21:06:46 <AnonyOps[m]> Someone used Anon's name to scam people on RUnescape
21:06:46 <AnonyOps[m]> so sad
21:08:08 <AnonyOps[m]> makes me rage
21:10:12 <IR601> XD
21:10:26 <Divinite_> That's sad
21:14:40 foolex has quit (Ping timeout)
21:14:57 zxcvbnm has quit (User quit:  leaving)
21:18:09 <Divinite> Who was doing
21:18:15 <Divinite> 25 .com domains for $1?
21:36:10 <DrWhat> 25 dommains for $1 each
21:36:18 <DrWhat> .com
21:37:59 foolex (foolex@78EA513B.7DC890E0.CEC56216.IP) has joined #crytocc
21:43:30 <DrWhat> 
21:43:30 <DrWhat>  @
21:43:30 <DrWhat> "<
21:43:30 <DrWhat> $8
21:43:30 <DrWhat> &4B‰Çà…
21:49:37 HiveResearch (HiveResear@developers.developers.developers) has joined #crytocc
21:50:53 FungiFox ( has joined #crytocc
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22:13:00 smithsonian (vi.veri@veniversum.vivus.vici) has joined #crytocc
22:14:39 HiveResearch (HiveResear@developers.developers.developers) has joined #crytocc
22:15:50 <HiveResearch> HOMOSEXUAL JIHAD
22:16:17 <HiveResearch> Bonk at Murica wants to know about your
22:16:29 <HiveResearch> HOMOSEXUAL JIHAD
22:29:35 <DrWhat> I dont like you
22:29:40 <DrWhat> thats a bad thing
22:29:52 <DrWhat> joepie91 I dont like this guy
22:35:40 pzuraq ( has joined #crytocc
22:36:28 <monod> italian elections almost finished!!!!!
22:49:37 AnonyOps ( has joined #crytocc
22:54:29 <wh1t3r4bb1t> Don't trip potato chip
22:57:25 * zest bubble gum
22:58:01 zest has quit (Client exited)
23:04:10 <wh1t3r4bb1t> This planet needs a king
23:04:21 <wh1t3r4bb1t> One to rule them all
23:06:42 <wh1t3r4bb1t> im bout to cook
23:06:52 <wh1t3r4bb1t> chicken and mashed potatoes
23:07:12 <wh1t3r4bb1t> hmmm penguin might be good too
23:07:38 <wh1t3r4bb1t> or baby seal
23:07:48 <wh1t3r4bb1t> votes?
23:07:54 <wh1t3r4bb1t> what should I eat
23:18:49 Ari (Ari@Ari.users.cryto) has joined #crytocc
23:21:43 DrWhat_ ( has joined #crytocc
23:22:52 DrWhat has quit (Ping timeout)
23:28:22 <HiveResearch> DrWhat_: what up
23:28:36 <HiveResearch> joepie91 knows who I is
23:29:08 <HiveResearch> also joepie91:
23:41:42 Ari has quit (Ping timeout)
23:51:29 <monod> g2g guys, please, if you can, take a look at
23:51:34 <monod> there's an english version too
23:51:45 <monod> i don't think you know anything of italian political situation
23:51:54 <monod> but if someone, for some reason, do
23:52:00 <twitchyliquid64> hosted on amazon?
23:52:03 <monod> well, just have a read
23:52:07 <monod> don't know twitchy
23:52:20 <monod> you must have heard about berlusconi
23:52:24 <twitchyliquid64> no?
23:52:29 <monod> oh really?
23:52:33 <twitchyliquid64> yeah
23:52:34 <twitchyliquid64> who is he?
23:52:41 <monod> a famous italian politician
23:52:56 <monod> the one who lead italy for the last 20 years
23:53:06 <monod> with every sort of corruption
23:53:15 <monod> through democract
23:53:18 <monod> democracy*
23:53:22 <monod> anyway
23:53:23 <lady-3jane> yeah he's like their... prime minister or so
23:53:32 <monod> yeah!!!
23:53:33 <monod> he was
23:53:39 <monod> i'm so bad
23:53:50 <monod> because some of my friends have a certain political idea
23:54:08 <monod> and i thought they made the same conclusion as mine
23:54:12 <monod> but they did not
23:54:14 <monod> ...
23:54:19 <lady-3jane> haha
23:54:23 <monod> in short - they talk shit
23:54:26 <twitchyliquid64> ok
23:54:29 <twitchyliquid64> so he is corrupt?
23:54:29 <monod> about the man I think is
23:54:32 <lady-3jane> well you know what they say about opinions and assholes... everyone has em' and they often smell
23:54:41 <monod> responsible for a real cultural revolution
23:54:55 <monod> yes, 3jane, already heard that :)
23:55:08 <monod> berlusconi is alleged with mafia
23:55:12 <monod> twitchyliquid64 ^
23:55:17 <twitchyliquid64> ohshit
23:55:19 <monod> toegther with a looooot of people
23:55:19 <twitchyliquid64> LOL
23:55:25 <twitchyliquid64> godd thing im not italian
23:55:26 <lady-3jane> well yeah, it's fucking italy
23:55:27 <lady-3jane> duh
23:55:32 <monod> almost every politician we have is alleged with mafia
23:55:36 <twitchyliquid64> oh
23:55:40 <lady-3jane> that entire country has been under mob rule for decades
23:55:41 <twitchyliquid64> thats sucks
23:55:46 <monod> twitchyliquid64, italians are right!
23:55:51 <monod> don't think mafia is not in europe!
23:55:58 <monod> mafia is were money is!
23:56:01 <monod> REMEMBER IT
23:56:04 <twitchyliquid64> D:
23:56:07 <monod> i told you since i'm italian
23:56:12 <lady-3jane> we have mafia too, we just call them lobbyists
23:56:17 <monod> yeah
23:56:18 <monod> you see
23:56:19 <twitchyliquid64> good thing Ive never been to europe lol
23:56:23 <monod> haha
23:56:26 <monod> anyway
23:56:26 <twitchyliquid64> NOT GOING TO ITALY NAOW lol
23:56:30 <monod> hahaah
23:56:34 <lady-3jane> I would love to go to italy
23:56:39 <lady-3jane> birthplace of architecture
23:56:40 <monod> it's a nice country indeed
23:56:53 <monod> lady-3jane, I would host you very pleaseantly
23:56:56 <monod> :D
23:56:56 <lady-3jane> also it's corrupt enough that if I have issues I can pay my way out of a problem
23:57:02 <lady-3jane> :3
23:57:09 <monod> *have a crazy party at mine's!!!! yeeeeeeee"
23:57:14 <lady-3jane> hahaha for sure
23:57:19 <monod> loool
23:57:29 <lady-3jane> We can go gaze at italian women and architecture
23:57:30 <lady-3jane> lol
23:57:34 <monod> haahha
23:57:44 <monod> anyway anway
23:57:50 <twitchyliquid64> yeah?
23:58:12 <monod> i was sad to see that my "friends" talked shit about the man i think is starting a real cultural revolution - beppe grillo
23:58:19 <monod> really really sad
23:58:20 <monod> but
23:58:31 <monod> my mother has just conforted me
23:58:39 <monod> dunno if that word exist in english
23:58:42 <monod> anyway, she said
23:58:51 <monod> in political discussion, noone's right over others
23:58:57 <monod> because it's a matter of POVs
23:59:12 <lady-3jane> comforted or confronted
23:59:17 <monod> comforted
23:59:18 <monod> thanks
23:59:20 * lady-3jane nods
23:59:35 <twitchyliquid64> monod: I agree absolutely
23:59:36 <monod> I only hope italy will breath new air, with m5s spirit
23:59:42 <twitchyliquid64> its about POVs
23:59:50 <monod> oh, thank you very very much twitchyliquid64 :)
23:59:54 <twitchyliquid64> people need to recognise there is more than one solution to a given problem
23:59:57 <monod> anotehr person comforting me